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Joe Casey drove from Rochester to Gilmanton to talk issues with me

To The Daly Sun,

Last week my husband and I heard about Joe Casey, one of the candidates running for the open seat in state Senate District 6, which includes our hometown of Gilmanton. When I messaged the campaign on Facebook to ask for a meeting in person, Mr. Casey happily obliged and drove out from Rochester to Gilmanton to talk with us about the issues that are important to us.

It is important for our public servants to have the diligence to meet with constituents and actually listen to them. We often feel as though there is no one looking out for us because we elect our state legislators, yet they do not seek the advice or interests of the people they represent. Joe Casey will not leave anyone behind — he's a kind, respectful individual who knows how to get things done in Concord.

We look forward to casting our votes for the person who literally went the distance to make sure our voices were heard, and we encourage you to reach out to him if you have any questions! Joe's website, where you can find his endorsements, positions, and news is You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We recommend you do.

Jen & Kenzo Morris

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We need Senator Hosmer in Concord to keep our N.H. moving forward

To The Daily Sun,
This upcoming election is looking to be more turbulent than any I can remember. With this is mind I encourage everyone to support a candidate like state Senator Andrew Hosmer of Laconia. When it comes to the issues which matter the most to the people of this district and Granite Staters alike, Senator Hosmer has always been on the right side. He has reached across the aisle many times, including his work on the New Hampshire AffordableCare Act, which has provided people I care deeply for with health insurance. He's worked to end our crippling opioid crisis, and helped cut business taxes, which has given New Hampshire the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation. We can't let our state go backwards, we need to keep moving forward, we need Senator Hosmer.
Mary Lou Gravatt

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