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Perhaps God did send Bishop Blake to minister in this manner

To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to put some perspective on what has transpired in some recent and not-so-recent exchanges. I'd like to go back to an exchange between Tom Lemay and Bishop Blake over the use of alcohol, with Tom defending its use, as there's nothing wrong with a drink once in a while, and Bishop Blake being against the consumption of alcohol. Please bear with me if I don't have all of the details right.

This exchange was some time ago and I didn't go back and look them up. The point I'd like to to draw attention to is a misunderstanding of the heart of the matter. While Tom was probably technically right in that exchange. He was way off base in the heart of the discussion when Tom characterized Bishop Blake as someone who was out of touch with reality. On the contrary I think that Bishop Blake, as a minister, has been quite in touch with the devastation with which alcoholism lays waste a human life and its victims family members as well. And it is for the sake of these he can't imagine Jesus condoning the use of alcohol. While Tom's concern seems to be more for his personal liberty.

To bring us more up to date, Bishop Blake, out of his love for Jesus and his concern that the cross, the symbol of Christ, on the Holy Grail is creating a situation that is dishonoring to God because of the alcohol being sold and consumed there. He communicated both publicly and privately his concern to the owners of the Holy Grail – and asked that they take it down. He even offered to pay for it.

Look, I don't know how much of a project it would be to take it down or how much it would cost to do so. I'm sure that is a concern. Yet, if God did send Bishop Blake on an errand of love to warn the owners of his displeasure — God does send people to deliver his message. When he does we are the wiser and happier when we heed them. Then it is in the Kennedys' interest to heed the warning, for however difficult the task. God will provide the means to do it, and a blessing will follow.

Again if God did send Bishop Blake to minister in this manner, then Denise Burke and E. Scott Cracraft have become meddlers in this affair and could find themselves opposing God. I would be careful if I were them.

John Demakowski

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Why should we have to make donations to keep polluters in check?

To The Daily Sun,

Do you get asked to donate to environmental organizations online?

Consider the following examples:

"Please make an emergency donation so that NRDC can defend our environment on all fronts and fight to uphold the Clean Power Plan in federal court."

"GMO apples could mean more pesticides. Give $75 to Friends of the Earth and help keep them out of our food system!"

"Make a contribution to Climate Hawks Vote so that together we can keep taking the fight to those who would profit off the destruction of our planet."

"Will you chip in $75 to continue the fight against Nestlé and take back our water?"

"Will you chip in now to help us fight back against the NRA's lies and help prevent gun violence?"
Stop Donald Trump and Speaker Ryan from tearing apart our environmental protections: Give $100 now!

Why should we have to make donations to keep big corporations from polluting the earth? Because big corporations have lobbyists that keep corporations in control of democracy — something like that?

Companies replace biodiversity with monocultures to produce things like palm oil, and we have to chip in to support resistance? Where's the EPA?

Dick Devens

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