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Unthinkable that we would turn our backs on town's Grange Hall

To The Daily Sun,

We are grateful for Nora Foster’s recent observation that advocates for the exciting move of the Grange Hall to its original (1826) location did not have “solid plans” for its use. The purpose of the recent meeting was to elicit ideas from fellow New Hamptonites, from which “solid plans” could be generated (or not).

Another element contributing to the fluidity of the project is that the renovation of this terrific building will come in stages. It doesn’t make sense that fund-raising or private parties will be commenced immediately, because kitchen uses will not be available right away. Most importantly, we advocates have no intention of coming up with a “solid” set of recommendations and cramming our priorities down the throats of our neighbors. The fact that, so far, the myriad suggestions for its use don’t bump against each other is really serendipitous.

Finally, Andrew Cushing of the N.H. Preservation Alliance, based on his considerable experience, has reminded us that any future cost for this wonderful project will be divided three ways: 1. private contributions, 2. grants, and 3. town revenue. In my own attempts to generate publicity about the Grange project, more than half the positive responses came from out-of-towners. It’s unthinkable that we would turn our backs on such a positive, magical and unique opportunity. Please come to vote on July 25. We’ll never have another chance.

Ruth Gulick

New Hampton

  • Written by Edward Engler
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President is incapable of class, dignity & intelligent discourse

To The Daily Sun,

Herr Trumpenfuhrer is an unmitigated disaster. It so hurt his fragile ego losing the popular vote that he created a commission to fabricate voter fraud evidence. But 41 states so far have said, "back off, you can only have publicly accessible information." The commission's use of an unsecured website has also prompted a lawsuit by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) over the request to all 50 states for sensitive voter information such as Social Security numbers. EPIC is adamant about the website's vulnerability to identity theft and financial fraud. Filed in the D.C. District Court, EPIC called the request for partial Social Security numbers, "both without precedent and crazy" (Consider the source).

While Obama's approval was at 60 percent at this time in his first term, Trumpenfuhrer's is in the latrine at 37 percent. Impeachment support is at 47 percent and disapproval is at 57 percent. His vile and childish tweets against Mika and Joe at MSNBC have only increased the loathing of him across the nation. His meme encouraging violence against news outlets has only made it worse.

Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed his tweets signify a strong leader. Kellyanne Conway claims that his fight with Mika and Joe is just him fighting fire with fire. Such juvenile absurdities! Any third-rate amateur psychologist knows that his tweets are a sign of his wretchedness and abnormally thin skin, anger towards any perceived disparagement, and his snowflake fragility in the face of criticism. Melania Trump stated that when attacked, Trump "will punch back 10 times harder." Workplace shooters think like that. Terrorists think like that. An eye for an eye isn't good enough for this malignant narcissist who considers himself untouchable and superior. Offending "his highness" demands a special punishment beyond the civilized norms because he thinks he is above everyone else. He is a lot like the Old Testament God, pathological in his wrath and demands of loyalty (worship). Unlike President Obama, he is incapable of class, dignity, and intelligent discourse. He exudes piggish crudeness and crass. Beware of 6-year-olds with nuclear codes and no knowledge of the world.

By the way, there were two mass shootings with 23 casualties over the weekend but don't worry Don and Steve, the shooters weren't Muslims.

James Veverka


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