Flynn leads Waukewan Ladies League in a day of low scores

After the previous week's rainout (forth of the season), the Waukewan Ladies League played their August 20 nine-hole round. The ladies demonstrated that drier conditions do contribute to improved scores as 15 of the 46 golfers shot 50 and under. After all the other names were read, Jane Flynn's score of 44 was high-lighted by President Linda Ridlon as the low score of the day. Despite Jane's quiet smile, it was obvious that she was thrilled.

The rest of the story began with Gloria Ferland, Val Langbehn, Jan Pano, Linda Ridlon and Barb Saimond all shooting a 47, an exuberant Sue Connelly shooting a 48, Charlotte Gregory, Gerry McGillicuddy and Brenda Trudeau-49, and Denise Doyle, Laurie Fox, Marcia Ryan, Kathleen Sweeney, and Ellen Vail, all with 50. And speaking of 50, Rose Hansford was the lucky 50/50 drawing winner.

Scorekeepers Kathy Sweeney and Laurie Fox handed Ridlon the names of the other golfers to be recognized. Ridlon noted that there were no "chip-ins" today even though the game of the week was named "Two Low Putts plus Two". This format translated as adding the two low putts of the foursome for each hole, except for the par three's, where three low putts were to be added. With strategy in play for this format, leaving one's ball on the fringe would allow one less "putt" for the putting score and thus more "chip-ins" would be expected. Not the case. The team of Carol Ashton, Val Langbehn, Estelle Smith and Lorrain Rosenblatt accomplished the putting task admirably however, and turned in an impressive total of 30 to win the weekly cash prize.

Rose Hansford was busy adding, "Birdies" to the branches of the Birdie Tree as four golfers scored the one under par number. Gerry McGillicuddy sank a 10 ft. putt on hole 1 for her 3, Barb Saimond sank her putt from 24 ft. away to achieve her 3, and Ellen Vail and Val Langbehn each scored a 2 on the par 3 seventh hole to win their recognition. Val's drive traversed the bunker in front of the green to end up 15 ft. from the pin and Ellen's drive had the same plan in mind, only ended up 3-4 ft. from the pin.

The "contest holes" were all about "long" this week and the two longest drives certainly met that description. Denise Doyle (19 and below handicap division) drove her ball about 200 yds. on hole 6 and Kathy Boselli drove her ball on the 300 yard second hole to a point where she was just a chip shot away from the green. Ellen Vail won the "longest putt" contest on hole 9 with a 19 ft. 1 in. putt that out distanced all the other contestant's putts.

These winners took no time in picking their prize from Carol Ashton's prize table.

The end of the season business was discussed with the upcoming 40th Invitational "Heart of a Woman" taking center stage. Excitement is building for the September 11th event. The New Hampshire American Heart Association will be this year's charity.

Women golfers wishing to attend should call Kathy Sweeney at 603-244-7011 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..