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Jack Kelley can help Gilford Budget Committee determine the ‘needs’ versus the ‘wants’

To The Daily Sun,

Gilford voters:

It is imperative that our tax burdens remain consistent with the earnings potential in the region if our real estate values are going to be supported and the town is to remain vibrant and attract new residents. In today's economy, a dollar of private sector pay is indeed hard-earned. As such, taxpayers need to ensure that the town government is thoughtful and judicious when placing additional tax burdens upon residents. Without question, such requests should be “need” based, and have a sound return on investment. It requires a trained financial eye to effectively analyze the cost versus benefit of spending initiatives.

I have known Jack Kelley for a number of years and believe he is the right person to help the Budget Committee evaluate spending proposals; to tease out the “need” versus “want,” and to offer constructive debate when there is disagreement. Jack has had a long career as a finance professional, he is thoughtful and deliberative, and cares about sustaining high quality of life for the Gilford community. I will be voting for him, and I encourage your support for him on March 13 for the Gilford Budget Committee.

Doug Schelb

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Wayne Brock: I will be a champion for preserving the open spaces in the town of Tilton

To The Daily Sun,

To my fellow citizens of Tilton:

As you are aware, I am running for the Tilton Selectboard in the upcoming elections and would like to express my view on the critical concept of the preservation of open areas within the town for the use of our citizens.

More and more, the availability of open land for our citizens to utilize to bask in the natural beauty of the town is eroding. As I have discussed with my students that are participating in courses that I am teaching for Franklin Pierce University courses in criminal justice, psychology and social work, we as a society are eroding many of those areas that provide the opportunity to relax, decompress from the hectic pace of our society, safe recreation for all ages and gathering places for families to be families.

While sitting on the WRSD and Town Tilton Budget Committees for last few years, I have noticed a shift in priorities which has resulted in the downgrading of maintenance and preservation in monetary support and an overwhelming decline in support for the concept of open areas. It appears that as money becomes limited, open areas become expendable for they are not a revenue stream.

Open areas serve a purpose for our community which calls for their maintenance and preservation by the Town of Tilton.

As a member of the Selectboard, I will be a strong advocate for their maintenance and preservation for this is how to continue and advance the concept of “prudent management" of Town of Tilton services to its citizens.

I am a strong believer of leaving the world a little better for the next generation.

I am a strong believer in providing information to the voter, and not just a name on a sign that’s sole purpose is name recognition when voters turn out to vote.

Wayne Brock

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