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Globalization & nationalism forum in Plymouth set for Feb. 14

To The Daily Sun,

The Plymouth Secular Alliance will conduct a forum on globalization and nationalism on Feb. 14 at Pease Public Library from 7 to 8:30 p.m. This forum is free and refreshments will be served. Seats are limited so best to call ahead for reservations.

The Plymouth Secular Alliance meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.
Topics are timely and interesting. For more information contact George Maloof at 254-0403 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

George Maloof


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Dear 47 percenters: the Republican Party still loves you

To The Daily Sun,

Alan Vervaeke, the "happy man" from Gilford still sounds like the "angry man" from "LOSERVILLE" to me. He just never stops bloviating his home-grown rancor at some one or something. This week Alan is "puff, the fire breathing dragon" at the 47 percent who didn't vote in November. I guess he thinks if they had it might have changed the election outcome. Alan is still EXCUSE HUNTING for why Hillary lost. Who the 47 percent would have voted for is pure conjecture. It's the same SPECULATION the Russians or (FBI Director) Comey altered the election outcome.
The " deplorables" had been the Democrat's choice for "village idiots". Now, Alan's says it's the 47 percent who didn't vote. They are the new VICTIMS of his hot venom. By the way he warned you 47 percneters to "shut your cake hole." Alan elected the polite, English version. I much prefer the American equivalent, " shut the (expletive) up." We are, after all, in America, not England.
It seems Alan Vervaeke has anointed himself the new moral voice of America, replacing Leo Sandy. Let's uncork a bottle of "Billy beer" to honor that ... Democrats love to SELF APPOINT and SELF ANOINT themselves protectors of us all. None more so than the poor, who they never stop exploiting in a quid-pro-quo exchange of government money for votes. Result: poverty is little changed over the decades while inequality is busting through the walls while debt explodes through the front gate. Never have either of those happened faster than the last eight years during Obama's presidency. Something always goes wrong between the Democrats great promises to save the poor and the execution. The only "execution" winds up to be that of the living standards of the bottom half of America.
Let me tell you 47 percenters. I and the Republican Party still love you! You may have been extra busy on voting day. You simply may not have been sufficiently enthralled by the offerings of political candidates. I sure understand that. Both sides mostly throw (expletive) at the wall hoping something sticks. That person becomes the candidate. I and the Republican Party WELCOME you! We recognize that you hard working 47 percenters surrender big parts of your pay checks in taxes to Uncle Sam for the "common good." Further, more slices for property taxes to keep public union employees living higher off the hog than millions in the private sector. Those federal, state and local taxes surely entitle you to OPEN YOUR CAKE HOLE DOUBLE WIDE to say what the hell you want, to whoever you want, including Alan.
I am an old, white man — quite dangerous to others, Democrats say. Smart enough to leave notes for myself. Just made one for the fridge door: "Increase house insurance, fire breathing dragon loose in the neighborhood."
Tony Boutin

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