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Enough with this 'fake news' about judge & 'freezing' truck driver

To The Daily Sun,

I'm sure that the clear headed and independent thinkers and readers of The Laconia Daily Sun are sick and tired of reading items in this newspaper from ill-informed "group-thinkers" that are "FAKE NEWS," and based solely on a hard-left ideology. I'm talking about the articles and letter-to-the-editors spouting false info about the case regarding Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch, and the so-called "Frozen Trucker." The judge, during his Senate hearings could not comment specifically on the details of the case, but as a former long-haul trucker, who has actually been in this exact situation, please allow me to do so.

The judge was absolutely correct in ruling in favor of TransAm, and here's why. The truck (tractor) is equipped with an over-the-road heated "sleeper," which consists of a bunk for the driver to sleep on while away from home. Alphonse Madin was told by the company to stay with the disabled trailer, and wait for a specialized wrecker to arrive on site. Sometimes the wrecker service is located quite a distance away, or may even be on another call, and may take awhile. The driver was instructed to stay with the disabled trailer for safety purposes, using four-way flashers, etc., to illuminate it to other traffic., But he chose not to wait, not because he was freezing to death, but because he simply did not to wait, decided rather to "drop the trailer," leaving it on the side of the highway, vulnerable to theft, collision, etc.

Without the tractor attached, the pressurized air brake system is completely disabled. With the tractor attached, providing air to the brake system, the repairman can do what is necessary to release the disabled trailer's brakes.

The driver was told to stay on site, but he chose not to, probably costing the trucking company thousands more, to get another truck to the site to tow the repaired trailer. In all probability, the driver was never in danger of "freezing to death." Across the country, tractor-trailers break down on the side of the road all the time, and every driver knows what his responsibility is to the company in situations like this.

This story has been distorted all out of reality, simply because of this judge, and his being appointed to the Supreme Court by President Trump. The left in this country is incapable of looking at anything clearly if it has anything to do with politics. They filter everything through a left-wing filter, a "worldview" that makes everything "political," causing it lean "hard-left!"

My advice is not to believe almost anything you read in the newspaper, unless you have seen it with your own eyes!

Wake up America, before it is too late...

Jim McCoole


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Bernie Sanders is right to suggest a united Medicare for all

To The Daily Sun,

The health care industry is in crisis. It came about by insurance companies demanding profits over the quality of human life. Insurance companies are cold, deliberating, as well as discriminating against those who are disabled, sick, or injured, and for those who cannot afford the high premiums. Health care must not be for sale to the highest bidder.

Health care for all is a right for people, not a right for insurance companies to make a profit on human life. It is almost essential that this country revert to Medicare for all, regardless of income status, race, diagnosis, or disability. Here are some reasons why:

The health care industry is labor intensive. Poor quality of care in nursing homes for example is related to the dearth of qualified nursing assistants in relation to the population cared for. Fifteen residents per LNA is unacceptable and dangerous, both to the resident as well as the LNA. Homes with better staffing ratios show higher caliber of care and provide a better quality of life for those in their remaining years.

Staffing by both RNs and LPNs appears to be short as well, further potentially compromising care.

Appointments: doctors are directed to keep time with patients to a minimum, even though they charge for the whole hour, or mass production of medical care.

Prescriptions are notoriously expensive if one does not have prescription coverage. Pharmacies seek profits, not the care that patients and clients deserve.

One cannot displace the human factor for both the patient as well as the entire health care team. Machines and computers cannot replace the quality that human care provides. Robo-care is unacceptable.

Computerized health care systems. While it is nice to be organized in progress notes written, other aspects of computerized systems take more time than previously encountered. Quote from one provider, "We take more care of the paperwork and computer activities than we do our patients!" Insurance requires excessive time in paperwork and documentation. The need to focus on care is priority, not profit.

In this legal sensitive atmosphere, one also wonders about the appropriateness of "additional testing" or "screenings;" i.e. a colonoscopy needs to be done every 10 years (this is for example only: the importance of this screening is essential to a long, healthy life cancer free), or other screenings. How many people are needed to make sure the insurance industry is doing what they are supposed to? Insurance companies make decisions regardless of input of the entire medical team devoted to either a health compromised patient or a healthy one. It is all about making money. Human life is not for sale or profit.

Mr. Bernie Sanders is correct to suggest a united M

edicare program for all. It must be a contribution system, similar to Social Security. If one is unable to pay for this program, then this is where the Medicaid system helps, to provide the income challenged individuals the care they are entitled to. So long as the system is run by medically qualified individuals — such as a team of nurses, LNA's, either advanced nurse practitioners or doctor's assistants, as well as medical doctors — not some group of people trained by medically untrained individuals as may be the case currently. For example, medical decisions should be made by medical people, not car mechanics, or plumbers.

Medicare for all puts the insurance industry out of business, which must be done. Given that everyone should be contributing to the system, the costs of payments would be significantly lower than the private industry. Medicare for all also should focus on the issues of medical care and health promotion without prejudice, which would further reduce costs in the long run. Transportation must also be included in this package, as this is a vital access to medical care, either via ambulance or private transport.

This program stimulates the economy with increased spending power. Premium reduction by mandating participation, increases the cash flow to the individuals and/or their families. This makes such a program a win-win situation for all American people, and promote better health at the same time. Insurance companies do not provide this benefit. Both major parties as well as minority parties should focus on, the right of all to affordable, total health care.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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