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Please don't let Shaker change back to old-style annual meetings

To The Daily Sun,

I heard lots of pros for keeping the Shaker School District under SB-2. It helps taxpayers keep more of their tax dollars and helps prevent the Shaker District from some of the huge budget increases we have seen over the years.

I ask the voters to please not let them change back to the old-style meetings where everything was just rubber-stamped. Keep SB-2, and save money

Don Irvin


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I enjoy letters that offer some food for thought & not just reruns

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding Free the Nipple, I would like to say to Denise Burke, thank you for your civility in your answer and I apologize for using the term prudish. I didn't mean anything negative by it. However, I respectfully disagree, wherein I believe it is a fundamental right for a woman to be able to be bare-chested in public as males, can do, without criminal charges. I speak as a father of two girls whom I would just wish for them to be allowed the same privileges as their male counterparts.

Would it be met with opposition, ridicule, finger pointing, gawking and other problems? Probably. Do I want them to do this? No. But to say that as a society we couldn't adapt to accept this as normal or at least acceptable as many other countries around the world have is a bit much. So I respectfully agree to disagree with you, that being said I still enjoy your vigorously sharp letters and writing style and honestly have agreed with most of them since this debate. I would take you up on that drink any day.

There are many things in our society to debate, which is the great thing about our country. I served in the military and risked life and limb as my father and both my grandfathers did before me, just for the right for free speech. I would never, ever want to only hear one side of a story and that is what is great about this newspaper. Nor did my last letter have the intent to imply that anybody doesn't have the right to write into this paper. Yet Tony Boutin had to take my letter of how certain people cannot understand satire or sarcasm and blast me for trying to censor or quiet the usual suspects. Talk about somebody missing the point.

Here's my list of bullet points, Tony:

1. You imply that I read all your letters in order to dislike them. Yeah, I read a few about five years ago. But really, after discovering that you couldn't come up with a single independent thought and that you're just a drone with Fox News talking points, I began to skip them.

2. I'm sorry that the Free the Nipple conversation is well below your superior intellect. However, it's a subject that affects a few of us peasants, so I apologize if we speak of it. The fact that you use a condescending tone with me because I was debating this is in fact you trying to censure me — the very thing that your letter is condemning.

3. The main point that I was trying to get across was that when you saturate these papers with your letters two, three times a week with the same point of view on everything (seeing the world in black and white in your case), it gets the result of being skipped. One of the inspirations behind my letter was that many of my cohorts had expressed to me that they skip over letters from you and a few of the others.

I actually enjoy letters by Vervaeke, Burke and even Wiles, because even though they are not necessarily my point of view, they always offer up some food for thought. Your letters read like what a Trump action-figure would say if you pulled the string on it.

4. Last but not least, you at least twice identified me with the Democratic Party. I've voted for a Democrat exactly once in my life. I don't belong to either party. I'm an American. I believe in virtues from both parties, but I am disgusted by how badly the system has been corrupted and quite frankly do not wish to be a part of it. It is a joke. A circus sideshow.

5. Parody is a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebodies style, usually in a humorous way. Try and gather up your remaining brain cells and meditate on that sentence for a bit.
Anyway, I would like to thank The Laconia Daily Sun for giving all of us a forum for some healthy debate. Even if some of us are sitting at the proverbial kids table, it's nice to read our different opinions and I do really appreciate it.

Thomas Lemay

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