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I do have a womb & I consider abortion to be an act of murder

To The Daily Sun,

I have often resisted the temptation to engage in the back and forth verbal battles which transpire so regularly within the pages of The Laconia Sun. But when someone aims a particularly mean-spirited vitriolic barrage at an individual who totally does not deserve it, I have to speak.
I have known Harry Mitchell for almost 18 years. When I tell you he is a kind, thoughtful, compassionate man, I am only bearing witness to facts that anyone who knows him can easily verify. He is and always has been a dedicated, engaged and nurturing father and grandfather. And last but not least a faithful friend.
As a voice for the unborn, he has been one of the most well-spoken, educated and eloquent defenders of those who can not speak for themselves. In plain English, he makes the case for the pro-life cause in the most intelligent and winsome way, never resorting to the kind of hostile, angry character assassination recently aimed at him by the disgruntled attack dog whom I won't even dignify by naming. You know who you are. And although I doubt it will be forthcoming, you owe Harry Mitchell an apology.

Now it is my turn. The above half of this letter was composed by my husband of 35 years. We have six children and 16 grandchildren and, may I add, were all considered children, human beings and life, at conception. Not one considered just a throw away "fetus."
Harry Mitchell is neither "a fool or a liar", he is a wonderful person who deeply cares about others, including those who aren't old enough yet to have a voice. Unlike Harry and my husband, I do not hold the same talent for writing without offending people. I am much rougher around the edges, as anyone who knows me will attest to. I tend to call it as I see it which is the very reason I seldom respond to the constant, ridiculous bantering I find on the editorial pages of this paper. Instead I choose to stop reading most of it, which helps to keep my blood pressure down. Therefore, unlike my husband, I choose to mention the name of this "attack dog."
Mr. Alan Vervaeke, unlike you, I DO HAVE A WOMB and I consider abortion an act of murder of an innocent life, as do many others. You certainly are entitled to your opinion, and we all know you think your research is accurate and therefore everyone's who doesn't agree with yours is wrong.

As far as Hillary Clinton goes, her stance on this issue, as well as many others, changes as often as most of us blink our eyes. And as an intelligent person (debatable at best), you must realize that if "the mother is the person that's already alive" that everything or every one who resides within her body is also "already alive." But, regardless, you really need to start acting like an adult and stop attacking others constantly in this paper. Perhaps you should just "get a life" and you won't feel the need to bash others in hopes of making yourself feel smarter and better.
There really is no need for you to respond to our letter because you will be sorely disappointed when we don't engage further in your childish behavior.

H. & M. Perkins

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Education is the difference between a good job and gang banging

To The Daily Sun,

I wish to comment on all the fuss going on in Chicago, Illinois. Why hasn't Ron Emanuel's name be brought up on all these cable news networks when discussing the crime highly escalating on his watch. It is like he has dropped off the face of the earth. If it were a Republican mayor, it would be broadcasted.

My thoughts are these. Get the National Guard in there with a 9 or 10 o'clock curfew; get the military trucks there (I can't remember what they are called); bring out tear gas; get hoses and dogs. Treat this as a war zone. Get snipers if needed. I know the mayor lacks the fortitude that say a Rudy Giuliani has, when he cleaned up NYC . What is wrong with Mr. Emanuel, besides being a Democrat?

Donald Trump is right when he says "try me out. You have nothing to lose." The problem is, these Black Americans are un-educated. Education is the common denominator between getting a decent job or gang banging. I hear these Black mothers and Black sons talking and they speak broken English. How in America do you get work speaking broken English? Come on Oprah, you know this is true. Get involved with this 50 year problem. You work in Chicago, I believe. Get the politicians moving, please. You don't have to go to Africa to make a difference; by the way, Oprah, when you built a school for girls in Africa, you should have built a school for boys as well. Boys are not irrelevant.

The Black church could help if the pastors were not in the hands of the Democratic Party. Not all, I know, but a lot of them must be to have the longevity of Democrats getting elected all the time. The young Black men need male, black and white mentors to help stir them in the right direction. The Black church could help with this ,if willing. Get the schools in order. Get rid of teachers who no longer care about educating, but just collecting checks. The Department of Education needs to get out of the hands of the Democrats with the teacher's union. They are certainly not helping the young black boys and girls.

There are people, mostly Black I would say, that get rich keeping war zones as Chicago has and other cities. Mrs. Clinton comes to mind, but she is separated from it all. Keep people oppressed by promising them all these handouts the government will supply. All the money does not help one single iota. It's going to politicians, educators, churches, government employees but not to where it could count.

I am also tired of hearing about the poor oppressed Black people in this country, the greatest country in the world. I heard a Black woman on a PBS special say (I need to paraphrase and I'm sorry I didn't get her name), "I'm glad I came from slaves as I would not be here in America." My thoughts precisely. The Black Americans should be glad they are here and not back in Africa. They think they got it bad here, go back to Africa and see how well you do.

I have always admired Black Americans because they knew Jesus. Their belief in Jesus made them free. The church meant something to them, but unfortunately, the Black church has abandoned them I think. We had educated Black people, ordinary citizens who could speak for themselves and could make things happen. Where are they now?

Rosemary Mellon


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