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Three strikes on climate change claims and yer out!

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle recently claimed that if the "fanatical global warming gang really wants to stop pollution, head off to China, Russia, India where the greatest carbon footprint and world pollution comes from." Considering that Steve is both an biological evolution denier and a climate change science denier, it is no surprise Steve can't keep up with science and pulls his facts out of the end of his alimentary canal.

China is the only country that emits more greenhouse gases than the USA. The EU is third, India is fourth, and Russia is fifth. Steve is clearly ignorant of the fact that the U.S. puts more carbon in the air than both Russia and India combined and also more than all 28 nations in the EU combined. Steve misses! Strike one! See http://www.ecowatch.com/top-10-greenhouse-gas-emitters-find-out-which-countries-are-most-respo-1882054580.html

About India: "According to a draft of the country's 10-year energy blueprint, the Indian government expects that 57 percent of the country's total electricity capacity will come from non-fossil fuel sources by 2027 ... The draft also noted that no new coal-fired power plants would be needed to meet India's electricity demands through 2027." According to Tim Buckley, a director at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, "India is moving beyond fossil fuels at a pace scarcely imagined only two years ago." He also characterized the forecast as "absolutely transformational." Not even close, Steve! Strike two!
See https://thinkprogress.org/india-new-clean-energy-electricity-targets-d7773b884968#.kilx2e2n3

China isn't messing around, either. In 2015, its energy capacity from solar and wind increased 74 percent and 34 percent respectively. Coal consumption dropped about 4 percent. Like India, China is proceeding faster than the Paris accord requires. Tim Buckley (mentioned above) also said of China, "The latest figures confirm China's record-breaking shift toward renewable power and away from coal." And Coal imports dropped 30.4 percent. Stirrrrike three! Yer out, loser!

Russia hasn't ratified the climate agreement yet. While most senior officials and federal ministries in Russia support the Paris accord, Russia's steel and coal corporations are pushing back (golly, what a surprise!). Russia is not nearly as modern as India, China, or the EU in many ways and will find the transition to renewables more difficult. Get an education, Steve.

James Veverka

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I thank all the crybabies for the best entertainment in 8 years

To The Daily Sun,
Ever since the election I have wanted to write a Letter to the Editor about all the Obama, Hillary, far left, liberals and big crybabies.
I would to thank the following, Jim Mayotte, Alan Vervaeke, James Veverka, Scott Cracraft, Tom Stankosky, Bernadette Loesch and Carol Stappi. I am sure I missed many and I apologize.This is the best entertainment I have had in eight years. It is so much fun I have stopped watching Comedy Central.
A few of my friends have suggested starting a lemonade stand to raise funds for tissues for the most sore losers in the history of the USA.
But knowing how much it is going to be like the next four years, there is no way we could raise that much money the solution is watching their excuses for the loss is so long it will be impossible to mention them all. I will only list a few the Russians, the FBI, no proof about Hillary’s emails, and many more.
Your president, after running out of excuses, went as far as to say if he could have run again he would have. He couldn’t. He didn’t, and he wouldn’t have won.
This is the same man that after he and his wife campaigned right up to the last night, and knew she was going to win. After all she wanted to continue his failed polices. He told his fellow blacks and other minorities that if they didn’t get out and vote it would show they didn’t support him for all He had done for them. Guess what? He was right. The voters didn’t want to continue his polices. The minorities didn’t show up and the states he and Hillary took for granted voted for Trump.
I could go on and on. But what’s the use? You are all going to keep crying for the next four years.
Well, keep all the comedy and entertainment coming, and a happy four New Years to you.
I can’t help but mentioning one more important point and that is good luck in the mid-term elections. There are a lot of Democratic senators up for election. Good luck.
I am already laughing waiting for all the responses I will get.
L. Michael Hatch

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