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St. Vincent De Paul Society thanks all, wishes a blessed season

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you to all the contributing members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society for their support during the past year and for our prior 25 years of service to the Lakes Region. Thanks to generous donations and shopping in our thrift store, we have continued our food pantry, children’s foundation, and financial assistance programs throughout the year. We have assisted thousands of our neighbors with food, clothing, assistance with rent, medical services, and school programs.

The board and volunteers at the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Laconia wish everyone a very blessed and happy Christmas season and New Year.

Neil Ahern

President, St. Vincent de Paul Society


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If wealthy would just pay a little in taxes we could have it all

To The Daily Sun,

On the horns of a dilemma. One of the many reasons that wealthy people "donate" money to charities, the arts, museums, libraries or hospitals (just to name a few) is to avoid having to pay that money in taxes to the federal and state governments. Those donations make it look as if they are being or acting in an altruistic manner. It's just the opposite.

 In point of fact if these wealthy people paid their fair share in taxes our government would be able to FULLY FUND the arts, museums, libraries or hospitals with that money.

It's all a game being played by the very rich of this country. Let's look to other countries whose citizens pay a little more money in taxes to their governments. What do they get for paying those higher taxes? Complete medical coverage, free education from kindergarten through university, paid maternity leave, quality child care, and many other perks and benefits that people in this country can only dream of...

Bernadette Loesch


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