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Democrats want an outcome of equality that was never promised

To The Daily Sun,

A fellow resident of Gilford, Johan Andersen says he doesn’t understand the thinking of his political opponents. By his measure they have moved so far beyond logic he finds it impossible to relate to them. This observation scares him to the point he now fears increased violence can become the perceived solution as differences widen and fester. Put me in total agreement with Mr. Andersen's view but from the opposing camp of the capitalists and conservatives.

Let me point out, it has become the exclusive aim of Democrats to pour gasoline on those differences in hopes of creating a political advantage at the voting booth. The easy way to view this first hand is one minute at a Bernie Sanders rally where the total focus is spent stoking envy and selling the illusion of entitlement. The economy may be in the garbage can. But you want hear one word from Bernie on how to fix that.

Democrats aren't going to create "new prosperity." They are merely going to hijack what exists under some fictional cloak of philanthropy. AN OUTCOME OF EQUALITY NO WHERE PROMISED OR EVEN INTIMATED IN THE CONSTITUTION. It's unilateral, peephole political thinking from one party, with the sole purpose to improve election chances. What puzzles me is why is it so hard for people like Mr. Anderson to understand how that might bring out the very worst reactions from millions of people. Preaching entitlement, stoked with envy as gasoline is indeed a sure and certain path to ever increasing violence tied to an ever declining prosperity for just about every one. America didn't become the most exceptional nation on earth following the heavily, socialized econmic model of Europe.

There is no need for a mentalist with supernatural powers to identify the causes of the great political divide that increase our chances to violence. Both parties have forced out the centrists. They were the people who brokered every significant political agreement in history. Both parties now demand purity to its beliefs as a ticket for admittance. Compromisers has become a four letter word. When it's both COMPROMISE and NEGOTIATION that REPRESENT THE "BLOOD AND GUTS" of the POLITICAL PROCESS OUR FOUNDERS ERECTED.

Open your eyes Mr. Andersen. The basic causes of the current political dysfunction your distressed with, and I am as well, are more than clear. Conservatives want far less costly and less powerful government with the aim to spur investment to produce a more vigorous economy. All while Democrats want ever more expensive, more generous and dictatorial government even though the non stop expansion of government to record levels over the past 75 years has resulted in two most depressing macro outcomes. MORE POOR PEOPLE, and EVEN RICHER RICH PEOPLE. It is an outcome no one can dispute. Even, Barack Obama with all his endless, promising rhetoric magnified econmic inequality faster than any president in history.
What's your solution Mr. Andersen? Oh, just a little more generous government, with more power, and more ENTITLEMENTS for frosting on the melting cake. I will fight that proven, failed outcome until every drop of my blood has leaked out in the street. That idea simply doesn’t work.

Tony Boutin

  • Written by Edward Engler
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Belknap House Hostel is filling up as the word gets around

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to address some conclusions that may have been drawn from Rick Green’s article “Hostel business off to slow start for Belknap House’s first summer “, July 7, 2017 Laconia Daily Sun.

Belknap House, the new Laconia homeless shelter for Belknap County families with children, is running a revenue-producing hostel during the summer to help fund its shelter function the other eight months of the year. The article focused on the hostel’s slow start. It had been open for six weeks at the time of the article and had only a dozen or so guests. The good news is that two weeks later, the “NO VACANCY” sign was up for the weekend of July 22-23; this coming weekend the hostel is at near full capacity, with a single vacant bed. Belknap House Hostel is getting the word out through bookings like Airbnb and is already seeing results. It takes time, hard work, and patience to develop a new business venture.

The article later stated, “Meanwhile, overall homelessness appears to be declining in the state and regionally. The New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness found in its most recent yearly report that the homeless population statewide was down 19 percent over the last four years. In Belknap County, it was down 13 percent.” These statistics are based on the point-in-time homelessness count carried out annually on a single day in January. Individuals and families, both sheltered and unsheltered, are counted. As homeless families are often doubled up with friends or family, moving from place to place, or split-up and couch surfing, it is difficult for workers to accurately measure this population on a single January day. It is easier to locate and count those in shelters or living rough.

Another measure of homelessness is the annual N.H. Department of Education count mandated by the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act. Staff members designated “homeless liaisons” must report the number of homeless children in their school districts. Here are the student homelessness statistics from N.H. DOE for Belknap County: 2014 - 203 students, 2015 - 243 students, 2016 - 256 students.

If homelessness for families in Belknap County is decreasing, it is not by much. Couple this information with a critical lack of affordable rentals in Belknap County and it is readily seen why Belknap House serves a serious need in Belknap County.

If you would like to help the Belknap House Hostel succeed, please tell your friends, relatives, visitors, and neighbors about it. You may call or email the hostel for further information (603) 527-8097 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ginger Wells-Kay

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