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GOP obstructionism is why uninformed bully is leading in polls

To The Daily Sun,

To paraphrase Reagan, "There you go again," this is in regards to the GOP debate Saturday night where a number of presidential candidates expressed their opinion that Congress delay voting on any Supreme Court nomination that President Obama puts forward.

The President of the United States has specific responsibilities laid out by the U.S. Constitution. It states, "The president subject to Senate confirmation appoints ambassadors, justices of the Supreme Court, and all other offices of the United States."

Can you imagine the cry from, not just the GOP but all Americans, if the President did not fulfill his oath of office in other areas for the next year?

Mitch McConnell's edict, said in the early stages of Obama's Presidency; "The single most important thing we want is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

I know they want to continue their "do nothing" obstructionism but this is not governing which is why the truly uninformed, bully, and crass Donald Trump is leading in the polls. Those supporters are backing him because these GOP members of Congress did nothing.

As I watched the GOP debate on Saturday I was so disgusted at the level of petty, bad behavior of some of these candidates. They can't seem to get past the pre-school stage. Is this what America needs or wants? I hope not. There is way too much at stake and the rest of the world is watching.

"If you present good government, then elections look after themselves." — Jay Weatherill.

Paula Trombi


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Community mobilized to help us in one of our darkest moments

To The Daily Sun,

On Friday evening, Feb, 5, a very successful spaghetti dinner was held at the Gilford Community Church to help support our family.

Our family is so grateful for the outpouring of community and the tremendous love, care and concern to help support our family in some way.

Thank you to my son, Connor, for having the courage to talk with staff at school about his concerns for me and the level of stress that was consuming me from not having a break from care-giving. From one of our darkest moments as a family came a mobilized community of care and support.

Thank you to Laurie Belanger, student assistance counselor at Gilford High School, for hearing and understanding the challenges we faced and looked for a way for the school community to help. You are an amazing advocate for your students and their families.

Thank you to the Gilford High School Interact and Unified Club for organizing, marketing and hosting a very successful fundraising event. Everyone who attended was amazed at how well the event was organized and how exceptional your service was to the constant flow of people attending. You created a game changer for our family experience and we cannot thank you enough.

Thank you to the Laconia Daily Sun for sharing our story. It was done with great care and compassion.

I so appreciate the people who have reached out to me to share their experience and provide encouragement. Thank you to the mother and daughter who sent a gift certificate for Sunday's Salon and Spa in Laconia for me because they understood the challenges of care-giving.

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended the spaghetti dinner on a snowy, cold night or who sent us a card and donation directly. As we navigate this extremely challenging life experience with early onset Alzheimer's, we feel the tremendous support from our Gilford community where we have lived for 22 years, from the Winnisquam community where my husband, Scott, grew up, from our Coca-Cola family where Scott worked for 25 years, from my professional colleagues, and from all the dear friends, acquaintances, and just people who care. We are so grateful to have you all in our lives and to belong to such a caring community.

Denise Sleeper


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