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The Pines provides a much-needed service to local families

Pines Community Center Builds Community

To The Daily Sun,

I'm a parent of a Winnisquam teacher and our family has been involved in this community for years. Our kids went off to The Pines for the summer program for many years. It was great, they got to do many different fun activities with a lot of kids, and later when in high school they became summer counselors which was a great experience that influenced their lives and careers.

With major funding coming from the towns of Tilton and Northfield, our community is nurtured by programs at The Pines that are open to all. Hopefully, supporting towns and donors will not abandon their support as this vital part of our community undergoes healing. A positive future awaits The Pines with continued community support.

The Pines fills a large need for all area families offering quality programs to all at minimal cost that is not available elsewhere in the area. This is a much-needed service to the hard-working families of our area.

I'm confident that The Pine's board will be able to appropriately address the pain felt by those recently hurt and once again become a positive steward of our children. Our children's well-being and destiny is our highest call and our future.

Center Sanders


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Farmers should inform their customers if they use sludge

To The Daily Sun,

Summertime is a time for experiencing growth. Lush grass, soft breezes, smell of fragrant lilacs, lily of the valley. Best of all local greens, vegetables, fresh cut hay, pigs, chickens, cows, milk, eggs, all local and fresh.

People that buy local care about what's fresh and healthy and want to support local farmers. My choice is to support local farmers that do not use sludge on their fields to grow vegetables, feed animals grown for meat, eggs or buy toxic sludge cut hay. Spreading sludge is spreading dangerous pathogens, disease, heavy metals, flame retardants, pharmaceuticals and so much more. We all need to make the right choice that suits our beliefs. If your local products that you are selling are sludge-free you need to inform the public it is.

Farmers that use sludge on their fields that feel so comfortable and believe in the safety of this product should also state "get your local sludge grown products here."

Sandi Guarino


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