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Pleasant Street students gathered 870 donations to Belknap House

To The Daily Sun,
On April 21, Belknap House staff attended an assembly at Pleasant Street School. As part of the school's Pride Week, Belknap House was chosen to be a recipient of the student's Community Give Back , and they chose to help outfit our cold weather family shelter with donated paper good items. After we arrived and were introduced, the curtain in the gym was drawn, displaying over 870 items gathered by the students.
Overwhelmed by their energy and generosity, we thanked the students for thinking of us and the families we help to support. As an aside it was also the day of birth for our Executive Director Karen Welford and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her, which moved her tremendously — making it such a terrific day all the way around.
We would like to publicly give thanks to Pleasant Street School Principal Dave Levesque, the teachers, students and of course their parents for making this very thoughtful donation to us. Thank you.

Tammy L. Emery

Belknap House Family

Support Coordinator

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A lesson in multiculturalism, plus a restraining order and a gun

To The Daily Sun,

One of the big questions we face in our country today is whether Muslims can be good neighbors and assimilate into American culture. As usual, I have a true personal anecdote that might help understand the problems between our world and theirs.

Our young lady, we'll call Miss M, graduated from a liberal university, majored in sociology. There she was taught to embrace diversity in all of its forms, and, being of mixed heritage herself, that philosophy made perfect sense. She befriended a young man at school, from a wealthy Arab country, and they began dating. Her mother and I warned her that he might not be a good match for her, and she told us that was racist thinking and mind our own business.

So we made every effort to accept him and included him in family gatherings as we would any of her friends. Hey, here's a very charming, well dressed, and educated guy from a wealthy family who drives a BMW. What is not to like?

As their relationship progressed, he became more controlling of her life, complaining about her other friends, and the way she dressed, where she went and so on. Being of an independent mind, she decided to break off from him. His reaction was with threats, physical violence against her, and property damage as is customary in his world when a woman will not obey a man's wishes. He had no desire to "assimilate" into our culture.

Now Miss M has received a lesson in multiculturalism, along with a restraining order and a gun. I don't know what happened to the young man but I do wish him all the best when he lands back wherever he grew up. Yes, he is the only Muslim that we have met, and he may not represent the entire Muslim culture, but he sure did fit the stereotype. It's not racist to expect foreign visitors to respect our American way of life. If they can't be trusted to behave in a civilized manner, they should get the hell out.

Alan Moon


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