Gilmanton approves teacher contract

  • Published in Local News

GILMANTON — Voters on Tuesday agreed to give additional money to teachers after having rejected an earlier collective bargaining agreement between the Gilmanton School Board and the Gilmanton Teachers Association.
School District Clerk Rachel Hatch said voters cast 265 ballots, 187 of them in favor of the contract and 77 opposed. One ballot was blank with neither choice circled.
The vote provides $90,232.90 to cover the increased salary and benefits associated with the first year of the three-year contract. The agreement provides for an additional $89,487.71 in the second year and $98,030.47 in the third year, based on current staff levels.
Both the School Board and the Budget Committee supported the new agreement. The Budget Committee had rejected the earlier contract because of the higher health insurance costs that would have fallen to district taxpayers. The new agreement has teachers assuming a greater portion of the health insurance premiums.
Nancy Tothill, speaking on behalf of the teachers, said, “The Gilmanton Education Association is very pleased with the passage of our contract. Both sides worked very hard to come to an agreement that satisfied all parties and clearly that goal was accomplished when looking at the vote count.
“The Gilmanton teachers would like to thank the community members for their support. Their respect for teachers and education is greatly appreciated.”