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Lobbying for more spending makes you a tax & spend politician

To The Daily Sun,

The recent letter from Hunter Taylor regarding taxes, which was written in response to a letter from Brian Gallagher, is misleading.

Commissioners spend money as appropriated by the Belknap County Delegation, but Mr. Taylor has been a consistent advocate for higher taxes and higher spending levels. At a recent meeting of the Belknap Commission, he remarked that the problem is that for too long "this place has been run on the cheap."

The commission recently passed, by a 2-1 vote, a recommended budget for 2017 which will result in a 6.3 percent increase in the amount raised by taxes were it to be adopted. Further, he lobbied for higher spending
than even this amount.

Perhaps Mr. Taylor believes that lobbying for more spending does not make him a tax-and-spend politician, but I disagree with him. He is likely to play a central role in Belknap Commission politics over the next two years. Hence it would be wise to keep a wary eye on his budget priorities, just as Mr. Gallagher suggests.

Dick Burchell


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Trump voters, hyou have canceled your right to look me in the eye

To The Daily Sun,

Donald Trump is one of you. He doesn't spit on long-standing political norms and centuries-old conventional wisdom just for show or to create smoke-screens. He's here to drain the swamp. You can tell because perceptive world leaders congratulate him and acknowledge his bravery.

For example, take people like Vladimir Putin. This rising international star has been irresponsibly accused by the FBI and CIA for interference into our presidential elections and for military provocations around the world. Or Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines. Some genetic mutation has caused thousands of Filipinos to protest this self-appointed magistrate, personally cleansing droves of alleged criminals with waves of death squads. Or David Duke, that venerable leader of the American Nazis, who has seen fit to arrange a victory parade for the far-right (Breitbart, Ku Klux Klan, et. al.) in Donald Trump's honor.

Don't listen to your grandfather's garbage about World War II, fascism and sacrifices. Finally, these Trump-class world leaders have a fighting chance to get their message heard. Isn't that right?

I'm so excited to finally get an average Joe into the White House. And a smart one at that. Trump has always belittled those who avoid litigation battles in order to settle. Let's face it — those people are cowards. When he goes after someone, he always wins and makes money. Because making money is the only thing this country is about. Ask him; he said so. But, he is the president now, and I applaud his decision to settle the Trump University "scandal" right before taking office. He's a national hero! Right?

There was never a reason for Trump to reveal his tax returns. Just because all presidential candidates do so doesn't mean there's a reason for it. I mean, why should he divest his national and global business interests. He earned it. Those liberal pretty boys are just steaming jealous. Right?

When it comes to draining the swamp, roll out the sludge vacuums boys. Between the Goldman-Sachs and the fringe-right cabinet appointments, you would be hard pressed to line up a finer group of average, swamp-scum hating Americans. Cuz he's here to help you. Right?

You have canceled your right to look me in the eye. Don't embarrass yourself with a Roseanna Roseannadanna response. This is the dishonor about to be rained down on all of us. I can understand blunders that are made in tough situations. But make no mistake. This victory was the cognizant decision of millions of politically disenfranchised voters ... who decided to take the low road and vent their child's rage — just like the president-elect — and to hell with the consequences.
He really is one of you. Isn't that right?

Paul B. Utiger

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