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My use of the word 'bums' was wrong; we all make mistakes

To The Daily Sun,

You are right Mr. Siden, my use of the word bums was wrong, so forgive my misunderstanding. Poor people are not bums, and I have spent 52 years of my life helping the poor in every way possible.

God called me to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the word of Gospel means good news.

Jesus Christ was asked this question, "Are you the coming one, or should be look for another?" Jesus said to them, "Tell John the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, the poor have the Gospel preached to them" (Matt 11:5).

You and I have a lot in common and I don't call you a Christian basher, and I respect your standing as a church person who stands for what the church teaches.

As I said, we all make mistakes, me, you, and Mr. Earle; we are all guilty of saying the wrong words at times. But knowing the teaching of your church and mine, we have to forgive, not resent the person. Pray for Mr. Earle, and me also, I need much prayer.

Perhaps we will meet someday, if not, then in God's wonderful heaven!! God bless you.

William Liam McCoy


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Our aquifer is at risk; please come to meeting on March 26

To The Daily Sun,

On March 26, the State Of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Waste Management Division, will hold a public hearing at the Corner Meeting House at 7 p.m. regarding the expansion of the Bestway transfer station on Route 140 in Belmont. Bestway wants to haul garbage from other towns, increasing the capacity of this transfer station from 153 tons per day to 600 tons of solid waste per day.

This approval may have serious consequences for the taxpayers of Belmont. Let me explain why.

When Bestway first requested a permit they were approved to use the station for construction debris. They were supposed to separate the construction and other materials that people dump in their rented dumpsters. Anyone that has ever seen a dumpster knows that more than construction materials are in these containers. Then they obtained approval from the town to bring in garbage that was collected in our town. Without the town's permission, they started storing and cleaning out portable toilets. This went on for some time before the town became aware of it and had them removed. There was also a fire at Bestway's dump station which had the potential of causing pollution.

Our concern with Bestway is its location. It is directly over our stratified drift aquifer. A stratified drift aquifer is a shallow body of water about 20 feet plus or minus below the surface of the ground. It flows very slowly under the surface of earth and it would not take much to pollute our water supply. Three towns draw water from this aquifer: Belmont, Tilton and Northfield, consuming about 800,000 gallons per day. Our family has made this known to the selectmen, Planning Board and other interested parties for the last 14 years, that you cannot have industrial development over such a fragile resource.

To make things worse, most of the sand and gravel situated over this aquifer has been mined out making the receiving layer of sand and gravel that was once 100 feet, now down to 4 feet, which the Planning Board approved. There are areas in this town where the aquifer has been exposed with no receiving layer. A receiving layer is the number of feet below the surface ground that filters water through the sand and gravel that will naturally remove pollutants before it reaches the aquifer. The higher the receiving layer, the safer our aquifer will be.

We are hoping that this letter will motivate the townspeople to come to this very important meeting and we would expect the Town Fathers, Planning Board, and members of the Conservation Commission, as well as the Belknap County Conservation District to be there. Contaminating our aquifer would be a monumental disaster. Those voters who voted against the Belmont Mill should come to this meeting because $3.4 million is nickels and dimes compared to the cost of correcting a polluted aquifer which could run into many millions of dollars.

What has been spelled out here are facts. The state government has an interest in sustaining the purity of water in our state, which is why they are holding this hearing. But they need to see that the people who live in this town are also concerned with keeping their water clean. Unfortunately, this area over the aquifer was zoned for industrial use before anyone knew that the aquifer existed and hence its importance to our community.

The town has been reluctant to change the zoning over the aquifer due to the interests of industry already existing there. But, they should very actively prevent any further development that has the potential of polluting our major source of clean water, the aquifer, by not allowing activities such as a solid waste station, otherwise known as a garbage dump, to be situated there.

Therefore, we urge all citizens who want to keep the drinking water in Belmont pure and clean to come to this public hearing on Thursday, March 26, at 7 p.m. This also concerns the people of Northfield and Tilton as their drinking water comes from the same aquifer that serves Belmont. It is far better to prevent this pollution than to try to clean it up after allowing it to happen. Please come and voice your concerns.

George & Susan Condodemetraky


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There are no marbles left in Belmont, we have lost them all

To The Daily Sun,

Belmont has some serious problems with the Mill, the former Bank Building and the Gale School. We purchase a bank building to tear it down. We save a historic building, now let's tear it down. And forget our most valuable building, the Gale School — tear it down. I am starting to think that our current boards in this town have lost their marbles.

Find a use, here are some uses the town needs: Town offices, SAU offices, classrooms for full-day kindergarten, a recreation building for our youth, a police station, a library that offers the community far more than it does now, a building for historic Belmont artifacts and history, a community theater to support our arts students. And what about our elderly citizens?

Seems like neither the Board of Selectmen nor the Shaker School Board can even work together to come up with any feasible solutions. Proposing to kick out LRGH from the Mill, but being so kind as to offer them the bank building. If I were LRGH I would tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine. Seriously, we put them in the Mill, kick them out, but then offer them another building to sink their money into.

We have building space. We have buildings. Why build new, when the buildings we have weren't taken care of. Buildings are not disposable, last I knew. What is becoming of this town?

I've been a resident 45-plus years, a volunteer for the town, and a former employee. My family has deep roots in this community and I have never seen such dysfunction in my entire life. It saddens me to see destruction of everything our founding and former fathers have worked so hard to achieve. To see that personal agendas have taken over, and taxpayers have been funding it. I once was proud to live in this community, and now I've become ashamed to even mention it.

I have heard from the community time and time again, "We need to wipe the slate clean and start over from the top down." To create such distaste in the mouths of our community certainly speaks volumes about those running it. Spending taxpayer dollars for this study, that study, and then not following it (the Mill), time and time again with the (Gale School), with the (Bank Building), the (Library, Police Station, Town Offices) the list is endless. How many studies and taxpayer dollars do we need to spend before we actually work as a community and start using our common sense.

I think those in charge need to take charge. You were put in your positions by residents of the community. Start working for them. Why not hold a town hall meeting for residents to express themselves openly without a moderator constantly shutting them down. (Rant done.)

Diane Marden


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Christians, let's join together, put aside politics & defend our rights

To The Daily Sun,

I enjoy reading the letters to the editor in The Sun concerning religion and our Founding Fathers especially, those of late from Mr. Veverka, who appears to be very unhappy with life in general and his in particular. I have read the submissions made by Mr. Danforth concerning the United States as founded on Judeo/Christian principles. I found his arguments well researched, factual and very compelling.

I checked out Mr. Danforth purely out of curiosity. He is a 100 percent disabled veteran, Marine who has a graduate degree in constitutional law — a real one, not one from Harvard. Mr. Veverka on the other hand is a self described "godless secular progressive" who appears to me as very emotional when faced with irrefutable evidence of the religious leanings of the Founding Fathers. He stated that anyone could find numerous quotes supporting any position you desire concerning the intent of designers of the Constitution and Freedom of Religion. I find that to be an opinion not supported by the facts or quotes and merely the wishful thinking of a godless secular progressive.

I myself found that many of founders were religious, they believed in a supreme being and followed a deistic philosophy based on Judeo/Christian  beliefs. Others were members of organized religious groups and most were members of the Masonic Order. It is natural that they should be intent on ensuring the freedom to worship as they pleased. This is particularly important since many of the original colonists came to America to escape the religious persecution that was pervasive throughout Europe.

Mr. Veverka neither found nor produced any culpable evidence to the contrary. It is unfortunately a misinterpretation of the constitutional intent that is fueling the present anti-Christian persecution we are presently experiencing throughout this country. It is time that all those of the Christian faith join together and reclaim their rights to unfettered freedom in exercising their beliefs. Put aside your politics and defend your constitutional rights.

George A. Clarke, Lt. Col. USA (Ret)

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I look forward to continuing goal of quality education for all

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank all the voters who supported my re-election to the Gilford School Board.

It has been an honor to serve the community in that capacity and I look forward to continuing the goal of providing a quality education for all our students.

Susan D. Allen


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