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Superdelegates ignored the wishes of NH’s Democratic voters

To The Daily Sun,

Grassroots Democrats can't be happy with the Democrat Party establishment who saddled them with a presidential nominee who has a 30-year record of scandals and is now the subject of an active FBI investigation which could result in an indictment and conviction.

No one — not Democrats and not Republicans — wants our country in the position it is in, with the possibility of electing a president who will ultimately be shown to have committed perjury, violated the espionage act, or other major crimes.

And now we learn that it's not just Hillary who is under FBI investigation, but the Clinton Foundation is also under FBI investigation by at least four different FBI offices, for a variety of possible crimes.

Millions of Democratic primary voters rejected Hillary, perhaps concerned about her many scandals and apparent corruption, and voted for Bernie Sanders or other candidates. New Hampshire Democrats overwhelmingly preferred Bernie to Hillary, 60 percent to 38 percent. Yet, the New Hampshire Democratic Party establishment rejected the Democrat voters' choice and cast their "super-delegate" votes for Hillary.

The Democratic establishment overruled Democratic voters in other states as well. Ultimately Hillary won more states and votes than Bernie, but one wonders what would have happened in a fair election.

Now we know that the Democratic National Committee interfered with Bernie's fund-raising, tipped off Hillary's campaign with Bernie's plans, and did everything possible to help Hillary defeat Bernie.

Now we know that major "news" figures from almost every major media outlet strategized together and coordinated to ensure Hillary's victory by publishing articles from Hillary's campaign, allowing her campaign to edit/kill/approve articles, by killing adverse articles, and even by tipping Hillary off about forthcoming Town Hall and debate questions.

Without all the Democrat establishment's help for Hillary, Bernie Sanders might be the Democrat Presidential nominee and our country and voters would be considering a scandal-free Democrat Presidential candidate.

In New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, Annie Kuster, Jean Shaheen, Ray Buckley, Joanne Dowdell, Kathy Sullivan, and Billy Shaheen cast their Super-Delegate votes for Hillary, totally rejecting the overwhelming choice of Democrat voters, Bernie Sanders.

Will New Hampshire Democrats sweep these people, who ignored their wishes and showed such bad judgment, from office and replace them with people with better judgment and integrity? Or will New Hampshire Democrats reward/re-elect the people who so totally ignored their wishes and stuck them with such a problem-plagued presidential candidate?

Dave Rivers

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Hillary is a lawyer, she had to know what she was doing was wrong

To The Daily Sun,

People today are treating the Constitution like it's a piece of paper instead of the lifeblood of this great country. In 1963 or 1964 I heard a speech by the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. He said, "that America would never be beaten from the outside, but he wasn't worried." We would destroy ourselves from within.

Democracy means that we live by a basic set of laws. If we find out that it needs to be tweaked then we have the right to pass reasonable laws to make things work. Not changed by politicians. But by "We the People" we have gone so far past reasonable that democracy in this country has become a joke. It has become the majority that gets its way, not what's actually the right thing to do.

If you're anti-gun then you have the right not to bear arms. But in a real democracy you don't have the right to pass laws that stop me from bearing arms. That's no longer democracy. It's socialism. If you're against abortion, that's your right. But you don't have the right to pass laws that stop anyone from getting an abortion. Again that's not democracy. It's socialism. And if you believe in God then he will judge them if they're wrong — not any of  you.

All of these laws are illegal, according to the Constitution. The first steps in going from democracy to socialism or communism is to disarm the people. That's why the Second Amendment was written, to make sure that anyone planning to take over this country would be met with armed resistance from "We the People." The Second Amendment is very clear: "The right to bear arms shall not be infringed on." Hundreds of laws have been passed that infringed on the right to bear arms and very few have ever been challenged and they should be abolished immediately.

Every politician has sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Anything else is treason.

Hillary Clinton is not only a liar, but a criminal. She allowed secret information to be sent over an unsecured line. I believe that is a treasonable act. She not only lied about what she had done, but destroyed thousands of emails when questioned about it. That's lying to the FBI and tampering with evidence. When questioned by the FBI, she finally admitted to what she had done. Instead of arresting her, she was let off, with the excuse she didn't really know what she was doing and it shouldn't be considered breaking the law. I believe, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Being a lawyer she had to know this.

I will be the first to admit that Donald Trump is not perfect, but none of us really are. He has made mistakes. But that's because he's not a polished politician. He's a businessman. He's exactly what we need to change the direction of this great country. He loves America and wants to make things better, not carry on with the same old ignorance.

We need term limits on all politicians. We need to cut 50 percent of all overseas aid, especially to any country that hates us, and bring (that aid money) back into this country to give homeless veterans and seniors the assistance they need.

All seniors in this country need a raise, instead of politicians getting one. Money taken from the Social Security fund has to be returned. Let's see how they handle what's been happening to all of us for all these years. They also need to start paying for their insurance in the same way we've been made to pay for years. Politicians should never be allowed to pass any benefit package for just themselves. Taxpayers should get the benefits first. Those few changes should put millions — if not billions — of dollars back into the economy.

Now for the last part of this long winded letter: Illegal aliens.

I find it extremely hard to understand what word in illegal aliens people don't understand. Come into this country legally and we will welcome you with open arms. You will, however, be expected to work, pay taxes, live a legal life and respect the flag, country, and the national anthem. Come into this country illegally and you will be sent back, never to be allowed to come into this country again. If you're illegal and have a baby while you're here, you're illegal, it's illegal, pick it up and go home.

Instead of holding you solely responsible for your actions, we will arrest, fine and prosecute anyone helping you, even if they give you a cup of water. Go to your nearest police station and you will be processed, fed and deported never to be allowed into this country again. No education, no welfare no help of any kind, have a nice day. Bye.

Hard decisions have to be made and Hillary's not the answer. I'd like to know where all these women, all of a sudden came from to attack Donald Trump for possible things done in the past. For many years I guess they didn't mind the groping, if it ever happened at all. His mouth problems years ago about women is just that. He ran his mouth, just like most normal men do. It's in the past and it's not even close to what Bill did, while in the White House. Let's move on and elect someone who will change the current political mind set, instead of continuing it, like Hillary has stated she will do. Trump can't be bought, can't be scared and can't be pressured to follow the wrong path.

Also, I feel political polling should only be done by independent sources and not by news media who may favor a political candidate.

Al Sausville

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