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How many pay premiums but will never meet their full deductible

To The Daily Sun,

The ability to purchase an item from anywhere in the country helps keep the cost of that item in check. Many people believe the financial burden associated with lawsuits is a contributing factor of high health care costs. Despite such logical conclusions, these two issues were not addressed in 2010. In 2017, Washington is attempting to address these two issues. Many are questioning the order in which it is being done.

All the changes that can be made are being included in the budget reconciliation because that bill only requires 51 votes in the Senate to pass. It is my understanding that the ability to purchase medical insurance across state lines and tort reform, for some reason, do not fit the requirements to be included in this bill. These must be addressed in separate bills and the Senate will require 60 votes to pass.

If you truly believe that you could get a better deal purchasing medical insurance anywhere in this country, then you need to contact Senators Shaheen and Hassan directly on this issue. They will be the ones preventing the passing of any such legislation.

I know the cry is that so many will lose their health care. This is not about "health care," this is about coverage. Where is the outrage for those who have purchased the mandatory coverage, have a high deductible in order to keep their premiums affordable and then never pay the full deductible? Essentially they have no coverage.

When insurance companies are forced to construct health care coverage plans to meet the needs and wants of those purchasing it, we will have more affordable plans and the ones that do will flourish. We also must be willing to address the tort issue. Legal lobbyists in Washington should not be able to outweigh our voices.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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Better affordability happens when Uncle Sam gets out of the way

To The Daily Sun,

The airlines were deregulated and they were once heavily controlled by government subsidies, life safety was first and foremost, and they had high capital needs — all just like health care.

Government got out of the airlines and allowed them to be competitive, which drove down pricing by unbelievable amounts to where today you spend less than half on a Los Angeles to New York City ticket than you did in the 1950s in real dollars. The price is the same today as in 1950, around $650.

Safety was not compromised and free market competition weeded out the greedy, the weak, and or the protected and we all now can afford to fly. So, too, can insurance companies compete for your dollars to provide cradle-to-grave insurance without dumping us on the taxpayer when insurance is most needed and used after age 65 — Medicare. The insurance providers know exactly what it costs to provide you benefits for life, make them do it with competition.

The only state assistance would be for those most in need and that price would be much less in a deregulated and repealed Obamacare, a failed government socialist system.

First repeal, then reform with deregulation back to our American enterprise system that always makes for better affordability when Uncle Sam gets out of the way.

It will allow for many more people to get health care because it will drive down pricing while keeping safety intact, but it must be completely free market like the airlines were allowed to do to serve us all safely and fairly.

Then Americans can afford to help those most in need and know they are getting the best value for their compassion and helping assistance, The assistance for the needy and uninsured should be via local controlled programs closest to the needs of their neighbors and not filtered by bureaucrats.

Jeff Frost


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