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Moultonborough Monte Carlo Night set for Oct. 4 at the Lions Club

To The Daily Sun,

If you are looking for an entertaining night out with food, drink and fun games of chance that will also help to raise needed funds for a local institution, look no further than the 2014 Moultonborough Historical Society Monte Carlo Night on Saturday, Oct. 4, at the Lions Club on Old Route 109 in Moultonborough, from 6 to 10 p.m.

The Historical Society would like to thank the many local businesses that generously sponsored the production of this fifth annual event, including Action Sports & Physical Therapy, A Plus Alarms & Entertainment Systems, At The Lake Vacation Rentals, Berry Pond Motel, Center Harbor Dock & Pier LLC (all types of docks & floats), Electrical Installations, Inc. (Engineering, Construction. Control Systems), Good Neighbor Services (Hauling, Recycling, Door Step Service), El Mariachi (authentic Mexican cuisine), R. M. Hammond Excavation, Integrated Water Systems (filters, softeners & pumps), Interlakes Family Dental, Lake Winnipesaukee Home Theater Company, Lamprey Real Estate Associates, Larsons's Auto Service (hydraulic hoses made), Mark Richter Repair (small engine sales & service), Melcher & Prescott Insurance, Murphy's Village Store, Nancy Goss Associates LLC (tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll), Northern Woods (tree service and excavation), Ossipee Mountain Electronics (sales, installation service for wireless communications and emergency vehicle equipment), Oxton Landscaping & Property Care, R.N. Peaslee & Sons (general contractors and custom home builders), Penta General Contractors, Red Hill Self Storage (moving & packing supplies), Redwood Technologies LLC (inkjet design professionals), Smitty Plumbing &Heating LLC (master plumber), Tedeschi Food Shops; J.E. Thomas & Son Artesian Well Co. Inc., Winnipesaukee Bay Gulls (bagels made fresh daily), Zelek & Associates (financial services).

With support at this level, it's sure to be a wonderful event, and we thank them all very much for their generosity to help the Historical Society preserve the history of our town for future generations.

Tickets are $25 per person, and there will be a delicious buffet dinner, BYOB, followed by fun games of chance including craps, roulette, blackjack, and Texas Hold 'Em. For more information, please call Fran Vincent at 253-6250, or visit the Society's website at www.MoultonboroughHistory.org, where you can purchase your tickets and pay using PayPal.

Tickets are also available at Lamprey Real Estate, 253-8131, and at the Lamprey House Museum, open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is the fifth annual Monte Carlo Night, and we hope that once again it will be loads of fun, with proceeds to benefit the Historical Society.

Kathleen Garry, Judith Ryerson, Barbara Perry, Fran Vincent, Mary Lamprey Bare, Jane Rice, Dick Plaisted, Evelyn Lamprey, Sherry Lively, Betsy Patten, Tracey Russett, Josiah Bartlett, Samuel Perry, Barbara Perry and Norman Atkinson


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Interlakes Community Caregivers in need of volunteer drivers

To The Daily Sun,

Will you give your neighbor a ride to Laconia?

Interlakes Community Caregivers is in urgent need of additional volunteers to provide transportation to local appointments.

Our nonprofit volunteer organization provides a variety of non-medical supportive services to aid people in their daily lives. The No. 1 request from our neighbors is a ride to medical appointments in Laconia, Gilford and Meredith.

Volunteer when it is convenient for you and when it fits your schedule. There are a number of opportunities available with flexibility to meet anyone's schedule.

The next volunteer training session will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 9:30 a.m. at the ICCI office. The Volunteer Education Manual can be provided in advance for your review.

We need your help. Your neighbor needs your help. Help us to help them remain independent by providing simple but all important supportive services. For more information, visit our website at www.interlakescommunitycaregivers.org.

Call or email me with your questions at 253-9275, ext. 4 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You can make a difference.

Ann Sprague


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LRCS can't be successful without partnerships in the community

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank the members of Temple B'nai Israel for again sponsoring a musical night to remember and one to benefit Lakes Region Community Services (LRCS). On Saturday, Oct. 18, the Freese Brothers Big Band, a 19-piece orchestra, will be performing the timeless music of swing and jazz legends and contemporary sounds at The Winnipesaukee Playhouse.

Members of Temple B'nai Israel found a connection with LRCS and our mission to support independence for the individuals we serve who experience disabilities. Members of the Temple's WE CARE program committee discovered a natural affinity to supporting an organization that gives people the tools, resources, and skills they need to promote independence, whatever that may look like for the person.

As the leader of LRCS, I know we could not be successful without partnerships like this in the community. The following quote by Helen Keller seems to sum it up: "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." I hope that you will join us to dance the night away, listen to wonderful music, come together with family and friends and enjoy.

For tickets please go to www.tbinh.org. Thank you.

Christine L. Santaniello

Executive Director, LRCS


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Pres. Obama impressed me from the first time I heard him speak

To The Daily Sun,

I voted for President Obama because he was and still is the better person and candidate. I did vote for McCain against Bush in that primary but after McCain gave up I went with Gore and then Kerry.

Obama impressed me the first time I heard him speak, and so I stuck with him. It was an easy choice especially against the McCain¬≠-Palin and Romney¬≠-Ryan ticket. The only people I could understand voting for Romney would be those who really didn't care at all about any social issue and were out for themselves only. Romney is a Vulture Capitalist who makes some of his money by picking the pockets of those he puts out of work or helps put out of business.

Yes, sometimes he does help companies thrive, but just ask those workers whose companies Romney and Bain couldn't help and have failed. What happens to them when they are out of work. Romney and Bain walked away with all the company assets, including the pensions of the workers.

So after eight years of Bush-Cheney, I enjoyed the optimistic attitude of Obama more than taking a chance at the Romney roulette wheel. Also, for eight years the majority of the American voters did too. The sad part was his election brought out the worse side of a lot of people. But what was really depressing was the uniting of the GOP against him from day one trying to make him a one-term president. It didn't work out that way, but I guess the Congress can say they did do something the past seven years.

Jon Hoyt


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To suggest Sen. Odell will fairly represent public interest is crazy

To The Daily Sun,

When SB-99 mandated a full review of the makeup of the State Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) which is responsible for siting large energy projects, including wind farms, I was skeptical that any meaningful changes would occur. I was pleasantly surprised with the proposed revisions to the SEC, which included revising the committee makeup, funding the committee, adding a staff administrator and requiring that siting guidelines be developed.

When SB-245 added the requirement that two members of the public, appointed by the governor, be added to the SEC so that there would be greater "public involvement" of those who ultimately will live with the decisions of the SEC, I was hopeful that New Hampshire was actually going to put in place a fair evaluation process.

Now I find out that the first "public member" of the SEC that Gov. Hassan has recommended to the Executive Council is state Sen. Bob Odell, formerly of Lempster. Lempster is the home of the first major wind farm in New Hampshire and Odell, who was a major promoter of the project, was openly dismissive of scenic concerns raised by homeowners.

To suggest that Senator Odell will fairly represent the public interest in the siting of wind farms is ludicrous.

So now we know that the SEC revision process was really a charade. We put lipstick on the pig but it's still a pig. Only now when the SEC approves a wind farm on New Hampshire's mountain ridges, destroying their scenic beauty and driving tourists to Maine and Vermont, so that Connecticut and Massachusetts can benefit from New Hampshire's excess electrical power, they can say we got "public input" before we approved the project.

Art Cote


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