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You should not have published photo of fatal motorcycle accident

To The Daily Sun,

Thumbs down for publishing the picture of the fatal motorcycle accident from Thursday, June 9, in last Friday's edition of the paper.

It is the last picture his family has of him alive, and it was published in poor taste.

Whoever took the picture should be ashamed, and whoever thought it was a good idea to print it should be even more ashamed.

RIP Justin.

Rhiannon Fee

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Trump U a problem? So is every other college and university

To The Daily Sun,

Trump is being vilified in the headlines for scamming people at his namesake university. There is little doubt Trump University tuitions were exchanged for anything of real value. But if we are going to hang Trump "out to dry" for ripping off the public, then higher education in its broadest definition has to be held accountable to the same gold standard Trump is being held to where hugs sums of money are exchanged for what passes as higher "education."
The statistics emanating from higher education are beyond deplorable. Dropout rates are horrific today, even with peoples "own money" on the line. Who thinks getting a free education, where students have NO SKIN of their own in the game are going to improve that outcome? Sky-high drop out rates should not surprise anyone. An absolutely astounding 75 percent of students nationally applying for community college require remedial reading and math classes to enter while fewer than 10 percent of those graduate on time.
The ratio of debt to inability to pay is unknown. Who thinks GOVERNMENT LURING even LOWER QUALITY students into college to take advantage of FREE is going to improve what already is incredible failure by any definition. Did luring ever larger numbers of people into welfare reduce the number of poor America? Did luring poorly qualified people to take out artificially low priced GOVERNMENT FUNDED mortgages benefit anyone? Has inducing people into government subsidized Obama care stopped the disaster of run away health care costs in America? The answer to all three questions is, NOPE!
The real question that needs to be answered (and colleges don't want to answer it for self interest reasons) is what is the percentage of students in college who deserve to be there, but are struggling financially versus the percentage there who are there who shouldn't be there based on academic qualifications who are borrowing recklessly to be there.
When students drop out at high rates, whether on their dime or taxpayer's, the EARNINGS BENEFIT plummets or disappears altogether. Only 54 percent of students graduate from all four-year colleges within SIX years. EVEN WORSE, at four-year colleges with open enrollment, only 33 percent of students graduate in six years. These outcomes are beyond FAILURE and the emotional and economic damage to families is beyond reprehensible.
What we have is a union created and MAINTAINED productivity crisis on campus which causes tuitions to rise uncontrollably in to perpetuity, and we have a student academic quality crisis of those entering college. Colleges and universities REFUSE steadfastly to address either of those crises because the existence of both cements the current and future existence of those colleges. Working much more productively and raising higher academic quality for entrance would put thousands of colleges OUT OF BUSINESS, and of course cut student debt crisis in the hundreds of billions. Billions those colleges NEED to STAY IN BUSINESS. If Trump university should never have been in business then we have to make the same hard analysis of every other college and university. Many of which fail their mission exactly the same way Trump University did. Millions paying an incredibly INFLATED PRICE for a product of highly dubious value. There are thousands of Trump Universities operating under other names that produce the same, failed outcomes while trading huge sums of money, BORROWED for something it turns out has little value to so many millions of people.
Tony Boutin

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