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Belmont striking out on my core rules; let's get back on track with Watterson

To The Daily Sun,

I've lived in Belmont for 47 years and think that it is time for change ... a positive direction.

Forty years in the car business, 30 years coaching baseball, soccer and other sports, and 50 years married to my wife, have taught me a few things.

1. Communities, like good ballplayers, win with teamwork.
2. Success takes a good plan, training, focus and execution.
3. Every citizen is an MVP and each part of town has something to contribute.

Belmont seems to be striking out on these core rules. Old Home Days are a faint shadow of the years led by volunteers like Linc Noel and Sue Roberts. There's a budget-based competitiveness of Town vs. School, and a pretty big bureaucracy in both operations for our size. SB-2, town or not, budgets are operated like a shell game and complicated with fuzzy arithmetic.

I also learned as a member and chairman of the Shaker School District board from 1970-1979, and am proud that our children are BHS graduates.

I'm supporting Brian Watterson for Selectman. He's been playing for Belmont since 1985 in several positions, and the community is the first and only item on his agenda. Please join me Tuesday and put his experience, leadership and commitment back for our home team.
Thank you for voting.
Ted Moulton



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Bob Beem (3-6) 315 ELECTORAL COLLEGE

To The Daily Sun,

People who propose that we abolish the Electoral College should first study and understand its history and purpose and function. (Is it because of our dumbed-down school system that so many people don't understand it? Has everyone seen the cartoon map of what the U.S. would look like without the Electoral College? A couple of giant states, and the remaining states all tiny...)
Without the balance inherent in the Electoral College, we would not have a country. The smaller states would not have joined a union where they would have been outvoted and overpowered by a few large states.
Without the Electoral College, Dick Devens' vote wouldn't "count" (i.e. matter). Nor would mine. Nor would the vote of anyone else in N.H. or in any other small state. All the campaigning would take place in the few large states where the bulk of the "popular vote" could be won.
As to Trump's win, everyone understood the rules before the campaign began; it's not like we "changed the rules in the middle of the game."
Why, toward the end, was Hillary campaigning in "popular-vote" states she already had locked up, while Trump was working smaller states with Electoral-College votes still in the balance? On the one hand, because he knew exactly what he was doing.
On the other hand, was she too stupid to understand the rules? (I don't think so.) Or did she have a "death wish," hoping to lose the election, while winning the "popular vote" so that she could claim for the rest of her life that she "really won, but that it was stolen from her"? (Unlikely.) Or maybe she was so arrogant that she believed that she would easily win the Electoral College, and wanted to rack up a large, impressive "popular-vote" total, so that she could say that her victory was by a "landslide." (If so, bad planning.)

Bob Beem
Center Harbor

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