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Opportunities will be lost because of changes to the band program

To The Daily Sun,

As the parent of a son who enjoyed being a member of the Laconia High School band it is very disappointing to read what is going to happen with the program.
Music meant a lot to him and he learned to appreciate it very much.
My son, Shane, is now a professional musician who lives in New York City, where he has performed concerts and recorded several albums. He has also performed concerts in several other major cities.
It is unfortunate that other students will most likely not have this opportunity facing them because of what is going to happen to the music program.

Gordon D. King

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Peter Karagianis was the quiet man who got things done

To The Daily Sun,

As a youngster, if memory serves me, Peter Karagianis and Perry operated a store on the former corner of Mill and Main. Main Street here in Laconia was bustling with business. There were the Emanuel and Baldi families, who operated markets on "our real Main Street", south from the depot to the intersection of Main and Union Ave.

Peter was a man of honor in many eyes. My first motion as a city councilor (Jan. 28, 1974) was to stop the request for funds to have the Old Mill saved and restored under the grant money. Never a disparaging word from Peter.
We could talk politics; and when looking for sponsors for my radio program in 1997, both Peter and S. Peter said "sure."
There are times to pass along those things you wish you had said at the time, like, "There goes the Quiet Man who got things done."

Niel Young


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