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Liberals think they can rewrite history to suit their abstract views

To The Daily Sun,

In regard to the letter that Steve Earle wrote to Alan Vervaeke which appeared in the letters to the editor on June 14, I would like to respond.

Mr. Earle, I commend you for trying to talk sense into narrow-minded liberals who think they can rewrite or retell history in politics to suit their abstract views. while never ever taking responsibility for our wrongdoings and making the mistake of teaching our children that we can always blame others for the wrong decisions will ruin any future they may have.

It will take a sincere and willing Republican to get us out of this lack of morals and total disregard that Obama and his worthless sidekick Hillary worked so hard for so long to create. Is it President Trump? How on earth will we know when the theater and some low-life comedian depict the poor man being stabbed to death or beheaded in public for his 10-year-old son to see. We allow such propaganda to be accepted as culture or humor?

These are the mindsets of the people who we are trying to help face the reality. I think that trying to do so is more difficult than driving the USSR into oblivion without firing a shot. Good luck to us who try and more good luck to our grandchildren if things do not change.

Marie Kelly


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We're simply opposing a man (Pres. Trump) who's very dangerous

To The Daily Sun,

I just read Russ Wiles hysterical letter to the editor in Saturday's paper, where he wonders how to stop the (imaginary) coup against his president, Donald Trump. The hypocrisy of Wiles and the right is of biblical proportions. Eight years of Obama bashing and conspiracies, false accusations and all sorts of right wing lunacy all meant to inflame fellow right wing wingnuts to oppose, oppose, oppose everything President Obama tried to do. Now that the shoe is on the other foot he wants to take his ball and run home. The amount of crap the right threw at President Obama remains unprecedented in American history.

Stop whining, Russ, it's pathetic. Trump lies all the time, he has written countless inflammatory and baseless " tweets", said incredibly stupid things and is by far the worst president this nation has ever had to endure and it is only less than six months in. We will be lucky to survive until he finally leaves office. He is also the least prepared person in history to ever become president. Yeah, we're in good hands, Russ. When they are not groping some young woman.
No one is advocating a coup Russ, in your typical right wing hyperbole, we are opposing a man who is very dangerous and in all probability will be impeached. He will however leave office far wealthier then when he started. So will his billionaire cabinet.

Lastly, Russ, you should apologize for calling "haters," anyone who doesn't support Trump America. That is an incredibly ignorant and un-American statement. Sad.

It's just all so unfair Russ, isn't it? Suck it up buttercup, it's only just begun.

Carol Stappi

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