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All in all, $4,800 was raised to fight Alzheimer's & other dementias

To The Daily Sun,

This was not just another year in my disease journey.

And, although I — like many — have been trying to fight against the insidious and negative symptoms of the disease, it's an uphill battle.

Each of the past five years, my family, friends and other people impacted by Alzheimer's (and other dementias) and, too, local businesses have rallied in support of the fund and conscious-raising event in Northfield and Franklin. The 23 "Timmons Team" members were accompanied by caring families and friends. Strangers were welcomed into the event as many also lived with, cared for, and/or knew someone with Alzheimer's or other dementias.

Every year a number of businesses and individuals are approached for a monetary contribution toward the walk/run for Boston University's Alzheimer's Disease Center and the research done there by Dr. Robert Stern and others. I have been one of their research subjects during these
past five years, and I'm glad for being so.

Hats off to my beloved family .... and to consistantly generous patrons Rob Pearlman and Lynn Chong, to dedicated photographer of give years, Ted Blackburn, and also to WRMS students Lydia Pitman, Dominic Lamanuzzi, Daisy Burns, Andrew McKinnon, Maegan Bilodeau and Noah Smith. Also to long-standing volunteers Rob Pearlman, Lynn Chong, Linda Cass, Don Couture, Jane Northcott, and Dawn Shimburg,. Staffing assist came from Gerrish Manor staff Cathy Borner and Amy Nichols; and eight special residents at Gerrish Manor. Bus transportation came courtesy of Ken Hollingsworth, Tilton School; and Brittany Briggs and Eric Kelso of First Student Bus Co. Timing was thanks to the Granite State Race Co.

Much appreciation to our financial backers: Sun Private Equities, Belknap Suburu, The Golden Crest, Northeast Delta Dental, Byron’s Septic Service, Tilton School, Grappone Companies, Generations Dental Care,Bread and Chocolate, Tilton Walgreens, Franklin Hannaford, Tilton McDonalds, Tilton Yankee Candle and The Works,Concord.

And, finally, the event was made possible thru the team effort of the Northfield ,Franklin and Tilton police departments; the Pines Community Center, and Andy Buteau, Northfield' s director of Public Works and his crew.

Congratulations to the 1st place winners Kelly Fuller and ,for the fifth year, David Audet!
All in all, over $4,500. was raised this year ! The weather was perfect ! and it was truly a TEAM effort to accomplish it!

For those who gave in advance of the run/walk — much gratitude. Tax deductible donations may yet be given: P.O.Box 284, Tilton, NH 03276

Hope to see you next year! Between now and then may research generate prevention of and/or better treatment or those of us living with any form of dementia.

Ginny Timmons


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The suffering by the inmates at county jail is painful to observe

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Sun continues to print a series of letters on the pitiful funding of Belknap County Corrections facility. The public is fed up with the demonstrated lack of responsibility our representatives have shown in funding the $8 million addition to the facility.

The jail/house of correction desperately needs four additional guards — three men and one woman.

A new $8 million addition has been added to the ancient prison built in 1898, the year of the Spanish American War, President McKinley, and acquisition of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam, and no new staff have been hired to supplement the existing overworked staff.

Cost to taxpayers will be approximately two to three cents a day.

The present prison population, which varies from day to day, is 104. The functional capacity is 87. The average population is 92.

Presently there are 23 full-time prison attendants. The Table of Organization for such a prison calls for 34 full time attendants. The superintendent is asking for a minimum of four more attendants (guards) at an annual cost of $268,000. The staff is thin. Running a corrections facility of this size with such a lean staff has serious downsides. The staff has to care for and control the inmates.

There have been three hangings at the prison over the years. Guards have to visit inmates sleeping quarters on a regular and frequent basis. Perhaps these hangings could have been prevented. We were informed that 80 percent of those incarcerated are due to drugs. There is no medical staff available at night.

Seventy-three percent of those in confinement when released will return. There is an endless recycling in and out.

The public may not be aware of existing physical conditions and overcrowding.

Twenty-four women are crowded into a disgraceful elementary-school-size gym with one toilet outside the gym and down the hall. When a toilet is required, the prisoner has to request a guard to escort her to the toilet. Little or any consideration is given to women’s menstrual cycles. The situation is an abomination.

Twenty-three men are crammed into an piteous attic space with only a narrow stairwell leading to the toilet-less space. Temperatures rise to 110 degrees in summer. The deplorable environment is not fit for dogs.

Tiny claustrophobic cells are windowless, poorly ventilated and lighted. Thick heavy doors prevent the inmates from seeing outside their cells. It is similar to a solitary confinement. The living space is contemptible. These are not hard-core killers or murderers. Many are unskilled, with psychological or psychiatric problems that society has somehow forgotten. The woeful surroundings do not enhance their state of mind. Their individual freedoms have been taken from them by today's political climate and liberal democracy. These prisoners are grappling with the titanic force of incipient democracy and cannot manage it.

Perhaps we have forgotten that the individual human being has primacy. What happened to our enlightenment values. The men and women in this facility are suffering while elected officials struggle with politics and budgets in coffeehouses and taverns. My buddies in our favorite diner in Meredith want the established order, the overlords and shameless self-promoters, with their privileges to listen as we give voice for the poor imprisoned. We are not challenging the wider structures of politics.

The Belknap corrections facility's environment reminds one of the 1789 cramped prison fortress of the Bastille which overlooked the Faubourg Saint-Antoine.

The suffering by the inmates is painful to observe. We feel immense compassion for the young men and women forcefully imprisoned in unimaginable conditions which have to be unmasked. We are sitting on a powder key. The sheer number of inmates deposited in deplorable conditions will create turbulent conditions beyond our darkest imaginings. If they break, it will only destabilize the local community. They could become radicalized in their present situation which could prove fatal in our community.

Mine is not a distorted version of a creative imagination. They are undergoing unimaginable pressure and anxiety due to misery, cruelty and abandonment. which will eventually create violence that will escalate. If we are to be guided by our better instincts and our common humanity we may still find a way to finance 4 additional guards.

Perhaps Herb Vadney (R. Meredith), Norm Silber (R-Gilford), and Marc Abear (R- Meredith), who voted "No," are acting as despots when they destabilize our corrections facility, We build an $8 million addition and they refuse to staff it. Despicable.

Richard Gunnar Juve


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