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Let's keep this knowledgeable, dedicated man on selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

Dave Nickerson has served the town of Sanbornton for the past nine years as a dedicated selectmen. Dave is on the job 24/7 and is always aware of all the activities the town employees are engaged in. He also continuously solicits the opinion and comments of all town residents. I have found Dave to be very open and responsive to all questions and the concerns and never hesitant to express his views.

Let's keep this knowledgeable, dedicated Sanbornton resident as one of our selectmen for another term.

Vote for Dave Nickerson on election day Tuesday, March 8.

Bill Whalen

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Critically important for Gilford to attend deliberative sessions

To The Daily Sun,

It is critically important that taxpayers of Gilford attend the two Deliberative Sessions under the governance of SB-2 being held this week.

Tuesday night is the School Deliberative Session. Thursday night is the Town Deliberative Session. Both are at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium.

These sessions are usually only attended by town and school district employees. Budgets can be altered at these sessions often affecting your tax rate and ultimately undoing the good work of the volunteer Budget Committee that is looking out for the best interest of the taxpayer.

Please attend both of these sessions.

Susan C. Greene

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