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There were eyewitnesses to Magoon's assaults; they're guilty, too

To The Daily Sun,

Let's get all the guilty people. Robert Magoon had eyewitnesses to his several assaults. In the beginning, they told him to stay out of the room. And they did nothing. It's a disgrace. Even, worse, they are probably parents, themselves.

Mike Moken


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All of this fighting between Briarcrest neighbors must stop

To The Daily Sun,

Did you notice the rent increase paragraph in the Hometown America letter? According to HTA (Hometown America), it is only for "new" residents, although HtA can, and probably will, increase your rent because your lease is not registered at the Belknap County Registry of Deeds and therefore not really grandfathered. According to ROC-NH, all the deeds (241) should have been registered immediately by our lawyer after becoming a cooperative. (See NH-RSA 477). We can still do this and should. Also, HTA will increase your rent by the CPI (consumer price index) for the Boston area {between 3 and 7 percent) from the previous calendar year and by the amount of tax increase assessed upon the park for the year by the City of Laconia or Town of Belmont. I have just heard about a Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E). This would be something to look into and negotiate with HTA if we go that way.

I do NOT approve, as a Lakemont Cooperative Member, of how this situation was handled by the present Board of Directors, especially since the board is understaffed (only 4 out of 7 positions are filled) and the board will not fill the empty positions, even though some very qualified members have volunteered). From the conversation with the previous owner, to the Board of Directors not letting the cooperative membership know of the initial contact, to the Board of Directors not letting us see the letter(s) from Hometown America when it came in, to the Board of Directors trying to set up a special membership vote meeting before anyone could digest the information and before the "snowbirds" were back here in their homes (that info meeting and voting meeting have since been rescheduled), to the "incident" in the mail room and its ramifications, to the vocal threat(s) from one member to another, to the nasty conversations between members, etc — all of this must stop. We will eventually vote to settle this whole situation, so sit back and read your Lakemont Cooperative Bylaws and Rules.

The fox is already in the hen house!

Louise Rosand


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