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I'm sure there are many fine Muslim immigrants who just want to live in peace. . . but

To The Daily Sun,

Poor James Veverka pouts when people point out what his words actually mean. He is swift with the false and vile attacks, but he can’t take seeing the truth of his words being clearly revealed to all.

It’s true that many more Americans die of gun violence than at the hands of terrorists. But most American deaths by Muslim terrorists were avoidable with an adequate understanding of Islam and adequate immigration controls.

The other truth is that many, perhaps most, American gun deaths could be prevented if Democrat Mayors, Democrat-controlled law enforcement, and liberal judges cared enough.

Veverka lists some “Christian” ministers who he claims advocate the killing of gays. I condemn any that do as I’m sure most Christians do. Such advocacy isn’t even Christian; it’s inconsistent with Jesus’s teaching to “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

However, which Christian minister had a follower go on a gay killing spree after his sermon? Is it a coincidence that Muslim Omar Mateen killed 49 and wounded 58 just a few weeks after Imam Farrokh Sekaleshfar advocated such actions?

And Imam Sekaleshfar isn’t the only Imam advocating killing gays; this is what Islam teaches. I previously provided a link of another Imam speaking before two other Imams and an agreeing audience of about 500 advocating the punishment identified in the Qur’an, death, for homosexuality and apostasy. An internet search would undoubtedly find many more.

And, anyone watching the news probably has seen horrible videos of gays being thrown from the tops of buildings in Muslim countries. ISIS is also killing gays, and ISIS is trying to expand Islam just as Muhammed did, by war, killing, stealing, raping, enslaving, terrorism, and torturing.

Veverka wants to quibble about the number of terror suspects in the U.K. Whatever the number, the U.K. doesn’t have enough anti-terrorist people to keep track of all the possible terrorists and prevent their terrorist attacks; most of the last Muslim terrorist attacks were committed by people known to UK anti-terrorist organizations.

There are anti-terrorist investigations in all 50 U.S. states. We have other important needs for the money being spent, why should we let poor vetting practices keep increasing these anti-terrorism costs?
Everyone, including Muslims, should be able to live safely but it’s not necessary to jeopardize the peace and safety of our country by doing a sloppy job of vetting refugees and immigrants. And, if we really care about refugees, for the same cost we can help about 12 times as many live safely by helping them relocate in the region they came from rather than bringing them here.

I am sure there are many fine Muslim immigrants and refugees who just want to live in peace with their neighbors, whoever they are. But there are others that don’t belong here; some holding signs in Dearborn, MI (et al) saying “No Democracy, only Islam” and “Death to those who slander the prophet,” showing they reject our Constitution, hundreds leaving to join ISIS or be trained by terrorists, and those that commit terrorist attacks, e.g., as in San Bernardino, Orlando, and Ft. Hood. We need better vetting policies to exclude such people, and people who inspire such people, from coming here.

Veverka can explain why he is unwilling to have adequate vetting policies to exclude terrorists that take American lives and why he would rather help a few refugees rather than many? It makes no sense to me.

Don Ewing

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Please keep that young Dalmatian from roaming around Gunstock Acres

To The Daily Sun,

Whomever it is in Gunstock Acres with a young Dalmatian dog roaming FREE — you need to chain it up! It has been in my yard too many times over the past month. Today it wrecked some plants, mulch, and fencing. Not to mention it totally caused havoc for MY two dogs that were ON their chains IN their yard. Other neighbors have complained as well. Today we called the dog officer for the second time! Please pay attention to your pet.

This past April a neighborhood dog was shot and killed in this same area. Please be responsible and protect your pet.

Denise C. Burke


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