Pee Wee Lakers knock in 7 against Berlin

The Lakes Region Pee Wee I team, sponsored by Fay's Boat Yard, had two home games on Sunday at the Laconia Ice Arena. The Berlin Pee Wee team made the trek down the mountain to play the Lakers. The teams played competitively, passing the puck from end to end. Jacob Maheux, in net for the first half of the game for the Lakers, made some great saves, despite the fast-handed Berlin forwards. It wasn't until four minutes left of the first period that the Lakers finally penetrated the Berlin end. Cole Reid put the first goal up on the board, with great passes from teammates Nate Cammack and Trevor Gallagher. The opposing team quickly knocked the puck down the Laker end, but they were no match for Maheux. The Lakers came out strong in the second period and it was not far into the 2nd that the dynamic duo of Brendan Hanaway and Cole Reid put another one up on the board, this time Hanaway scoring with a great pass from Reid. Berlin saw their opportunity from the center ice face-off to take the puck down the Laker end, but defense girl Camille Pollak wouldn't hear of it. She quickly broke up the Berlin forward play and shot the puck against the boards to fly toward the Berlin goalie. Again, Reid and Hanaway saw the opportunity and took it. This time Reid scoring with a solid pass from Hanaway. The score was now 3-0, Lakers in the middle of the second period. Reid had the puck on the end of his stick. He rifled it to Laker Trevor Gallagher to put the Lakers up for another goal, 4-0. Colin McGreevy took the net for the Lakers to start the third period. Laker Blake Dunlap stole the puck from a Berlin forward and with a bolt he was gone to the opposing end. Despite his great slap-shot, the Berlin net-minder managed to stop it. Laker Trevor Gallagher got a hold of the puck and after passing to Laker Cole Reid, Reid passed to Brendan Hanaway to start off the third with another goal. Berlin's offense wouldn't stand for it and hurried down the Laker end, bombarding goalie McGreevy. Colin's quick hands fought them off fast and Berlin never managed to score. Laker Patrick Mohan kept the puck out of the Laker zone with his forceful stick-handling. Hanaway got another hold of the puck and brought it to the opposing end and scored, unassisted. The score was now 6-0, Lakers. The Lakers weren't done, though. Nate McCarvill accepted a pass from Hanaway and dropped a goal in the back of the net to make the final score 7-0, Lakers. The team's afternoon game was just as exciting with a win over the Cyclones from Hudson, 4-0. Scorers for the Lakers were: Trent Fountain with a pass from Blake Dunlap; Brendan Hanaway with a pass from Trevor Gallagher; Cole Reid unassisted and another goal from Reid with a pass from Brendan Hanaway.