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We can only hope Standing Rock Sioux get respect they deserve

To The Daily Sun,

It was great to read the Sun's coverage of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the story of Jennifer Hyslop from Tilton making a trip to Standing Rock to fight for the tribe and its water. She is right that no one seems to be aware of what is happening out there in Cannonball, North Dakota.

While the proposed oil pipeline threatens the tribe's water supply and violates the tribe's 1851 treaty with the United States, what is so perplexing about the issue is that the pipeline was initially proposed to be built to go by the City of Bismarck, some 40 miles north of Cannonball. But, when there was public outcry due to the oil pipeline threatening the city's water supply, the line was rerouted to go by the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation instead. The demographics of Bismarck is 95 percent white.

As Hyslop pointed out, law enforcement was militarized at the site of the protest. Police and private security detail were hosing down protesters with water in sub-freezing temperatures, shooting rubber bullets at protesters' heads, and blasting people with flash grenades. People lost limbs and broke bones because of police brutality and excessive force.

It's because of the dedicated people like Hyslop, who have come together with the tribe, to temporarily stop the madness. Unfortunately, there is much to worry, as Hyslop points out. Though the Army Corps of Engineers is requiring an environmental study of alternative routes, the new administration could allow the pipeline to be built. While the Chief of the Tribe has requested a meeting with Trump, a government-to-government meeting may produce nothing but a typical charade.

We can only hope that the Standing Rock Sioux get the respect and understanding they deserve.

Derek Kline
East Glacier, Mont.

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Not one point of moral connection between liberals & Muslims

To The Daily Sun,

Another terror attack in Europe, this time Berlin, with 12 dead and dying, 40-some maimed under the wheels of a massive 18 wheeler. Guess what? Another Muslim. Who could have guessed it? And after all the make nice open door welcome of "refugees" from the Middle East into Germany and Angela Merkel's so-well-intentioned humane program. Goes to show when you invite wolves in with the sheep bad things will happen to the sheep.

Oh boy, I can hardly wait for the usual leftists to try to explain this away under the smoke screen of Islam as the "religion of peace" and "it's only a small minority." And these will be the folks who describe themselves as progressive liberals. Liberals, my foot. Either these people are so misinformed and ignorant, or are complete hypocrites.

The fact is, and there can be no denying this, that Islam is diametrically opposed to everything liberals say they value and believe in. There is not a single, not one point, of moral, ethical connect between the two. Sure, they will label me Islamophobic, and I can confess I really do fear Muslims, but it is not a phobia but a very rational fear.

Muslims do not assimilate into other cultures. They do not believe in democracy, human rights, women's rights, gay rights, freedom of speech, religion, assembly, or any of the rights we believe in, not even the "moderate Muslims."

Islam is an alien culture intent on world domination, yet liberals embrace it. Why? Does the fact that they are a minority entitle them to a pass by progressives in spite of their hostile regard of liberal values and human rights? I don't know the answer readers. Your guess is as good as mine.

Perhaps they just prefer to hate conservatives out of habit? Maybe the things they say they value are just not at the top of the priority list of importance for them? It could be they do not have the courage to stand up and lead fearing the disapproval and ridicule of other liberals? Possibly they do not want to admit that conservatives are right on this one, single point?

Steve Earle


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