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We've enough problems of our own, don't need to import more

To The Daily Sun,

Once again the lame-stream media caught President Trump in a goof, or thought they did. Now of course they had to put some spin on the story insinuating Trump said there had been a terrorist attack in Sweden.

What he actually said was they, "Have big trouble" there. Even Sweden's Prime Minister denied the description even though Sweden's own statics show a 70 percent increase in crime. Yea, the media was just having a great weekend bashing Trump. But like all weekends Monday comes and with it reality returns.

Yup, riot, looting and burning just like in France, Germany and well the rest of Europe actually. So once again the president has been proven right and the lying media is, well still lying.

Some deranged folks on the left are trying to say the riot was caused by Trump. Actually the riot was in response to police arresting a drug dealer. This highly offended the 90 percent immigrant population in that suburb of Stockholm. This fact was reported early on but lies come much easier to many leftist sources than embarrassing truths.

It's pretty funny how the majority of our media prostituted itself to overtly support and collude with the Democrats to get Hillary elected overlooking her incompetent, illegal and corrupt history. It was all so obvious and now being exposed as equally corrupt. They are throwing all ethics into the dumpster and declared war on the Trump presidency. Good luck with that, as the media has an approval rating lower than Congress. But never mind. They are going for the under-a-snakes-belly championship and not even trying to hide it.

Darnedest thing is there is really nothing they can do that will affect Trump nearly as much as it affects their credibility. What they are doing is throwing gas on the fire of discontent among the college goons and dopes while inciting riots and assaults. This is not lost on the majority of Americans who are not extremist leftists. Independents are turning their backs on Democrats in droves, even moderate Democrats are repulsed by all this.

Democratic Party leaders have long since turned their backs on working Americans, the "blue collar" heart of the nation, and are feeding at the trough of the big banks and Wall Street they proclaim to hate. (Hillary had a billion-dollar campaign budget.) Trump has already saved thousands of American jobs, is bringing factories back for American workers, has vowed to reduce taxes and regulations on everyone and improve the lives of all of us. Geeze, he sounds like Democrats used to, doesn't he?

He also is working to keep Americans safe from those "immigrants" that are raising all kinds of ... well ... problems in Europe. Really I think we have enough problems of our own and don't need the liberals importing tens of thousands more. And just a note if pragmatism, it costs 12 times as much to bring these "refugees" to this country as it does to relocate them to safe Muslim countries over there. And that doesn't even include the costs to communities of the additional economic burdens incurred here. In short it's not common sense or even humane to remove these people from their culture and relocate them here. It's just an ego boost for liberals.

Steve Earle


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Alpers & Milbrand will continue positive direction Bristol's headed in

To The Daily Sun,

Where does the time go? Town elections and town meeting time again.

This past year I have been able to attend many of the Bristol Selectboard meetings. It has been time well spent. In my opinion, the decisions made by the present Selectboard have continued to move Bristol forward in a positive direction. Much has been accomplished. More needs to be done.

To continue the positive direction of the town, I will vote for Rick Alpers and Don Milbrand to fill the two vacancies on the Selectboard.

I would like to encourage registered voters to support Rick and Don. Their addition to the board will benefit our town with the many decision that will be made in 2017.

Barbara Greenwood


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