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I'd rather sit next to a leper in church than a judgmental Bible thumper

To The Daily Sun,

To "Bishop" Blake:

As I sit and relax with a lovely glass of wine, I can not help but smile while reading your letter; it's so precious and amusing! Oh those abilities you claim to have! Making a business close its doors and picking a new police chief for Laconia. Tell us please -—are you related to Dionne Warwick at all? Is your crystal ball glowing with rainbows and unicorns? And can you ever write a letter without quoting the Bible?

The Holy Grail (that IS the correct name Paul, so try using it) closed and you had NOTHING to do with it! They were losing money, and a cross and God did not cause that. The city selected a new police chief because he deserved and earned that position. Again, you had nothing to do with any of it, so get off your pulpit and change your robe.

Please save your lectures and prophecies for yourself; no one is listening. Heaven is not sweeping the stairs for your arrival. It takes more than quoting and "gloating" to get your wings. I would rather sit next to a leper in church than any miserable, judgmental Bible thumper any day! So please stay out of my pew.

I will be waiting for the fire and brimstone to fill my lungs and scorch my flesh as you and yours condemn my soul yet once again. And I'm laughing because it NEVER came true before.  I guess you're losing your touch there, "Bishop.

Denise C. Burke

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Fisher is just one of many men who long for the 'good old days'

To The Daily Sun,

I recently heard the expression, "Let it fall by its own weight," and perhaps that's what we should do about the embarrassment of Robert Fisher in the N.H. Legislature. Despite a call from Governor Sununu, House Speaker Shawn Jasper and others to resign, Fisher refuses. But 2018 is coming fast and we can ensure he doesn't win another term, no matter which he party he claims to represent (he failed to win a seat as a Democrat in 2012, switched to Republican in 2014 and was elected; sound familiar?).

Fisher is just one of many men, but far from the majority, who long for the "good old days" when women did not have the freedoms to choose their own lives and were usually forced to depend on men for safety and security. Today, thankfully, women are as able as men to choose their right livelihood, relationships, homes, etc. All this makes it more difficult for men like Fisher to exploit women in sexual relationships when they have choices and aren't dependent on a man to provide for them. He tried to worm his way out of denigrating women's intelligence by flattering his mother and sisters, saying how their strength and intelligence set him up for overly high expectations of how women really are. I would call him a snake but that would be insulting to the species.

On his campaign website, a bit of fluff if ever there was one, he addresses healthc are merely by regurgitating the same old GOP complaints about Obamacare that are not based in fact. He offered not one single idea about how to fix health care in N.H. or the nation. He waxes about the importance of family (the man who offers tips on how to maintain a "soft harem") without one proposal about how to improve the quality of life for families in N.H. Fisher has some meaningless sentiments about education and the economy but he hasn't bothered to show up to vote on about half the legislation this session, including many bills affecting higher education and jobs.

There will probably always be a subset of society, made up of both men and women, who would prefer that we return to the days of men having control over and dominating women's lives. This is satisfying to some men, and provides a measure of safety and comfort to some women who don't feel capable of providing for themselves. But in 2017, the vast majority of men and women realize, and embrace, a way of life that fosters balance between the male and female energies in each of us, and that honors the individual's right to equal opportunity regardless of their gender or gender identity. And in 2018, I'm sure the voters will remind Robert Fisher of this.

Beth Benham

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