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Belknap Mill's historic monitor roof replaced thanks to so many

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap Mill Society sincerely thanks the Lakes Region community for its generous support of the Raise the Roof Campaign. Together, we raised nearly $100,000 — 150 percent of our original $65,000 goal — to replace the Belknap Mill's historic monitor roof. This traditional mill roofline was once common among our region's industrial mills. Time and progress have taken their toll, and now the Belknap Mill is the only example of a traditional intact monitor roof remaining in New Hampshire. Ensuring the roof's ongoing preservation is inherent to the Society's mission and to the mill's sustainability for the future.

The additional funds raised will be used to paint the mill's clerestory windows and trim, and to support repairs to its aging elevator.

We are deeply grateful to our leadership donors: Bank of New Hampshire, the McIninch Foundation and the Karagianis family. Their generosity and support enabled us to launch the Raise the Roof Campaign and inspire the community to step forward. Many thanks also go out to Jim French Home Improvements for a job well done, and for accommodating our scheduling needs to ensure ongoing access to the Mill during construction.

The Belknap Mill Society is a community organization. We work every day in partnership with the community, and the Raise the Roof Campaign is evidence of that engagement. We are immensely grateful to the many people and local businesses who enthusiastically met the $25,000 Karagianis Matching Gift Challenge in honor of Peter Karagianis Sr. Today's donors are a reminder of Peter's early, heroic efforts to save the Mill. Their support is evidence of the impact this Mill has had — and continues to have — on our community.

We were pleased to see many of our gracious donors at our Nov. 1 celebration of success, and we are grateful to those who helped make the night special, including Larry Frates, Annie's Café & Catering, Michael Wernig (of Gilford High School), Laconia Mayor Ed Engler, Barry Leonard of Bank of NH, Peter Karagianis, Jennifer McLean, Tara Shore, Nicoleta Parisi, Maggie Leary, Karen Prior and Lisa Burk-McCoy.

The board and staff of the Belknap Mill Society are proud to live and work in the Lakes Region and to partner with its dedicated residents and businesses. Only by pulling together can we make a difference. With such abundant community commitment, we are confident as we take our next steps. Together, we will lead the ongoing evolution of the Belknap Mill Society and champion our continuing work to preserve the Belknap Mill, share our cultural heritage, and support a strong Lakes Region community.

Allison Ambrose, President

Belknap Mill Society

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Post 1 Christmas party for children/grandchildren will be Dec. 11

To The Daily Sun,

There will be a Christmas party for the children/grandchildren of members of American Legion Post 1 on Sunday, Dec. 11, at 1 p.m. This includes the Sons and Auxiliary members. There will be hot dogs and fries for the children as well as a visit from Santa with a gift for each child.

There is a sign-up sheet at our canteen. We will need the name, age and gender of each child as well as the name of the sponsoring member. The deadline for signing up will be Dec. 5, so please act quickly. For further information contact the canteen at 524-9728.

Earl Beale, Adjutant

American Legion Post 1


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