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Phone-poll call turned out to be not so independent; for shame!

To The Daily Sun,

As a long-time resident of Lakeport, I had to write this letter.

With the election coming along, I was very upset to receive a call the other night purporting to be an independent poll. I soon learned it was far from that. the caller, after asking my opinion of the District 7 state Senate race, started to make false statements about candidate Harold French and ask if I would still vote him.

Luckily I have known Harold for many years and knew they were stating hypothetical half truths in order to sway my vote. Dirty politics has no place in N.H.

Patricia "Ginger" Ryan


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Ask the people who wear a uniform for a living & vote for Moyer

To The Daily Sun,

I have had the privilege of serving as a Belknap County Special Deputy/BRSOG Operator for the past several years and am still serving. Additionally, I am a part-time police officer in Alton. Concurrently I am a reserve supervisory special agent for the United States Air Force (over 22 combined active/reserve years). Aside from law enforcement, I am a vice president for a major U.S. (New Hampshire-based) company. I'd like to think I know a little bit about leadership. This is exactly why I am strongly supporting Mike Moyer for Sheriff.

Earned respect is the hardest thing for a leader to gain with subordinates. Those in uniform will always respect the position of sheriff or chief, however, earned respect is much different. Mike Moyer has the earned respect of all Belknap County law enforcement. He is a friendly, outgoing, humble, intelligent, and a strong proven leader. He is the type of leader everyone likes and wants to be around and follow. These days this quality is rare, and Mike Moyer has it.

On Tuesday, I urge you to listen to those in the majority who wear the uniform for a living and vote for the most qualified candidate, Mike Moyer. He will lead this county by example and he has what it takes to keep us safe for many years and elections to come.

Adam Painchaud


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