2 wins for Laconia Pee Wee I hockey team

The Lakes Region Youth Hockey Pee Wee I team, sponsored by Fay's Boat Yard, had a successful weekend of hockey. On Saturday the team traveled to Keene to play their Pee Wee team. The Lakers defeated Keene 7-2 with a hat-trick scored by the Lakers' Cole Reid and a playmaker scored by Brendan Hanaway. Trevor Gallagher added 2 goals under his belt and Trent Fountain took credit for another. Hanaway also had a goal, assisted by Reid. Nate Cammack, a brick defensive body for the Lakers, chalked up an assist as well in the game. The Lakers prevailed once again on Sunday, when the team hosted the Plymouth Predators. It was a close game, back and forth. Jacob Maheux was in net for the first half of the game for the Lakers and stopped many of the Predators shots. Reid achieved the first goal of the game, unassisted. With a great pass from Trevor Gallagher, Reid scored again, making the game 2-0 Lakers. The Predators fought back and came back with a quick goal, score now 2-1 end of 1st. Nate Cammack and Nate McCarvill both strong players for the Lakers, bounced the puck out of the home zone each time the Predators tried to score. The Predators came back with another goal quickly into the 2nd, making it a tie game. Colin McGreevy, now entering the net for the Lakers was determined to let nothing between the pipes. Blake Dunlap rushed the puck a few times into the Predator zone, but their defense quickly whipped it away. Trent Fountain was there with a big pass from Will Roberge. Fountain took a shot on net, but the Predator goalie managed to save it. Reid got another one past the opposing team's goalie, unassisted and it was now 3-2, Lakers. The Predators were coming on strong. Patrick Mohan, a hulk defense for the Lakers, stopped the Predator forwards from going into his team's zone. The Predators managed to find a path to the Laker end, tieing the game up in the 2nd, 3-3. Back to the middle for the face-off, defender Camille Pollak wasn't letting anything past her. She knew it was a close game and stood tough. Center Brendan Hanaway found the puck and entered a pathway through the Predators, with a quick, precise pass to Cole Reid, Reid put another one in the back of the net for a 4-3 win. Reid then earning himself another hat-trick for the weekend.