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How are we to feel safe using the downtown parking garage?

To The Daily Sun,

I am a student at Empire Beauty School in downtown Laconia and I am required to park in the free parking garage during the day.

Since I've been here, my car has been broken into and has had money and other personal items stolen twice. Along with my vehicle, countless other vehicles are being broken into by busting windows and "slim-jimming" the door locks. In one case, a girl I am in school with had a Bowie knife taken out of her car.

How are we to feel safe if some burglar is running around, armed and dangerous? Time after time we file reports and are reassured that police will make their rounds during the day, but clearly it's not at the right time. The "SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS IN OPERATION" signs posted throughout the garage may be misleading as we have been brushed off when requesting the footage of each incident.

This is an important issue that seriously needs to be taken care of. Please help our community become a safer place.

Victoria Norton


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Belmont voters should have more choices regarding mill project

To The Daily Sun,

Belmont voters deserve options.

Article 3 in the Belmont's Town Warrant bundles three decisions into one package with a total price tag of $3,357,250 ($2,957,250 funded through a 20-25 year bond and $400,000 in Town Capital Reserve funds). What's proposed is:

1. Repair and protect Belmont's historic Mill built in 1833 and partially restored/adapted for reuse in 1998 after a major fire in 1992. Work proposed includes masonry restoration, and structural work. Cost: $1,064,930

2. Replace poorly functioning electrical, mechanical, and sprinkler systems in the mill. Cost: $ 845,399

3. Relocate current Town Hall Offices to the Belmont Mill with complete renovation on all four floors (build office space, meeting rooms, furnishings, construction for additional storage and contingency funds). Cost: $1,446,921 (Note: These costs are not separated out fully in the town summary, but are drawn from materials provided.)

Town selectmen and staff are to be commended for hiring certified/licensed professionals for a comprehensive assessment of our most important landmark building, the historic Belmont Mill.

There's no doubt that protecting the mill is a vital investment in Belmont's future and should move forward. Replacement of the building systems also appears to be a good investment for its long-term use, but could be completed when building use is expanded.

What isn't offered in this proposal is a full public discussion on the merits of moving Town Offices to the mill, comparing costs with renovation of the existing Town Office which still has an unused upstairs/second floor, or repairs/renovation of the vacant bank building purchased three years ago for Town Offices.

The current proposal calls for all four floors of the mill to be used for Town Offices, and a smaller Senior Center. Housing fewer than 20 full- and part-time employees does not require the entire mill which is almost three times the existing town office space. The gross square footage of the Belmont Mill is close in size to Laconia's City Hall, a facility designed for a far larger community and staff.

Belmont is exploring alternatives for active reuse of the bank building on Main Street. Shouldn't this also be explored with the mill and Town Hall building as well? Belmont has supported innovative efforts before, like using Community Revitalization Tax Credit to help improve the village neighborhood. So why not use creative public and private ventures to improve these buildings at a reduced cost and increased community benefit?

By combining all these decisions in one bundle, Belmont voters lose the opportunity to choose the elements of the proposal they support or to look at other options such as phasing these improvements, and seeking partners to improve the Mill and share the space.

Belmont needs a better Capital Investment Program process with a five-year project priority list that clearly defines potential public investments. Decisions like restoring the mill, moving Town Hall, expanding the Police Station, looking at library needs and building recreational trails can be planned, shared, agreed upon and budgeted in advance.

I encourage Belmont voters to look at the information the town has posted on Article #3 http://www.belmontnh.org/projectsbelmontmill.asp and attend the Deliberative Session on Jan. 31, and the public information meeting on Feb. 23, at Belmont High School.  And be sure and cast your ballot and vote on March 10.

Donna Hepp


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I would like to be your selectmen for the Town of Plymouth

To The Daily Sun,

My name is John Randlett and I would like to be your next selectman for the town of Plymouth.

I have served the town of Plymouth in various capacities since 2005, Selectman 2007, Budget Committee 2005 to present, Planning Board 2007 to present, CIP committee 2006 to present and Trustee of the Trust Fund from 2009 to present. I have always done my best to serve all the people of Plymouth. My only agenda is to serve the people of Plymouth to the best of my abilities.

I would appreciate your vote in March for selectman.

John Randlett



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Do NFL officials routinely check ball presure after the games (B)

To The Daily Sun,

In regard to "Deflategate", I have one question, one observation, and one prediction.
Do the NFL officials check the air pressure of game balls following the game, and is there an average pressure loss on file?

I can tell you that if I was an NFL football and 250 pound men consistently fell on top of me, you can bet that I would give up a puff of air now and then.

The next controversy to confront Belichick will be flexible width goal posts to accommodate extra long field goal attempts. Maybe that's already in Belichick's playbook.

Go football (especially the Pats).

Roger Simpson

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It's time for someone else to be Inter-Lakes School moderator

To The Daily Sun,

For the past several years, it has been my pleasure to be the moderator of the Inter-Lakes School District. Now, I would like to give someone else the opportunity to serve in this capacity. Therefore, I do not plan to seek re-election in March.

Thank you to the voters in Meredith, Center Harbor and Sandwich for giving me a challenging experience which I enjoyed.

Best wishes to my successor.

Lee Quimby


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