Wavemakers head to Vt. for Winter Classic Swim Meet

The Lakes Region Wavemakers finished out 2013 traveling to the Upper Valley Aquatic Center in White River Junction, VT for the annual Winter Classic Swim Meet where they competed against over 20 teams from around New England. Over thirty swimmers attended the meet with 26 swimmers achieving personal best times in one or more events.

In the 10 & under age group, Hannah Verville (7), Ela Goucher (8), Joshua Kelleher (10), Makayla Hastie (10), and Rose Sinkus (10) achieved placements in the top ten. Notable time drops included Kelleher dropping 8.03 seconds in the 100 Backstroke and Hastie dropping 22.21 seconds in the 200 IM and 8.21 seconds in the 100 Breaststroke.

Swimmer Eric Phelps (12) achieved top ten placements, and swimmers Garrett Shafer (11), Paije Fenderson (12), Alyxandra Huckaby (12), and Laurel Gingrich (11) placed in the top 20. Kathryn Hawkes (11) dropped an amazing total of 65.15 seconds in her 200 IM. Fellow swimmer Phelps dropped 22.18 seconds in his 200 IM and 24.89 seconds in his 100 Fly to achieve new best times. Shafer and Madeline Hastie also had impressive drops with Shafer dropping 6.33 seconds in the 200 IM and Hastie dropping 15.12 in the 100 Breaststroke and 8.12 in the 100 Freestyle.

In the 13-14 age group, Olivia Morea (13) placed in the top ten and achieved best times in the 400 IM, 200 Fly, and 200 Breaststroke, dropping 27.41 seconds, 27.50 seconds, and 11.24 seconds. Jacob Green (13) also placed in the top ten, dropping 5.50 seconds in his 200 Freestyle and 5.41 seconds in his 100 Breaststroke. Michele Young (13) dropped an impressive 35.40 seconds in her 200 Freestyle. Beck Mclean (13) also had top ten finishes and Alex Dimarzio (14) swam to place in the top 20.

For the 15 & over age group, Rebecca Cook (15) lead the way with multiple top ten finishes. Also placing in the top 20 were Katie Gingrich (16) and Sarah Sundius (17). Impressive time drops were made by Cook in the 1000 Freestyle, Gingrich in the 200 Freestyle, Owen Sanborn (16) in the 200 IM, and Elisabeth Hutchins (17) dropping a total of 11.53 seconds in the 200 Freestyle.
The Wavemakers will be back at UVAC on January 12th for the Connecticut Valley Invitational before hosting a meet at their home pool on January 19th.