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Brett Currier works for the people

To The Daily Sun,

We have a resident, Brett Currier, who is running for selectman. He is a man we can trust.

In prior years he has proven his ability to get things accomplished. As a matter of fact, he has been the best selectman that Gilmanton has ever had.

He works for the people.

Come aboard my bandwagon and vote for Brett Currier.

Priscilla Plourde

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Wasn't it an actor who killed the greatest president we ever had?

To The Daily Sun,

I saw Ted Danson was campaigning for that woman. Here's a thought. Ted Danson is an actor. They "play" at bring someone else. I wonder who he was "playing" the night he was in town.

Also, always remember when you hear or see an "actor" telling you how to vote that an "actor" killed the greatest president we ever had. (That would be John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln for the historically challenged Democrats out there.)

Just thought I'd mention it.

Steve Fiorini

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