Police warn public after thefts from vehicles in Belmont



BELMONT — Despite previous warnings to residents about the importance of locking their cars and keeping valuables out of sight, the Belmont Police Department continues to receive reports of thefts from parked and unlocked vehicles, especially on the Route 107 side of town.

Lt. Richard Mann said two dozen residents reported that someone had gone through their unlocked vehicles between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The latest theft spree involved vehicles parked in yards along Province and Hoadley roads.

“Police reports list all manner of items taken from vehicles, including loose change, credit cards, cash, and a purse,” Mann said.

“At least one resident heard a noise early Sunday morning and, after being awoken, they saw a person running away from their driveway,” Mann said. “Officers immediately responded to the area and began speaking to residents who reported thefts from unlocked vehicles.”

Mann again urged residents to take precautions to safeguard their property by locking vehicles and securing valuable items inside them.

“Homes with motion-activated lights are a deterrent to thieves, along with security systems that alert you in real time when people enter your property,” he said.

Mann also urged residents to look after each other and to report anything that would help police in identifying the people responsible.

If a motion light comes on or if a dog is barking, it may mean there is a prowler. Mann asks that people call police as soon as possible.

“If you confront a prowler prior to calling police, rest assured, they are going to be long gone before we get there because they know police are on the way.

“Even if you were not the victim of theft, but have a home security system, we are asking for you to look through it for anyone walking the neighborhood late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. If you see one or two persons wearing hoodies and baseball hats, that would be of great interest to us,” Mann said. “Please call 603-267-8350.”

He noted that callers may remain anonymous.