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Parents might want to read the cover story of the May 26 TIME

To The Daily Sun,

The parents who are opposed to their ninth grade honors students reading Jodi Picoult's "Nineteen Minutes" might want to read the cover story of the May 26th edition of Time magazine.

Wendy Hendryx

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Gold Star Father will be guest speaker at POW-MIA Memorial

To The Daily Sun,

The guest speaker at the "States Original POW/MIA Memorial'  on Memorial Day will be Mr. Mark Decoteau of Waterville Valley. He is a Gold Star Father and 1983 West Point grad. His eldest son, Marc Paul, was killed in Afghanistan in 2010 and younger son Andrew is a sophomore at West Point.

Memorial Day is a day of Honor and Remembrance and many words will be spoken in all communities. Sometimes it's whose speaking those words that carry the meaning of the day. A prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, wreath laying and introductions will take place following the Meredith parade which starts at 10 a.m. on Main street and gathering at the POW/MIA Memorial, Hesky Park about 10:45 on May 26th.

Bob Jones

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June 30 is deadline to apply for statewide property tax relief

To The Daily Sun,

It's that time of the year again, to remind readers of their opportunity to file for the N.H. State Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief using Form DP-8 which must be filed no earlier than May 1 and no later than June 30.

Forms are no longer automatically mailed to property taxpayers who have filed in the past, so it is important that eligible homeowner taxpayers be alerted. Many who are eligible are still not aware of this tax relief.

The Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief program was designed to lessen the economic burden of the State Education Property Tax on certain at-risk taxpayers.

An eligible applicant for the Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief is a person who is:

— Single with adjusted gross income equal to or less than $20,000; or
— Married or head of N.H. household with adjusted gross income less than or equal to $40,000; and
— Owns a homestead subject to the State Education Property Tax; and
— Has resided in that homestead on April 1 of the year for which the claim is made.

Applications for the Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief are accepted only during the statutory filing period — after May 1, but no later than June 30. The law allows 120 days for processing from the date of receipt of your completed application.

You will need to attach a copy of your final 2013 property tax bill for map and lot number, homestead location and net assessed value, and a copy of your 2013 federal tax return for each claimant and all adult members of the claimant's household for the corresponding period.

For assistance, contact the Department at (603) 230-5920 — press prompt 2, then prompt 2 again. To file online, http://www.revenue.nh.gov/forms/low-moderate.htm . You may pick up a DP-8 form at Laconia City Hall. The Laconia Public Library will print copies of the DP-8 packet (7 pages at10 cents each or $0.70). It may be available at other service centers. Completed forms are sent to: NH Dept. of Revenue Administration, Document Processing Division, P. O. Box 299, Concord NH 03302-0299.

Dorothy Duffy

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Most of us consider Man-Made Global Warming a minor concern

To The Daily Sun,
President Obama's response to each scandal is shock, denial, lies and/or distractions. The protective walls around President Obama's failure in Benghazi are crumbling. So the administration is searching for something to divert people's attention from all the unanswered, at least not honestly answered, questions about Benghazi.
They tried to distract us with "income inequality" but dropped it when people discovered that President Obama and Democrat senators pay women significantly less than men.
Now President Obama is trying to distract us by claiming that there is a current man-made global warming (MMGW) crisis (even worse than the UN claims). And he wants to spend billions more of your money, your children's money, your grandchildren's money, etc.; to do what? (Besides buy votes, enrich supporters, and impoverish the middle class?)
Despite anything we might do, global warming can only be briefly delayed. But why delay something that saves human lives? Cold kills many more people than warming. If the earth warms as predicted, by 2050 about 1.4 million more people will survive annually.
Most Americans appropriately are skeptical and consider MMGW a minor concern. The many disasters that the MMGW alarmists promised didn't happen. Human civilization didn't end by 2005 as they promised in 1985. The oceans didn't die by 1998 as promised in 1988. There are many times more polar bears today than 50 years ago. The North Pole ice pack didn't vanish last summer, it was bigger than ever. Despite the alarmist media, Antarctic ice is growing not declining. And despite the alarmists' predictions there hasn't been global warming over the last 17 years.
With the global warming distraction failing, expect President Obama to try something else. Just remember that these distractions are simply intended to hide the truth about Benghazi. E.g.: Why were our people in this hotbed of terrorist activity? Why weren't they adequately protected? Who stopped the rescue attempts? Despite the promises, why haven't the killers been brought to justice? Why did President Obama and Secretary Clinton blame a video when they knew it was a lie?
Don Ewing

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Every parent in Gilford should have a right to a full hearing

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilford School Board Members:

I am writing ion protest in the strongest possible way the recent censure of Mr. William Baer at your school board meeting. How dare you have a parent arrested and put into handcuffs! Mr. Baer may have been loud, may have been very upset, but he deserves to be heard completely because he is a concerned parent. Perhaps the board should be arrested for giving pornography to a ninth grader, which is apparently what you have done. If you were threatened by the tone of Mr. Baer, then you are a bunch of cowards that do not need to be on a public board. You are in a trusted position which means you must consider the urgent concerns of all parents. These concerns may take more than two minutes to fully explain. You are inviting a major problem and woes on your school district by your rash, stupid actions in this matter.

Let's look in the school's mirror to see what can be seen on the Gilford School Board. I see arrogance, and hate, and impatience, and gossip, and sour attitudes, and jealousy, and condescension, and... oh I see some intolerance lurking in the corner! The board needs to take a long look at itself in the mirror after this horrible incident. You need to make a public apology to Mr. Baer, and pay all of his court cost... and then hear him out completely.

Every parent in the district should have the right to a full hearing and airing of all concerns, however long it takes. Especially when you have made the wrong decision to push pornographic materials on a ninth grade class.

I hope the tolerant, concerned, and patriotic parents in your district will strongly argue Mr. Baer's case, and protest until you are ready to vomit. Perhaps the families will pull their children out of your school district... they should not stand for this insult, or even better, perhaps a class action lawsuit will be filed. SHAME ON YOU!

New Hampshire has such a proud heritage and history, and now you have placed an ugly blot on yourselves and your school district. What's that I hear? It's the patriotic heroes of New Hampshire turning over in their graves.

Edward Girard

Little Rock, Arkansas

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