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Santa Fund was able to help 650 children this holiday season

To The Daily Sun,

The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region was established in 1973 to provide charitable assistance to the Lakes Region children during the holiday season and throughout the year. This year we began our winter outerwear distribution in October. We have partnered with Salvation Army, St. Vincent Children's Foundation and local schools and police departments to assist families in the Lakes Region with their holiday needs. We were overwhelmed with requests for outerwear. We have been able to help more than 650 children this season. The need this year appeared to us to be much greater than in past years and with the cold weather on the way we were anxious to get this done. We rely on cash donations to purchase these items and do most of our shopping in the off season in order to get the best deals possible for our money.

We would like to thank the following people for their donations to help keep the children of the Lakes Region warm this winter:

Chamber Of Commerce Business After Hours, Barbara B. Harris, Dawn & Michael Phelps, Sarah Gray and Body Covers Screen Printing, Florence Guilmett, George and Susan Condodemetraky, William G. Moore, Normand Lacasse, Jeff and Katherine Pierson, Leon Smith, Mary Atwood, Foley Oil and Employees, Lakes Region General Hospital Nursery Guild, Georgianna and George Silva, Lakes Region Dancing With The Stars, Fay's Boat Yard, Ready For Service Club, Michele Angers, Tom Dooley.

Also, Linda Buell Keith, Hali Dearborn, Jamie Caldwell, Mix 94.1 Cash N Cans, Brian and Jennifer Winslow, Claire and Philip Bragg, Kiwanis Club Of Laconia, James M. Carroll, The Glaude Family, Tenney Mountain Hwy LLC, Donna Carleton, Deborah and Paul Cotton, Lakes Region Wavemakers, Granite United Way, Greater Lakes Region Children's Auction, Jane Marett, Christine Gingerella, Vista Foods, Paul Hogan and Shooters Gold, Al Miltner, David Woodruff and Bootleggers, Stiches of Love at Laconia Congregational Church.

If we omitted anyone please accept our apologies and know that your contribution made a difference.

If you would like to help keep our children warm this winter please send your donation to: Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region, P.O. Box 7454, Laconia, NH, 03247. No amount is too small and together we can make sure the children of the Lakes Region are taken care of. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region Board of Directors:
Janet Brough
Jamie Caldwell
Jim Carroll
Andrea Condodemetraky
Courtney Coppi
Lisa Cornish
Kathy Crane
Marlee Guilmett
Kim Lacasse
Chris McCarthy
Dennis Phelps
Katie Pierson

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Never a harsh word spoken is for a birthday party, not a debate

To The Daily Sun,

Well, it didn't take long for Paul Punturieri to respond to my response to his letter. Well, yea Paul, I did get your point. You want every letter writer to be nice, sweet, polite, with never a harsh word spoken or written. Paul that's not a debate, that's a birthday party. Really, if you have something to say that adds to the political conversation then say it.

You must have been reading letters here in this paper for some time and know the tenor of the conversation. If it bothers you so you have the option of not reading them but as for your expecting everyone with a political view to play nice that's wishful thinking. Now it seems to me you (intentionally) missed the point of my letter which was to clarify and identify what you were talking about.

On another subject, I hear the Hillary/Obama supporters screaming their outrage at Donald Trump. Isn't that too bad? These same supporters called anyone who didn't vote for Obama "racists, bigots, red necks" among every other slur and slander they could whip up. And yet when those two, yes "Marxist-socialists" proved their critics right on nearly every point these same people are outraged at The Donald. Almost 60 percent of Americans agree with Trumps message, which is: "Washington is broken, is not looking out for the American people" and we are mad as hell and aren't going to take it any more. We will overlook his bombastic, even vulgar, outbursts because it's overdue for Washington insiders to get the message: Enough BS.

Oh yea, I hear Hillary's "secret weapon" will soon enter the fray. That's right Bill is going to be campaigning for the Mrs. Should do wonders for the women's vote until all those women Bill molested get trotted out in campaign ads and Hillary destroyed in her smear campaigns. Should be getting really nasty before long, wait and see.

Steve Earle


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