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Bob Giuda knows we need to eliminate desire for illegal drugs

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Giuda is committed to improving the lives and prosperity of the men and women of New Hampshire and their families. Because of this and because of his leadership, judgment, life experience, and legislative accomplishments, I enthusiastically endorse Bob Giuda for the New Hampshire District 2 State Senate seat currently held by Senator Forrester.

Three of Bob's top priorities are jobs, job and life preparation, and ending the scourge of drugs that harms so many New Hampshire citizens and their families.

Bob is committed to creating an environment in which every New Hampshire citizen can prosper. Entry-level jobs are needed for people joining the workforce. Higher-level jobs are needed so everyone, including our young people, have good opportunities to prosper right here in New Hampshire. The prosperity of our people depends on having a regulatory, tax, and infrastructure environment that stimulates a growing economy.

Bob is committed to enabling New Hampshire citizens to be prepared with the skills and knowledge needed to prosper in our economy. Every child must be able to get a good education in a safe school, whether it is their local public school or a school of their parents' choosing.

Bob knows that the best solution to our drug problem is for people to refuse to start taking drugs. Bob believes, and I agree, that all stakeholders, parents, teachers, addicts, EMTs, police, doctors, clergy, etc., need to focus on reducing and eliminating people's desire to use illegal drugs, in addition to drug user treatment and law enforcement efforts.

Bob Giuda's priorities are to enact the legislation and provide the leadership to enable every New Hampshire citizen to prosper. Bob's success in the military, FBI, and airline industry clearly demonstrate his ability. Bob's public service (selectman, school board, moderator, state representative, deputy majority leader, etc.) clearly demonstrates his commitment to making New Hampshire a better place for people to succeed and enjoy their lives.

I enthusiastically endorse and ask that you join me in voting for Bob Giuda for State Senate in the Sept. 13 Republican Primary election.

Don Ewing

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I would like to join my wife in the N.H. Hosue of Representatives

To the Daily Sun,

I am running for State Representative in Merrimack County District #3 (Northfield and Franklin, Ward #3) for the 2017-2018 term.

Originally from Guilford, Maine where I resided for over 40 years, I moved to New Hampshire after the passing of my wife in order to live closer to my brother, who taught school at Proctor Academy in Andover and then later at St. Paul's School, where he eventually became a rector.

Guildford is part of Piscataquis County which is equal to Coos County here in New Hampshire. The lumbering business, paper mills, knitting mills and many small businesses and factories had closed. The agricultural business is passing into history as the cost of farming had increased. Every other farm and house was up for sale, just as in the New Hampshire communities.

While living in Maine, I worked on a 200-acre horse farm where I was as a caretaker/grounds man. At the time my minimum earnings were $5 an hour, far below the minimum wage. I also served as a volunteer/mutual aid firefighter for the towns of Guilford, Dover/Foxcroft, and Sangerville.

MY wife (Joyce) and I raised our five children on a 50-acre farm. The farm was almost lost after Joyce died from a catastrophic illness. It was then when I realized there was a need for quality affordable healthcare for all.

In 2009, I met a state representative by the name of Deborah H. Wheeler. During that time, I visited the New Hampshire Statehouse in Concord. I attended committee hearing watched her present, and testify on bills for her committee and other committees in the General Court as well and on the House floor.

Many N.H. voters are concerned about the opioid addiction, minimum wage, medical and prescription drug costs for the elderly and the disabled. In addition to quality affordable education for our youth.

It is with all the knowledge and experience of the past 73 years that I understand I can make an impact to my community and am asking for your support during this election cycle.

I would like the opportunity to represent Merrimack County District #3 and all of its citizens. Please consider me. I can be reached at (603) 286-8212. My residence is 38 Bat St, Northfield, NH 03276.

My wife, Representative Deborah Wheeler (campaigning for her 4th term) and myself would make dynamic duo in the House of Representatives for the term 2017-2018. 

Bob Gillespie


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