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What’s being proposed is a WOW Trail study, not a city study

To The Daily Sun,

Time to clear the air. I am receiving emails and phone calls, as well as reading letters to the editor, stating that the City Council is looking to approve and also to fund a study to get rid of railroad tracks for the WOW Trail.

This is absolutely not true.

The WOW Trail organization, which is not part of the city government, has requested this subject be brought to the council for discussion. Why, is a good question. The WOW Trail does not need the approval of the city to conduct a study.

Further, the city is not expending $10,000 for the study. The city, in its budget, has a Special Items category where a dozen or so nonprofit organizations ask for support and each year the City Council makes appropriations to these organizations. One of these is the WOW Trail, which the council has granted $10,000 a year. They do not have to ask the council for the money, as we approved $10,000 in June with the last budget as we have for several years. It is there for their use. There is no need for them to ask for our permission to do a study or ask for money.

The city is always interested in the WOW Trail and hopes they will conduct a study and let the public know what they find. The letters in opposition to removal of tracks are technically correct. They are just pointed at the wrong party.

The council always encourages the public for their input. You can contact each councilor by addressing emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. They will be distributed to each and every member of the council.

Brenda Baer

Ward 4 Councilor


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Think of those who didn’t come home; respect our veterans

To The Daily Sun,

Veterans Day. What is it?

A lot of people don't care, forgot. Is it plain enough?

So many sale days — it's all about money, no respect.

People fought for us. A lot deal with the after-effects. And some never came home, or are still missing. Stop, think if you can feel the heartache of it. Try it, you can never see a family member again. Maybe then you will show veterans respct.

Of course, always for the flag. Thank you, veterans, fire, police.

John Gaydos


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