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Hiking with an unleashed dog can be very risky for others

To The Daily Sun,

Being outdoors and hiking is one of the most thought provoking activities known to this world for its peaceful and quiet surroundings. Whether it's walking along a trail, running through the never ending forests of New Hampshire, or even reaching the peaks of those 4,000 footers that you were destined to climb from the first scent of summer.

For my mother and I, we spend our times out in nature attempting and completing any mountain we come across. Having a family full of animals including dogs gives us the opportunity to share our interests with out pets and bring them anywhere but the house, where they sleep silently all day long, building up their energy for the relentless playing that comes at dusk. Whenever we take our dogs on long hikes through the breathtaking mountains of the north, it becomes that much more interesting. Watching as other creatures around us scurry around up and through trees, triggers those long ears of our dogs to shoot up like fireworks on the Fourth of July. However once and awhile there will be another happy family trotting through the woods with their dog, some on leashes and some without.

Hiking with an unleashed dog can be very risky for those dogs who do not like company. Speaking from my own experiences, my dog had a nasty encounter with a few dogs that were unleashed from their owner and were wandering around the forest without the supervision of those who care for them. Everyone wants what is best for their puppies but hiking without a leash bring danger to those around the loose pet. In New Hampshire, one of many hiking laws state that, “It is unlawful for any dog to run at large in New Hampshire, except when the dog is accompanied by its owner or a custodian” Although the owner of an unleashed dog might be in proximity, pet owners should always leash their dogs not only for the safety of their beloved friends, but also for the safety of those around them.

Keegan Penny


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Moulton Farm is a true community-minded business, a treasure

To The Daily Sun,

As the president & CEO of Lakes Region Community Services, I am fortunate to often be moved by the generosity, caring and support of businesses and community organizations surrounding us here in the greater Lakes Region. We are always grateful for the support we receive, but there are times when an unexpected act of generosity deserves particular immediate recognition.

Lakes Region Community Services recently started a foundation to diversify and enhance our funding streams and enable LRCS to have the financial strength, resiliency and flexibility to carry out our mission of serving people in need and strengthening our community. The existence and work of LRCS ensures a developing safety net for the most vulnerable members of our communities who might experience gaps in services, and builds a stronger Lakes Region for all of us for generations to come.

It is challenging to overcome a perception that LRCS’s services are all funded. The very gaps in our communities that we are here to fill, represent the same gaps in resources to do so. It is challenging to create a base of supporters willing and able to donate to the LRCS Foundation, and to create new relationships expanding beyond our current circle of influence. To that end, we recently held a Harvest Dinner at Moulton Farm in Meredith to appreciate our major donors and supporters and to introduce others to the impact our programs and services have.

Moulton Farm’s "Field to Fork" dinner surpassed all expectations — beautiful setting, amazing food prepared and served by a talented and delightful farm crew, and a tractor tour of the fields hosted by John Moulton. We filled the tent with 45 people who enjoyed farm fresh produce from appetizers to dessert. And at the end of this very successful event, Moulton Farm donated the entire event in support of the LRCS Foundation mission. That’s a lot of ears of corn!

In addition to this demonstration of generosity, Moulton Farm also signed on to be the Savory Food Sponsor for the LRCS signature fundraiser "Lakes Region Uncorked," to be held on November 2. Moulton Farm, a Lakes Region treasure, is truly a community minded business that makes us all grateful to live and work in the Lakes Region!

Rebecca Bryant
President & CEO

Lakes Region Community Services

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