Prized bicycle stolen - then recovered

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Jesse Mandigo-Seavey was elated to get his new BMX bicycle back on Tuesday after it had been stolen. (Courtesy photo)

City 10-year-old’s bike was a reward for good grades


LACONIA — It's not every day the police department gets to brighten a 10-year-old's day, but that's what happened Tuesday.

On Oct. 5, Jesse Mandigo-Seavey's BMX-style bicycle was stolen from the back porch of his apartment unit. It appeared that someone cut through a lock that had secured the bike to a railing.

The young man was shattered.

“It made me feel sad, disappointed and angry,” he said.

Jesse was proud of the bike, which he had earned for good behavior at school.

“It has an awesome design on it with a skull and lettering,” he said. “I do wheelies and jumps with it.”

His mother, Shelley Mandigo, called police and an officer came out to take a report. But the mother and the police didn't stop there.

She contacted Winnisquam Printing and Copying and asked if they could produce a poster asking for the public's help in finding the bike.

“They did it for nothing,” she said. “They were really sweet and kind.”

The poster, which Mandigo placed around the area, had a headline, “STOLEN BIKE,” and a message from Jesse:

“Hello to the person(s) who stole my bike. My name is Jesse. I got this bike as a REWARD for doing something GOOD. I am very sad that you took it. PLEASE! Bring my bike back. PLEASE!”

The poster included the number for the police department.

The police department put a post on its Facebook page, including an image of the poster.

Police Chief Matt Canfield said the department got a call from a person who said he saw someone riding the bike, and then, miraculously, someone dropped off the bike at the police department.

An officer called Jesse.

“I was so excited that I got my bike back,” he said. “Sad and happy at the same time.”

His mom can attest to how pleased he was.

“He was so excited when he got it back, he hugged the police officer before he even looked at the bike,” she said.