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When you see 000-000-0000 on your caller ID, just let it ring

To The Daily Sun,

In the past, we reported unwanted telemarketing calls to our "do not call" government agencies. Our phones record day, time and the number that called us.

However, the latest trick telemarketing people now use is and shows up as: "Private Caller or Unknown Name." Then the phone number is shown all with zeros — 000 000-0000. There is no chance to report this crooks.

Luckily, when we see that on our screen, we let them ring.

Werner Rebsamen

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Russ & I are definitely 2 different people; check out the picture

To The Daily Sun,

Here on Friday, the second day of the new year, Henry Hosmer writes that he thinks some letters writers write under multiple names. Henry's usually good for a laugh, though at times I've wondered that, too. He seems to think that Russ Wiles and I are one and the same.

For Henry's peace of mind, I assure him and readers we are indeed two different people. Henry must have missed The Sun's edition which had the story in it of a group of us letter writers getting together for lunch at T-Bones complete with picture. Both Russ and I were there in the photo.

Incidentally, we all plan to have other get-togethers in the future to which all writers are invited, left or right. Look for time and date here if interested and welcome.

Steve Earle


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Avoid confrontation & both parties usually end up on losing end

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to a letter from a Ms. Richardson, who castigated me for my recent letter to the editor, which will be the only time I do so.

First of all, it would be appreciated if she would, if and when she has a problem with what I write, keep her comments directed to me. She accused me of being a liar, which anyone who knows me would disagree with wholeheartedly. Now I have to say that anyone who gains information from a subordinate position such as hers would have to rely on rumors and innuendos to garner her information, which I suspect she is more than happy to assist in continuing them on their merry way.

As far as confrontation is concerned, I always was told it was best to avoid it as in the end both parties usually end up losing.

Dave Schwotzer

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Arts programming central to the wonders of living in our region

To The Daily Sun,

Thanks to The Laconia Daily Sun for its regular front page photos and stories highlighting the many performances presented locally for school productions, community theater, concerts and professional theater.

The current production at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse is an amalgam of all of these — musical theater and dance, performed by professional and community actors and local children in a traditional English Panto, this based on the magic of the Aladdin story.

It is a patchwork of theater forms — well loved music, comedic interludes and dramatic bits and plays through the holiday season with matinees and evening performances to suit the schedules of families and friends all over the state.

I attended a matinee (a few days ago), expecting to be amused. Instead, I heard myself giggling, then laughing out loud as I appreciated the continuous double entendres, the charm of the dancing and singing and the antics of the character actors. There were lots of children in the audience (whole families with sleeping infants and usually recalcitrant teenagers) as well as seniors (like me) and the production incorporated comedy, audience participation, story line familiarity and just plain fun.

And once again, thanks to The Laconia Daily Sun, for making sure we all know about the arts programming that is central to the wonder of living in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

Barbara Morgenstern


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Read the fine print on any money in your pocket: "In God We Trust"

To The Daily Sun,

I have a short and simple response to James V.'s long-winded and largely unintelligible claims that the United States government was not rooted in Christian principles.

Take out a piece of money from your pocket, a penny, dime or dollar. Either new or antique. Read the fine print. It says "IN GOD WE TRUST"

Alan Moon


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