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I'm not voting for Ayotte, the right-hand woman to Shaheen

To The Daily Sun,

Thus far, this is the worst campaign season in my lifetime. Since the Clintons brought "politics of personal destruction" to the White House in 1992, campaigns do of whatever it takes has replaced the discussion of "issues." Character assasination is another approach.

If those who started with the leak have proof that Jonathan Smolin should be incarcerated, where is it? I am sorry that his family has to go through this process.

You recall the recent presidential primary where the GOP Elite treated Trump and Cruz, like dirt. It is not easy losing an election, but in time you get over it. I was a Cruz supporter, and the GOP Elite felt as they did with Trump: who let you in? Fergus Cullen warned Cruz to "not darken his door" in an op ed. Party unity?

I am not voting for the right hand woman to Jeanne Shaheen and John McCain: Kelly Ayotte. And no, she will not speak for me in D.C. — Jim Rubens will!

Donald Trump is saying the right words to renew America, to stop the road to socialism, or freedom gone.
Niel Young


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Every contract, lease & loan signed by Smolin was a promise

To The Daily Sun,

Dianna Smolin has now interjected herself into the campaign for Belknap County Commissioner as a character witness for her husband, Jonathan Smolin. In response to Ms. Smolin's letter of Sept. 7, it should be noted that if her husband is an "open book," it is only because others have made available actual records on him rather than simply relying on his word.

See also the Sept. 8 Laconia Daily Sun article by Roger Amsden: "Smolin has not replied to phone calls seeking his comment on the situation." That open book has been shut tight. To Smolin's promoters, such as Richard Burchell, Michael Sylvia, and George Hurt, and to Raymond Howard, who endorsed Smolin in a July 7 letter to The Baysider as someone "who espouses more traditional New Hampshire values (than Hunter Taylor)", I ask whether you are still proud to align yourselves with him. He's your man, and you are his.

Jonathan Smolin left a trail of financial destruction in his wake over the years, and never chose to share the facts with the public. When his wife complains that retired lawyers are "trying to bring dirty politics" to Belknap County, what she means is that retired lawyers were able to search through state and federal court records in Maine and New Hampshire to uncover the truth about Mr. Smolin. By the way, I am a retired lawyer, as is my husband, Hunter Taylor.

Dianna Smolin accuses lawyers of being "masters of manipulation." Anyone who takes the time to read the court documents concerning this crafty couple will see who the true masters of manipulation are. On June 15, 2007, Jonathan and Dianna Smolin signed a $210,000 consent judgment in favor of the estate of Dianna's blind grandfather and against the two of them (in the Cumberland County Maine Probate Court). In this document, they agreed to judgment against them "on all claims" asserted against them. These claims were for "fraud," "negligent misrepresentation," "breach of contract," "breach or abuse of confidential relationship," "undue influence," and so forth. Those terms are taken from the actual pleadings.

Ms. Smolin further claims that the court records do not show why her grandfather was living with them when he had six adult children (her parents included?). Perhaps where those other relatives saw a potential burden, Jonathan and Dianna Smolin saw an opportunity.

When the Smolins filed their first bankruptcy, in 2008, Jonathan's petition was dismissed, but Dianna's debts were erased by way of a bankruptcy discharge on Jan. 27, 2009. For some reason the grandfather's estate chose not to object to her discharge, even though they later objected to Jonathan's (in the 2011 bankruptcy). The legal basis of the Maine judgment against both of them was identical, so the disparate treatment was apparently due to other causes, such as maybe viewing the husband as more culpable, or perhaps not wanting to further pursue a blood relative. The record is silent on this issue.

Looking at how some of the many creditors fared under Dianna's discharge, the attorneys for the trustee received $2,000 on a bill of more than $20,000, amounting to about $26.50 per hour of work. Robert Secord was owed $276,220, and was paid $77.19. Margaret Phillips had a claim for $184.45 and received 5 cents. These are just a few of the many creditors who received not pennies on the dollar, but fractions of pennies on the dollar of what they were owed.

By the way, Jonathan Smolin's bankruptcy discharge following the 2011 filing resulted in zero distribution to creditors, not one penny.

When Dianna Smolin says her husband is not the type to do the opposite of what he has promised, she must take us all for fools. Every contract, every lease, every loan signed by the Smolins was a promise, and all those promises were broken.

Do you trust Jonathan Smolin on his word? Would you loan him money? Does Jonathan Smolin belong in a leadership position in Belknap County?

Ruth Larson

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