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Acknowledging a difficult choice doesn't mask making the wrong choice

To The Daily Sun,
E. Scott Cracraft has a knack for making a profound issue the subject of his writing, not saying anything of actual value, that is that would give us a better understand of the thing itself; then making value judgements that do not stand the scrutiny careful reasoning, and slandering those with whom he disagrees in regards to a whole host of issues that are not really related to the topic that he chose to write about. In this instance that is abortion.
Firstly, Scott challenges the notion that a man should have any say in the matter of abortion at all. He bases this on the liberal family model in which children are encouraged to explore their sexuality, and discouraged to marry in favor of self fulfillment. This liberal family model which holds marriage in such low esteem; they see it not as the first institution ordained by God, but as an institution made by man and subject to change by man as he sees fit. This liberal world view is what gives cause for proliferation of unwed pregnancies today and the irresponsible men whom the professor chides. It is in fact this world view that gives rise to the need for abortion on demand. If you hold to this world view, abortion becomes necessary. You cannot afford to think too carefully about the morality of killing babies, for to do so might hinder your pursuit of happiness. Scott champions this view, then chides the men for their irresponsible behavior, then projects this behavior on the men of the pro-life community.
In the Christian view, marriage is a holy institution ordained by God, and is to be encouraged. Sex outside of marriage is sin. A committed two parent household is the Christian ideal, in which the children are of the mother and the father. Both are responsible for raising the child.
Now as to speaking out about abortion: A baby is a human being male and female why would it not be the concern of a man to speak out on behalf of these who have no voice to speak for themselves and are being slaughtered by the millions. Would he not be found guilty if seeing the evil he did nothing?
The views Scott outlines and associates with those who also hold a pro-life view are not drawn from meanness, inhumanity, or selfishness, but from a different world view than his. Yes grant it there are mean, inhumane, and selfish people on both sides of this debate. Scott being a professor should understand this. The relevant question is which world view flows from the truth. If the Christian Scriptures are the True Word of God, as they claim to be, and not merely mythology, as Scott would assert, then Scott is wrong about a whole host of issues. The most important of which is not just knowing who God is, Though that is part of it, but knowing and being known by God personally. Confessing that you think He might have been the Creator is not enough. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father, but through Me." John 14:6. Will Jesus vouch for you when the Father asks you what have you done with this?

Back when the videos of Planned Parenthood's selling the body parts of aborted fetuses first were made public. I remember one of the news outlets did a piece on the emotion these raised on both sides of the debate. I remember they described one lady who had had an abortion and had donated her baby for research. They described how she was tearfully happy that her baby would be used to help this research. Her story came to my mind when I was looking at a pile of fetal body parts in one of those videos. The thought had come to me that those arms and legs and other fetal body parts piled thoughtlessly in a heap on a table might have been her baby. I sobbed uncontrollably for several minutes. This was the reality of her purported good deed. This is what liberal pro-choice supporters don't want you to see. Yet it is what abortion is. It is the killing of a human baby, and often in a manner in which we would not kill an animal. Yet you Just deflect the conversation to other issues. No. Please if you have had an abortion confess your sin and all of your sins to Jesus. Give your life to Him and He will forgive your sin, accept you as you are, and change you into His image as you surrender your life to Him.
Scott also reminds us that having an abortion is a hard choice. The difficulty of this choice does not change the fact that it is a wrong choice. What can you weigh against a human life? Your schooling? Your boyfriend? What people will think of you? The difficulty of going through labor? The lost opportunities you will suffer for having a child at a young age? Not wanting to give your baby up for adoption? What your parents might think? Would you kill your already born baby for any of these reasons? How much different is it to kill your baby while it is still in your womb, except that world tells you that it is okay? But you know in your heart that it's really not, that's why it's such a difficult decision. That is why writers like E. Scott Cracraft tell you they don't think they could do it themselves, because they know that it's wrong. But they won't stand up and say this life deserves the protection of the law, just like your life does.

John Demakowski


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26% of Americans say they've been harmed by Obamacare

To The Daily Sun,

American taxpayers have spent many billions of dollars on the Obamacare insurance plan. The law is not about health care, availability, quality or quantity. The Supreme Court called it a tax. It does not provide health care to anyone. Instead, it requires Americans buy health insurance. That is a very different thing than providing health care. It is also an ongoing source of administrative headaches for government, that means cost.

According to polling, very few Americans believe the president's signature bill has been helpful to their situations. Some are dissatisfied with deductibles. Some are dissatisfied with premiums. Some find the one-size-fits-all plans do not fit their situation, what they pay for may not even be services they individually can use.

According to polling data out from National Public Radio (NPR) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 56 percent report that they haven't really noticed anything different about their insurance situations since the passage of Obamacare. Among those who have been affected by the law, far more say it has hurt them than report being helped by the law. Twenty-six percent of people polled said they feel as though they've been personally harmed by the health care law. Fifteen percent of respondents said Obamacare has helped them.

This seems like bad news for the progressive health care system takeover. Most especially, as program officials report that eight of the remaining 11 state Obamacare co-ops are at serious risk of collapse in the year ahead. Twenty-four co-ops attempted to or did form; 23 opened their doors, one was a failure at inception. To date, 12 of the 23 co-ops which opened for business have been closed due to mismanagement and poor participation.

During a recent appearance before House Oversight and Government Reform Committee lawmakers, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) chief of staff Mandy Cohen said the remaining co-ops are "being monitored closely." When pressed by the committee for detail, Cohen was short on information about the remaining co-ops causing frustration with her report.

"Half of them are collapsed, closed, your term, costing the taxpayer over a billion dollars, of the (11) that are left you can't tell me which ones you've visited or haven't visited, what the enrollment projections are, and if they are meeting their enrollment projections... whether they are profitable or not," Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said. "That's the kind of stuff we wanted to know in this hearing."

Further, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight has pressed HHS Secretary Burwell on the $3.5 billion diverted to insurance companies under the auspices of a transitional reinsurance program. The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service released a memo saying the administration had violated the language of the PPACA in prioritizing insurers over the U.S. Treasury which if substantiated makes the diversion illegal. And yet more troubling is the fact that HHS knew or should have known this because the House filed suit in 2014 challenging the cost-sharing subsidies without an appropriation.

It is time for us as voters and taxpayers to use our votes to acquire accountability of the lawmakers we send to the District of Columbia. To do that we need to understand what they have voted for and what they voted against. Do you know how your congressman and senators voted on Obamacare related votes? Please, don't ask them how they feel or what their position is ... ask them how they voted. It's not talking the talk that is important. Do they walk the walk?

Marc Abear


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