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Chip-ins galore as Waukewan Ladies play in the heat

On July 16th, the nine-hole Waukewan Ladies League continued to play their weekly game despite temperatures in the 90s. The ladies appreciated the extra bottles of water provided by Waukewan to keep everyone hydrated. Six golfers distinguished themselves with perfect chip shots to win and share in the proceeds of the "chip-in" pot. Fran Howe was busily dividing up the cash as the ladies lined up to collect their winnings. Interestingly, three of the golfers accomplished their "chip-ins" on hole #14. The flag placement was on the front right of the green. Pat Armstrong and Ingrid Smith, both on the same team achieved their feat on their starting hole. Pat's ball came in from off the green on the left and Ingrid Smith chipped hers in from the banked rough on the right. Joslyn Halstead chipped her ball straight and true from the middle of the fairway grass. Gail Clarke showed her chipping accuracy on hole # 15. This green slopes sharply from back to front and if the ball misses the cup, one watches it continue to the front edge of the green. Gail was able to chip her ball perfectly from off the back of the green to the rear pin placement. Ellen Vail and Judy Taylor were just as precise on hole # 17. Ellen chipped in from the front apron also to a rear pin placement and watched her ball traverse the elongated green and drop into the cup. Judy took a shorter route, but just as effective as she chipped in from the back of the green.

President Linda Ridlon continued to announce more winners who worked to display accuracy around the greens. Gerry McGillicuddy won closest to the pin on the par 3 11th by driving the green and having the ball come to rest 7 ft. 6 in. from the pin. Gerry was also excited to have her name added to a branch of the "Birdie Tree" by scoring a four on the par 5, 17th with a 25 ft. putt. On hole # 14, the contest was closest to the pin 2nd or 3rd shot. Fran Howe placed her 3rd shot from 50 yds. out landing it just 55 in. from the cup. And on hole # 16, Brenda Trudeau was the final name on the card to win closest to the pin. She snuggled her shot 20-½ in. from pin and was able to choose a prize from the array of gifts on the prize table.

The golfers who scored 50 and under were Gerry McGillicuddy with a 46, Laurie Fox -48, Charlotte Gregory-49 and Jan Pano-50. Ridlon noted that due to all the rain, course conditions remain challenging with the tall, thick rough.

The game of the week was titled "Two Low Putts plus Three". It was defined as using the two lowest putts of the foursome on all holes except 11, 14, and 16. On those holes three scores were to be used and then all totaled for the final score. The winning team of Val Langbehn, Sis Wiley, Ellen Vail and Gail Clarke posted the lowest score of 31 and much cheering came from the foursome as they were awarded their prize money. Ridlon remarked that both Ellen and Gail were chip-in winners, which certainly helped the team's cause.

And finally, Estelle Smith's ticket was chosen to be the lucky one to take home the 50/50 winnings.


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Summer in New England means competing in metered pools for the Wavemakers
LACONIA — The Wavemaker Swim Team based out of the Laconia Athletic and Swim Club practices in a 25 yard pool. However, in the summer the outdoor competion pools are often 50 meters.
The team competed at the Jenny Thompson Pool in Dover over two of the June weekends. Swimming in a 50 meter pool was a first for many of the swimmers Grace Shoemaker, Rose Sinkus, Anna Stankes, Hannah Verville, Kathryn Hawkes, Audrey Chassie, Joshua Kelleher and Owen Sanborn. Owen, 15, swam at both meets improving his time from the first meet in the 100 back by 9 seconds.
Joshua Kelleher received a best time at the second meet in his 50 breaststroke. Rebecca Cook qualified for finals in three of her events, with Kayla Phelps achieving second alternate in the 100 back. Eric Phelps improved his 50 fly by 3 seconds. Katie Gingrich and Laurel Gingrich also swam best times in the 100 free and 100 fly respectfully.
Ayden Malloy dropped 19 seconds in her 50 breaststroke from last summers metered time, Charlolette Phillippy dropped 23 seconds in her 50 fly from last summer, Kayla Cisneros 6 seconds dropped off her 100 free time. Madeline Hastie and Mikayla Hastie achieved best times in the 100 back and 100 free respectfully, Alyxandra Huckaby tried her hand at the 200 free in a meter pool. Bethany and Tessa Tanner swam the 100 breaststroke and 50 back respectfully for the first time in a metered pool.
It was very clear that the swimmers hard work at practices paid off during the two meets.

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Waukewan Ladies League


CENTER HARBOR — The skies were grey, humidity was high and course conditions were demanding, yet 47 golfers of the nine-hole Ladies League played the July 11 determination.
Karen Bourgeois was rewarded for her resolve by scoring the only chip-in of the day. Karen landed her ball on hole #1 just off the green but the grass conditions required her to chip onto the green with a middle pin placement, which was about 30 feet away. Karen was excited to note that it was her second chip-in in two days. "And I never get chip-ins", she exclaimed. League president Linda Ridlon pointed out the fact that the chip-in money had been accumulating for three weeks so Karen was more than happy to be the only winner.
Laurie Fox scored her winner on hole #3 for the "closest to the pin" contest making her ball come to rest 22 ft. from the front pin placement on a green that slopes front to back. For the "longest drive contest" on hole #6, Mary Cross (19 and under handicap division) and Kathy Baker (20 and above handicap division) coped with the "no roll conditions" and drove their balls in the air long enough to out distance the rest of the field. Linda Lee was the lucky winner of the drawing from those golfers who had landed their first or second shots onto the 7 155-yard par 3 hole that requires accurate shots as three bunkers protect the green.
Jane Flynn was feeling some luck of the Irish as her name was drawn as the winner of the 50/50 pot.
The three ladies who persevered through the challenging conditions to shoot 50 and under were Jan Pano with a score of 47, Laurie Fox-48 and Gerry McGillicuddy-50. Ridlon then announced the results of the game of the week that was named "Par 4's Only." All four players played their own ball and the two best net scores were then added together for the team score on each of the par 4 holes. Two teams came in with a score of 47. The team of Val Langbehn, Rose Hansford, Liz Cooper and Pat Armstrong lost in a card playoff to the team of Gerry McGillicuddy, Carol Ashton, Kristin Cartier and Ingrid Smith.
During the discussion period of the meeting, several questions regarding rules were explained. Betsy Cox, rules consultant clarified the stroke penalty incurred when one's ball is inadvertently hit once the ball is deemed "in play." Also, the illegality of reaching over the hole to tap in a missed putt was confirmed.
Ridlon restated the mantra of "Let's hope for sunny skies for next week's round!" as the evening came to a close.

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Futsal Coming to Tilton Sports Center's Indoor Turf Field

TILTON — Futsal, an indoor version of soccer played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a regular soccer ball, will be coming to the Lakes Region this fall and winter.,
''It will be one the youth sports activities that will be taking place here,'' says Bob Callahan, owner of the Tilton Sports Center on Autumn Drive, where a 10,000-square-foot indoor turf field has just been installed.
Callahan says that he expects that futsal will gain in popularity as it is introduced to the area, but expects the main focus of activity on the 80-foot-by-120-foot turf field will be youth soccer and both youth and adult lacrosse.
Futsal, which was developed in Brazil and Uruguay in the 1930s and 1940s as a solution to the lack of available soccer fields, is played indoors between two teams of five players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper.
''Futsal is a great sport and is really good for helping young soccer players develop ball control and passing skills,'' says Scott Ruggles, Tilton School soccer coach, who says that the turf field offers an ideal spot for both futsal and youth soccer, as well as lacrosse.
The parent of five children ranging in age from 5 to 13, Ruggles says he feels fortunate to have the new facility right in his own backyard providing youth sports league activities.
''Parents like me have had to drive to Bow, which is at least 20 minutes away for indoor youth sports. Now can get here in five minutes for youth soccer games. This is a great facility to start a youth league and get the kids to play during the winter months,'' says Ruggles.
Another parent looking forward to having the facility nearby is Eric Pyra of Tilton, who volunteers in youth soccer and says that both his 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son play soccer .
''It's going to cut down a lot on the driving to and from games,'' says Pyra.
Callahan says that both the Lakes Region Lacrosse Club and the Lakes Region United Soccer league have signed on and will be playing games at the sports center starting in the fall.
He expects that the facility will be greatly in demand for sports camps and clinics during the summer months and for baseball as well.
''I can see a lot of leagues wanting to have batting practice cages set up during the winter and mud season in the spring,'' says Ruggles.
Callahan says that he decided last summer to turn the large, open space inside the former warehouse building into a state-of-the-art, year-round recreational facility which will have multiple uses and is geared primarily to the youth and adult leagues.
''This is something the area needs, and we're happy to be in a position to provide it,'' says Callahan,.
He said that he's fortunate in that most of the infrastructure for the center was already in place as a result of his having developed the property seven years ago as the Granite Media Center, which will continue to operate out of the building as an independent entity providing film production services.
He says that the turf field arrived in late June and after it was installed some 24,000 pounds of rubber infill were worked into the grass-like turf to provide a cushioned feel for those using the field.
This week the Tilton Indoor Sports Center was certified as an approved indoor sports center by the New Hampshire Soccer Association.
''It's the fourth facility in the state to be certified,'' said Cory Halvorsen of Barnstead, the vice president of indoor soccer for the NH Soccer Association.
Halvorsen is active with Revolution United, a youth soccer program for children 10 TO 18 years old in Barnstead.
''We have 110 kids involved and expect to be playing here a lot after November,'' he says.

Bob Callahan, owner of the Tilton Sports Center, which has installed a 10,000 square foot indoor turf field, is shown with Cory Halvorsen of Barnstead, the vice president of indoor soccer for the NH Soccer Association; Scott Ruggles, Tilton School soccer coach, and Erica Pyra of Tilton, a youth sports league volunteer. Halvorsen and Ruggles are holding a futsal, a small soccer ball with less bounce than a normal one, which is used in futsal, an indoor version of soccer. (Roger Amsden photo for the Laconia Daily Sun)

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