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We are lucky to have the quality care given by LRGHealthcare

To The Daily Sun,

Having been privy over the years to criticism about our local hospital, Lakes Region, I am compelled to write a second affirmative commentary on how lucky we locals are to have such quality care in our backyard.
It’s been a challenging year for me with three surgeries, two of them at Lakes. As a longstanding healthy Baby Boomer, being compromised is an awkward and frustrating dilemma with the accompanying loss of control.
Last week it became necessary for additional adjustments to my July surgery and once again I was fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Arnold Miller. In addition, his nurse Mandy held my hand through the entire procedure. Since light sedation was medically advisable, being awake was quite stressful. Her steady pressure kept me calm. How lucky was I to have such a caring nurse who would play this singular role.
I would not have missed an opportunity for a personal shout-out to Brian, my admitting nurse, and Claire, my discharge nurse, who both showed such professionalism. But, receiving a personal note from them through the mail saying “it was a pleasure taking care of you” was above and beyond the normal course of patient discharge.
The tagline under the LRGHealthcare note card reads “care, compassion, community” – what more could any of us potential patients ever want?
Claire L. Hebert-Dow


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Hillary Clinton’s corruption is the reason she lost the election

To The Daily Sun,
In the aftermath of the election, here is something which I think is striking.
Corruption: I think it is very telling that the Democrats chose to put forward probably the most corrupt candidate that they could put forward. It wasn’t even that she was the choice of Democratic voters. They basically showed that the Democratic Party was willing to eschew the will of Democratic voters to put Hillary forward as their candidate.
To digress for a moment, this demonstrates that their concern for not disenfranchising voters is not out of concern for the democratic process but is only a means to further their cause.
That Bill and Hillary Clinton are probably the most corrupt couple in the history of American politics is an argument that I think could be won. Even many Democrats understood this, which is why I think many stayed home on Election Day. That the party put her forward anyway shows their confidence that the mainstream media and the Obama administration would cover for her. What they did not count on was God’s hand in directing the election.
Hillary blames her loss on, among others, (FBI Director) Jim Comey. That may be in part correct. Not the blame part, but I think his investigation probably did have an impact on the election. Particularly when he reopened it about a week before the election. That Hillary was under investigation was the product of her own corruption. That Comey, trying to do his job, might have have negatively affected her campaign is on her. The corruption is hers. If she hadn’t bathed herself in corruption there would have been no investigation. As a responsible adult she needs to own that.
In a court of law there are various bars to which certainty must rise to convict. But in an election all you need, and rightly so, is to know in your heart that this person is corrupt. There is no legal threshold. With Bill’s and Hillary’s patterns of behavior, what is one to reasonably conclude? That is why she lost. It comes down squarely on her and her husband. Even with Wikileaks piling on the case for corruption, the corruption is still on her. It’s not the Russians.
John Demakowski

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