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We are way out on a limb, having an unprepared president

To The Daily Sun,

Thanks to New Hampshire Public Radio/National Public Radio for exposing me and other listeners to Pres. Trump's angry voice as he rails against the grand jury that will investigate his campaign and possible Russian connections. Really, thanks to both those media entities.

I was horrified to hear Pres. Trump's words and tone. He reminded me of a small child being dragged kicking and screaming to his bath. That would be a bratty child or a confused child. Or an overly-tired child. We certainly are out on a limb, my dear U.S.A., having an unprepared president.

It comes to mind that a certain king in the past had the label "The Unready" attached to his name.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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At my home, the rainbow flag has replaced the American flag

To The Daily Sun,

I have taken down the American flag that has been on the mailbox post at the end of our driveway. It has been replaced with our rainbow flag.

Donald Trump may not see anything wrong with discriminating against American citizens, but I do.

While I tend to be a stronger supporter of peace, rather than war, I do believe that our country ought to be standing up for all of it's citizens regardless of the who they might love and what their own gender identity happens to be.

If we want to make America great (again or for the first time) it's time to stand up for those who are being discriminated against.

Rev. Earl W. Miller, Jr.


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