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Barack Obama will qualify for ‘Whiner of the Year’ as he leaves the presidency

To The Daily Sun,
Start the new year right. If you haven’t seen it, make sure to check out the pictures of Barack Obama’s new FIVE MILLION dollar mansion he just bought in Washington. Yup, the same Barack Obama who never stops talking about the intense suffering and pain he feels for the poor and less fortunate. It’s clear he feels their pain more intently while living in an 8,200-square-foot castle with a heated pool, maids and white butlers. He also just bought a lovely home surrounded by swaying palm trees in sunny, Rancho Mirage, California. It is what Hollywood and political celebrities like Obama do with their wealth. He made himself a cruise ship full of money selling you a row boat full of audacity and hope. These people all buy fine property, while explaining how excruciatingly bad they feel for the rest of us. Then they drop a $100 bill in the Salvation Army bucket to make themselves feel better for lying. But only when the media has a camera ready. If there is a hypocrite of the year award for 2016 Obama has the trophy locked up.
If the old “rat pack” were still around, Obama would become it’s newest member. It is 100 percent certain he would have become the head rat. You remember them all, Frank Sinatra, connected to the mob, Dean Martin, connected to the bottle, Joey Bishop connected to babes with big boobs, Sammy Davis Jr. connected to blackness , funny as hell, and Peter “slick” Lawford connected to the vast wealth and power of the Kennedy clan.
Obama wants to continue hawking his “rhetorical BS “to the masses headquartered in D.C. He will be the first president to remain in Washington after his term ends since Woodrow Wilson held office 103 years ago. Yup, Obama is first the guy in more than a century to believe the next present will be calling him daily for advice the world and new president can’t live without. The audacity of Barack Obama’s hubris never ends. The same man who just presided over the greatest and fastest transfer of power from democrats to republicans in history thinks the world stops on his every utterance.
Obama is 110 percent sure he would have beaten Trump if he had been on the ticket, not Hillary. I wonder how Hillary feels after that Obama sucker punch in the belly? The truth is, No democrat dares to say “- - - - “ about Obama. News flash! That is EXACTLY how Democrats just lost. No one dared to call Obama’s failure out in the purifying light of day for fear of their own political future and of possibly angering blacks. Barack Obama is as vengeful man as roams D.C. No people know it more than obedient Democrats that followed him all the way to the “we lost again, across the country trash bin” in 2010, 2012 and the grand finally in 2016.
There has been an unwritten rule of etiquette between presidents red and blue for the past 200 years. When one leaves office, he keeps his mouth shut regarding his successor. Obama has broken about every rule and law on the books while spending more time in federal court than any president in history for executive over reach. Do you think Obama has the professionalism and self control to keep his mouth shut? I would not bet a plugged nickel on it. This is a man who will surely qualify for a new award in 2017, “Whiner of the Year,” highlighted with self justification and an excuse list that won’t end. Russian hacking, unfair media, the Electoral College is flawed, Rush Limbaugh lies, and of course the never ending, Republican conspiracy theory. Somebody or some group must always be the cause of Obama’s massive eight-year failed experiment in political correctness and hate mongering toward the business community. Don’t expect an “Obama selfie” to be among the top 10 fingered for the disaster that has been Barack Obama.
Barack, don’t let the door hit your - - - on the way out!
Tony Boutin

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I would like to see it verified that Bristol is dangerous to live in

To The Daily Sun,

Isn't this interesting? The Town of Alexandria wants to disband its Police Department and join up with Hill to save costs. We, Bristol, on the other hand want to expand ours or have some grandiose idea to become some sort of regional police force. What could possibly go wrong!

A recent report issued by NH1 News indicated that Bristol was ranked as the 14th most dangerous New Hampshire town to live in. That's quite a distinction. This article was based on reported incidents happening in Bristol and supplied to the FBI from our, I assume, Police Department.

I don't know about you, but where or what are driving these FBI statistics? Has anyone heard of or seen any incidents suggesting we are undergoing some sort of crime wave? If our neighbors were having similar problems do you think they would be considering reducing the size of their police department.

I enjoy living in Bristol, except for these outrageous taxes. This NH1 TV News report reflects badly on our town. Don't you think that our Select Board should show a little more concern about how Bristol is being portrayed? I am sure anyone considering moving to Bristol would want to know if they are moving to a safe environment.

On the other hand, what if the facts don't support the data being supplied? Shouldn't we be concerned about that, too? I would like to see the Select Board at least verify what is going on in order to rebut the NH1 News report or find out if we have a problem with reporting crime data. If we do, it needs to be addressed immediately and our Select Board will need to correct it.

On the tax side, Alexandria has three police officers and spends less than $200,000 to serve 1,610 residents and Alexandria wants to reduce it. I'll let you figure out if Bristol's 11-man, $1.1 million Police Department is a bargain for Bristol or not.

Ernie Richards


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