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Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund was able to help 217 children this year

To the Daily Sun,

Christmas is over and it's time to send out our thanks for a job well done. How do we thank everyone who made this year such a wonderful one for all our children? Sometimes words are so inadequate but we can only try.

This year, the Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund was able to help 110 families, with 217 children of all ages. Infants to teenagers received gifts that they requested. Without the help and support of the churches, businesses, local groups and individuals this could not have happened. From the gentleman who allowed us use of his business to set up shop in to the person who anonymously purchased all of our 100 boots, to the store that helped us find and purchase 18 bikes, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Wait a minute, how can we forget the people from our communities who adopted a child, the organizations which collected toys and helped make their Christmas something special? We also need to thank the group that supplied our families with 20 trees — how special is that? The elderly in our communities were not forgotten either; we helped 35 of them with gift cards to local markets.

It was a lot of work and there were lots of people to help us accomplish this. To everyone who had a hand in making this one of the best years ever, our gratitude goes out to you.

Our hope is that next year we can all come together and do it all over again.

May this year of 2016 be a peaceful one for all of us.

Jan Joslin, Secretary

Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund

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Laconia VFW Post welcomes members of any veterans organization

To The Daily Sun,

As a follow-up to all the recent editorials about what defines a veteran or makes you eligible for tax credits and who fought and when, I felt the need to respond and see that there is much passion for the job we all did and are doing as members of the U.S. armed forces. I also feel that anyone who served this country should receive the tax credit based on time served. As Bill Bertholdt said, "all who serve their country signed a blank check upon entry."

I would like to add that we gave of ourselves for the freedom we all enjoy today, where ever we served our military. Also, for most of us who didn't go to college or couldn't afford to, the armed forces was our venue. That venue was our fraternity and the bond we made with our comrades hold memories that will last a lifetime.

Our military is more important now than ever. These threats to our great nation won't seem to go away and our fight continues to get closer to our own homes. Please know that our country truly values and appreciates all that every enlisted member of the arm forces has done, does and will do, so we can all live our lives in freedom and happiness.

A comment was made about Cold War veterans and going to the VFW on weekends. As commander of the VFW Post 1670 in Laconia, I say it doesn't matter what veterans service organization you join. We welcome you to our post as a member of any American Legion, Am Vet, Marine Corps League or any other veterans' service organization you hold membership with, you're a valued member of our U.S. armed forces. Therefore, you will be extended the privilege to sign in four guests and be with others who have interesting stories to tell of war, good times and bad, but memories that will last us all a lifetime.

Memberships to the VFW organizations and American Legions across the U.S. are declining and my concern is all of this bickering will discourage new members, especially younger veterans from joining our organization(s). We need to stick together and fight for each other to ensure that we all receive the benefits we all earned and deserve.

Thank you to all who have enlisted in one way or another and are serving or have served this wonderful country. We can celebrate our freedom and never forget those whom we have lost. I welcome you all to join forces for the celebration and not argue about who served or when. Just remember that we are all in this as one nation and one team as the United States of America armed forces. Thank you for your service.

William "Bill" North, Commander

VFW Post 1670


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