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Is it now politically incorrect to display American flags for sale?

To The Daily Sun,

Today, May 25, I went to Gilford Hannaford for my regular shopping. I needed to buy a new USA garden flag to replace last year's, that has become weather-worn. I thought there would be some in the promotional aisle, as they were there last year. Only the beach accessories were there, no flags. I asked an employee where they were. He consulted by cellphone to someone, then led me to the manager's office. He opened the door, no one was inside; but two small, rolled bundles of flags were on a shelf with miscellaneous messy papers. Another employee quickly came to hand me one of the flags from the bundle. I asked how much they cost because there was no UPC code or price on it. He asked the service desk; it was 99 cents. I asked the employee why the flags were not already on display for sale. He said they didn't have a set up display for them yet.

I doubt there was any intention of ever setting the flags out for sale. Why were they in the manager's office? Why weren't they at least in the back room available to be set up by the night crew? No price sticker was placed on the flag, so at the checkout I had to ask for assistance with processing the flag for purchase.

Is it now unpatriotic/non-politically correct to display the flag for sale? Is the next step illegality?

It is only a few days from Memorial Day. Last year the flags were for sale in the promotional aisle several weeks before Memorial Day. Please remember this when you give thanks to United States military veterans. Please ponder the future without a United States as we, and others that come to this country, expect it to be.

Louise Sargent

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Lack of respect for those less fortunate foments hatred & discontent

To The Daily Sun,

There have been many comments in recent weeks affronting multiple existing faiths. A certain religious leader and one of his followers continue to indicate their faith is the only one. This is false. If our country is to survive the current divide among us, we must accept everyone, listen to what they have to say. Each faith that in this country is protected by the First Amendment, as well as their right to speak. This includes two dominant faiths, Christians and Muslims, and many more. The First Amendment is not only designed to protect religious worship, but also to protect citizens from religion!

There have been numerous sexual scandals in many faiths, including those well-publicized in the media. Violence has occurred from other faiths that has caused disruption of many populations throughout the world, as well as here in the USA. These occur for one significant reason: All of us are members of the human race; a factor that is critical in developing the challenges we face. Anyone can select or choose that phrase supporting their own personal bigotry, speaking against "the books and quotes that define a particular faith."

It seems no one is exempt from offering violence to promote their faith. Individual passages may offer violence, but even the Christian faiths have these as well. But many more are peaceful.

There is wealth and greed vs. the common human beings, middle class, and the poor; the 1 percent vs. the rest of the human race. Sadly, instead of using this wealth to further promote peace as well as improve the lot for all of us, this one percent adds to this discord by judging those so much less fortunate than them.

The Christian faith, as well as others encourages giving and giving back to those who elevated this 1 percent to their present positions. This lack of respect to those less fortunate harbors the hatred and discontent that is fomented. This leads to the social ills that faced by all of us today.

Many of the social issues such as climate change, challenges presented by the health care industry, the discontent among minority groups, the challenges to the disabled and the poor, immigrants are enormous. Tremendous energy is wasted by this 1 percent and those who seem so bigoted, as they project their one creed or superiority over others. This judgment needs to be directed to compassion. All of us are a part of life, and this respect must be given by everyone.

"The quality of mercy cannot be strained" as Shakespeare once said. This applies in today's world. Multiple faiths have many common goals of life, of which one of these is mercy and acceptance, as well as peace.

We can offer our opinions to this paper that reflect our faiths and/or beliefs. To attack one another is unacceptable. The contributing writers know who you are, please, your opinion is just as valuable as another. All opinions do have some valid foundations for their content. Listen, open your eyes. Please, stop calling each other names. Better, don't mention names at all. Let's all of us attempt to seek the peace in the letters presented. This clearly indicates a maturity that is badly needed.

The Christian faiths are not the largest in the world. Multiple Christian factions, Muslim faiths, Judaism, Oriental faiths, as well as many more offer larger numbers. Common to all these faiths are the principles of peace, acceptance of human kind regardless of their race or creed. Quakers are notable for encouraging peace; their efforts are to promote peace vs. war and violence to settle differences. Please take the concepts of a Christian scripture, I Corinthians 13, which offers this basic concept of love expressed in many faiths. This writer accepts all faiths, but this particular passage is excellent. Once we were children, we spoke like a child, played as children do. When we become men and women, no longer should we embrace childish ways. Faith, hope, and love; these three abide; but the greatest of all is love.

Let us all learn to accept and love another. The world can be a much better place to live, if we all do this.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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