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I am running to represent Gilford & Meredith at the Statehouse

To The Daily Sun,

On June 1, I filed to run for one of the four state House of Representative seats covering District 2 for Belknap County — the towns of Gilford and Meredith.

Why do I run?

I have many ideas about our state government that I will address in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, I hereby formally pledge the following:

1. I will vigorously oppose and seek to block any attempts to impose a personal income tax in our state.

2. I will vigorously oppose and seek to block any attempts to impose a broad-based sales tax in our state.

3. I will propose and vigorously seek to repeal our state's tax on interest and dividends.

In considering the state candidates who seek your support, ask them if they will take the same "Enhanced Tax Pledge" that I have now taken.

The lifeblood of any government and its numerous and various regulatory agencies is our taxes, and I believe the only way to curtail the size and scope of our state government and its regulations is to reduce our taxes.

Government is not the solution to every problem (real or invented) facing us. Government itself is often the cause of our problems.

I ask for your support and vote, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, and discussing the critical issues we face, in the coming weeks.

Norman Silber

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Come to Bike Week & exercise your right to free the nipple

To The Daily Sun,

Anyone going out to Bike Week in Laconia, know your rights! It is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL for women to bare their chests in the State of New Hampshire. Laconia is the only town left, who has a local ordinance criminalizing the FEMALE nipple. Two women I know were wrongly arrested on May 31for being topless in Laconia, by an over zealous police force.

Local ordinances that cannot withstand state constitutional scrutiny have been decided by a judge, to be unenforceable. This was decided, based on the case in Gilford from last summer. Also, FTN activists have defeated two legislative attempts in the last two months, both at the congressional and senate level. One that would have rewritten the current indecency statute, to include, specifically, the female nipple, only. The other would have given smaller municipalities the right to make discriminatory ordinances, The two bills that were defeated were HB-1525 and SB-347, if anyone cares to research it.

People need to write letters to the Laconia paper, boycotting visiting a town that sanctions discrimination. Or come out to Bike Week and EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT! Female top freedom is LEGAL in the state of N.H.! Check out Article 2 of the N.H. state Constitution, "inherent, natural rights." Also, research RSA 645.1 of the N.H. criminal code; nipples are not mentioned, genitalia is. Now, look in any medical text and read the definition of genitalia. Now, look up a list of things called secondary sex characteristics. I bet you find the word nipples, there.

The physiological structures of the breast area are the same, in both men and women. There is nothing, inherently, lewd or obscene about the human form. My body becomes sexual when I get turned on, not when others get turned on.

Please, consider how much money the city is wasting in resources (tax dollars) trying to enforce an unenforceable, discriminatory, local ordinance — not to mention the expensive lawsuits they are opening the town up to in regards to unlawful arrests and detentions. Free the Nipple in N.H. is working hard to defeat this rogue police chief and his discriminatory ordinance.

Kari Stephens


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