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On July 18, vote for someone who can be really useful at this time

To The Daily Sun,

To all Alexandria, Grafton, Bristol, Bridgewater and Ashland voters: there will be a special election next Tuesday, July 18 to fill the representative vacancy. Paul Simard is our best choice to represent us for many reasons.

Paul Simard is conservative; he will watch how the state wants to spend your money. Paul Simard has done this job before, not once but twice. Paul Simard is up on the issues, has experience, he knows many of the people he would be interacting with and he understands the mechanics of the different committees/sub committees. Since there is only one of the two sessions left, I believe we need someone with experience so we get full representation.

I hope you vote not for popularity or someone with a special slogan, but for the person that can really be useful during this time.

Paul Simard has my vote and I hope you will vote for him next Tuesday July 18.

John Sellers


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PLease make Paul Simard your choice when you vote on July 18

To The Daily Sun,

Paul Simard is running for District 9 State Representative and I believe is most qualified to represent our district. He has served honorably as a representative before and has the know how to get things done. To long we have not had representation working in our behalf; others talk a good game or tell stories.

This is why I am supporting Paul Simard, who knows how to get work done through all the committees and plain and simple get the job done. Paul is always available and is ready to listen when you need your questions answered in a timely manner. Paul is fiscally conservative and will make sure District 9 interests are being represented and protected. Please make Paul Simard your choice when voting in July 18 Republican Primary and again September 5 when the general election takes place. Thank you for your support.

Ernie Richards

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