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'Grandfather' clause doesn't pertain to applications, like fertillizer

To The Daily Sun,

After reading the Gilmanton voting guide regarding special warrant articles and then reading the articles themselves, I discovered that the instructions and the wording for Warrant Article 3 (to ban sewage sludge ) seemed to be in direct contradiction. I went on to discover, after some inquiry, that it would seem that Article VII of Gilmanton's Zoning Ordinance (often thought of as the "grandfather clause") is somehow being used to justify the continued use of sludge, even if it's banned. This is a mistake.

The lawful "legal use" of these or any farm is to farm the land. That's the meaning of "use" under Article VII: Farming, aka agriculture. If anyone asked any of these farmers who use sewage sludge for fertilizer: "What do you use your land for"?, they are not going to say, "I use it to spread sewage sludge." They're going to reply that they use it to raise grain, or crops, or livestock. That's the use. Sewer sludge is an application.

The "grandfather clause" (Article VII) was intended to prevent new ordinances or codes from forcing home/landowners from dismantling existing structural and or mechanical systems that are permanently in place (think: "nailed down"); it does not apply to applications. Warrant Article 3 is to ban the use of sewage sludge in Gilmanton. If it passes, that means the majority of voters in Gilmanton think it's harmful to their health, the health of their neighbors, their children, the unborn, the land, wildlife, water tables and air. The whole idea of a warrant article that purports to ban something but then turns around and allows it, is to me, quite frankly ... ridiculous.

Al Blake


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We have one candidate who has already proved herself able to lead

To The Daily Sun,

In these days of loud, angry, headline-grabbing candidates for president, we need a voice of reason, especially on the economy. That voice, thank goodness, is coming from Hillary Clinton. She has an actual plan, not just outrageous promises, to improve our lives. Her own roots are in the middle class, and that's why she understands people like us.

She has vowed to revitalize the middle class — by increasing take-home pay (equal pay for women and a higher minimum wage for all), by giving average families tax relief (closing loopholes for the wealthy), and by making college affordable (free tuition at public universities). She is also committed to rebuilding our nation's aging infrastructure of roads and bridges, which will create thousands of good-paying jobs.

If you feel bewildered by the circus of colorful candidates making extreme promises based on hateful attitudes or wishful thinking, remember this: We have one candidate who has already proven herself able to lead. That's Hillary Clinton. She alone has the experience to deal with difficult international leaders as well as deadlocked congressional issues. She alone has the realistic vision for strategies that will make our country work again. And she alone has the calm, determined attitude to actually get things done.

So when you go into that voting booth, be realistic about your own future. Please cast a vote for reason, not wrath — and vote for Hillary Clinton.

Charlotte Cox


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