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Hillary has lied & lied but it's Trump supporters who are 'irredeemeable'?

To The Daily Sun,

I am a deplorable. I want to thank Denise Doyle for her letter and will answer with my side of the discussion.

Hillary Clinton attacked hard-working Americans. Hillary calls us (Trump supporters) a "basket of deplorables" — people who were racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, or Islamophobic. Not satisfied, she stated Trump supporters were irredeemable. She has expressed her contempt for everyday Americans. All of this was done while laughing.

Here is what one blog (supporters of Hillary Clinton) called Donald Trump: He is a nut, nitwit, dishonest and a douche. What if supporters of Donald Trump called Hillary these names?

Hillary Clinton has lied about emails, Benghazi, personal server and many other issues. But it is Trump supporters that are irredeemable.

In closing, I am proud to be a deplorable.

Jim Mayotte

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Mrs. Clinton has no chargeable offenses; please vote for her

To The Daily Sun,

This Republican for over 50-plus years of voting, denounces Donald Trump and endorses Hillary Clinton. It seems so obvious that Trump is in this race for himself. This is not good for the U.S.

While we have Ms. Clinton's emails, we also have Mr. Trump's dangerous activities that impacted negatively on the elderly as well as minorities. Yes, the emails certainly reflect a fault on Ms. Clinton. But the FBI indicates there is no evidence that warrants her being indicted or charged.

On the other hand, Mr. Trump is under multiple lawsuits reflecting the damage inflicted upon many people. Consider Trump University, which by the way never gained credibility, nor were certificates of education available. These are clearly criminal acts that may well warrant Mr. Trump being indicted for these fraudulent acts.

His multiple buildings were built under the guise of eminent domain, taking away homes of defenseless senior citizens, many who became homeless. These two groups are among many that Trump has hurt. Imagine if you will, would any of these victims be members of your family?

In short, Ms. Clinton had no chargeable offenses. Further, they did not impact negatively upon individuals, hurt anyone, or directly affected the overall health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of this country. Mr. Trump's criminal activities have hurt many people. He is a most dangerous man. Many have indicated he reminds them of Adolf Hitler. We cannot, must not elect this candidate for U.S. president.

Many of the people he hurt were among the working class who has had to work so hard just to survive in this day's economy. His supporters need to open their mind to the deceptive behavior of Mr. Trump. He flip-flops on many issues. He is a bigot of the worse kind. Yes, Ms. Clinton is correct, those who support Mr. Trump are in a basket of "deplorables." She is correct to say he is unfit to be president when in fact he destroyed many lives to his own benefit.

He attacks the veterans. When asked what kind of sacrifices he has made for his country as opposed to the veterans. His response was, "I built buildings." This is a slap in the face to the veterans, many who have died, sacrificed limbs, or became mentally challenged from war injuries. These men and women gave their lives to our country. Mr. Trump robs the citizens of this country.

Please, for this country's sake, vote for Ms. Clinton. She alone stands above all candidates for president. She has a program ready to begin. Please, do not vote for Mr. Trump.

Robert T Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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