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Mr. Boutin quotes fake news; here's what Obama really said in '16

To The Daily Sun,

In his last submission, Mr. Boutin, in an attempt to distract us from Trump’s disastrous handling of the Charlottesville rioting, has offered readers a classic “whataboutism” and “fake news” in a single letter. Apparently upset with the media for their reporting of Trump’s response concerning the Charlottesville clash, Boutin wants to know “what about Obama?” He feels the media was unfair and he attempts to equate Obama’s response to five police officers killed in Dallas to Trump’s response.

In his letter Boutin claims that Obama “described what he interpreted as rampant, racial inequity in law enforcement.” This fake news statement was never uttered. After reading and watching the Obama statement (which apparently Boutin did not), the one sentence that may have attributed to Boutin’s stretch of the truth, was when Obama stated in a single sentence, a need for concern by all Americans about racial disparities in our justice system. Obama’s speech called the killings “a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement. There is no possible justification for these attacks or any violence against law enforcement,” Obama said. He concluded by asking Americans to say a prayer for the officers and their families and to keep them in our thoughts.

Trump, on the other hand, proclaimed a moral equivalency between neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and Klansmen with those who would oppose their venom and hate. When he had the opportunity to unite Americans, to inspire us, to call out the most hateful among us — he refused. Trump’s portion of the base that is absolutely racist is so significant, so valuable to him, that he hesitates, even in the face of blatant, flagrant hatred, to risk turning them off and thereby crippling his political stronghold — deployables anyone?

Once again, I find it amusing that Boutin would find fault with those who question the Trump administration. He has the audacity to claim hypocrisy, when for the past eight years he and other conservative contributors to this forum have spread hate, distain, and conspiracy theories targeted at the Obama administration. Mr. Boutin, as I mentioned to Mr. Meade, — you reap what you sow.

Robert Miller

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I visited this great church in Belmont and I was hooked

To The Daily Sun,

It was a great Belmont Old Home Day. A lot of participation from the town, and shoppers. The float from First Baptist Church was really done with great planning. 

I was given a card from a great church member. I went to go see the church and they're very friendly but not pushy. There's a daycare treating the children very respectfully, a women's and men's Bible study and a kids' Sunday school before services.The pastor knows everybody's name. He plays the guitar. His son, Nicholas, and wife, Christina, sing. They have dinners.

I have been a Catholic for 20 years. It was one-time thing but I went to this great church and I was hooked. Try it, it may be that it will take you one time and you will love it, too.

John Gaydos


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