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Public hearings on M'boro zoning changes is Wednesday night

To The Daily Sun,

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, Moultonborough residents are invited to a public hearing at 7 p.m. at the Moultonborough Town Hall to discuss two proposed changes to the town zoning regulations. This meeting will provide an overview of the new zoning regulations, and answer any questions you may have.

The first proposed zoning ordinance change is our local interpretation of a state requirement to provide Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as required by RSA 674:71-73. This state regulation will take effect in June 2017, but we have an opportunity to formulate our own local interpretation of some of the details and criteria.

An ADU is a subordinate dwelling residence on the same lot with an existing single family dwelling. The state has created this type of additional dwelling unit to provide for more diverse affordable housing for caregivers of elderly adults who wish to stay in their homes, single parents, recent college grads, and individuals who are not financially ready for home ownership.

The second proposed zoning ordinance change is the Village Center Overlay District (VCOD). This proposal is the result of input from the community on several village development proposals including: The Village Vision Survey and Report, Master Plan Citizen Survey, and other public sessions. This overlay district will encourage the development of the Moultonborough Village Center in a manner consistent with its historic patterns. This ordinance provides a mix of uses, encourages safe routes for pedestrians and bicyclists, and encourages preservation of the historical and architectural character of the village.

Please review these two proposed ordinances in advance of the public hearing at the following website:

Please plan to attend the public hearing to learn more about the proposed zoning ordinances.

Scott R. Bartlett, Chair

Moultonborough Planning Board

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Trump & Clinton do not do it for me — still too many questions

To The Daily Sun,

This election year should come with a "reset" button.

The two major party candidates should have had to pass their own "vetting" process to discover their inadequacies not becoming our POTUS. Taxes for both submitted, scandals and abuses of power, constant lies, etc. proven out before being eligible to hold office. And how about using their own words; since the second debate Donald Trump, for the majority of his televised speeches has appeared to solely read prepared text from teleprompters.

I find this current presidential election a display of negative characteristics I definitely do want our president to have.
The president of our nation should inspire confidence, security, economic strength, and trust (and more!) in the office.

Trump and Clinton do not do it for me. And what about their respective businesses?

There are too many unanswered questions. Sad!

Margaret Clarke



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