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Meredith lifeguards wouldn't let my disabled daughter float

To The Daily Sun,

Recently my family tried to take a trip to a public beach in Meredith with our disabled-needs daughter. My daughter has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk, sit, or eat independently. These disabilities do not stop her and she absolutely loves to swim. We purchased an Otteroo float that secures around her neck for her to be able to swim in the water without the danger of accidently sticking her face in the water; she is beginning to become heavy so holding her in the water is unpractical and doesn’t allow her to be independent.

On one of our recent trips to a public beach the lifeguards would not let us use the float in the water, after explaining she is disabled and this is really the safest way for her to be able to swim they told us, “well guess you’re going to have to find another beach because we cannot allow it.”

I would like to know why safety floats are not allowed and even in cases where the child is disabled! Their response was if she had a float we’d have to let other children use floats too. My general concern is why not let kids use safety floats at the beach to the extent of arm wings, neck floats, and life vests. I am very disappointed we must steer clear of the beach when the lifeguards are on duty, we too would like to enjoy the beach.

Melissa DeLeon

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It's the Laconia fire chief who is the embarrassment, not Trump

To The Daily Sun,

Laconia Fire Chief Erickson is the real moron. Did he really think Trump was attacking our state with his "Drug Infested Den" statement? I think not. The chief is just another member of "The Never Trumpers" that will not give this president a chance. Like our all female representatives who follow the same talking points, I'm sure he is a hero. I wonder if Mr. Erickson took the time to think before spewing his sickening words that offend the people who voted for this president — the military and the police.

Erickson states ,"Yes we have a problem" and knows his department is responding to numerous overdose calls but would rather bash the president than face reality. Do you understand, Mr. Erickson, that almost all the drugs entering our country come through Mexico and South America?

We finally have a president who is securing our border and he has only been in office seven months. Hey chief, how's your 401K doing? You, sir, are the embarrassment.

Kevin McCauley

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