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New Beginnings thanks you for support of our carnation sale

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of New Beginnings-Without Violence and Abuse, we want to thank our generous sponsors of our Mother's Day Carnation Sale in 2016.

With their support, the event raised funds for victim services, which ensures that victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence and stalking in Belknap County receive assistance. Their participation allows us to fund new initiatives, enhance existing support programs, recruit passionate volunteers and maintain our shelter.

New Beginnings, the only domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center in Belknap County, has spent the last 25 years advocating and supporting victims and their families. We are proud to provide thoughtful and trauma-informed services to all our clients. Without the funds raised from our Mother's Day Carnation Sale our organization would not be able to continue our services to the community. Services, which are confidential and free of charge, include crisis intervention, support and advocacy, in-person response to victims and survivors at medical facilities, law enforcement agencies and schools, court, systems and social service advocacy, shelter for those fleeing violence and support groups for all ages.

As New Beginnings enters its 25th year of serving the Lakes Region community, the organization renews its commitment to its mission: Ending sexual, domestic, and stalking violence through the provision of safe and effective services, including emergency refuge and support; and works toward social change by promoting an effective community response to violence.

Our sponsors' contributions are not just a charitable contribution, but is also an opportunity to raise awareness of these issues and the services we provide. Without the support of people like them, we would not be able to reach our goals.

We give a heartfelt thank you to all those who purchased and the following businesses:

Laconia House of Pizza, Hannaford in Gilford, Shaws in Gilford and Belmont, Hector's Fine Food and Spirits, 99 Restaurant in Tilton, The Home Depot in Tilton, Laconia Village Bakery, Upper Crust Pizzeria in Tilton, Meredith Mobil Station, Meredith Village Savings Bank, SunDay's Salon & Spa, Sunflower Natural Foods, J Jill, and Bank of New Hampshire.

Aileen Castillo, and the

New Beginnings Staff


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This is not a reality show; we're electing a president of the U.S.

To The Daily Sun,

Trump's "campaign" continues to plod on. His witches' brew of slash, demean, burn and belittle, with heaping portions of lies and ignorance may be red meat for his narrow band of followers. His outright daily lies, his outrageous name-calling, his serious lack of knowledge when it comes to world or national affairs are inexcusable. He's a con man trying to fleece his own supporters.

He has managed to make a total mockery of our presidential campaign process. Why isn't he held to the same standards of basic truth as other candidates? Why isn't his shady business record exposed, and his baseless boasts exposed for the outright lies that they are? We must demand that Trump be put under the same spotlight as everyone else?

This is not a hokey reality show to be judged on its entertainment value or on its outrageousness. This is supposed to be an election for president.

Bernadette Loesch

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