Golfer recognition at final round of Waukewan Ladies League

The final round of the season was played on August 27th at Waukewan GC and it was a day filled with sunshine on many levels. Per tradition, a Scramble is the game of the day and there were two competitions, one between the four person teams and one between the three person teams. The excited winners of the foursomes were Denise Doyle, Charlotte Gregory, Joslyn Halstead and Margie Kreitler who came in with a score of par 36. The just as excited threesome winners with a score of 40 were Kathy Boselli, Shirley Monis and Brenda Trudeau. Mary Cross was awarded the final "birdie " of the season (her second) as she scored a three on the par 4 12th hole all on her own. It was mentioned that the day should be declared “Joslyn Halstead Day" as not only was she on a winning team, but she also had the only "chip-in" of the day for which she was awarded two weeks worth of "chip-in" cash. Her "chip-in" was a timely one as it gave her the win of a "closest to the pin" contest on hole # 14. Joslyn putted her ball 25 ft. from off the back of the green, up the embankment and into the cup. Margie Kreitler, another winning team member, won "longest drive-20 and above handicap division" with an impressive poke of over 150 yds. on #13. Jan Pano also drove her ball long and accurately to outdistanced the other golfers in the 19 and below handicap division to win the "longest drive" on #17. The next three contest hole winners were known as "the 2 in. gals". Bev Leonard chipped her ball 2 in. from the cup on #18, Judy Taylor the same on #11 and Sheila Haigh the same on # 12, 2 in. from the bunker!

After the round, forty-seven ladies gathered in the Bar-N to enjoy a delicious meal coordinated by Social Chairman Joslyn Halstead and her committee. Heidi Barkley catered the tasty Bruschetta chicken dinner, with the appetizers and desserts provided by the ladies of the League. President Linda Ridlon addressed the League and noted that many members had been winners during the season and asked them to stand as they were acknowledged for distinguishing themselves in the game of the week, contest holes, as well as scoring birdies and chip-ins.

In keeping with the new format of the season, Vice President, President-elect and scorekeeper extordinaire, Kathy Sweeney compiled statistics for the ladies in each of the four flights, gross and net plus Ringer results for the League as a whole. One had to participate in five of the seven competitive weeks to be eligible. The following golfers were awarded lovely ball marker necklaces for their fine play. First Flight, Handicap 10-15, field of 12 players: 1st Gross, Jan Pano 47.67, 2nd Gross, Laurie Fox 49.0, and 1st Net, Denise Doyle 36.0. Second Flight, Hdcp. 16-18, field of 10 players: 1st Gross, Jane Flynn 51.80, 2nd Gross, Carol Ashton 53.29, and 1st Net, Barb Saimond 36.29. Third Flight, Hdcp. 19-24, field of 9 players: 1sr Gross, Sue Connolly 56.83, 2nd Gross, Pat Armstrong 58.17, and 1st. Net, Sharon Corcoran 37.67. Fourth Flight, Hdcp 25 field of 9 players: 1st Gross, Ingrid Smith 61.86, 2nd Gross, Shirley Eaton 63.17, and 1st Net, Joslyn Halstead 39.0. Sweeney then explained the Ringer score as the best score recorded, hole-by-hole, during League play and that those scores added together constitute the Ringer score. The highlighted scores belonged to Jan Pano with an 82 and Gerry McGillicuddy with an 84 for gross and Ingrid Smith with a 51 and Barb Saimond also with a 51 were the two for net. All of these ladies received their acknowledgements with surprise and delight, and Ingrid Smith, the League’s most senior golfer was beside herself with excitement.

Barb Barbuto, Treasurer of the League summarized Linda Ridlon’s tenure as President by stating “You have so willingly and enthusiastically been our president and leader for three years. Little did you know when you agreed to be President that you would be the one to lead us through a couple of years of real change.”  The ladies joined Barbuto in their show of appreciation as Ridlon was presented a certificate of donation for her favorite charity, The NH Humane Society as well as with a token remembrance of a Waukewan umbrella embroidered with “Thanks for the Fun between the Raindrops, Linda!”

The evening ended with the ladies looking forward to the September 11th Invitational “Heart of a Woman” which is the signature event of the season.