Wavemakers Swim Team well into competition season

The Lakes Region Wavemakers Swim Team has begun its competition season. With four meets already under their belt, several of the swimmers had best times from last season with many placing in the top ten.
The following swimmers have placed in the top 10 at the meets: Kayla Cisernos, Rebecca Cook, Kaitlyn Callahan, Hayley Cochrane, Alex Dimario, Laurel Gingrich, Murphy Harris, Joshua Kelleher, Ayden Malloy, Eric Phelps, Kayla Phelps, Charlotte Phillippy, Garret Shaffer, Rose Sinkus, Ela Goucher, Jacob Green, Hannah Hibbert, Alyxandra Huckaby, Syndey Irons, Alli Keith, Maggie Kirwan, Alexa Lazazzara, Alex Mailloux, Angela Bonnell, Joseph Bonnell, Caitlyn Dunleavy, Kaitlyn Egbert, Paige Fenderson, Katie Gingrich, Syndey Mailloux, Juilet Sinkus, Anna Stankes, Bethany Tanner, Ethan Vachon, Tessa Tanner, Michele Young, Grace Shoemaker, Bryhannah Pinard, Olivia Morea, Hannah Verille, Dagon Burr, Thor Burr,Maddie Hastie, Ryan Witham. Brooke Vetter.
The team is made up of 70 swimmers from several towns in the Lakes Region. Many new swimmers have been welcomed to the team this year.