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Nice to see so many new female letter writers in The Sun

To The Daily Sun,

I was glad to read the many new letters to the editor by new female writers! A woman has many thoughts and feelings. I find their moods change according to their needs, feelings are happy and sad, filled with a need to embrace self esteem and strength. Colors and attire denote our female and male politicians, and express their self image. Men and women denote their moods, colors are prominent, men express themselves by ties, shirts and suits.

Rosemary Landry

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Gilford Knolls 2 residents thankful for quality of winter service

To The Daily Sun,

As in the past years, Lachance's Landscape, and now Turfpro Landscape with Bob Lachance, went over and beyond the call of duty plowing and removing snow at Gilford Knolls 2 on Potter Hill. During all the snowstorms, they were here many times, night and day, making sure our fire lane and parking lot was plowed and passable in case of any emergency, the patio, between the cars to make it easier ​for us "seniors" to clean off our cars, and Bob would even move cars if we got stuck!

Thank you also for keeping the parking lot cleared of all the sand buildup as well. A great job done removing all the leaves and leaving our property looking so great,

Thank you all again, a great crew!

Sally Abbott

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