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Dems know they've failed on issues most important to women

To The Daily Sun,

As a woman, I am insulted and appalled by the Democrats' advertisements on TV, in the newspapers, and on flyers that imply that women are single-issue voters. The Democrats don't seem to understand that an educated decision is important and that it must be based on facts rather than fabrications.

When I vote, I make an educated decision by researching the issues that are important to me and finding out where each candidate stands on those issues. As 53 percent of the voters, women vote on the issues that are important to them. Women are concerned about being able to afford to support their families. They worry about national security and keeping their families safe. They worry about being able to make the best choice for their families for medical care.

The Democrats know that they have failed on all the issues that are most important to women, while Republicans have solutions to those issues that will help women and their families. The Democrats attempt to divert attention from the important issues is pathetic and insulting to every voter's intelligence.

President Obama and Harry Reid have imperiled families' financial security. They have eliminated choices in health care. And they have put our national security repeatedly at risk by ignoring threats and then mishandling every crisis.

By electing Scott Brown to join Senator Ayotte in Washington, you can help them retire Harry Reid and get to work to put this country back on the right track.

Jan Face Glassman

Center Barnstead

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Rep. DiMartino doesn't deserve a pink slip, she deserves re-election

To The Daily Sun,

I don't live in Gilford any more, but I've had occasion to work with Lisa DiMartino for the past two years. Rep. DiMartino is a tireless worker for the poor and disadvantaged in our state and to try and tar her with what can charitably be called "misleading" charges such as appeared in the letter to The Daily Sun on Friday, Oct. 24, unnecessarily demeans an upstanding and dedicated public servant.

A sampling of the 11 bills listed by the writer shows, for instance, that HB-271 did not expand Obamacare, but would have prohibited the state from expanding Medicaid, for which Rep. DiMartino did vote and which has already provided affordable health insurance for 20,000 New Hampshirites who previously could not afford it. HB-617 provided an increase in the gas tax to complete I-93 improvements and repair our roads and bridges. It didn't pass, but a scaled-down Senate version did pass in 2014.

I'm sure Rep. DiMartino would be happy to plead guilty to repealing the O'Brien Legislature's 10-cent-a-pack reduction in the cigarette tax which cost the state millions, and to repeal a proposed reduction in the boat tax in 2015 when the source of it would be long forgotten. Allowing the reduction would have prevented the repair of the Marine Patrol boathouse in Glendale, which was sinking into Lake Winnipesaukee.

Rep. DiMartino does not deserve a pink slip, she deserves re-election.

Rep. David O. Huot

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We're hosting a Meet the Candidates forum on Oct. 30 at Taylor

To The Daily Sun,

This coming Thursday, Oct 30, at 11 a.m., my wife, Linda Roeder, and I are sponsoring a Meet the Candidates forum here at Taylor Community, and we would love to invite everyone to come, from the general public, as well as from the Taylor Community, and bring as many friends, family, and neighbors as possible. Taylor Community is right across the street from Irwin car dealership on Union Ave.; take the Taylor road all the way to the top of the hill to Woodside, the large and last building.

The four people who will be speaking are Kathy Rago, Frank Tilton, Dave DeVoy, and Dick Burchell. We are desperately hoping for a good turnout to keep these good public servants inspired and enthused.

Jim McCoole

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Pollak know jail solution will require cooperation with delegation

To The Daily Sun,

The outcome of the county commissioner election for the district representing Laconia, Sanbornton and New Hampton will set the political climate in Belknap County for the next half decade.

One candidate, David DeVoy, is a self-proclaimed Libertarian running as a Republican, and the other, David Pollak, is a centrist Democrat. In another District, Richard Burchell, a Tea Party supporter running as a Republican, has no opposition and is assured of election.

In the Third District, Steve Nedeau, a long-time mainstream Republican, is continuing the term to which he was previously elected. Thus, the Pollak/DeVoy election will decide the pivot vote between a Tea Party Republican and a mainstream Republican.

The most basic character qualities I look for in candidates for public office are honesty, integrity, and the ability to treat all people with respect and dignity, including those with whom they have differences of opinion. From my observation, both Dave Pollak and Dave DeVoy have honesty and integrity. They are both honorable men. However, I also look for evidence of critical thinking in candidates: that is, skill in listening thoughtfully to all ideas concerning a problem, do independent research, arrive at an unbiased tentative solution, and to then engage in good-will dialogue with fellow elected representatives to arrive at the solution.

It appears that Dave DeVoy has a thinking process that frames county problems within the context of a rigid and inflexible unproven political bias that fails to accommodate the reality of the situation. The glaring, but not only, example is his public positions on the transformation of the county criminal justice system. He started with a proposal to convert the offices of the county commissioners, including the conference room, into a women's prison for $1 million. Apparently finding that idea impossible even to himself, he arrived at his "Smart Jail Plan" which he priced at $2 million. Apparently, that plan is also inadequate since his most recent idea is to instruct the architect to design a $7 million jail. All the DeVoy plans lack critical thinking and even omit dialogue with his fellow libertarian Representatives. Critical thinking must consider the reality of the situation.

Dave Pollak, however, has done extensive research on our county criminal justice situation, and affirms the need to go back to the beginning and open mindedly solve the problem. He thinks it can protect Laconia's tax cap, but knows it will require good-will dialogue between the county delegation and the county commissioners. He will start with carefully listening to both of the other commissioners and helping to enable a climate within the Board of Commissioners favorable to negotiating with the county delegation.

Only the voters in Laconia, Sanbornton and New Hampton will vote on this position, but all Belknap County citizens have a major stake in the matter. The election of Dave Pollak is decisive in solving the county political war. I hope David Pollak prevails.

Miller C. Lovett


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Tom Dawson will listen to others with a different point of view

To The Daily Sun,

Tom Dawson is a candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives from Laconia in the election on Nov. 4. His experience prepares him to understand many different perspectives on the issues that legislators will decide.

As chief financial officer of a large city fire department and as state fire marshal, he planned resources and built budgets to get a crucial job done right. As owner of a consulting firm, he dealt with the demands of operating a small business. As a vocational teacher, he can appreciate the value of a trained workforce and the concerns of students preparing to enter it. As a school board member, he remembers the challenges of balancing local needs against changing resources from the state.

Tom is willing to talk and listen to those with different points of view because his life has given him different points of view.

Tom Dawson offers the voters of Laconia the benefits of his years in public safety, business, and education. He deserves your serious consideration and your vote on Nov. 4.

Diana Sack


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