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Peter Davis (11-5) 213 - Don't tear up the railroad tracks but make better use of them

To The Daily Sun,

Tearing up the railroad tracks, incapacitating the existing and functioning rail line from Tilton to Lincoln, is an absurd idea on the face of it. Thinking outside the box is appreciated, though. I have witnessed the tourist trains to The Weirs many times and half the cars are always empty. The train must be tremendously expensive to operate. Why not get rid of the locomotive and heavy cars and replace them with a small fleet of modern gas- or diesel-powered replica trolleys celebrating Laconia’s history as a major streetcar manufacturer?
Also, Laconia should get hold of one of Laconia’s real historic streetcars for display, possibly from the South Shore Trolley Museum in Maine, which has many.
Running trolleys instead of locomotives would open a solution to the WOW Trail issues. In New Orleans, famous for its streetcars (trolleys), jogging trails run right up the middle of the tracks. The trolley operator, standing directly at the front of the trolley, clangs the bell when approaching a jogger and the jogger gets out of the way and the trolley, being a trolley and not a locomotive, can easily slow down or stop. Maybe the WOW Trail could be paved between the tracks, but that probably is not feasible.
Peter Davis


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Opioid crisis didn’t just start; what did Obama do on his watch?

To The Daily Sun,

After reading the latest salvo by Susan Estrich criticizing President Trump and the opioid crisis, I believe she must be on drugs. The president just declared war on the drugs responsible for the opioid crisis and Ms. Estrich wants results last week. This crisis has been going on for at least a decade, which includes both of Obama’s terms as president. President Obama didn’t do anything but open the door to easy access to prescription drugs, that exacerbated the problem. Under Mr. Obama’s watch, many of our vets suffered and died due to the systemic inept bureaucracy.
Ms. Estrich states, “When you are the president of the United States, you can take action, make funds available, reallocate priorities, send funds to states, talk to Congress for new money, or you can just talk.”
Well, Obama did none of the above except talk. Donald Trump is in the process of stopping the flow of illegal drugs coming across our borders.
You, Ms. Estrich, gloat about your doctors telling you not to take drugs. You have previously stated you have two medical plans and your doctors just love to take care of you. You sit in your elitist ivory tower and make pernicious comments about President Trump.
Senior Republican senators like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, etc. are part of the Washington, D.C., swamp Donald Trump wants to clean up. These swamp rats are leaving because they know they will not be re-elected. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step are two sayings reflecting what President Trump has started to clean out the swamp.
The swamp actually has lobbyists, Democrats and Republicans, as evidenced by your previous column on Tuesday, Oct. 19, headlined, “Be Well.” That one and now this one on opioids unfortunately show you are still suffering from the five stages of grief due to the loss by Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election to Donald Trump. You seem to be at stage two which is anger. You have away to go to get to the final stage which is acceptance. Good luck. You have my sincere sympathy.
Rich Tjaden


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