Fake meter-readers reported in Meredith


MEREDITH — A savvy resident recognized something was wrong when a man came to the door claiming to be an employee of the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative who needed access to the home read an electric meter on Friday morning.

When asked for identification, the person reportedly hurried back to his truck and left.

Seth Wheeler, spokesman for the co-op, said that, while employees occasionally make unannounced visits to members’ homes, they always arrive in vehicles marked with the NHEC logo and carry company IDs.

“We have very few meters that have to be manually read,” Wheeler said, “and then we come on a certain schedule. Those customers generally know that meter reader, and the employee doesn’t need to come inside to read the meter.”

Wheeler said the company received two reports via Facebook that someone had come to the door of a Meredith resident’s home but left when challenged. A couple of people called the NHEC directly about the incidents, and the company used its Facebook page to issue a safety alert.

“If you are unsure of a person’s identity, DO NOT LET THEM INTO YOUR HOME. CLOSE YOUR DOOR, LOCK IT AND CALL POLICE,” the company wrote.

Wheeler said there are number of scams where people impersonate company employees.

“Lots of times people will get calls saying they owe money and they’ll be disconnected immediately if they don’t make a payment,” Wheeler said. “We never do that.”

He said the Meredith Police Department is aware of Friday’s incidents and is investigating the claims.

A dispatcher for Meredith police said all officers were out on calls but acknowledged the report.