Appreciate continued support of the Laconia High After Prom

To The Daily Sun,

Once again we have closed out another prom season here at the Laconia High School. It is with great pride that we give a heartfelt "thank you" to all who participated in the Chem-Free After Prom Party and a bigger "thank you" to the community, businesses and individuals who gave so generously.

We could not have held this event without the many donations of time, money and facilities that were provided and gave our kids a safe and fun place to be on this important night. Thank you to Gilford Cinema 8, Funspot, Stand Up Laconia, Laconia Police Department, the Laconia High School and staff, Sal's Pizza, First Student Bus Company, S.A.D.D., Freedom Fund, Tanger Outlet and our local Coca-Cola distributor. We would also like to thank the many citizens of this great community who donated money to support this cause.

We look forward to hosting another Chem-Free After Prom Party next year and we would always appreciate the continued support from this great city that we live, work and play in.

Steve Orton, Resource Officer

Laconia High School School

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Find it hard to believe Rep. Luther would stand by Frank Guinta

To The Daily Sun,

I supported Frank Guinta the three times he ran for Congress. I thought the illegal contribution from his parents wasn't true. I still don't understand why it took so long for the Federal Election Commission to resolve this case.
I now believe Rep. Guinta should resign. He is an embarrassment to our party and will never be respected again yet he people of New Hampshire.
I am not happy that the governor will probably appoint a Democrat to replace him if he decides to resign. If that happens I believe at least it will be someone that is honest and will represent New Hampshire the way it should be.
I am very disappointed that Rep. Bob Luther of Laconia thinks it is premature to call for Guinta's resignation. He criticized Sen. Ayotte for calling for Guinta's resignation. He thinks Sen. Ayotte should be the first to resign because of the FRM scandal of years ago. I find it hard to believe Rep. Luther would stand by someone when the majority of the people of New Hampshire believe Rep. Guinta is guilty of a crime. The difference is Sen. Ayotte was never found guilty of any crime in the FRM the case.
I hope the people of Laconia remember his stance on this issue in the next election.
Say good-bye, Mr. Guinta.

L. Michael Hatch

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Unions were a necessity 100 years ago but not the case today

To The Daily Sun,

Aren't progressive-liberals just a barrel of laughs. Decade after decade they tell voters that conservatives are evil conspirators bent on depriving them of living the American dream then telling them if only you vote for we Democrats we'll make everything swell. Poverty will be gone, crime will go away, the world will live peace and harmony. Racism will be non existent as will hunger and illiteracy.

So after 60 or so years how is all that working out? Lets see, poverty is as prevalent as ever, crime, especially drug crimes with young blacks killing other young blacks and the odd innocent bystander, and the world is as far from peace and harmony as it has ever been. And racism is growing and the flames are being fanned by the Al Sharpton's of the world. Police are being scapegoated and assassinated while rioting, looting and burning is the current favorite acts of civil disobedience. (I remember when it was the sit-ins.) After all these decades the great social experiment of liberalism can truthfully be said to have failed. Our language has evolved into crude, rude and vulgar. Pornography is rampant, from children to grandparents, drugs are a billion-dollar business opportunity provided the dealers don't mind killing children. Then progressives have the nerve to claim conservatives are the radical ones. Go figure!

Now, lest some liberal Democrat might take offense at my position, I must say I am not saying all progressive Democrats support drugs, pornography, drug gangs, crime or the attacks on police. What I will say is I very much doubt you can find any drug dealer who would vote for a conservative. Likewise for pornographers, gangbangers, thugs and criminals. Funny how that seems to come together isn't it?

I know unions were a necessity about a hundred years ago, but that's not the case today. Socialism was a new and exciting concept a hundred years ago, but after every attempt to make it work for people over that time its failure is a clear and apparent fact. The promises are empty the effect is reduce the standards of living of the masses, take away freedoms and rights from the people and create an elite ruling aristocracy. Progressive? Hah, it is regressive.

Readers, if your children and grandchildren are important to you you should research the history of socialism and resist the temptations of the false promise they hold out.

Steve Earle


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Image she's one of those Republicans hopeful Guinta can't document

To The Daily Sun,

A better headline for the Tuesday edition of The Sun might better have read, "MANY Local Republicans hopeful that Guinta can document claims." It has been nearly two years since Jennifer Horn was not-so-warmly received by a meeting of the Belknap County Republicans. Many attendees complained bitterly of the lack of decent candidates the state Republican Committee was finding and backing to run for state and national office.

Frank Guinta was one of those who got less than complimentary remarks. Congressman Guinta himself, when he was a keynote speaker for a subsequent Belknap County Republicans meeting, admitted to making some mistakes in his voting record in his previous term in the U.S. Congress. An examination of Page 116 of the Gilford 2014 Town report indicates eight write-ins for some other candidates than Guinta or Shea-Porter. Of those write-ins, perhaps more Republicans than Democrats found the choice given them no choice at all?

Most recently Congressman Guinta refused to respond to his constituent's inquiries as to his position on the vote for funding Homeland Security without a pledge by the president to end illegal efforts to support the continuing invasion of criminal aliens. Then he voted to fund that which contains more provisions to provide asylum to more and more Muslims from Africa and Southwest Asia. No provisions for ending what occurred with the Tsarnaevs, allowed to return to where they were so persecuted they would be killed if they returned. But after they returned to Asia for Jihadist training they were welcomed back into the U.S. with no screening as to what they had left the country for. Frank voted to fund more homeland insecurity.

More recently Congressman Guinta sent out a two page e-mail detailing the debate over reauthorizing the Patriot Act and what the issues are over the USA Freedom Act that would restore some of the Fourth Amendment rights Frank took away from his constituency when he voted for the Patriot Act. But he gave away his vote on the USA Freedom Act by not even mentioning the bill in his e-mail.

Many Republicans are grateful that the 1st District is at least represented in Congress by a Republican, the better of two evils? Yet Congressman Guinta has done little to inspire confidence in many of his core constituency Republicans with his performance and lack of clear communication on the issues since returning to Congress.

Phony screened call-in Town Hall Meetings are hardly going to be accepted as communicating with his constituency on issues he does not want to discuss. Issues that many Republicans are concerned about that may not advance the congressman's political ambitions.

Over the weekend Sen. Kelly Ayotte was interviewed on WMUR. She was asked if the congressman should resign. She basically threw him under the bus responding, "Only time will tell ..." In my opinion I would count Sen. Ayotte as one of those Republicans not so hopeful that Guinta can document his claims. Republicans desperately need to impugn the integrity of Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, e-mails, and a uranium deal. A lot of them are not going to want any lack of integrity baggage hanging around in the Republican membership of the U.S. Congress as the 2016 election plays out.

On the same day The Sun posted this headline, the Guinta scandal hit the national AP radio news. We can count on Fox News to soon report a fair and balanced version of the congressman's situation.

Tim Sullivan


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Climate not same as weather; models predict trends, not events

To The Daily Sun,

I guess Don Ewing is not up to the challenge. He would rather make excuses, like discarding my rebuttal of his claim the warming trend of 160 years ago is also responsible for the present warming as minutiae. An increase in the sun's output is responsible for our leaving the LIA behind but the sun's output dropped significantly, beginning in the 1950s.

If the sun caused the 19th Century warming, why is warming accelerating if the sun began to cool more than 60 years ago? Don? Because he can't answer, he goes back to the standard CATO-Koch Brothers parroting and cherry picking. Nice try, Don, but you didn't answer the question, and again in this last letter just went rambling off into the usual right-wing cloud of unsourced talking points. I debunked two other bits of minutiae in the same letter. Russ Wiles made false claims about the polar regions which were easily refuted with scientific data and the technology we use. Footnotes were provided from NASA and more. Minutiae!

It takes far fewer words to make a claim than to provide a rebuttal. So it's easy for Don to ramble off a lot of Exxon-supported, unsubstantiated claims in a short time. Rebuttals demand constructing faceted explanations so that is why I chose just three of the popular myths of the denial crowd. As you can see by his latest letter, Mr. Ewing strings together the same old right-wing propaganda. Complicated answers are required for simplistic claims, so he may consider it just troublesome minutiae to be found in error. "Saying it's so" is how Mr. Ewing rants, while never citing sources or references. Of course, his sources are corporate-funded, too. Everything he writes can be refuted, but it has to be done claim by claim. Science brings many lines of evidence together to make a case so counter claims have to be addressed in similar fashion.

So while we are at it, let me get to some more minutiae. Besides the fact that Mr. Ewing has no answers as to why the sun's output and temperatures are going in opposite directions now, Mr. Ewing states, "based on the failed predictions of the consensus of his "scientists" over the last 20-30 years, is unpredictable." Unfortunately for the purveyors of pseudoscience, the predictions have not failed. The IPCC predictions on sea level are right in line with satellite data and tide gauges over the last 25 years. [1] Tide gauges show that the sea level has been rising since 1970, when installed.

Furthermore, forecasts of global temperature rises have proved to be remarkably accurate according to a paper published by the journal Nature Geoscience. Myles Allen and colleagues at Oxford University accurately predicted the warming in the past decade 1999-2010, relative to the decade 1986-1996, to within a few hundredths of a degree. [2] Predicting greenhouse gases will warm the planet isn't new. In 1861, chemist and physicist John Tyndale predicted eventual warming due to CO2. Nobel Prize-winning chemist Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927) was a Swedish scientist who claimed in 1896 that fossil fuel combustion may eventually result in enhanced global warming.[3] He was also a physicist.

Climate models predict trends, not events. Climate is not the same as weather. If Russ Wiles had known the difference between weather and climate, he would not have cited the views of meteorologists as relevant on climate change consensus. Consensus among climate scientists is very strong. I will explain in my next letter. I hope I didn't waste any of Don's time with the minutiae of debunking his claim about predictions. Of course there are many more examples of accurate predictions but, hey, this isn't a thesis.




James Veverka


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