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This is what the left considers free speech & respectful dialogue

To The Daily Sun,

Fascists are on the march again. At a Trump rally in California, the Democratic Party of Orange County and The Orange County Young Democrats urged their supporters to demonstrate. Well they did and, in their typical fashion, they smashed a police car and threw objects at passing traffic. This is what liberals consider free speech and respectful dialogue these days.

If you can't get your way throw a tantrum, break the law, destroy property and endanger innocent people. Guess they never hear or read the, I may not agree with what someone says buy I will fight to the death their right to say it.

Then we have a bunch of anti-Israeli students at San Diego State University who trapped the collage president in his car for nearly two hours because he wouldn't condemn those who disagreed with them in strong enough terms. Are you kidding me? Well this is what this namby-pamby liberal president gets for being him. This was a criminal act of false imprisonment by a bunch of weak-minded, fascist hate mongers. They should have all been expelled and had restraining orders put on them, their grades deleted and told to go home to mommy. This is not free speech, people.

Liberal-run San Francisco is having what it richly deserves, a major increase in crime, homelessness and drug abuse. Burglaries of homes, car break-ins, public urination/defecation and all the things that go with it are increasing exponentially. Well I said it was deserved, it's what you get with liberal socialism until the police state of socialism is implemented.

That reminds me liberals, I still have not heard from any of you "critical thinkers" just what values do you share with Muslims? Is it the kidnapping and sexual slavery of young girls? How about throwing gays off tall buildings or lynching them from lamp posts? What about cutting the heads off Jews, Christians, or any one that doesn't bow down to allah? (no capital "A", allah was a pagan moon god, not the creator).

Perhaps it is the disdain for human rights or democracy how about treating women like chattel? Okay, I give up, so tell me what it is? I really would like to hear your thinking, provided you have ever had a thought on the matter, which I strongly doubt.

Where is Bernadette Loesche and James Veverka? And how about Scott Cracraft, Ph.D.? This brain trust should be able to come up with something intelligible, wouldn't you think? They seem to have all the answers any self-respecting liberal could want. Let's see if they dare answer this question?

Steve Earle

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Thank you to Gilmanton Fire Department for their very quick response

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gilmanton Fire Department for their quick response to the building fire at my son's home on April 15. Their actions in putting out this fire were incredible. With the help of mutual aid units, this fire was under control within a short time.

This fire was reported to the fire dispatch center by a neighbor, and also reported by the Mt. Belknap Fire Tower.

A big thank you to family members, friends and the police departments in Gilmanton and Belmont for their help, as well. One never knows when help will be needed and it's nice knowing that these people are around. God bless all of you.

Albert J. Akerstrom

Retired Belmont Fire Chief

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