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Thank you to Gilford Village residents for being great Trick or Treat hosts

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to send a big "thank you" to all of the residents near the Gilford Village for being so generous in opening their neighborhood and homes to so many trick-or-treaters on Monday night.

It is so nice to have a place that makes you feel warm and welcome when taking your children out on Halloween. I know it must cost a small fortune and that it takes up your entire evening so I wanted to say thank you.

Jill Trimble


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Make your vote really count this time by checking the Libertarians

To The Daily Sun,

After reading letters to The Daily Sun from Curtis Beaupre in Saturday's edition and Donald Lockwood in Tuesday's edition, I have to comment. Unfortunately most voters are deciding that they do not have a choice this election. Do we vote for the morality-poor Trump or the lying, cheating, corrupt Clinton? I agree, from 300 million people these are our choices? Do we vote not for a candidate, but for the "lesser of two evils"? That is what I was originally going to do.

Then I started looking and reading and found we do have a choice. Johnson and Weld of the Libertarian Party are honest, viable and, yes, electable candidates. I won't use your time telling all about them. You can check out the platform for yourself.

I would like to add one consideration, however. Rather than voting for the lesser of two evils this election, use your vote to prepare for the next election by voting Libertarian. If 15 percent of voters use their vote wisely and do this it will ensure the viability of a third party for the future and there will be a choice.

Yes, no matter which of the "two-party" candidates wins this time it will be detrimental to our country for the next four years. If the Libertarians win just two states it will force Congress to decide this election. Don't throw your vote away, make it count. vote for the Johnson and Weld ticket.

Chuck Jette

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