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Let's just split the country up, half & half, to prevent name-calling

To The Daily Sun,

I read your letters column almost every day. Some days I get a chuckle and some days I get a belly laugh from the letters written about political candidates. It seems that most everyone has a candidate that they will harangue us with the reasons why they like or dislike him or her and why we should vote or not vote for that person.

Personally I like to hear, why I should vote for a candidate. I'm always afraid that when a writer berates a candidate hoping I won't vote for that person, that the writer is trying to draw attention away from the failings of the candidate they support.

Well, I think I may have stumbled upon a way to make everyone happy. i suggest that the government draw a line from north to south through the center of a map of the United States. Then, get the leaders of the two major parties to flip a coin and the winner gets to pick east or west America. Then all the people who support that party would be required to move to that territory. People in that territory not of that party would of course be required to move to the other half of the country.

Now that we have everyone who thinks alike segregated, there shouldn't be any name-calling or crude remarks made about a candidate for any office in their part of the country. I know you are asking yourself where Independent voters would live. Well, I suggest Alaska, with the overflow to go to Hawaii.

I don't expect any thanks for my brilliant idea. It is the duty of every American to help our government in any crisis. So you can expect me to come up with other wild schemes when necessary.

Elliot Finn

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'I dont lose sleep,' shows trust that LRGH will turn things around

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing with regard to the article by Michael Kitch on the Annual Meeting of LRGHealthcare on April 29. He gave an accurate and thorough report of what was presented, but it has come to my attention that his final quote of Mr. Henry Lipman, senior vice president of LRGHealthcare, has been misinterpreted by some. As I was present at the meeting, I wish to clarify the context of the remark.

As Mr. Kitch reported, Mr. Lipman did indeed carry the burden of presenting somber financial information to those attending. He presented the data accurately and identified that a great deal of the financial losses were due to debt refinancing and "one-time" expenses, plus clarified that our community population health realities have driven the drop in revenues which have resulted in operational losses. The closing comment by Mr. Lipman regarding "not losing sleep" has been interpreted by some as, "We aren't concerned about our situation." Quite to the contrary. I inferred his comment to be a "shorthand" remark by which he intended to convey his confidence in LRGHealthcare to make the changes needed to improve its financial situation and that he believes in the adage "nothing is as good or bad as it seems". With this philosophy and confidence, he can sleep at night.

Mr. Lipman, plus the rest of the senior management team, the board of directors, physician leaders and many employees have worked tirelessly to create a better financial future for the LRGHealthcare system without sacrificing quality and service care. Mr. Scott Clarenbach, outgoing chair of the board, did stress this point frequently at the meeting, referencing the importance of this collaboration for success.

I can assure readers that all those closely involved in the work understand that the financial situation is of critical importance to the community at large and are working diligently on a path forward. The transparency of the communications at the meeting did not sugar coat the financial realities. More communications will be available in the upcoming months, but this annual meeting provided an important baseline of information which will help readers and our community better understand the evolution of LRGHealthcare.

Elizabeth "Liz" Merry
LRGHealthcare Board Member

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