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City Council cannot transfer appropriation power to the city manager

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Daily Sun published an article on Nov. 21, 2015, "Tardif Sues City Over Procedures Used & Proposed Regarding Unanticipated Revenues." Former Mayor Tom Tardif explains what the city manager and the City Council is proposing is a Charter Amendment.

Laconia City Manager Scott Myers is attempting to transfer powers vested in the Laconia City Council to himself. The manager, Mayor Edward Engler, Councilors Ava Doyle, David Bownes, Henry Lipman, Brenda Baer, Armand Bolduc and Robert Hamel believe that the council can delegate their power to the manager using a law meant for towns which is RSA 31:95-b, even though there is nothing in 31:95-b that transfers the power of selectmen to a town manager.

The resolution before the council is to, "Authorize the city manager to accept and expend unanticipated money in the amount of not to exceed $9,999 such money shall be reported monthly at a public session of the City Council." This would do away with the charter requirement for a public hearing and take away the council's appropriation power.

The City Charter Section 5:06 gives the council the power to accept appropriations after the budget has been adopted and after a public hearing. Section 4:04 outlines the powers and duties of the manager, part of which states, "shall see to the enforcement of the ordinances of the city, this charter, and the laws of the state."

The only way to change the charter is with a charter amendment voted on by the people of Laconia. Even then there is no enabling New Hampshire legislation that would allow the transfer of appropriation power to the city manager.

David Gammon

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If Democrats see a 'war on women' why are they blind to Middle East?

To The Daily Sun,

We should have learned some hard lessons over the years from our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan — none more foolish than believing ancient and barbaric societies can be transformed into bastions of liberal democracy mirroring Western values. Why do liberal minds act so surprised when people from these countries behave in barbaric ways while living in other countries in Europe or even America.
On New Year's Eve, 516 criminal complaints were filed in Cologne, Germany, against men of Arab or North African origin who went on a sexual-assault and robbery spree during a large holiday gathering. Twenty to 30 men would select groups of female targets in the huge crowd. They would surround them attempting to divide the group. Then attempted to take their clothes off telling them to spread their legs, finally grabbing their hand bags, and running off. Similar incidents were reported in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin.

Another mass groping occurred last summer in Sweden by men of Middle Eastern decent. That event has turned into a national scandal. It has been discovered by investigators much of the incident was covered up by police. it has become clear, they had been caught not doing their job.

None of this is new news to people who live in the Middle East. People who understand Middle Eastern mores get it. Sexual mob assaults in Egypt became frequent and notorious after the attack on well known "60 minutes" correspondent Lara Logan. Reports by women of sexual assault by groups of men in Egypt are commonplace.

I ask you this. If the Democratic Party is so concerned about women's rights, gender discrimination and the so called "war on women" by the Republican Party why is it they, and Obama never speak to any of this behavior while demeaning those who seek to protect America and American women from people who engage in such barbaric behavior.

Who, for a single second believes the capability of the U.S. government to protect American women, and the American people from people intent to do us harm in what ever manner with anything near 100 percent effectiveness. Remember, this is the same government which had two years notice, and unlimited money, and couldn't even produce an online website to sign people up for Obamacare. All this seems especially true in the backdrop of Paris, San Bernardino, the obscene events in Cologne New Year's Eve and the beheadings of Americans. Middle Eastern cultures have ancient and far different values and beliefs. The death of women from stoning for a minor sexual indiscretion is still commonplace in the Middle East. The men all walk free.

The World Economics Forum publishes global gender gap rankings of women in 143 countries. No surprise, Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Pakistan and Iran are at the bottom. All majority Muslim occupied countries. Only 14 percent of Iraqis believe women have a right to get divorced no matter how they are treated. In Egypt the percentage is 22 percent. In Muslim dominated Morocco 92 percent of men believe their wives must obey their commands at all time. Palestinian men by 87 percent have the same thinking. Among middle eastern men women are often seen as chattel or much worse.

Tony Boutin

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