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I am seeking re-election to the Sanbornton Budget Committee

To The Daily Sun,

It has been my privilege to serve on the Sanbornton Budget Committee the past three years. I am seeking re-election to the Budget Committee and I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, March 14.

Three years ago my position was that the Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen should cooperate with the goal of reconciling budget differences prior to Town Meeting. Since I was elected, the Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen have improved communications and meet both at the outset of the budgeting process and after the Budget Committee review. This has resulted in substantive differences being brought to the voters.

Budget disagreements cause Town Meeting to be excessively long and drawing attention away from the largest drivers of town property taxes, warrant articles. As promised, I have made every effort to see that the product of the budgeting process provides clear and meaningful choices to the voters at town meeting.

I would appreciate our vote and support on Tuesday, March 14. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.

Ralph Rathjen


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Katy Wells North has proven here worth over the last five months

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Katy (Wells) North. She has worked in many capacities since she moved into Sanbornton many years ago. I got to know her during the time she served as secretary on the Budget Committee. It wasn't long before she ran and got elected to the Budget Committee. Katy is very well versed on the state RSAs (laws).

This past five months she has finished out a term of a selectman who resigned and she worked diligently to finish work that was started. Katy was instrumental in rewriting the job descriptions of town employees and managers, making suggestions based on current duties and responsibilities, signed the Holden Engineering contract for engineering study on Lower Bay Road and took part in stabilize the tax rate for this year. Katy also assisted the on-site transfer station manager in writing the New Hampshire the Beautiful grant for our new compactor at the transfer station.

I am confident as a selectman she will do what is best for the citizens of Sanbornton.

Earl Leighton


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