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I'll take position of Tilton-Northfield Fire Commissioner seriously

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to introduce myself to the residents of Tilton and Northfield and ask for their votes on March 10 for the position of Fire Commissioner. To avoid any confusion though, I am not the guy with the pallet shop on Sargent Street. That would be my father and he has not been responsible for my opinions and/or actions for quite some time.

I do, however, hope to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, Raymond Manning, by serving the residents as he did. Love the man or not, he was the best road agent Tilton ever had, and his 25 years in the elected position is testament to the fact. My point is not to ride his coattails but rather let you all know you can count on me as much as you did him.

I would like to emphasize that my interest in running stems from a fiscally responsible mindset whereby I aim to balance the public safety mission with being a good steward of taxpayer monies. It is my belief that my background gives the voters a sound choice for this position.

I am a long-time resident of the community of Tilton and graduated from the local school district in 1986. From that point I pursued a career in the Army, retiring as a master sergeant in 2010 after 23-plus years. Since my retirement I have been attending college as a full-time student, graduating from Plymouth State this past May and currently working on my Master's degree with UMass Boston.

During my military service, I served in numerous leadership positions managing personnel, equipment, and funds. As a program manager within the recruiting command, I was responsible for the obligation and disbursement of federal funds, obtaining purchase agreements, and oversight of assigned equipment. This position required training and certification which emphasized the gravity of obligating funds and the laws governing said actions. This was a position I took very seriously as I know those funds come from the community in which I reside.

You can count on me to take the position of Fire Commissioner just as seriously should you honor me with your votes.

If you would like to support me further, I have campaign signs that are looking for lawns, rather snowbanks, to adorn. If you would like to display a sign or have any specific questions of me, I may be reached at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Dennis Manning


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Leftists aren't interested in facts or history; ends justify means

To The Daily Sun,

Reading the most recent unfortunate letter submitted here by James Veverka, I must wonder just what kind of Kool-Aid he's ingesting this time?

He starts out in the very first paragraph, following the stupid example of his President Obama, trying to draw a moral equivalence between today and the Thirty Years War, which started in 1618 and ended in 1648. Then he continues on, seemingly forever, paragraph after paragraph which I can only describe as a load of bull excrement. Finally he ends up telling readers that the anti-slavery abolitionist movement was inspired largely by secularists.

Real history — if James had cared to research it, he would find abolitionist movement was first started by Quakers John Greenleaf Whittier and Benjamin Lay in 1688. Wikipedia credits Quakers and Mennonites both. Puritans got into it in 1701 when Samual Jewall wrote "The Selling of Joseph." The list of clergymen, evangelists, religious scholars and devout Christians is long, but I failed to find any noted secular men among them. I give readers these names to consider: John Greenleaf Whittier, Benjamin Lay, John Woodman, Anthony Benezet, Montesquieu (French philosopher), Granville Sharp, John Wesley (father of Methodism), Benjamin Franklin, Adam Smith, James Otis, Rev. John Newton, (wrote "Amazing Grace"), William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson, Joseph Wedgwood, Hannah More, and Sir James Stephen.

James can check with Wikipedia or any of the other dozens of historical sites for conformation of these facts. I also will offer the nationalhumanitiescenter.org and gilderlehrman.org among the many others.

It should be clear to readers by this time that leftists like James are not interested in facts or history and will resort to any means to justify his ends. Their personal attacks, smears and slanders are aimed at those who dare to challenge their distortions and misinformation and say far about them then it does about their targets.

Also, I believe this concentrated attack on Christians is an attempt by the left to draw the attention away from the Islamic terrorists and Obama's dismal foreign policy failures which have created the environment for them to thrive in. President Bush was exactly right with his prediction of what Obama's policy's would bring.

Steve Earle


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New guns for LPD are overdue but City Charter must be followed

To The Daily Sun,

A supplemental expenditure based on unanticipated revenue requires a supplemental appropriation by the City Council. A transfer of appropriated funds from one line item to another line item, in any city department requires approval of the city manager.

Moreover, the Police Commission has no supervisory control or appropriation authority regarding equipment in the Police Department and cannot approve or deny the equipment used by the officers such as guns. The Police Commission has jurisdiction over Police Department personnel matters only. The City Council has jurisdiction over non-personnel matters such as building, vehicles and equipment, i.e. guns.

The department head, the police chief, must first make a request to the city manager for authority to purchase new guns offset by the new revenues, so-called kickback to the City of Laconia. The unanticipated revenue used for the new guns requires approval of the City Council.

The Fiscal Year 2014/2015 city budget, line items 01 437-233-0000, 0010, and 0020, Pg. 80. Also, account descriptions make no reference to guns, New Guns, Pg. 83.

Total city non-property tax REVENUE lists no amount from "kickback to Laconia drug-fighting program". These new guns are overdue but the city charter must be followed.

Thomas A. Tardif


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Please join me, Meredith, in voting for Ray Moritz & Bev Lapham

To The Daily Sun,

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with two Meredith selectman candidates, Ray Moritz and Bev Lapham, for a number of years. Both Ray and Bev have given tirelessly of their time and efforts in order to to help make Meredith the wonderful town that it is.

As a very successful businessman, Ray Moritz has a strong work ethic and is a tireless worker for a number of organizations in Meredith. Ray would bring a wealth of experience to our Selectboard. His participation in organizations such as the Lakes Region Visiting Nurse Association, the Waukewan Shoreowners Association, the Meredith Rotary Club illustrate his commitment to the Town of Meredith. One of Ray's greatest skills is his ability to analyze financial and operational information so that we can all have a better understanding of the facts. He is presently the treasurer of the Lakes Region VNA, a position which I previously held, and I could not have found a more capable person to take that position.

Bev Lapham needs no introduction to the residents of Meredith. His involvement in civic and charitable organizations has been evident over the 27 years he has lived here, He operated a very successful business here in Meredith and came to town with a wealth of business knowledge and experience. His passion for the well being of the Town of Meredith and the image it presents are exemplified by his actions. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Meredith Program, chairman of the Meredith Sculpture walk committee, and a long-time member and past president of the Meredith Rotary Club.

Since there will be a very significant turnover of members of the Selectboard this year, it is imperative that we elect candidates who not only possess outstanding abilities, but whose integrity and commitment to the Town of Meredith are unquestionable. Please join me in voting for Ray Moritz and Bev Lapham.

Bob Davis


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I'm not running for selectman because someone told me to

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Paul Manganiello and I am looking for the support of Bristol voters as I run for the Bristol Selectboard. I have been a homeowner in Bristol for more than 30 years and 20 years ago my family decided to move here permanently.

I am a Vietnam veteran who served as a sergeant with the Marine Corps from 1967 to 1971, a retired General Electric Company program manager responsible for assuring operational readiness in hundreds of aircraft in several countries around the world. I own and operate Basic Ingredients Bakery and Gift Shop at 1777 Lake St. I was elected to the Budget Committee in 2012, currently serving as vice chair. My voting record the past three years has consistently maintained the platform of fiscal pragmatism, diligence and transparency, that the voters elected me on to advocate on their behalf.

During my run for selectman last year, I was able to gather the support of hundreds of Bristol voters and was only three votes short of becoming your selectman. I appreciate your support from last year's election and I am asking for it again.

For those who know me, you have probably noticed I don't take my fiduciary duties to the residents of Bristol lightly. For the past three years, I have been lucky enough to serve the Town of Bristol on the Budget Committee. If you have not been to a Budget Committee meeting, I can usually be seen hunched over a few spreadsheets and RSAs making sure the voters understand how every penny of their tax dollars is spent.

Although I am proud of my service on the Budget Committee, I feel I can best serve the Town of Bristol on the Selectboard. I am not running for selectman because somebody told me to run, I am running because I care about the residents, business owners, and taxpayers who share their concerns with me. This is the reason I ran last year and this is the reason I will continue to seek this office.

Like many of you voters, I have made the decision to retire in this place we call home. My run for selectman is to serve the people of Bristol with the diligence and fiscal oversight only a selectman can provide. As your selectman candidate, I am asking for your support.

Paul Manganiello


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