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McCoole talks about how sacred Constitution is & then advocates a coup?

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in response to Jim McCoole and his ridiculous letter that was printed in the Sept. 24 edition of your newspaper, but also to the right-wing nitwits who seem to abound in your paper.

Mr. McCoole has stated that he wished for a military junta to seize control of the United States government by taking our president into custody for treason. What I find most interesting about him, and the others of his ilk, is how upset they get about things Obama does, but fail to speak about their Republican counterparts who have done the same things.

It seems that Obama's treasonous act is "secret" payments made to Iran in exchange for hostages. Now I seem to recall this being an issue before, only it was a Republican president who was illegally selling arms to rebels, and then funneling the money to Iran in exchange for hostages. Not only was massive amounts of money exchanged, but also weapons. But then like all things with these people, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

Now this is just part of my problem with Mr. McCoole. It is the level of insanity he brings it to that really frustrates me. He talks about the Constitution, and how one must take an oath to uphold the Constitution. I'm pretty certain that in this very Constitution there is a procedure in place to punish anyone who commits the act of treason, and I know that seizure by the military is not it. If what President Obama did was so illegal and treasonous, where is the censure? Where is the impeachment proceedings?

I remember that people went to jail for the Iran-Contra ordeal, so why no cases being brought now? The answer is that no illegal act was committed, and this is just another way for the Fox News crowd to try and tarnish the legacy of President Obama.

I wish I could say that Mr. McCoole is an outlier and that most people are reasonable when it comes to our government and leaders, but unfortunately it seems time an time again right-wing supporters use a small truth and blow it up to insane levels of hyperbole. President Obama is obviously a Muslim, he wasn't born in Hawaii and should produce his birth certificate to prove he was — these are examples of the ridiculousness that Mr. McCoole and his fellow believers resort to in the slander.

I will close with a simple question: Why does Obama have to produce a birth certificate to prove he was born here when no other presidential candidate has ever been called on to do the same? Why, when President Obama has said he is a Christian, does the right doubt him and say he is a Muslim? I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that he was the first Black president. Did George Bush or Bill Clinton have to produce a birth certificate? Did anyone question whether John F. Kennedy was really Catholic?

Jeremy Kercheval

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Why can't children's library be located at Inter-Lakes Elementary?

To The Daily Sun,

The boys at their daily breakfast summit were crying in their cereal and eggs over the increasing possibility of the theft of their cherished Meredith Library. There was no lack of energy here in the small diner. They had a passion for good chow and their town and its beautiful library and did not want to see relocation of the historic library from the heart of main street.

The carpenter said, "Why do we need a new expensive library when everyone has access to Google? There are pirates in Meredith."

The electrician said, "There are unintended consequences in removing our famous library. When our cherished library is taken from us it will unleash resentment and plunge our town into recession."

The plumber took a deep gulp of coffee, "Old people that cannot drive, will be unable to access the new library. They will languish, suffer depression and confinement. We already have a kiddie library at the elementary school. Open it for use during the summer. It is much cheaper than building a $7-million facility and raising our property taxes. This town has enough debt."

The landscapist took a big bite of his thick freshly made, buttered raisin toast, "I think the library is part of our small town's historic fabric, we are struggling to stay alive down town. The library is etched in the lives of ordinary people. This move unleashes flight from our little heaven. A move like this has lasting consequences."

The chubby attorney ordered another waffle with real maple syrup, strawberries and nuts with whipped cream, "I think our overzealous library trustees are campaigning for a new library without recognizing the horrific tax burden. They are impervious to financial consequences or economic reality. They will harm the little guy. This town is a big family. We retain our social fabric by maintaining our town, not destroying it. Removing our library will not help our town prosper. This is a toxic issue. This move is part of a culture war."

The Marine was quiet, listening intently, then he said, "They emphasize the need for a kiddie library, and parking. The elementary school has lots of parking. Arrange the elementary school library so that it is accessible to the little tots and their mothers. It has got to be cheaper than hiring on additional library staff, a computer tech guy to manage the computers they will want, additional workers, expensive hospital insurance plans and pension plans. The Librarian wants to build a new empire. We built a community center, police station, fire station, new running track and field. Maybe that is sufficient for a time."

The carpenter said, "I thought there is still some tension and resentment over all the recent spending and tax increases and with declining student enrollment. Maybe we should use our school more wisely and open them to summer library use. They sit vacant for three months of the year. The use of school buildings all year long is not a new concept."

Pushing his oatmeal and linked sausage away, the quiet butcher and old jock said, "I recently read in The Laconia Daily Sun that a public-spirited foundation gave the library a cash infusion of over $70K to fix, repair and update the existing library and library trustees went and spent over $50K on a bloody consultant to teach them how to close the library. I'm not certain the library trustees are carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities. Has the generous donation of money been used as it was specifically directed and intended? This is a sophisticated exercise in pirating our impressionable library and destroying the heart of our town without regulatory scrutiny. I see the this struggling town and distressed citizens becoming the money lender on this heist."

The impresario attorney said, "This is hypocrisy, call in Alan Greenspan, the former Fed chairman who will acquaint the trustees on a radical policy overhaul and how to hedge this dangerous debacle and assist them in their bank examiners and audit report. The trustees have to demonstrate good analytical, problem-solving, communication and management skills. They need a top-caliber professional running the show. End this stupid move. Call in the attorney general and independent investigator. The jig is up. They have abandoned us, rejected, discarded, deserted us."

The men finished their coffee, paid their bills, thanked their friendly waitress and hustled off to work.

Richard Gunnar Juve

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