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The Clinton's ring the hypocrisy bell as loud as its every been rung

To The Daily Sun,

The Democratic convention has featured speakers shouting deafening-level anger toward big money "influencing" politics. If you listen to these people there is no greater threat to democracy than the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United (CU) that struck down some limits on political speech and opened the flood gates of money.

Bernie Sanders went so far as to say CU was one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in the history of our country, allowing the wealthiest to buy elections. Elizabeth Warren spoke and echoed Bernie. Hillary Promises, within 30 days of taking office, a constitutional amendment that would "overturn" the CU decision.

This talk of "big money" influence in politics coming from Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton, hits a level of hypocrisy I have never witnessed before. There is no wondering why the latest poll of Americans reveals 68 percent of them say Hillary is untrustworthy. The term certified liar to the skill of con artist and swindler Bernie Madoff would be a far more accurate description. Consider some of these facts in the backdrop of the Democratic conventions condemnation of big money influencing politics.

1. It is hard to find any political race in America, national or local where the Democrat doesn't equally spend or outspend the Republican candidate. That will include the current race for president in 2016. Hillary will likely spend $1.5 billion on her election. Yes, that is billion. Trump's spending number compared to Hillary's will make him look like he's is a candidate from the "projects." It is again the Democrat — not the Republican — outspending their rival.

2. Democrat Hillary Clinton's run for president has been financed by a broad array of some of the wealthiest people in America. A good many of them are the most prominent, deep-pocketed celebrities, business tycoons and Wall Street slick men on the planet Earth. The Democrats are once again trying to pull the woe-is-me forked tongue BS on America. The only big money and funding Democrats want stopped is that that comes from sources that support Republicans. Now, that is the truth.

3. George Soros, one of the biggest, slickest hedge fund managers in the world has dropped $25 million on Hillary. He gave even more millions to super PACS supporting other Democrats. Tom Steyer, another hedge fund powerhouse has dropped more than $31 million on Hillary — and that is just so far. His number could go to $100 million by the end of the race. Do you think he expects something in return?

Add Entertainment Mogul Haim Saban to the list of donors for Hillary at $11 million. Include Fred Eychaner media magnate for another $11 million. Include another hedge fund guy, Don Sussman, for $13 million. Add millions in donations from The Prtizker family, owner of the Hyatt Hotel chain. Add Herbert Sandler, banking baron, and James Simon, another hedge fund guru with more millions. If that doesn't represent a big money treasure trove of influence buying in politics what is?

4. The Clinton Foundation is as corrupt as any entity that exists in America. It is as slick and clever political front as exists on earth, accepting and shuffling countless millions around the globe all involving shady characters who operate only with self interest. There is insufficient space to list all the behind-the-scenes deals and under-the-table goings-on that have been well chronicled at the Clinton Foundation, including when Hillary was secretary of state, where big money has been exchanged for access, power and control. Much of it has been told in numerous lengthy, newspaper feature stories. None of it pretty. All of it slkmy, and all of it fades in and out of the ethical and legal arenas.

But of course, that has been the Clinton trademark for 30 years. Always seen at the scene of the break-in and robbery, but never on tape. They hire thugs and six layers of intermediaries to cover their dirty work. They are very clever, devious and dishonest people, as most Americans are well aware. That the Clintons, of all people in America, should scream big money influences politics hits the hypocrisy bell as loud as I have ever heard it ring.

Tony Boutin


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Rep. Kusters knows we need to fully-fund environmental safeguards

To The Daily Sun,

The House of Representatives on July 14 passed an environmental spending bill (H.R. 5538) that was filled with attacks on the environment.

The Republicans leadership's appropriations bill was chock-full of ideological, poison-pill riders, that simply have no place in a bill that ought to be about dollars and cents. These riders include attacks on the federal government's ability to limit carbon pollution from power plants, set common-sense standards for fracking on public land, and protect endangered species. The bill also slashed funding to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Land and Water Conservation Fund, America's best parks program.

That's why I was so heartened that Rep. Kuster stood up and opposed this harmful legislation. We need a clean budget that fully funds the environmental safeguards that protect our air, water, lands and wildlife, not one that attacks those protections with anti-environmental policy riders.

Thank you Congresswoman Kuster.

Beth Arsenault


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