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Staying home is not an option, unless you just don't care

To The Daily Sun,

At last, some in Washington refuse to speak the president's preferred rhetoric. If the president doesn't want the truth, they know the American people do and the directors of agencies responsible for keeping America safe are putting their country before their job and telling us just how it is. May all the politicians in Washington see the light and do the same.

Americans are strong and knowing the truth will not make us cower in fear. If history repeats itself, then it will make us come together for solutions. We just need a leader, not someone who prioritizes their wishes, desires and needs, but someone who understands that the needs of America must come first, that they are complex and change as world events continue to form the world in which we live. Two thousand sixteen is certainly providing us with a list of choices and all are saying something that speaks to us as individuals, something that echoes our own fears or needs. In choosing, we must put America first.

The Republican leader in the "poll of the moment" is Donald, successful businessman, well known for getting things done and brooking no incompetence. He is masterful in voicing our fears and anger and because he has been successful in the business world we believe that he will be successful in fixing all our nation's problems. The only problems he might run into are the other two branches of our government and "you're fired" won't work on them — unfortunately. I have yet to hear one candidate from either party state that they want to fundamentally change the way Washington works. That's a tough, but necessary, job no one seems willing to take on.

Dr. Carson is a very knowledgeable and likable man, but many will not be unwilling to trust our country to inexperienced political hands at this time. Is JEB! up to the job. He was a great governor in Florida so he has the understanding and skills but publicly stating you have "better things to do" doesn't seem like a winning way to the White House.

Male, female, black, white or Hispanic are not top priority qualifiers for me personally, but Carly offers the business foundation I would like to see in our next president because I do believe we need a knowledgeable person to turn our economy around. Government cannot provide jobs other than the ones "we the people" are paying for and I for one am tired of doing that. She has done her research which gives me faith in the advisers she would surround herself with and she speaks more definitively about what she would do than most candidates.

Chris Christie has run a Democratic state as a Republican governor so that seems to speak to his ability to lead both sides to a solution, a skill that I think will be critical in our next president, and he appears able to prioritize the country's evolving and changing issues.

Marco's message seems to speak to many people. He is definitive and he probably has the best understanding of our immigration problem, as does Ted Cruz. Border security is a top issue for this country as well as dealing with the millions of people "we the people" are supporting who are in this country illegally. However, there are thousands if not millions who live here illegally that are very productive members of our society and it is not their fault that our government hasn't done its job for years and allowed this to continue. I think Marco Rubio has a better way of dealing with the situation than most I have heard.

Rand Paul's speaks of our need to protect the Constitution and our Bill of Rights and I agree with him on that. Huckabee and Kasich are others with proven leadership abilities and their particular message speaks to many. This field will narrow as time marches on.

On the Democratic side we have several candidates. Hillary for those of you who wish to continue with another four years of divisiveness, costly growth of government in our lives, and you don't mind being ruled by someone who thinks they are above the laws of this land and is more than willing to lie to you.

Bernie should be getting as much press as Donald Trump, his message is rather similar except that Bernie has yet to tell you that "we the people" will be paying and Donald would get Mexico to pay. Martin is the former governor from Virginia so brings executive experience to the table but we hear little about him in the press, enough to make you wonder if he's still in the race, and on the debate stage he seems to have so few talking points.

There's also Elizabeth. Many of you don't think she's in the race, after all she said she wasn't, but have you seen all her ads/commercials/PSAs, whatever you call them, on Facebook. Looks like a campaign to me. Perhaps just in case our government agencies have the guts to go after Hillary like they did Martha Stewart or General Petraeus. I think she is more likely to jump in to save the day than Joe.

Not my top priorities, but America's. We will have two choices next November — staying home is not an option, unless you just don't care what happens to your country. You're not choosing a gender or a personality, prioritize our country's needs and choose one or the other. Only "we the people" can fundamentally change Washington with our vote.

Althea Dunscombe
Center Harbor

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Leon Albushies was a high caliber man & a unique role model

To The Daily Sun,

I read with deep sadness the passing of Mr. Leon R. Albushies. What a rush of memories and feelings for me.

I did know Mr. Albushies. I met him many years ago when he moved into the apartment complex I was living in. We engaged in countless conversations over those years and he was always the gentleman, especially when there was a difference of opinion between us. We shared very similar philosophies, along with frequent laughter.

We lost touch with each other when I moved away. Two years ago, to my great delight, I found him ahead of me in line to receive our complimentary tickets to see the first lady, Michelle Obama. We spent the time talking and laughing just like we had all those years ago.

My sincere, heartfelt condolences to Mr. Albushies' (Leon, to me) family. To his children, Susan, Tom, and Lauren: you were blessed to have a father of such high caliber and a unique role model to emulate. Thank you for submitting Leon's last letter to The Sun. Thank you, The Daily Sun, for publishing it. I now have a memento of Leon's last voice for peace.

Michelle P. Choquette

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