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Thanks to Gilford voters for their March 14 support for our schools

To The Daily Sun,

As the chair of the Gilford School Board, thank you to all of the voters of Gilford who came out to support our schools on March 14. Your support for the school budget, the teachers' contract, and the warrant articles to establish capital improvement accounts is important in our community's effort to provide a quality education for our students.

Maintaining the process of constructing the default budget is important in ensuring that checks and balances are built into the system. The Gilford School Board is committed to continue its work to provide quality schools for Gilford and Gilmanton students.

Karen Thurston, Chair

Gilford School Board

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Are a small minority of Hidus conducting terrorist attacks on West?

To The Daily Sun,

More death and mayhem, more suffering, blood and pain, and though I want to scream at the terrorist deniers to get their politically-correct heads out of the sand, I know it will do no good. They have collectively convinced themselves that they are right, anyone who disagrees with them have something wrong with them and Islam is the "religion of peace."

I tell readers now that there is nowhere in the Koran that tells Muslims to "Love thy neighbor," or to "Forgive thy trespassers." What is in their "Holy Koran" is kill thy neighbor, enslave thy neighbor, rape thy neighbor, deceive and lie to the infidels. Apparently progressives are unable to read, unwilling to look, will not hear, not even the cries of the suffering and dying, are blind to the blood in the streets. No, they don't want want to hear it. Say it and your a racist, an Islamophobic and any other demeaning slur they can throw at you. But are you? Have you assaulted anyone, injured anyone, killed anyone? Doesn't matter you disagree with them, that's enough.
Have readers ever asked themselves how many innocent people, minding their own business have to be killed just out of the blue for no reason other then some terrorist decided to follow exactly what the Koran tells Muslims to do? By the end of 2015 there had been 30,224 deadly Muslim terrorist attacks sense 9-11-2001. That total grew in 2016 and continues to grow in 2017 yet we are told it's only a small minority doing it. Are their small minority's of Hindus conducting terrorist attacks, of Jewish or Christians, or any other religion? Not that anyone knows of and we would have heard if there was. So what gives Muslims the right to do this? Answer, the Koran and Sharha law. It commands them to do these things.When will enough be enough? A religion of peace, not on your life.

Steve Earle


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