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United Nations always was and still is a 'basket of deplorables'

To The Daily Sun,

John Kerry assured us that the United States' abstention from a vote to condemn Israel was all about preserving the goal of a peaceful, two state solution. The man some call "Lurch" is not qualified to be a politician in Transylvania and yet he is our Secretary of State, mouthpiece for the man in the Oval Office. Yes, that would be Barack Obama, lover of the corrupt United Nations and the man who has always been "warm for the form" for Marxist revolutionaries.

Why isn't John Kerry merely the manservant for the Addam's Family? And wouldn't it be nice if Barack Obama was merely the fictional character, Dr. Frankenstein, unable to actually transform Uncle Sam into a Marxist monster? Why has the United Nations spent more time and money heaping criticism on Israel than on ghastly human rights violators such as North Korea? "North Korea's forced labor camps have now existed twice as long as the Soviet Gulag and twelve times longer than Nazi concentration camps," reports Lloyd Billingsley of Under the nuclear weapons threatening rule of Kim Jong-Un(hinged), North Korea aids terrorist groups and kidnaps foreign nationals while threatening to incinerate South Korea whenever it gets "in a mood."

Did the United Nations ever follow through on its condemnation of communist China for human rights violations against Tibet? Lloyd intones that this communist occupation has outlasted the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. That would be the man that the progressive left applauded for his educational and medical reforms when he passed away. I am not kidding because many of them really did, but I digress.

Remember when the Khmer Rouge from 1975-79, killed one-fourth of the Cambodian population, or 2 million people, including thousands of babies by smashing their heads against a tree. Or how about forcing prisoners to dig their own graves before clubbing them to death to save on bullets. It's all in the book, "Murder of a Gentle Land: The Untold Story of Communist Genocide in Cambodia." Lloyd says the U.N. dithered until 1988 before condemning the Khmer Rouge and yet still never brought most of the perpetrators to justice. Does the United Nations or President Obama care?

My good friend and amateur historian, Gene Danforth has written to us about Alger Hiss, Stalinist spy in our government and key U.N. architect. In Barry Rubin's, "Silent Revolution," Hiss selected some 250 employees. And that from 1972 to 1982, the Secretary General of the United Nations was a Nazi war criminal. Kurt Waldheim served in units that "executed thousands of Yugoslav citizens and deported thousands of Greek Jews to death camps from 1942 to 1944." "Kurt the Killer" lied to the U.N. about his actions and that was apparently good enough for the United Nations. Think that bothers our commander-in-chief, or does he even know about this history? I doubt Frank Marshall Davis or his college professors told him.

And how about UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)? Amabou-Mahtar M'Bow, a Muslim from Senegal was in charge of this organization when his primary major cause was "preserving the Islamic heritage of Jerusalem," according to a book he co-authored, "Islam and Muslims in the American continent." Mr. Billingsley reports that, "UNESCO funded the PLO and violent Marxist movements around the world" and gave cover for a dozen KGB spies. The publication, French L'Express described M'Bow as a "megalomaniac despot." Ronald Reagan pulled us out of UNESCO in 1984. Who dares to ask President Obama about his opinion of UNESCO?

Here we have just one more example of how the progressive left worldwide, either embraces evil or looks the other way, while attacking friends of freedom and democracy. The United Nations has been and currently still is an honest-to-goodness real, "basket of deplorables." How else can anyone explain their constant attacks on our American democratic friend Israel, while giving short shrift to evil North Korea?

Finally, we have an incoming president who understands that, as Lloyd tells us, "the U.N. is wasteful, unaccountable, and hostile to the United States, which pays the lion's share of the bills." How many agree with me that Donald Trump should take all of our billions and get out of the United Nations and far away from its "eerie sight"? And when the U.N. comes knocking on our door, ask the Marxist zombies if Boris sent them.

Ah yes, the "Monster Mash" song is ringing in my ears now. Tis now time for the United Nations to be a "graveyard smash," is it not?! Now where is my Crypt-Kicker Five album? Igor, ignore the baying hounds and go find my album.

Hat tip: to Lloyd Billingsley, another brilliant writer for David Horowitz's Freedom Center.

Russ Wiles

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To eat healthy and support farmers, visit Gilford Farmer’s Market

To The Daily Sun,

Yes, people still have the chance to get fresh produce and healthy, organic meats at the Gilford Farmer's Market. It will be open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon at the Gilford Youth Center on Potter Hill Road for the month of January. Most Saturdays there will be at least four farmers and sometimes more offering their fresh, organic vegetables and their meats. Plus, there are craftspeople with a variety of attractive and practical items.

The Shepherd's Hut in Gilford has home-grown lamb, plus free booklets from the American Lamb Council that gives "cooking techniques 101" with cooking times and temperatures for the various cuts of lamb, plus some recipes. Plus, she offers jars of spices that are special for lamb, some put out by the council, so that a novice (such as me) can prepare a tasty lamb meal. Plus, she also sells honey and eggs.

Picnic Rock Farm also offers honey and eggs, along with tasty apples, farm made tomato sauces, all sorts of tasty pastries, maple syrup and other farm items.

Winnipesaukee Woods Farm will be at the Market the first and third Saturdays, while Beans and Greens will be there the second and fourth. They offer many of the same vegetables; they cooperate so as to help each other (farmers know the value of helping/sharing).

Fen Ridge Farm in Loudon offers a "unique blend of fresh, local fruit juices with vintages wines to produce a robust, versatile jelly" that can be used on bread/toast, with cream cheese on crackers as an appetizer or as a condiment with grilled or roasted meats. They are made with all natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors.

Our Place Farm from Loudon offers healthy, organic beef, pork, chicken, and duck, all raised in a natural free-roaming environment.

The above are the farmers that come every week (almost), plus there are craftspeople who come every week. There are some farmers and others who are "guest vendors" who may come only once or a few times during the market times.

If you like to eat healthy and support local area farmers, come to the Gilford Farmer's Market. The vendor fees go to support the Gilford Youth Center and the proceeds from the coffee and doughnuts support the Gilford Historical Society in their efforts to replace the wood shake shingles on the 1838 Rowe House.

Kathy Lacroix
Farmer's Market committee

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