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When you can't change who's in the White House you press 'mute'

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Vervaeke, I will answer what you have said to me, not to gratify you, but to show that this public forum can be a means to contribute more ideas and dialogue for all people, not just a few who want to dominate it by intimidation and insult.

In my letters I have never attacked Hillary Clinton as a person, because I don’t know Hillary personally. I could only make a decision about her ability to be a president based on her public words and actions. What I heard her say about supporting Planned Parenthood, and that the NRA was her top enemy helped me to understand her vision for America. Her inaction in protecting the embassy in Benghazi, and her reluctance to cooperate with investigators about her emails made me doubt her ability to lead and do the right and just thing for us.

By the time of the election, we had two choices left, Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton. I hadn’t voted for Mr. Trump in the primary, so I was not happy to have to vote for him as president. Should I have shirked my responsibility to vote and stay home? Should I have elected Hillary because she smiled a lot and was polite, even though it was against my conscience and principles, Mr. Vervaeke? Donald Trump, at least in his speeches, gave me the impression he might actually do something to renew the freedom and optimism that America needed to go forward. Hillary was a known quantity, and I didn’t want what she offered, that’s all.

President Obama’s socialist ideology was apparent from the start of his first campaign, yet he was elected twice. I have not criticized anyone in my letters for voting for him because it is our right as Americans to vote as we see fit. I did not try to help him succeed, Mr. Vervaeke, because his policies went against my beliefs in the sanctity of life and the rights of citizens to have freedom of religion, and freedom to think and act without being persecuted by the politically correct. I did not condemn him in public, but held my peace for the sake of others who were afraid of him, and what he might do. President Obama was no friend of Republicans, either, and did little to try to work with them when he was in office.

When you cannot change who is in the White House, you tolerate it as best you can, wear out the mute button on the remote, and get on with living. I don’t know what President Trump will do, evil or good; we will only know it all in hindsight. I only know that I cannot change the world, or Mr. Trump, to my way of thinking by staying in a constant tizzy of moral outrage. I can only try to do better by changing myself, with God’s help.

By the way, Mr. Vervaeke, I have been here all along, not in Florida as you assumed. My last letter was in October of 2016. Your writings appear weekly, and you have a column here as well. Who is doing most of the talking, you or I? I will do the readers a favor and be still now, for I have made my point. Peace be with you all.

Doris Morrissette

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Elephants? What about all the dogs & cats that are abused

To The Daily Sun,

Ms. O'Connor, I read your letter about the Kelly Miller Circus. Did you read here in our local news about the abuse and neglect of 80+ Great Danes over in Wolfeboro? If you have not, perhaps you should. You seem a little too consumed by the circus, their animals, and the people who own it and work there. But what about other life around you? How about the numerous dogs and cats that are neglected and abused daily? How about the lakes and oceans we are slowly killing off and the life that depends on them? How about the forests and trees we are losing daily to corporate greed? How about mankind and what we do to each other around the globe? Circuses are a dying way of life and most will close soon enough. Ringling Brothers is now gone. How about getting involved in helping their animals when it does? Best of luck, truly.

As for Mr. Bartlett and his "Dark Theocracy" concerns, I love your cavalier attitude towards the pamphlets. What if that was you and YOU didn't like it? Religion and State are separate. How would you like it if I went to your favorite cafe and replaced the burger section of the menu with a pro-choice advertisement? These people went to a class in church — not to learn about God, but safe hunting. Whoever did it overstepped a boundary within their own church. I'm sure some just brushed it off as you have. But, I'm sure some may have felt uncomfortable or upset. Not everyone believes, and that should be respected. I hope whomever did this will see it was the wrong thing to do in order to get the "word" out.

Denise C. Burke

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