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Climate change deniers need pay attention to Colorado River

To The Daily Sun,

Here's one for those who are still denyin' that our climate is not a changin' dramatically. This is about the Colorado River. This river is not only very beautiful: it also serves a crucial purpose. What you may ask? Well I'm gonna tell ya. As a result of a years-long drought and lack of any measurable amount of rain, the Colorado River, and one of its impoundments, Lake Mead, has dropped 100 feet below normal levels. That's 100 feet folks, in the last 15 years.

The Colorado River is a source of water for many states as it makes its way to the Mexico border, but that is no longer happening. It is also part of the water supply for agriculture in many Western states. The Colorado River now stops somewhere in Arizona ... yep, there is just a dried up river bed and brush a growin' where there used to be an abundance of rushing water.

If this trend continues the result will be disastrous. It goes without sayin' that mandatory water restrictions are in effect, but if this drought is not reversed in the near future we will suffer catastrophic results — to our national supply of vegetables and fruits, to regional residents who depend on the Colorado for the water for their daily lives.

Are you listenin', deniers? Or are you still going to insist on keeping your head in the sand? The pun is intentional. Or maybe you're happy to wallow in your belief bubble and let us, our (including your) children and their children bear the consequences of your willful ignorance.

Bernadette Loesch


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There is no 'right' for a non-U.S. citizen to enter our country

To The Daily Sun,

The faux outrage over Donald Trump's latest proposal to temporarily bar non-citizen Muslims from coming to our country is political theater. Trump's critics take advantage of peoples' limited knowledge to promote lies and half-truths. Trump's critics are hypocrites, since they mostly say the same thing. The Democrat and Republican establishments, which are responsible for our nation's major problems, fear that President Trump would drive them from power and cut off their access to graft.

There is no right for a non-U.S. citizen to enter our country. We been generous in allowing entry. We want immigrants who want to assimilate into our way of life and contribute to our country, but try to exclude people who want to harm Americans or impose their way of life on the American people.
American laws set the criteria for entry to our country. Since religious persecution is a justification for claiming refugee status, religious questions are required.

For all practical purposes a religious test is being exercised today to exclude Christians although they are being exterminated throughout most of the Middle East. There is only one Christian among the 237 "Syrian" refugees admitted since the Paris attacks, the others are all Muslim.

President Obama paused our Iraqi refugee program in 2011 because the vetting process, built on eight years of information, failed and exposed Americans to threats.

Every major political player (e.g., Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Governor Hassan, President Obama) has indicated that the safety of the American people is paramount. They agree we should only accept "Syrian" refugees who are vetted to exclude terrorists.

James Comey, the FBI director; James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence; and other top national security officials have repeatedly told Congress that the "Syrian" refugees cannot be vetted (they have no information about these people) and that ISIS is actually attempting to infiltrate terrorists among the refugees.

Our vetting processes are inadequate; refugees and immigrants have been found conducting terrorist activities, the Boston bombers and San Bernardino shooters, and others, killed, maimed, and wounded many people.

Anyone who is honest is actually saying, in a more PC way, don't accept Muslims until we have a reliable vetting process.

The real outrage against Donald Trump's statement is driven by fear that Trump will win and they will lose. The political establishments see that Americans recognize that they caused America's problems, that they sold out the American people, that they are not willing or even able to protect the American people. But, they see that Americans believe Trump is committed to protecting them and making American great again.

Don Ewing


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