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Belmont Heritage Fund will make contribution go a long way

To The Daily Sun,

Tuesday's Belmont ballot includes a $5,000 request for the Heritage Fund. The fund has shown a positive return on taxpayer investment in dollars, creativity and value.

Over ten years, the Heritage Commission has returned some $200,000 to our community through federal and state grants, corporate and in-kind donations, substantial contributions of technical and other expertise, and volunteered time.

Visible results include an award-winning bandstand restoration, historic signage and markers for the Library, Mill and Province Road Meeting House, research nominating the Belmont Mill and Bandstand to the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places, and a first energy efficiency project paying 100 percent for LED lanterns and other Mill enhancements, and upgraded Sargent Park lighting.

Other highlights were education and events, including Community Heritage Workshops, celebrations of the Bandstand Centennial, Library anniversary, New Hampshire History Week and memorable Deck the Village Christmas Festivals from 2008-13.

Accomplishments were fostered by partnerships featuring local youth organizations, Shaker District Schools, Belknap County Restorative Justice, Belmont Parks and Recreation, Public Library, Belmont and Laconia Historical Societies, Laconia Heritage Commission, New Hampshire Preservation Alliance, NH Division of Historical Resources, Friends of the Bandstand and the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, among others.

We will sincerely appreciate your "Yes" vote of support for Warrant Article 17.

Thank you from the Heritage Commission.

Linda Frawley
Wallace Rhodes
Priscilla Annis
Shayne Duggan
Alyce Jewell
Vicki Donovan

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Why not address Gilford noise problem with a noise ordinance?

To The Daily Sun:

With respect to the controversy over the Howe property, if the problem is noise, why not approach the problem directly? Let us have a noise ordinance and a Police Department willing to enforce it. Meadowbrook can be heard all the way to Laconia (White Oaks Road). Or is Meadowbrook too big and the Howes just the right size to be regulated?

Barry Dame


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