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Why shouldn’t we have a parade to honor military & vets?

To The Daily Sun,

Here is an update on the world of liberals:

• Liberals not having children due to climate change.

• ICE needs help in hiring 10,000 new agents. I recommend hiring military returning from overseas.

• Please explain to me how an illegal immigrant does not have a criminal record. Being illegal is a crime, not in liberal land.

• Liberals have another name for Trump voters ... "ignorant hillbillies."

• Planned Parenthood performed over 320,000 abortions in 2017, driving up their profit 27 percent.

• Eric Holder, attorney general under President Obama, is considering a run for president. Biden or Hillary could join the ticket.

• Liberals are slamming the president for wanting a parade honoring the military. My recommendation is to invite all veterans to march in Washington. Invite the Amvets, Legion, VFW and other patriotic organizations. American Legion Post #49 in Tilton has one of the best drill teams of all of the Legion posts. I am sure we could find a way to send the drill team to Washington.

• Lastly, in the old days, military parades were held on the Fourth of July. My father called cadence as the Army National Guard marched down the street. There were tanks and guns. It is a great memory. Many towns honor the military; I do not see what is wrong with thanking the military for our freedom.

Until next month, God bless America.

Jim Mayotte

  • Written by Edward Engler
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In truth, black unemployment reached its lowest point during Clinton years

To The Daily Sun,

I find it amazing how stupid the Tea Party scribblers think some folks are that read their horse droppings. It's damp and raining out so a good time to ramble on. I think it's fair to advise Mr. Earle to read the scribblers scribbling handed over to him. Mr. Earle's letter printed Feb. 9 in The Daily Sun stated that black unemployment is the lowest point in or history. That's a FIB (lie). the highest point, starting with Reagan, was January 1983 at 20.4 percent; the LOWEST was during Clinton years was in March 1999 at 6 percent. When Obama became president in January 2009 it was 14.4 percent. In March of 2010 it reached 19.3 percent. When Obama left office, the rate was 7.4 percent. A year later, under Trump, it was 7.5 percent.

My advice to Mr. Earle is give reference to where you get your (figures) from before you speak. Prehaps, Steve, you can get together with the grand wizards of the scribblers and make a list of the people that have been drained from the swamp so far. Just to make a short list of right-wingers along the border with Mexico that could have closed the border in their time — Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43 plus all those senators and congressmen and governors.

It just happens that Bush 43 made the Friday Union Leader. I quote in brief: He says Russia meddled in U.S.election He also offered criticism of immigration policies of the Trump Administration policy. Bush 43 said our system is broken BUT we have to fix it.He said he tried but wasn't successful, The last quote is one that the right-wingers will not mention: there are people willing to do jobs Americans won't do, like picking cotton at 105 degrees — WOW!

While sitting here thinking I am sitting in a lounge in El Paso, I can't see why Obama gets all the blame for open borders. I noticed a couple old C 138 Air Force cargo planes flying in from Mexico. I asked what that was all about and a older fellow said since they built the wall, they fly over the wall with a load of Mexicans. Next time I will ramble back to the Stone Age and discuss what Mrs. Powel said to Benjamin Franklin.

Henry Osmer


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