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Trump was a good father; he rebuked all his squabbling kids

To The Daily Sun,

Starting in the 1950s, and then into the early 1960s, America took a hard turn. Our courts forbade state-sponsored prayer and scripture reading from our public schools. Many of our states "cleansed" their constitutions of much of their Christian language. The changes that these things initiated in America some were almost immediate and many far reaching.

The most immediate was the push to teach evolution in our schools. It set the stage to raise up a godless generation. The assassination of President Kennedy and cover up followed shortly after. It seems a coup was orchestrated by the CIA, (which today is being held up by many as beyond reproach) and covered up so as not to shake the confidence of the American people in their government. America turns from God and our beloved president is assassinated. Coincidence?

Then the escalation of the war in Vietnam. Is it too much to infer that the first war that the U.S. was to lose was the result of our turning our back on God in those earlier stated decisions?

The 1st Amendment to our Constitution was added to protect the free exercise of religion. That a Christian population is more apt to defend that, then secularists are is clear; to the believer freedom of religion is of utmost importance, to the secularist religion is no more than a superstition and freedom of it is an antiquated concept that needs to be discarded.

Let's look at what has happened to our school system. Freedom of religion was held by our founding fathers as a thing that should not be surrendered up to a state of society. (Look it up in N.H.s Bill of Rights) At the time of our founding schools were private, Christian, and supported by tax money. I will not attempt to go through the history of how that changed, but to bring us up to date our public schools are anything but Christian now. They teach a doctrine that calls into question that the creation is evidence of a Creator. They teach that man is just another animal and nothing of the soul and spirit and the consequences of these on our lives. They encourage promiscuous behavior in our youths and pooh-pooh Christian morality.

Sexual fidelity and in the confines of marriage is a central doctrine of the Christian religion. So much so that you can hardly be a Christian unless you hold to it. It is so central to the Christian faith that the Apostles, in Acts chapter 15, declare it as one of the three things carried over from the Law of Moses that the Gentile Christians must observe. Enter America's public school's, in the 21st Century. They are mandatory. Unless you are prosperous enough to be able to send your children to a private school or are able to home school you have to send your children there. You have to send them to a school that systematically undermines the Christian principles your are trying to bring them up in. How does that square with freedom of religion? They take oaths to uphold the Constitution and then violate it in this manner.

I'd like to bring this around to America's treatment of our president, who is, by the way, a strong supporter of school choice and is very much pro-fife. Almost everybody knows of the plethora of leaks coming from the White House in the Trump administration. This is a testimony of the cleanness of Donald Trumps hands. Past administrations have had far fewer. This has been at least in part due to the fear that your life would soon be over if you talked. Trump on the other hand will deal with them in the legal and upright way. And people gossip like old women about Trumps tweeting. He hasn't murdered anyone, but tweets, those are bad. They don't want to see the reality of things. They will go along with whatever the media will feed them. Freedom of the press means little when the media is so corrupt that it won't report the truth. Theoretically they are free to, but they don't do it.

Concerning Charlottesville, President Trump did what a good father would do and rebuked all of his squabbling children. He called the driver of the car a murderer. He called out the white supremacists. He also called out liberals and the liberal protestors for being part of the problem. This is what has caused the latest firestorm of criticism agaisnt him, that he won't bow at the altar of political correctness. Taking down a Confederate statue costs you nothing and does no one any real good. It's a cheap claim to righteousness for which much trouble is caused and there are some righteous reasons for leaving them up besides. Racism is an evil. It will probably never in this life be eradicated from men's hearts completely. But how you judge if someone is a racist is by how he treats people from heart to heart, not by his politics, unless he is espousing genocide, persecution or injustice. We are not in the 1960s. Abortion today is what slavery was to America in Lincoln's day, not racism. Listening to the media today you would never know it.. Many today hold "racism" up, to divide people for political advantage. Whereas standing up for innocent unborn babies could save millions of human lives, but it cost you, for if you think it through you may need to change your life style. So where is the moral high ground? Not with the left. But here's something, despite all the forces from the left and the right that will come against Donald Trump, God Himself will uphold him and his presidency.

John Demakowski


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Thanks for helping make Gilmanton Old Home Day so perfect

To The Daily Sun,

DearGilmanton Old Home Day Army:

You know who you are and we give you our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your help in making a perfect day.

We are looking to 2018, the 120th year of this tradition.

Rick Puleo, custodian

Sarah Baldwin-Welcome, dish washer

Gilmanton Iron Works

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