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Please strongly consider a donation to Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund

To The Daily Sun,

Fall is almost over and winter is fast approaching with that in mind we would like to be able to tell you a little bit about the Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund. The "Santa Fund" Fund started in the late 1970s when Jan Adams R.N. became the School Nurse in Meredith and started organizing a grass-roots effort to help provide Christmas for the children in the school system. The group was comprised of American Legion, Police Department, and the Elementary Health Department. The group turned to the community at-large to join this effort, and so the ILCF grew and prospered. Last year we were able to supplement Christmas for more 200 children with clothing, boots, jackets, toys and food baskets. We also were able to help 35 of the elderly in our community with baskets and gift cards.

This year, more than ever, we need your continued support. We anticipate the number to be greater this year, and because of this we have limited the number of items per child and have discontinued providing food baskets. We are working with the Meredith Food Pantry and urge everyone who can to make a contribution to the Meredith Food Pantry to help defray the increased demands.

Please check out our web site at www.interlakeschristmasfund.com or contact us at 603-937-0301 and/or you may send your donations (tax exempt) to Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund, P.O. Box 1516, Meredith, NH 03253. Our children will thank you.

Nancy Howe, President

Bart Merrill, Alesia Parks, Jodi Pendexter, Sandy Ambrose, Teresa McCormack, Wendy Bagley, Charleen Hughes, Jan Joslin, Lori Harding-Chiefe, Bronwen Donnelly

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No one knows when Jesus was born; chances are it wasn't Dec. 25

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to The Sun, Bishop Paul Blake was perhaps a bit extreme in his condemnation of Halloween because it was a "pagan" holiday. He is correct of course, but it eventually became Christianized as "All Hallows Eve," the evening before the Christian feast of All Saints Day. The day after is All Souls Day (the "Day of the Dead" in many Latin cultures) when people honor the memory of those who have departed. What is wrong with that?

If Bishop Blake studied the history of the Christian Church, he would find that celebrating Christian festivals on pre-Christian holidays is not at all uncommon. This has been happening since the church's earliest centuries.

For example, no one knows when Jesus was born, but chances are it was not on Dec. 25. There is nothing wrong with celebrating his birthday on a different day than the actual date because that is not uncommon either when one does not know the date. Or perhaps that date is more appropriate because it fits in with so many winter celebrations.

For instance, I think the Queen's Birthday in the United Kingdom is celebrated on a different day than the actual date so the weather is better for a national holiday. For that matter, we do not know the exact date of the first Thanksgiving, but we do know that the Pilgrims probably did not eat turkey.

The Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus occurs at the Winter Solstice, an event celebrated by many cultures. It holds a lot of symbolism. That symbolism may vary from culture to culture. It celebrates the darkest time of the year after which it can only get lighter. Or, it can honor a savior-warrior-king, born in winter, who will rise to save his people in the spring time. The use of evergreen trees, symbolizing the continuation of life in the dead of winter, comes from pre-Christian Germanic practices. Santa, who is actually based on a Christian saint, represents unselfish giving from one's heart. I do not see the conflict. It all resonates with me.

Then, there is the holiest of Christian holidays, Easter, which actually bears the (somewhat mangled) name of a pagan fertility goddess. I have read the New Testament carefully, including all four Gospels (and the Gospels that were not allowed in the New Testament), and find no reference to bunny rabbits and hunting for eggs. Again, I fail to see the problem.

E. Scott Cracraft


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I'm honored to be entrusted with position of county commissioner

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the residents of Laconia, New Hampton, and Sanbornton for electing me District 1 County Commissioner. I am honored to be entrusted with this position. I would like to thank my family for their support. I would also like to thank all the people who displayed my sign in their yards and held signs for me on Election Day.

Finally, I would like to thank my opponent, Dave Pollak. I have had many good conversations with him and consider him a friend.

David DeVoy


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Voters' mandate is to stop President Obama's policies. Period

To The Daily Sun,

Apparently there is confusion about why "the party of NO" overwhelmingly won the November election. This election, as he said, was a referendum on the liberal/progressive policies that President Obama has been implementing. If the voters wanted President Obama's policies to be implemented, they would have elected more Democrats.

The voters' mandate is to stop President Obama's policies. If "getting something done" means compromising or helping to enact President Obama's policies, the voters don't want it. President Obama's policies are hurting our country and making most Americans poorer and less free.

The voters want Republicans to stop/repeal Obamacare, stop amnesty for illegals, close the border, protect Americans from sick and criminal immigrants, stop Obama's policies that make the rich richer but most Americans poorer, stop Obama's war on religion, American values, and the unity of the American people, stop destroying our children's futures, stop Obama's assault on American citizens' rights, etc.

Democrats and their media supporters created the best marketing phrase for the 2014 election when they called Republicans "the party of NO." The American people want NO more of President Obama's policies. Those liberal/progressive policies hurt our country and most Americans.

Don Ewing


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Franklin Middle School students did superb job honoring vets

To The Daily Sun,

On Thursday, Nov. 6, I and a number of other veterans were invited to a Veterans Day presentation at the Franklin Middle School. The program was put together by the Student Leadership Council, which is comprised of student leaders from each of the four grades that make up the student body. What follows are some of the things to which we were treated.

The students did a superb job in developing a meaningful program to honor veterans and the individual performances of the students was truly outstanding . . . far better than I could have ever anticipated.

After opening remarks, student Mattie Smith sang our National Anthem, accompanied by music teacher Jake Stevens on the guitar. Mattie was very composed and sang a beautiful rendition of the anthem.

Technical Ed Teacher Scott Maxner, himself an Army veteran, gave a stirring speech about military service. That was followed by Mr. Stevens leading the Middle School chorus in a medley that included "America the Beautiful," "My Country Tis of Thee," and "My Native Country Thee." It was uplifting and absolutely wonderful!

After closing remarks by Student Leadership Council member R.J. Soboslai, the veterans retired to the cafeteria where they were served a brunch by members of the council.

All in all, the program and the performance far exceeded anything I could have imagined. A tip of the cap and a thank you to school Principal Kevin Barbour and all those at the Franklin Middle School who made the program possible.

Bob Meade


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