Where is Maloof's proof that Opus Dei is sinister organization

To The Daily Sun,

Professor George Maloof appears to have enlightened us with the Opus Dei secret Catholic society that he says ensures women stand behind men in life. A natural order where the rich are rich and the poor are poor, a divine order of inequality. And he claims they won't tell us who is in this secret society. At least according to the New Republic, The Daily Kos and other left-wing sites.

According to the Catholic League, it lists all of its member priests and international and regional directors. Like any club membership, it does not make public all of its members. They say that yes, the late Pope John Paul II's spokesman, Joaquin Navarro-Valls is a member. However, they go on to say that the rumors of Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Louis Freeh, Mel Gibson and Pat Buchanan being members is absolutely false. Nevertheless, the professor appears to be convinced that Scalia is a charter member of this alleged dastardly and dictatorial cult.

Is it possible that the learned professor has crossed the line of reasonableness by confusing the "Da Vinci Code" work of fiction with the real life Opus Dei Catholic organization? Which might explain why he believes it supports "dictatorial societies". Where is the real proof that this organization is as the professor implies?

Mr. Maloof then goes on to scold Scalia for his "maniacal obsession with a rigid interpretation of the Constitution." And therein lies the paradoxical rub. Remember when President Obama complained about the Constitution being a "charter of negative liberties". As we have seen over the past six years, he has decided to ignore the limits of power of the executive branch and ignore our Constitution so that he can push through his redistributive schemes. After all, he says he's "got a pen and a phone" and just doesn't have time for the tedious legislative process and the cumbersome checks and balances of congressional oversight.

It is President Obama, a progressive, Marxist-loving, power-hungry individual who believes in a dictatorial society, and not Justice Scalia or the Opus Dei members. "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money" exclaimed Obama. And who will make that decision? Could it possibly be his vision of a monstrously-sized federal government that will redistribute the wealth for the good of the collective? A complete contradiction with the beliefs of a Supreme Court justice who adheres to the limits of power of the president in order to avoid a dictatorship. Wouldn't you say so Mr. Maloof?

Saul Alinsky would be proud of Professor Maloof and his "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it," letter to the editor. Yes professor, go after people and not institutions. Personalized criticism and ridicule works so well doesn't it professor? Lucifer crediting Saul lusted for the vision of getting God out of our government and our schools. If he were still with us, he would be so proud of the liberal progressives who have made progress in driving the name and message of Christ out of the public arena. The professor is only trying to do his part for heaven's sake. Holy Beelzebub Batman!

Russ Wiles


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Maloof letter based on New Yorker article that was clearly satire

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, Professor Maloof has treated us to one of his shameful writings. In the Wednesday issue of The Daily Sun, he attacked Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas for wanting to form an independent search committee to find a new pope. He claimed that the two justices are members of the Roman Catholic organization Opus Dei, and then went on to give a grossly distorted view of that pious organization.

Professor Maloof based his entire condemnation on an article written by Andy Borowitz. Borowitz is a comedian and writer for the New Yorker magazine, and the article upon which Professor Maloof based his shameful attack was a satirical piece . . . pure fiction.

Perhaps the professor can acknowledge his error and offer an apology to Justices Scalia and Thomas. Or, would that be too humbling for him?

Bob Meade


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Looking for Laconia residents willing to serve on Biz Park Board

To The Daily Sun,

The city has a current vacancy to fill on the Lakes Business Park Commission. The commission typically meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. at City Hall.

Located just inside the Laconia Bypas, the Lakes Business Park consists of 113-acres of land divided into 19 commercial lots along Hounsel Avenue, a relatively new street that runs from Gilford Ave. (across the street from Piche's Ski & Sports Shop) south to Rte. 107 (Province Street). Development of the park, including the sale of lots, is a joint venture between the City of Laconia and the Town of Gilford and the commission handles day-to-day affairs, including marketing.

The commission consists of three residents of Gilford and an equal number from Laconia. The city's representative's are appointed by the City Council for indefinite terms.

If you would like to be considered for appointment to the commission, representing Laconia, please contact the City Manager's Office at 527-1270 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The deadline for applications is 4:30 p.m. on April 3.

Edward J. Engler

Mayor of Laconia

Chairman, Lakes Business Park Commission



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Dems happy to sacrifice well being of Americans to get elected

To The Daily Sun,

Stalin reportedly said, "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic." As experts of managing the media, Democrats can use the suffering of a few people to advance their power while diverting attention from the harm their policies inflict on most Americans.

In her letter of March 17, June M. Huot makes fun of the fact that most Americans are harmed by illegal aliens because she thinks flooding our country with illegal aliens increases Democrat Party power.

Huot doesn't care that illegal aliens take jobs and depress wages causing millions of Americans to struggle to support their families.

Huot doesn't care that illegal alien children take public school resources away from American children reducing their chances for success in life. Nor is she concerned about the sick American children infected by illegal alien children.

Nor is Huot concerned about the tens of thousands of Americans who are murdered, raped or otherwise victimized by illegal aliens. Nor is she concerned that illegal aliens cost American taxpayers at least one hundred billion dollars annually.

To advance Democrat Party power, Huot happily sacrifices the well-being of most Americans, including children, and even the U.S. Constitution.

Our Constitution was created and enacted to protect the liberties of the American people, not only from foreign enemies, but from dictatorial actions by our own government, especially the president.

The whole issue of the Homeland Security-funding bill arose because President Obama acted as a dictator by declaring an "executive amnesty" for illegal aliens, which usurped the exclusive authority of the people's representatives in Congress to create our laws. President Obama took this action despite confirming more than 20 times that the president didn't have the authority to do what he did.

President Obama essentially rewrote our immigration laws not only providing amnesty to illegal aliens but granting them a many privileges including work authorizations, access to Social Security and full welfare benefits, access to earned income tax credits worth up to $24,000, etc. (The minimum additional cost to American taxpayers is identified as $1.3 trillion by Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation.)

Responding to President Obama's dictatorial action, Congress tried to reclaim its constitutional authority with the only tool that Congress has, the power of the purse.

Republicans in Congress passed a bill that funded every legally authorized Homeland Security function but denying funds for President Obama's unconstitutional "executive amnesty".

However, Democratic senators refused to fund the legal functions of Homeland Security and promised to shut down Homeland Security, unless Congress also funded President Obama's unconstitutional "executive amnesty" for illegal aliens.

Because Republicans in Congress yielded to Democrat demands that Congress approve President Obama's unconstitutional action, President Obama knows that he can probably do anything he wants no matter how radical. Unfortunately President Obama seems to want to take many unconstitutional actions, including trampling on our Bill of Rights protections related to speech, privacy, internet freedom, property rights, religion, gun rights, justified incarceration, etc. One wonders how many liberties Washington Democrats will help President Obama take and if Washington Republicans will ever stop them.

Hillary Clinton told us that you can be a patriot even if you disagree with the administration. But, with a Democratic president any disagreement is called partisan politics and evidence of racism or hatred.

It is a joke when June Huot, Senator Shaheen, or other partisan Democrat supporters call for the end of partisan politics. Democrats will only end partisan politics when everyone endorses the policies that solidify Democrat Party power. In pursuit of their power, Democrats happily violate our Constitution, ignore the mandate of the voters, and ignore the reality that most Americans are hurt by their policies.

Don Ewing


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Purpose of unions is to maximize wages at expense of consumers

To The Daily Sun,

Tom Dawson writes the purpose of right to work (RTW) laws is to weaken unions. He's wrong. The purpose of RTW is to eliminate unions entirely. The RTW debate centers around the individual's freedom of choice.

Democrats, like Mr. Dawson, oppose ordinary Americans having freedom of choice. Democrats want every decision mandated for you by either them or government. You "must" buy health insurance, or pay a fine. You "must" send your kids to a school no matter how poorly it performs. You must belong to a union and have dues sucked from your wages whether you want to or not. The latest Obama threat to free choice. You will vote, or be fined. Democrats will soon declare farting is a crime, with a fine.

Let's be honest, unions have one purpose. That purpose to maximize the wages and benefits of the people in the union at the expense of every consumer and taxpayer outside the union. Unions are above all, self-serving bullies that have little regard for the incredible harm they do to others. Let's do an economic health check on the economic advantage of RTW states vs. union states from 2003-13. By almost every metric the evidence of advantage for RTW is overwhelming. The average RTW state increased employment more than double the rate of union states. Personal income in RTW states increased 12 percent higher than in states with out RTW protections. The economies of RTW states grew 10 percent faster than the average union states. Populations in RTW states increased an average of 3 percent while union state populations declined an average of 1 percent. Tens of millions of people moved to RTW states, out of union states because they saw more opportunity to increase their incomes and job security.

In 2014 Michigan became the 24th RTW state. Union membership there has already dropped by 48,000. Since Scott Walker's union reforms in Wisconsin 49,000 of the public state employees 70,000-member union have already dropped their membership. An absolutely staggering percentage, while the American Federation of Teachers has seen a 50 percent membership slide. Thirty percent of the of the union members at the National Education Association have dropped out. No one forced these thousands of members out of their unions. They simply drop out like flies when dues are no longer deducted automatically from their pay checks, as Walker ordered.

When given a free choice even people who claim to deeply believe in unions leave at their first opportunity. Tom Dawson proclaims to be a union expert, maybe he can shed some insight on the mass exodus out of unions. Don't bet on it.

Union membership in this country has been dropping steadily for the past 50 years. It is now down to just 11 percent. Membership has dropped in good economic times and poor economic times. It had dropped under Democratic presidents and Republican presidents. There is a fundamental reason why. Unions do not serve the best interests of society at large. They drive prices for all products and services continually higher harming living standards for every one outside the union, while quality often lags.

Look at the absolute disaster of Americas education system held in ruinous hostage by unions. College tuitions have doubled in 15 years under unions. Unions don't solve problems between management and labor, they exacerbate them, often endangering the existence of the employer (think GM, Hostess and countless others) all while unions obstruct freedom of choice.

Consider the poor employee forced to have thousands of dollars confiscated from his hard earned wages who does not want to belong to a union while he watches those dues contributed to a political party he violently opposes. If that isn't suppression of freedom while rubbing your nose in it, nothing is. Maybe Tom Dawson can fill us in on that as well. Don't bet on that either.

Democrats are not going to debate RTW in an open forum because they will get demolished by the hard, cold facts. They much prefer to sucker punch in the clinches like Mr. Dawson's last contribution to The Sun, then run.

Tony Boutin


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