Shaker School Board’s parental objection policy is released

BELMONT — School Administrative Unit 80 has provided a copy of the revised policy governing how the Shaker Regional School District handles parental objections to specific course material.
The new section of Policy IGE addresses a new state law requiring school districts to provide advance notification of course material “used for instruction of human sexuality or human sexual education” and to acknowledge parents’ or guardians’ rights to inspect such material.
“Parents/Guardians and legal guardians shall be notified by e-mail, other written means, website/social media posting, or phone call not less than two (2) weeks in advance ...” the policy states.
The policy begins by saying, “In the event a parent/guardian finds specific course material objectionable, the parent/guardian may notify the building principal of the specific material to which they object and request that the student receive alternative course material, sufficient to enable the child to meet state requirements for education in the particular subject area. This notification and request shall be in writing.
The building principal and the parent must mutually agree to the alternative course material.”
The policy also directs the superintendent to develop procedures for a parent or guardian to inspect any instructional material and to provide such access “within a reasonable period of time after the request is received.”