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Political correctness is first and foremost a Democrat election strategy

To The Daily Sun,

Since 1945, America had a double focus. Economic prosperity for the masses and national security. Until the 21st century those goals were achieved with considerable success. Tens of millions arrived in the middle classes, a good many made it even higher. Those good times ended several years ago. The economy that grew consistently at 3.5 percent for the previous 60 years became the barely 2 percent economy the last seven years under Barack Obama. Tens of millions of Americans and a generation of young adults now find themselves on the economic margins of society. Worse, economic forecasts portend the same bleak, 2 percent economic GDP outlook for the next 10 years wrapped in a back drop of declining national security, as the massacre in San Bernardino illustrates so well.

Without a quick return to pre-Obama 3.5 percent GDP growth middle America is doomed to its stagnating or declining fate, no matter what Hillary Clinton promises them. Of the top 15 occupations predicted to have the fastest growth in the next decade only four them require a college degree, eight of them require no formal education at all, and nine of them have average annual incomes of only $30,000. Ninety-five percent of all new jobs are projected to be in the low-paying service sector. Millions of those will be part-time, while high-paying manufacturing jobs continue their decline to just 7 percent of the workforce.

That we have the notion to provide every kid a college degree at unbelievable costs is a fool's errand if there ever was one simply not supported by the facts of the future job market. It is a path sure to bankrupt millions of young people before they even begin adult life.

Secondly, America has a security problem exacerbated and inflamed by a political correctness problem bear-hugged by Democrats. Correctness has been allowed to overshadow security during the Obama presidency. We can't even say the words "Islamic terrorist" for fear we might hurt someone's feelings. Your personal security and this nations security have fallen victim to the Democratic Party's long-term election strategy of pitting non-white voters — blacks, Hispanics and others, including Muslims — against whites. We can't offend these groups in any way even when it compromises our safety. Democrats can't win politically without overwhelming voting percentages from minority voting blocs.

Democratic "electioneering" has sacrificed the security of this country. Be well aware, whites and working-class voters in America voted by majority against Democrats in the last several national elections, including both times against Obama. Political correctness is a Democratic election strategy before it is anything else. That focus I guarantee has compromised your safety and that of the American people.

Tony Boutin

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Our group's goal is to double attendance at Sanbornton Town Meeting

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton residents proved last Friday night that they can turn passion into action. Told by the selectmen that the free swap shop at the transfer station was eliminated, they turned out in large numbers to say otherwise. Well, large numbers for Sanbornton at any rate.

One hundred, eighty-seven residents showed up (14 percent more than at last year's Town Meeting) to direct the selectmen to reauthorize the swap shop. In my view there will undoubtedly be increased costs associated with restarting the swap shop and these expenses will have to be voted on during the March 8, 2016, Town Meeting.

Therefore, it would behoove swap shop supporters to plan on attending the next Town Meeting to champion their cause. In fact, it would be wise for all Sanbornton residents to attend the next Town Meeting because there are already many requests for increased spending in next year's town budget that, if approved, will significantly increase taxes for all of us. The more residents that attend Town Meeting the more representative their votes will be.

I am an member of Concerned Citizens for Sanbornton and our goal is to increase Town Meeting attendance by 100 percent. If we could get in excess of 300 residents at the next Town Meeting, we could have a very interesting discussion.

Roger Grey


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