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Democrats have placed 'Closed for Business' sign on N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

I have joined the race for representative to represent Northfield and Franklin for one reason: Our state is on the wrong track and that will affect our children's future.

Current House leadership has shown itself incapable and they must be replaced. We heard these leaders promise two years ago that, if elected, jobs would be the Number 1 priority.

Well, as New Hampshire's economy exists now, too many of our college graduates, young entrepreneurs, and talented workers are forced to move to other states looking for better opportunities. When policies in Concord retard economic growth — as they have over the past two years — we export our future to states that offer more opportunities.

As a financial adviser, taxpayer, and father of a college student, I know the need for good jobs and how important it is to elect people to state and local offices who will work hard to create a better business environment.

The current Democratic majority in Concord has proven time and time again that it is not up to the task.

What we need is for our state to be as business-friendly as it once was. Sadly, the current Democratic leadership in Concord has been acting in ways that make our state less competitive, hurting businesses and the families they support. The numbers tell us that New Hampshire businesses are paying almost 60 percent of all state taxes collected. Our business tax burden is higher than both "Taxachusetts" and Connecticut.

Forbes magazine ranks us 35th on "the cost of doing business" scale when just two short years ago we ranked 18th. Clearly we are going in the wrong direction.

The Democratic majority in Concord passed and signed 180 different bills over the past two years, yet not one of these new laws makes New Hampshire more attractive to business. In fact, this year House Democrats passed more than 30 bills that make life a little more difficult, a little more expensive for businesses. You can bet these actions will make some businessmen decide that it's just not worth starting up or expanding operations.

Democrats have effectively erected a "Closed for Business" sign around New Hampshire.

A few very good pro-business bills were introduced, some by Democrats (though none by our local reps) but most by Republicans. All these bills were killed. This is the very definition of "shooting ourselves in the foot" and one big reason why we have dropped so far so fast in a key economic ranking.

Leaders in Concord clearly have no concept of the big problems we ordinary people are facing. While our economy lags, the Democrat-controlled House passed bills to increase taxes on home heating oil and gasoline. They even passed legislation to tax paint.

Over the coming weeks I will provide more evidence of mismanagement and misrepresentation by our local representatives. For now, I just want to announce my candidacy and promise you my attention will be focused on the economy and jobs. It's the only way to recapture the New Hampshire Advantage.

If you would like to help my campaign with donations, volunteering time, or providing a campaign sign location please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (603) 286-7329. Make checks payable to: Friends of Greg Hill and mail to: Ken Gorrell, Fiscal Agent, 354 Shaker Road, Northfield, NH 03276.

Greg Hill


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Has anyone asked why Obama doesn't ask Hamas for restraint?

To The Daily Sun,

Another week another cease fire in Gaza. I wonder if this one will last through today let alone the three days agreed upon?

Even if it does how long until Hamas starts firing rockets again? If the Israeli defense forces are smart, they won't wait and will start hammering enemy positions again. By this time there should not be anyone who doesn't know that Hamas is a terrorist organization and will start their bloody attacks sooner or later.

The fact is Muslims hate Jews and just live to kill them — oh and us, too. So what's new. It's been going on sense before Israel's founding and will continue until the terrorists are killed, their support and funds are cut off.

This whole thing is crazy. American presidents have been trying to broker a peace deal from 1948 until today. It will not happen because Muslims no not want peace. They want to kill in the name of Allah.

Has anyone asked why Obama has not asked Hamas to act with restraint; he only asks Israel for that? It looks to the world as though Obama is favoring the terrorists. After five and a half years he should by now realize he isn't going to talk a bunch of homicidal maniacs out of the thrill of killing Jews and Americans.

So where do American Jews stand today when they see and hear the things Obama and the Dems are doing? After the last election, when Jews voted overwhelmingly for Obama, some on the right accused them of betraying Israel. It's looking very much as though they were right. With no insight into the Jewish community I wonder if they are having regrets now? I wouldn't wonder.

Steve Earle



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Spreading that kink of wrong information harms our country

To The Daily Sun,

I read the letters to the editor published on Tuesday, Aug. 5. The letter by Steve Earle of Hill drew my attention. According to his letter, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi thinks that Hamas is a charitable organization. I spent a bit of time today on the computer researching his statements. I watched the whole interview between Nancy Pelosi and Candy Crowley of CNN.

According to Pelosi, in that interview with Crowley, Hamas is a terrorist organization and she never said otherwise. One of the things Ms. Pelosi did say was that the "Qataris have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization..." Qatar is a sovereign Arab country that gives major financial support to Hamas. This "charitable" giving is what allows Hamas to be able to cause so much damage and destruction against Israel.

Mr. Earle I don't know where you got your information, but it is wrong and that kind of misinformation passed along harms our country. I would ask that you check your sources before writing about something.

FYI—her name is Pelosi not Polosi.

Cathy Dawson


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70% of future jobs created will not require a college degree

To The Daily Sun,

There have been a number of letters pro and con regarding Common Core, and just as many complaining about the high cost of college education.

No Child Left Behind did not work. Common Core will be even more difficult for all school children to succeed with. Is this just another chapter in the overall dumbing down of America?

And a recent syndicated article noted that recently more than 70 percent of the jobs created did not require a college degree. So why the push to push students into debt that they may never be able to pay off? Looks like a great time for American to reinvest in what used to be called trade schools to help fuel the old-time entrepreneurial spirit.

Jim Raschilla

Alton Bay

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2 more of Tom Clairmont's many achievements deserve mention

To The Daily Sun,

The local papers gave an impressive list of Tom Claremont's achievements at LRGH this past week. I'd like to add two more that deserve mention.

For years there has been a regular monthly meeting of local clergy in Laconia and Gilford. Tom invited himself to one of our meetings, and described the need for a full-time professional chaplain at the hospital, and asked us to create a committee to create a job description, title, and training for the position. as a result of Tom's initiative we have had two chaplains, George Hankins-Hull from Northern Ireland, followed by our current chaplain, Festus Kavale, from Kenya. Both were clergy who came to the U.S. to take advantage of the clinical training programs needed to qualify as professional hospital chaplains. Each has made a significant contribution for hospital patients, staff, as well as the local community.

Another initiative Tom took was to support the creation of what are called monthly "Schwartz Rounds" at the hospital. These meetings are open to all professional staff, with presentations made by panels of staff members, on a different topic monthly, related to challenges for staff in their interactions with patients.

All staff are eligible to attend, and to respond with their own experiences related to the sharing of the panel. Patient confidentiality is strictly respected in not disclosing patient identity. The topics relate to the stresses, challenges or crises experienced by staff in their work with patients. Helping caregivers receive support for their emotional needs in the stresses of the hospital context, strengthens their resiliency and helps them be more effective as caring caregivers. Understanding for Schwartz Rounds can be found on-line.

The Rev. Bill Zeckhausen, D.Min.

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