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The Groton wind turbines were rammed down our throats

To The Daily Sun,

Our community reflects true New Hampshire values.

We care about: protection for individuals; protection for our wildlife, protection for our environment, protection for our watersheds, protection for our viewsheds and protection for our tourist-dependent economy. Many of us are counting on existing laws to be properly enforced, to bestow the protection we, our environment and our tourist economy deserve ... nothing more nothing less.

I consider Groton an uncontested win that was rammed down our throats. My only regret is that I didn't find out about the Groton proposal earlier. Remember, none of the wind turbines built or proposed in our community count toward our state's renewable energy goals ... and most importantly, New Hampshire's been a net exporter of electricity for decades — meaning we don't need more electricity.

Our lands are being outsourced for renewable energy credits — that's a fact — and we are paying the price in more ways than one.

Vermont and Maine are also fighting this nightmare. There are a lot of variables that go into all of this — and we are all connected in this renewable energy scam — as all the electricity is being funneled to southern states.

Keep in mind proposed legislation from Massachusetts ... is to be running at 100 percent on renewable energy by 2050. Yet, not one prison has a solar panel, a wind turbine or a renewable source. Only a handfull of schools have solar panels, ONE wind turbine or a renewable energy source. Should I continue with state properties? Highways? Ocean? Rivers? I think you get the my point...

It's not nutty thoughts we're thinking — it's answers we're seeking. And we're not getting them. Have you seen any data from the Groton Wind Farm? That alone tells me our threat is far from over.

Ray Cunningham

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The president is really looney tunes; it's 25th Amendment time

To The Daily Sun,

I won't drag you all through the arguments that show that Trump's connections with reality and truth are irreparably broken. You either believe them or not. But, it is time that those of us who have wavered, hesitated, and given the benefit of the doubt face up to the truth: the president of the United States is looney tunes. 25th Amendment time.

Johan Andersen


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