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I rise in defense of people's rights, even if I don't agree with them

To The Daily Sun,

Boy, oh boy, do I feel like the belle of the ball! My grandfather used to say that when you talk about nuts, the squirrels come out of the rafters. Harry Mitchell and his hanging-off-the-cross minions are trying to put words in my mouth. Believe you me, I need no such assistance.

What I did was point out that facts that had been entered into the record by Mr. Miller were without any basis in fact. That he was spouting lies about a candidate in order to attract negative attention to her. That as a male of the species, he believes he has a say in what the female of our species does with her body. The Supreme Court of this land has stated that he is unequivocally wrong. And in New Hampshire, she can do that right up to the very end of her pregnancy. That is our state legislators domain. If you don't like that, then do something about it.

Accuse me of being crass all you want, but I defend the rights of the people here in this country — even if I don't agree with them. You don't agree, citing some religious code and your beliefs? Well in the United States, rights outweigh beliefs.

I've seen and heard you all for decades, decrying a woman's right to choose. Of course, you'll say you don't ... just as long as she chooses like you would. And every single one of you is categorically incapable of putting yourselves into another's shoes, or else you'd stop trying to insinuate your beliefs.

Let's face it. You know nothing about my mother, my life, my beliefs, my choices, my mother's choices, or me. If my mother had been at risk, you'd rather I'd been a solitary child raised by my father and without siblings. And you don't care because you'd totter off to church firm in the conviction that you'd done your duty.

Are you out there adopting unwanted children? Are you ensuring that adoptions are easily affordable? Are you closing down orphanages and feeding these children? Nope. You're bullies, using your beliefs and Bibles as cudgels, and you feign upset when I roundly beat you with a copy of our Constitution.

I never called any fetus a "worm or a bug or a mass of tissue." That's disgusting. And for those who have a womb or a set of ovaries, you get to choose however you choose because it is your body and no one else's. But you only get to decide based on whatever beliefs you hold for yourself and yourself only. No one else. I'll stand up for your right to do that, too.

And yes — I have sperm, Rosemary, but it holds no control over any woman I may have shared it with and it is none of your damned business. The Supreme Court agrees.

Bill Lamb? You're simply trying to once again include men into a discourse about a decision that is a woman's to make. Ms. Perkins? Bring it on. Let's see what you've got. You don't scare me.

Finally, I never said that one isn't entitled to their opinion. You have a right to an opinion. You just don't have the right to force it on others. I stand firm in your right to your beliefs. I do not, however, support your beliefs holding sway over others rights. That's why we have a Constitution. Try forcing your beliefs onto my daughters and see what happens. Whatever my daughters may choose at any moment in their life is their right and I will fight for their ability to make that choice whether I agree with it or not. And not your or anyone else's beliefs will get in the way.

And as I come to the end of this response, I read that Phyllis Schlafly has finally passed — just another person in a long line of those seeking to prevent women from being equal and being in control of their own body. And the irony is that now she is dead and she had both. So do you. Stop trying to take it away from others.

Alan Vervaeke


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Discover Vermont's Dog Chapel for yourself; what a treat it is

To The Daily Sun,

This weekend I attempted to go to the Flume. Bad idea, it was crazy busy. So my husband and I decided to drive on and enjoy the amazing day of beautiful weather. We ended up heading over to St. Johnsbury, Vermont. We have never been there and it is a great little town.

We stopped at a maple store (of course) and we had a great conversation with the two ladies working in the store and we got on the subject of pets. They told us on our way back we had to stop at the Dog Chapel.

It was were the talented artist Stephen Huneck and his wife lived and had a studio. It's called Dog Mountain. If you love animals you must go and bring your pet(s). What a place! The chapel he created is just beautiful, but it is what is inside that is awesome. Every inch of wall space is covered with pictures and "notes of love" for the dogs that have passed on in so many people's lives.

You will need tissues, trust me. Stephen's art and carvings are in the chapel as well. He and his wife passed and it is mainly running on donations. We left with T-shirts, art, books, all from the store on the grounds. The view is breathtaking! The fall will be amazing up there. Tons of friendly people and cute dogs everywhere.

Please check it out. It is worth the trip. And bring your pet(s), they are welcome up there to run free on the 150 acres of land dedicated to our furry buddies. We are heading back soon with ours.

Denise C. Burke


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