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Migliore will work full-time on behalf of Grafton District 9 voters

To The Daily Sun,

I am the former state representative for Grafton County, District 9 and I endorse the optimum candidate to keep a fiscally prudent voice for us in Concord. Voters in Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol and Grafton should invest time on Tuesday, July 19 to cast a vote for Vincent Paul Migliore — with the strongest resume and knowledge on issues facing us.

There are other good candidates but this is about the next regular election, come 2018, when this should have been held. Mr. Migliore supported waiting and saving this unbudgeted expesne in every town — evidence of hisfiscal prudence. I've seen first-hand, having worked with him for years while he served on the Newfound School Board (10 years), with myself on the Budget Committee. I attest to his fairness when spending taxpayer dollars. He supports the 2nd Amendment and is an NRA member. With extensive inside knowledge of N.H. education and how decisions are made in the Legislature, he's best. Politically astute and hard working for his consitituents, he will continue to know that he's sold his business in Bristol, run with the wife of 39 years. He is able to and shall command respect of leadership in Concord our citizens here deserve. He will work full-time on our behalf and I urge a vote fo the one candidate who can win, and will work to do so in the general election, then again in November 2018 — which is really what this contest is all about.

"Skip" Reilly


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Clearly the plaintiffs got the best of the court's travel ban decision

To The Daily Sun,

The Supreme Court gutted the Trumpenfuhrer's Muslim ban and left it a hollow carcass for him. It was a brilliant and artful dodge! The court ruled the administration could block people from six Muslim-majority countries for 90 days and all refugees for 120 days with exceptions for those with a "credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States."

Legally, thousands from those six nations who have bona fide relationships with family, corporations, foundations, research facilities and universities can gain entry. And it also mean about 60 percent of refugees can be admitted (family). If the administration fails to do this properly, another flood of lawsuits will commence. And when the court hears the case in October, the 90 days will be over and moot. Another issue is refugees in the resettlement pipelines with refugee aid groups, churches, and sponsors. There is likely to be lawsuits to decide if being in the pipeline is a bona fide relationship. These refugees have been vetted for two years. Clearly, the plaintiffs got the best of this decision. Justice Thomas pouted again.

It's been 150 days since the first unconstitutional order was attempted and there have been no terrorist attack. Meanwhile 6000 Americans have murdered another American with a gun and there have been 155 mass shootings. On Monday, the court turned away an NRA appeal regarding California's requirements for "just cause" for concealed carry which were affirmed by the 9th. Justice Thomas whined again.

Trump has now exceeded Gerald Ford as America's most unpopular president in the history of Gallup. Only 36 percent approve and almost 60 percent disapprove. With 22 million losing their insurance by 2026 if Trumpcare (Don't-Care) passes, it's only going to get worse. We warned you! Premiums for those over 50 will jump and $800 billion will be shifted to the rich in the name of trickle down economics. They never learn. And now the EPA is going to kill the Clean Water Act. That ought to really make him popular. He already rescinded the prohibition against dumping coal sludge in waterways. Have a drink, 'Muricah'! What a nasty, indecent human being. On a good note, 1,040 mayors signed a letter saying they will follow the Paris accord and put money in green jobs and west coast states are forming a compact. The resistance continues unabated.

James Veverka


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