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Christianity changed when enlightenment period hit Europe

To The Daily Sun,

Russ Wiles says I claimed that presently, Christianity and Islam are morally equivalent. Nope, never said that. I said the Bible and the Quran are morally equivalent. I wrote in my February 1 letter about Christianity's evolution and Islam's increasing modernization. This is what happens when religion is westernized by enlightenment principles. For nearly 1,500 years, Christianity was a murderous religion responsible for millions of deaths but when the enlightenment period hit Europe and America in the 18th Century, all that changed. Christianity became a more peaceful religion with enlightenment-based constitutions.

American Muslims have quickly adapted to these constitutional principles. In my April 14 letter, I wrote, "Christian violence spanned over a thousand years but people finally turned against the wars, burnings, inquisitions, and murders. The 30 Year War between Protestants and Catholics alone took seven million lives. Around 100,000 people were burned alive by Protestants. Now Islam is going through a growing condemnation of violence worldwide."

In my May 3 letter, I wrote, "Certainly, both the Quran and the Bible are morally equivalent in that they are antithetical to the principles of liberty in important ways. But the different sects and denominations of the religions themselves that have evolved over time are not always congruent with the literal readings of these books. Many sects have freed themselves from the literal readings of these archaic books. Progressive Christians and Muslims have done that." Now if Russ doesn't understand what I am saying, maybe he needs remedial reading classes. Don't rebut letters you can't comprehend.

Mr. Wiles said I don't get Mr. Earle's main point. Really? Steve applies a wide brush to all Muslims, holding them accountable for the actions of fringe groups. Russ also claimed that I was a one-trick pony. Seriously! I rebut the one-trick pony and will continue to do so for as long as he writes those letters. You can count on it. I can do this for as long as the alt-Reich boys can. From another recent letter, Mr. Earle wrote, "And thank you, James, for all your letters reminding people just how nasty, mean and vile leftist progressives really are." Wide brush much? How shallow.

James Veverka


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Did you remember that Memorial Day is about more than BBQ & beer?

To The Daily Sun,

I hope people remembered that Memorial Day is about more than barbecue and beer.

If we would all be quiet on Memorial Day mornings, perhaps we would hear sounds of fife and drums. 

Please join with the families of lost ones on Memorial Day. And please remember that freedom is not cheap. 

John Haven


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