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Can FBI investigate itself? Let's watch and find out

To The Daily Sun,

If you have read any of my letters you will notice I stick to how the federal government collects and spends the American taxpayer’s dollars. I will go off topic because of the released memo by Congressman Nunes claiming political bias in the Obama Department of Justice and FBI. I’ll go back to the beginning, from almost two years ago, because that’s where it started. The story the Democrats and mainstream media want to die is the Hillary Clinton email “scandal.” As a retired military officer, I held an SCI (Special Compartmented Information) security clearance at one point in my career. SCI is one level up from Top Secret, two levels up from Secret and three levels up from Confidential.

After watching the FBI director during the 2016 election cycle go through all the violations by Hillary Clinton (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghph_361wa0) it seemed obvious to me that criminal charges would be recommended. I was dumbfounded when director Comey called it “extremely careless” and recommended “no criminal” charges. Why do I say that? Because he made the statement that seven of the emails were classified as SC (Special Compartmented) Top Secret. During my time on active duty I read only two SCI messages and the process was as follows. I had to go onto a “secured” (i.e. locked) room and the information was removed from a vault. I read the message, memorized the content and initialed that I read it. I was not allowed to take notes or pictures. If I had doubts on what I read, I would have had to repeat that process. To be completely transparent this was back in 1982, so there were no smart phones and few if any had computers but the handling of classified material has not changed. In my opinion many in the media with classification clearances to the level of the decoder ring they obtained in a box of cereal as a kid ran with the exoneration and went on a campaign to get the investigation behind them knowing that when Hillary Clinton won in November 2016 this would get buried forever.

Well, Hillary didn’t win and slowly information is leaking out of bias by key FBI agents. At this point the then head of the FBI, James Comey, who exonerated Clinton has been fired. The deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, has been fired. Peter Strzok who was the “Chief of the FBI Counterespionage Section” and one of the lead investigator in the Clinton email investigation has been demoted. Bruce Ohr the associate deputy Attorney General has been demoted and FBI attorney, Lisa Page, involved with the Clinton email investigation has been demoted. I have to believe there is a reason. I’m not going to condemn anyone without due process and that is why I would like to see equal time into investigating the investigators. If there was no bias or FISA violations, that will be proven.

I retired as a commander from the U.S. Naval Reserves and am not happy with the disparity I see in how Michael Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, who had 33 years of honorable service, was charged with perjury after “lying” to the FBI about a phone call he had with a Russian dignitary. Where as Hillary Clinton lied on numerous topics to Congress and destroyed her emails after they were subpoenaed by Congress. You don’t “bleach bit” a hard drive without “INTENT” which is by definition “obstruction of justice.” See, attached video between Trey Gowdy and James Comey which was made after Comey exonerated Clinton on her “mishandling” of classified documents. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC1Mc6-RDyQ) She was not even interviewed under oath.

To top things off, after almost a year of investigating the Trump administration for Russian collusion and no evidence has been found, the FBI is shifting to “obstruction of justice” on a crime that wasn’t committed? Really! Is this the United States? I can fully understand why people have lost trust in the FBI and DOJ. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that both the media and Democrats are denying any bias but I have written a dozen letters to the editor now that all point to the fact that both have lied repeatedly on how Obamacare would save the average family $2,500/year and recently how the TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) was a tax break for the rich and would hurt the low and middle-income workers.

I would like to believe the DOJ and FBI can investigate themselves and the firings and demotions give me some confidence that will happen so we just have to be patient. If this does get swept under the carpet I will be convinced there was collusion with Russia to undermine our government but it would be by the Democrats and the left-leaning media, not the Republicans because the Democrats have taken the "fake" Trump dossier from Russia and used it to usurp our political system. I pray the truth comes out because this is tearing our country apart.

Bruce Jenket

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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Murdough’s letter about MLK reeked of lies and half-truths

To The Daily Sun,

Ryan Murdough is a bloviating coward. It is easy to be a white supremacist when the people you are surrounded by are 98 percent white people and the next two demographics are not African Americans. Black Americans make up a very small percentage of the local population and are apparently intimidated enough by these sheer numbers to put up with Mr. Murdough's crap. It isn't nice enough to call it "nonsense" because there is hate, bigotry, and bias behind it. Mr. Murdough is indeed as doughy as his name suggests - real white bread dough hiding in a white bread section of the country. And boy oh boy, is he afraid of pumpernickel!

Ryan, I dare you to take your overly large pie-hole to Boston and stand on a street corner in Mission Hill, Chelsea or Revere and spout your crap and see how quickly your sphincter gets enlarged. Or better yet, try Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., or Harlem and see how well you do in any of them. It's easy to be a blowhard when you've nothing to fear. Especially when you are in Ashland or Tilton and Moultonborough or whatever town you live in this month. You are a typical bully who will get away with whatever he can until someone actually confronts you. I am willing to bet that you'd fold like a cheap suit when confronted by those who have no use for your hate and discontent.

As to your latest letter regarding Martin Luther King Jr., it reeks of lies and half-truths. Much of what you put into your letter has been proven false, such as the comments about communist affiliation; rumors spread by J. Edgar Hoover because he had concerns about King's social power. According to Snopes, "Hoover’s FBI considered King to be a threat to white America (terming him “the most dangerous Negro of the future in this Nation”) and spent years trying to dig up and manufacture derogatory information about him in order to publicly discredit him and thereby neutralize his effectiveness as a civil rights leader."

Your second paragraph had one piece of truth — he was indeed known to lie with prostitutes and had been on the day of his death. In paragraph one it was that Dr. King plagiarized some parts of his dissertation, but not substantially enough (post-mortem) to justify rescinding his doctoral. Also true was that his name as shown on his birth certificate was 'Michael" as was his father's, but his father changed both of their names when Dr. King was just 5 years old and blamed an attending physician for the mistake. So you sprinkle nuggets of truth with pure unadulterated crap; the type you get when you live and breathe for news from Breitbart.

I grew up in an area that was predominantly white just outside of Baltimore. I watched what happened in 1968 on the news. I grew up with my father's own biases and prejudice until I entered the real world. It was called the military. And racism there was not tolerated. Listening to you rail on about blacks is like listening to Steve Earle rail on about Muslims, and neither of you have any real experience other than the fact that you are both terrified of becoming a minority. Well, guess what, Ryan — white birth rates are dropping across our country while those of minorities are staying the same. In another 25 years, whites will no longer outnumber minorities in this country. What will you do then? I am guessing you will shut your mouth or you will have it shut for you.

As to anyone else reading this, the only certain way to deal with a bully is to confront them head on. Apathy is dangerous, and to ignore bias, hate and ignorance is to allow it to flourish unchecked. If you don’t stand up and speak against it, vote against it, or protest against it, then you might as well simply say that you approve of it. Is that the New Hampshire you want to live in? Is that the America you believe in? It is truly time to take sides.

Alan Vervaeke


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