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Harold French knows what government over-regulation can do to economic growth

To The Daily Sun,

Rep. Harold French is running for state Senate in District 7. As a small-business owner he has first-hand knowledge of what government over-regulation and interference can do to hamper growth.

Rep. French will continue to work to find solutions to the state's spending problems and not jump to the Democratic Party mantra of more revenues, aka increase taxes on all of us.

We certainly need someone who would also support school choice at all levels and understands that parents are the experts in their child's education, unlike his opponent. Please join me in voting on November 8 for Harold French for State Senate.

Kathy Rago

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Partisanship is the last thing we need from our FBI & the Department of Justice

To The Daily Sun,

To anyone who is alert, good at getting news from multiple sources and intelligent and open-minded enough to form a sensible opinion it, should be obvious that the FBI Director James Comey has made a bad decision in throwing open the Clinton emails issue after it was clearly found not to be of criminal nature, but instead, in some cases, poor judgement, and declared (the matter) closed.

Comey himself has admitted, "We have not yet looked at this material" At the same time, Trump is shouting that it's proof of Hillary's crookedness and criminal behavior (paraphrasing).

The media of course in their "monster storm" mode is flooding the airways with the words, "bombshell," "shocking," and more. If the Justice Department and Comey don't come out within a couple of days, after carefully examining all of this material supposedly "shocking" and incriminating, I and most probably a lot of other Americans will lose faith in the integrity and efficiency of this wing of our government.

I note today, Comey's words that he could not guarantee that the investigation "would" be finished by Election Day ... not "could" not.

Partisanship is the last thing we need in the FBI and the Department of Justice. Could this be a factor in this "bombshell" exploding this near to election day?

Guy Stoye

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