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Thanks; Evening in Paradise raised over $13k for Gilford Rotary

To The Daily Sun:

On behalf of the members of the Gilford Rotary Club, I'd like to thank all of you who supported our 3rd annual dinner-dance fundraiser held at the Gilford Youth Center on April 1. Thanks to the outpouring of support from Lakes Region residents and businesses Evening in Paradise was a huge success raising over $13,000, after expenses.

The success of this event would not be possible without significant financial support from Lakes Region businesses. A special thank you goes out to All Metals Industries, Watts Water Technologies, Meredith Village Savings bank, Lakes Region Dental Care, Gilford Home Center, Gilford True Value, Fireside Inn and Suites, Belknap Landscape Company, Gilford Rotary members, Great NH Restaurants, Camp Resilience Directors as well as The Laconia Daily Sun, 98.3 WLNH, WEMJ 107.3, Taylor Rental, and General Linen Service.

Thank to major event ad booklet sponsors: Lakes Region Dock, Lawson Persson & Chisholm, PC, Irwin Automotive Group, Primary Bank, Stone Brook Hill Farm, Badger Hill Farm, Parabolic Entertainment, Winnisquam Printing, Daub's Cobbler Shop, Shaw's, Franklin Savings bank, Watermark Marine Supply, Roche Realty Group, Stafford Oil, and Penny Pitou Travel.

Thank to Sandi-Moore-Benorias MSN, PMH-APRN, Counseling Sponsor of the Smiley Photo Booth.

Also, thanks to all those who donated items to our silent auction and to sponsors of our event ad booklet.

As president of the Gilford Rotary Club, it will be my pleasure to present a $4,090 gift to the Gilford Youth Center as well as several other donations to local charities.

Again, Thank you to all of you. We look forward to hosting this exciting event again next year!

Russ Lunt, President

Gilford Rotary Club

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Join us in promoting alcohol & drug free environments for Gilford youths

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford Police Department and Gilford Together are asking for your help in ensuring that any planned parties, proms, graduation events, and other end-of-year festivities hosted for community youth are memorable and safe. Gilford Together members are committed to developing a healthy community by providing awareness, education, resources and support in order to prevent substance and alcohol misuse. Please join us in making every effort to prevent our youth from engaging in alcohol and/or other drug use.
Young people risk health related, and potentially fatal, consequences when they drink alcohol. Such risks increase when alcohol is mixed with prescription or over the counter medications and/or illicit drugs. Additionally, there are legal consequences for persons under 21 years of age who possess alcohol, who possess with the intent to consume, and who use their driver's license as false proof to purchase alcohol. It is also a crime for persons to host gatherings where alcohol is consumed by minors. Hosts may be liable for personal and/or property damages incurred by individuals who consume alcohol or ingest drugs at gatherings.
Alcohol and other drugs (e.g., marijuana, over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, etc.) impair judgment, perception and motor coordination skills. Youth often underestimate the impact that alcohol and drugs have on driving as they can impair vision, distort perception of time and space, inhibit reflexes, and cause drowsiness. These effects are especially frightening when we take into account a teenager's inexperience behind the wheel. Those under the age of 21 convicted of a DWI will have their license revoked for at least one year (18 months for an Aggravated DWI conviction) and may be subject to fines and other penalties (including the possibility of jail for an Aggravated DWI conviction).
In order to provide safe end-of-year events for our youth, here are some suggestions:
1. Communicate your expectations for appropriate behavior (i.e., no alcohol and no drug use) and adequately supervise any gatherings that take place in your home.
2. Discuss the laws concerning unlawful possession of alcohol, using a driver's license as false proof to purchase alcohol and possible suspension of driver's licenses for operators under 21 years of age who have minimal amounts of alcohol in their bloodstream.
3. Have adult chaperones present if hosting pre or post-prom and/or graduation parties. Do not allow alcohol or other drugs to be consumed or ingested.
4. Discuss the dangers that accompany drinking and drug usage, especially while driving. Reassure your child that you will provide safe transportation home for them if necessary.
5. Know where your child will be. Check-in by phone at intervals pre-determined by you.
Please join us in promoting alcohol and drug free environments as a year-round plan. While students may complain about our concern and vigilance, studies show that young people appreciate when parents set limits out of caring and concern for their safety. For additional information and resources please like the Gilford Together Facebook page.
Thank you for your anticipated assistance and cooperation.

Anthony J. Bean Burpee

Chief of Police, Gilford

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