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I use biosolids because I believe it is the right thing to do

To The Daily Sun,

I have lived in Gilmanton, on the same road, for 50 years. The only absence was when I served in the Navy for six years. I have been farming here and taking care of the land and my animals as this is the place I love to call home. I grow hay crops to feed my buffalo, and this is my livelihood.

I use biosolids because it is beneficial for my soil and it helps to keep my costs manageable so I can continue to farm, maintain productive fields and leave them as green open space.

Anybody who knows me recognizes that I work hard in my fields and tend my farm 365 days per year. Farming is my passion. I use biosolids because I believe it is the right thing to do. I would not jeopardize my land or my family.

I hope you will vote to support me as a farmer and your neighbor on March 8. Please don't ban this valuable resource.

Vote "No" on Article 3.

Bob McWhinnie


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Please vote on March 8 to ban use of biosolids in Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

Several people that I've spoken to are confused by the wording of the warrant articles that are on

next Tuesday's ballot in Gilmanton. I'd like to help clarify one of them: Article 3 regarding the banning of biosolids.

If you want to eliminate a possible risk to your health, vote "Yes."

If you want to protect your property values, vote "Yes."

If you want to keep your drinking water safe, vote ­ "Yes."

If you want to ensure that your food is untainted, vote "Yes."

If you want to protect your farm and game animals, vote "Yes."

The health and welfare of our families, pets, water, land and that of our neighbors is too valuable

to risk.

On March 8 please vote "Yes" on Article 3 to ban the use of bio­solids in our town.

Barbara E. Swanson


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