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Here is link to the Swedish Crime Survey, with data back to '06

To The Daily Sun,

Note to Steve Earle: My source and other media sources on Swedish crime data is from "Brå," which is the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. Here is the Swedish Crime Survey with graphs going back to 2005,

James Veverka

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I don't enjoy bearing bad news but I will be faithful to share it

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Denise Burke's letter. I sincerely apologize if my writing made you feel like I was saying God didn't love you. It was not my intent. God corrects His children because He loves them. Not because He doesn't.
As to the Holy Grail of the Lakes. As I said, at the beginning, God didn't speak to me about this. I started out defending a brother in Christ. If it hadn't been for your little joke at Bishop Blake's expense; I don't believe I would have engaged the subject at all. I don't enjoy being the bearer of what by some will be considered bad news, but I will be faithful to share it. If the owners of that establishment do not repent; God is going to close it down.

John Demakowski

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