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Any law that says a woman 'may not' is clearly unconstitutional

To The Daily Sun,

Some of your recent letter writers seem to have forgotten what they learned in high school civics class about the U.S. Constitution. They profess to be offended that a woman would dare to remove her shirt in public, but they will search the Constitution in vain for any right not to be offended. On the other hand, the right of free expression is rather prominent in the Constitution; it's right there in the First Amendment. It's difficult to imagine a clearer example of protected free expression than a woman protesting laws that apply to her, but not to a man. It's difficult to imagine a law that more clearly violates the Fourteenth Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law than one that prevents a woman from being shirtless where a man is allowed to be.

It's the Twenty-First Century, folks. Any law that says, "a woman may not..." is clearly unconstitutional. I support my female friends in their efforts to overturn such unjust laws. If you're offended, the remedy is to look away.

Roger Goun

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It appears the property tax cap is the third rail of Laconia politics

To The Daily Sun,

The controversy about the school budget and the property tax cap has generated a lot of heat but very little light. The current plan, which seems to have been adopted by the School Board as well as the City Council, appears to have relegated the arts to after-hours activities. This has been tried before and it didn't work. It appears the tax cap is the third rail of local politics, just like Social Security is in Congress.

Rather than digging in our heels, we need to consider whether the cap can be adjusted to be able to reflect changing economic times. Certainly using inflation, construction and the like to gauge appropriate spending is a factor, but the fact the cost of some of the services Laconia residents need (like schools) may rise faster is also important.

A favorite answer of politicians is to evade things like tax caps by raising or adopting new fees. As somebody who has sat on the N.H. House Finance Committee as recently as 2014, (and I'm running again!)I can attest that it's easy to adopt a fee that tries to hide the cost of the service rather than to pay for the paperwork and customer service. That's a cop-out.

It's the job of everybody to provide the services the community needs to keep it vibrant and attractive, even in times where that involves sacrifice. Our children have long since graduated from LHS, but June and I still believe we share in the responsibility to keep our schools strong so our community can continue to thrive.

Dave Huot


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