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If Hillary were a true leader she would have divorced Bill long ago

To The Daily Sun,

Kudos to Douglas Isleib and Eric T. Rottenecker, who both have more than the 10-second attention span that seems to plague this country as well as the registered voters who believe Hillary Clinton is a good role model. It sickens me that while we argue about Mrs. Clinton's coy denial about Benghazi, we forget about her track record.

The same people who love her gasp in terror when Trump calls a woman a bimbo, yet Hillary and her speech writers coined the phrase "bimbo explosion" when referring to her husband's rape victims who tried to speak up against him. She called Gennifer Flowers "a slut" and stated that you could have her if "you dragged a hundred dollars to the trailer park." Mrs. Clinton waged a war against keeping her husband's infidelity under wraps. Do you think it was because she loved him?

Bill Cosby has absolutely nothing on Mr. Bill Clinton and it amazes me that people are just willing to sweep it under the table or conveniently forget about all the evidence. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate enabler. She has maintained a fa├žade of a marriage only to further her political career, and if you call persecuting victims to remain silent while straight-face lying to destroy their lives characteristics of a good role model then you really probably shouldn't be voting.

James Vereeka recently wrote in spewing his usual venom-filled rhetoric comparing the Republican candidates to a bunch of clowns, and in some of their cases I don't disagree. I really have to believe that there are much better Americans out there than what we are being offered on both sides. However if you vote Hillary and Bill back into the White House get ready for the biggest circus of them all. The whole country will be like Seth Rogan's family living next to Zach Efron's fraternity house in "Neighbors."

The Clintons deal with any situation that has gone bad by lies and cover-ups. They have a 30-year track record of it, people. Wake up! Bill got caught lying under oath, actually got disbarred because of it. Now do you really believe he got caught the first time he ever lied? They paid Gennifer Flowers $850,000 to be quiet. There is much, much more once you scratch the service, some of it really shady (Vince Foster anybody?).

And a little known but true story, I was in charge of the White House security clearances when Bill and Hillary stayed on board my ship, the USS George Washington while off the coast of England during the 50th anniversary of D-Day back in 1994. Bill and Hillary stole over $8,000 worth of ships towels, robes, officer's uniforms, blankets, souvenirs and such. Truly a low-rent move for a couple of people who prove again and again that they believe that they are above the law and don't have to answer to anybody.

If Hillary was a true leader, she would have divorced him well before he was elected president. She would have protected and supported his victims. If she had an ounce of courage, she should have owned her mistakes in handling Benghazi and apologized. Heck, if she had done all that perhaps even I would vote for her. But she is a coward and weak and if you think that somehow voting her into office will make your life better, well you're just an enabler also.

Thomas Lemay

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Hillary has worked to improve lives of LGBT people across the globe

To The Daily Sun,

I was so glad to see that the Human Rights Council has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Tremendous progress has been made in the past decade for the LGBT community. Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been repealed, and people can now marry whomever they love anywhere in America.

But we still have more work to do. We need to tackle the epidemic of bullying against LGBT children in schools. We need to secure national anti-discrimination protections for LGBT Americans once and for all. And with a Republican Party that promises to undo much of this progress knocking on the door of the White House, it is imperative that Democrats keep the presidency in 2016.

In Hillary Clinton, we have a candidate who, as Secretary of State, sent the entire world a message that "gay rights are human rights" and worked to improve the standing of LGBT people across the globe. I echo the Human Rights Council statement that she has laid out the "most robust and ambitious LGBT plan any candidate for president has ever laid out," and I know she will make LGBT rights a central pillar of her presidency.

Meg O'Gara

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