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Laconia Fire Department is not soliciting funds by telephone

To The Daily Sun,

It has been brought to our attention that someone is using the Laconia Fire Department name in an attempt to scam money from citizens. The Laconia Fire Department is not currently conducting any type of fundraising via phone calls. If someone calls you and identifies themselves as a member of the fire department and requests that you leave a donation to be picked up, this is a scam.

Contact the Laconia Fire Department at 524-6881 with questions or concerns.

Kirk Beattie

Assistant Fire Chief
Laconia Fire Department

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Let's come up with defensive shield to protect U.S. from missiles

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding all the nuclear war rhetoric that has been getting thrown around by our world 'leaders' of late. Why is "power" all about matching the nuclear arsenal of our rival nations? Do we not have technology or imagination enough to come up with a defensive "net" to protect ourselves in case we are attacked?

I did some research into anti-missile defenses and almost 30 years ago there were many failed projects (Star Wars anybody?) and it was likened to 'hitting a bullet with a bullet". We'll guess what, it's 2017 and it's time we had a true nuclear sheild around this country. Instead of a stupid wall, why not divert funds into placing anti missles systems in every state. EMPs, ground based interceptor missiles, infra-red satellite technology and more exists, but is underfunded and lagging behind.

According to the U.S. Defense Department, "the United States missile defense has demonstrated that it can defend against a small number of simple, intercontinental ballistic missiles that employ simple countermeasures." That's not going to cut it. We could spend one or two years building an impenetrable, tested system, where a few select spots in each state could launch a slew of intercepting devices.

Imagine a day were we felt secure with our defenses. Then we could disarm all of our nukes and say to the world "take your best shot." In my opinion, that would be far more powerful than the amount of nukes that you have in your closet.

On an unrelated topic, Denise Burke, thank you for saying everything that I've wanted to say to all the trivial clowns who feel that people want to hear their feeble-minded point of view. Your comments on Friday were on point!

Thomas Lemay

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