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You took the name of the lord in vain, that's way I prayed for you

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Denise Burke's letter of Jan. 31: You sound like you are a Catholic girl. Exodus 20: 7 says, "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain." You should know that. That's why I prayed for you.

John Demakowski

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Your numbers have to make gays sleep better at night, I'm sure

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earles' Mormons? Steve Earle's Mormons? In James Veverka's latest pipe dream he again goes off on an anti-Christian rant citing some supposed Pew Research study, but doesn't give any citations with which to check his research. Oh well, so what?

We can certainly trust Muslims who are instructed by their Koran to blend in and lie until strong enough to take over and force Sharia on the infidels. And Islam is surely the religion of peace, except when they blow people up, run them over with heavy trucks and all manor of other "peaceful conversion techniques," right James?

One thing James cites is that 42 percent of (American) Muslims are accepting of gays and lesbians, higher than evangelicals and Mormons. All right I'll accept that, but the difference is evangelicals and Mormons disapprove of that lifestyle, while the 58 percent of Muslims who do not accept it want to kill gays. Has to make gays sleep better at night, I'm sure.

Steve Earle


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