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Left has cornered market on good intentions & death & misery prevail

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka, bless his pea-picking little heart, is trying to rescue me from my life living under a rock. Hey Jimmy, I'm just trying to keep warm as the next ice age approaches.

Mr. Veverka says there is no proof that people are dying from the leftist, warmulist policies. Jimmy, Jimmy, even I have access to cyberspace, despite my rock hard existence. Perhaps read the Daily Mail instead of all the corruptocrat, government and leftist websites that you seem to prefer. That which you tend to peruse with all the tenacity of a heat seeking missile.

Stories abound, even in the mainstream media, about how 250,000 British folks have perished from the cold in recent decades. Ah, but 10,000 have died from the heat in recent decades. So then it is man caused global warming that is killing off the elderly and the poor in some European countries. Well no silly, it is man caused environmental measures that have resulted in power shortages that have killed off those folks in Great Britain and France.

It is the environmental measures put forth by "Big Green" or the billionaires, and their tag along consultants, that have resulted in them getting rich while grandma and grandpa die from heat exposure. So hell-bent on getting rich by pretending to be for the preservation of the planet are these greenies, that they have been shifting much too quickly from reliable fossil fuel sources to wind and solar power. Ah yes, the so-called good intentions of the left have resulted in consistent subsidies for wind and solar while their inconsistent power output, due to the whims of Mother Nature, has resulted in a lack of power that has killed people. Or energy so expensive that they have to choose between heat and food.

So as James has pointed out, public schools are indeed teaching a one-sided story about green energy, while college funding for these courses is drying up. Why even Bill Nye, the beloved "science guy" who teaches our children that we must go green now or die, is pushing for jail time for those who stray from the folklore of climate change consensus.

The left continues to cause death and misery through fraud and subsidy because they believe they have cornered the market on good intentions. Results never seem to matter much to the left. No matter, they will just find a new cause for all of us to join at their behest.

Russ Wiles

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Why does Cruz still lie about mythical welfare benefits for immigrants?

To The Daily Sun,
I am very curious. Ted Cruz tells us that if he is elected he will do the following:
1. Abolish the IRS.
2. Get "rid" of welfare benefits for illegal immigrants.
3. Get "rid" of Obamacare and replace it with a "far better plan."
4. Bring jobs back to the U.S. from other countries.
5. Raise wages.
Just to name a few of his campaign '"promises."
I have to ask the following. Why, as a member of this current Congress, hasn't he and his Republican/Tea Party colleagues been able to accomplish these very goals since they have a majority (or more accurately a stranglehold) in both the House and Senate?
Why does Senator Cruz continue to outright lie about getting "rid" of those mythical welfare benefits for illegal immigrants. He knows full well that they are not able to receive those benefits?
His Republican majority has tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act 54 times (or is it 55 or 56? I've lost track after the first 50 times), wasting massive amounts of taxpayer money in the process. The Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, thereby saving more than 16 million Americans from losing health care benefits.
He along with his Republican/Tea Party colleagues have outright refused to consider raising the minimum wage. Bring back jobs to the United States that have been outsourced by corporations. Really? Why does he want to wait until the time he might be elected president? Why not NOW?
Instead of threatening to abolish the IRS, when is Senator Cruz going to give us some details as to how he will do away with all of the tax loopholes that exist for the very wealthy. Currently the top one per centers are able to "hide" more than $4.2 trillion (yes: that's trillion with a T) dollars in overseas bank accounts in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Loopholes that the other 99 percent of us don't have.
It seems that Trump's nickname for Senator Cruz is very appropriate.
Bernadette Loesch

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