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This time of scientific paradigm is worse than that of Galileo

To the Daily Sun,

It is a fact that what we believe about our history affects who we are today, what we think about ourselves, how we behave, and how we view the future. Is it any wonder that the world is in such and upheaval today?

Consider: Even though within the scientific community there has been an ongoing, millenniums-old controversy over exactly what is the nature of scientific knowledge. Are scientists discovering the truth about how nature really is, or are they merely giving us theories that work in helping us to understand how certain things in nature function and how we can harness them? Or put another way, can we know as God knows, or is our knowledge, though useful, not not true with a capital T? Colleges courses trace these tensions all the way back to Socrates and Plato. I contend that they go back to the garden of Eden and the original sin, which was succumbing to the temptation to want to know as God knows.

Fast forward to today. Even though scientists today are aware of this controversy, consider why is it that the theory of evolution is taught in schools as established truth, to the point that when President Bush wanted science books to include a disclaimer that the theory of evolution was only one theory as to how life came to be, he was rejected with scorn by the scientific community. It's not because the theory of evolution is established so firmly on the evidence that it is irrefutable. It's not. As a matter of fact, if I were a betting man I'd be willing to wager a year's income, that there are scientists, somewhere out there, who in the course of researching ring species have found that there is a boundary beyond which micro-evolutionary changes cease to happen, and that these findings have not been allowed to come out. That's the way they do it.

This age of the scientific paradigm is worse than the time of Galileo for challenging conventional scientific wisdom. This is particularly true when a finding would indicate that there has been a special creation. For unbeknownst to these scientists, all the demons of hell gather on such occasions to harden these scientists against receiving such evidence and God will allow it for a season.

Back to the question of how we view history. The theory of evolution, that is macro-evolution has absolutely no effect on scientific discoveries that benefit mankind. Studies in genetics though they might take a different direction would go on. Physics, chemistry, engineering all would be largely unchanged. Medical research, except for perhaps some moral changes in how we view stem cell research and the lives of unborn babies, would go on largely unchanged.

What would change dramatically is modern philosophy, metaphysics,and how God is viewed and what we perceive our history to be. Today, those who hold to modern philosophy view religion as superstition. Belief in God, in the U.S. particularly, is tolerated by secularists because we have the First Amendment. As long as we are functioning under the authority of our Constitution, they must at least do lip service to that. But you can see their contempt for it even in the pages of this newspaper.

If science were to confirm that, yes, it is necessary that there has been a special creation all this would change. This would anchor God securely as a historical character and cause him to have relevance in current events, in the minds of the people. If this would happen while in the U.S. our constitutional protections are still in tact, it would strengthen those. If this is allowed to happen only after the U.S. has surrendered her constitutional government in favor of submission to a one world order, or the U.S. is destroyed because of God's judgment, watch out. For a false Christ will arise.

The choice that all men will face at this time will be to worship this false Christ and receive eternal damnation, to flee, or to be martyred. Many Christians will be martyred at this time. At the end of this time the Lord Jesus will return, in the clouds raise His saints both those who have died and those who are alive. He will then with His saints make war with this false Christ and his false prophet and those who follow them. Do you want to know the outcome of this battle? Read it in the book of Revelation, please.

These things, written in the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation, can be seen taking shape in the world today. You might want to ask yourself: How could these things be known by a fisherman almost 2,000 years ago?

John Demakowski

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There were problems at Glendale docks but mail wasn’t one

To the Daily Sun,

Does anyone really believe mail could not be delivered at the Glendale docks because of the recycling container placed outside the fenced-in garbage containers?

There were problems but mail delivery was not one of them.

1. One recycling container was not sufficient. Most of our garbage in 2015 is recyclable and if we are composting, little needs to go into the landfill (the ultimate destination for the contents of the three containers behind the fence.)

2. People did not follow directions and take recyclables out of bags in many cases and did not bother to break down cardboard boxes. Sometimes they left the bagged materials on the ground in spite of directions not to do that.

3. People put in materials not accepted by Gilford (examples I have seen have been pillows, blankets and wood).

4. I don't know how often the recycling container was picked up but it was almost always full and finding places to put a can or bottle took effort each time I took our materials.

5. Were the three garbage containers full three times a week? Did anyone check the docks in person to evaluate the operation as it existed?

As Welch Island property owners we pay significant taxes for few services, but enlightened garbage disposal would seem to be one to expect from Gilford administration in 2015.

Sally Davis

Welch Island, Gilford

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New and improved Imagination Station is now open in Gilford

To the Daily Sun,

The new Imagination Station playground is now complete and ready for the children of the community to enjoy thanks to generous support of parents, community members and local businesses through in-kind donations, monetary contributions and countless hours of volunteer time. All are welcome to attend the official ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for Aug. 29 at 5:30 p.m. during Gilford's Old Home Day.

As previously reported, the original Imagination Station had reached its life expectancy and had to be replaced. Part of the Gilford School District's strategic plan was to replace the playground equipment. However, thanks to all of the generous donations, the district was able to not just replace the equipment but also add additional items that were not in the budget, such as the NetClimber, OmniSpinner, and customized playhouse.

In addition, materials were donated for an outdoor classroom and a labyrinth.

Principal Danielle Bolduc said, "I couldn't be more proud of how this community came together to pull off such an important project to provide our children the best possible play space and outdoor learning environment."

The District would like to extend a special thank you to the following local businesses for their generous support:

Fireside Inn, Hannafords, Fay's Boat Yard, Fireside Living, Water Street Café, Shaws, Body Design by Joy, Wild Bird Depot, Kitchen Cravings, Walmart, North Country Deli, Laconia Pet Center, Gilford Football team, Gilford Rotary, Burrito Me, Gilford Home Center, Cantin Chevrolet, Papa Gino's, Petco, MB Tractor, Bank of New Hampshire, The Village Store, Annie's Cafe & Catering.

Also: GMI, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Fratello's, Roots & Remedies, Gilford Lowe's, Edward Jones, Plum Crazy Pizza, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Ironwood Stump Grinding, Gilford House of Pizza, Belknap Landscaping, Gilford Youth Center, Pizza Express, Gilford Community Church, and Pike Industries.

Gilford Playground Committee

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Fiorina was winner in debates, Trump & Paul were biggest losers

To the Daily Sun,

Great debates on Fox News. Excellent pointed questions without a powder puff or gotcha among them.

Looked to me like the biggest overall winner was Carly Fiorina in the early session. She should jump up into the top 10 with her performance. If she doesn't, they should make it a top 11.

Biggest losers were' in my opinion, Donald Trump and Rand Paul. Both will keep their base supporters most likely, but I can't see them expanding much. Trump was thin-skinned and crass, showing a fatal vulnerable target if he were ever to come to debate Hillary Clinton. Paul re-enforced his Libertarian label which is generally unpopular with most conservatives, based on his foreign policy views. We will need to wait a week or so for viewers to digest the results of these contests before a real picture becomes clear and new polls can make meaningful judgments on them.

One thing is clear. Fox did a great job, the best debate in years, decades really. It proves that lame stream media hosted debates are unnecessary, worse than useless except to Democratic candidates who benefit from the bias of reporters framing the questions. Republicans can now hold out and demand that presidential debates are not held with the stacked decks as they have been in the past. If necessary they can pass on a debate between the two candidates and just hold a series of interviews on Fox News. Couldn't be any worse than those with the likes of Candy Crowley.

Steve Earle


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Multicultualism has taught immigrants they don’t have to assimilate

To the Daily Sun,

Professor Scott Cracraft reminded us that professors often do know what they are talking about in his recent letter. He then informed us that some of the stuff that Bob Meade writes about, including assimilation and the lack thereof, is "ethnocentric and borders on racism". This from the same man who once told us that only whites can be racist. Are you sure you know what you are talking about Scott?

Scott describes disinformation as "disseminating information that one knows is wrong to perpetuate an agenda." Does Scott know that he has just given us perhaps the perfect definition of the "leftist ideology" of the past century? I'll bet he does. Scott then goes on to brandish his altruism like a cudgel by challenging Bob to match his humanitarian efforts and his grasp of languages. "With all humility" he adds to his self-important rant. This after chastising Bob for daring to even bring up the notion that assimilation is now a problem in this country. Have you no decency sir?

Is Scott even willing to acknowledge that our immigration policy and lack of enforcement has caused a mass migration into this country to the point that assimilation has become almost irrelevant? Does Scott know that "the promotion of multiculturalism and diversity have taught many immigrants, legal and illegal, that they should not have to assimilate and that their culture may very well be superior to ours," according to Bruce Thornton? I bet he does, but won't admit it. It hits to close to the home of the "leftist agenda."

Yes millions of immigrants do not commit crimes, other than coming here illegally. However, you, the federal taxpayer is on the hook for nearly $20 billion a year to cover the costs of emergency room visits, criminal activity, carnage on the roads, welfare benefits, schools that have to accommodate a growing number of ESL students and the proliferation of fraudulent Social Security disability benefits, again according to Mr Thornton. This creates a crushing economic burden on an increasing number of our communities.

That "leftist ideology" that hates American sovereignty and capitalism really doesn't mind the open borders pilgrimage. Isn't it just necessary and equitable reparations for all the harm we've done to our southern neighbors, Scott? Yes, we know that many immigrants are fine people and do not commit crimes, but how do we ascertain which ones are the lawful ones, versus those who will rape, murder, kidnap, cheat, steal and live off of taxpaying citizens?

Because so many immigrants are coming her illegally, integration has broken down and assimilation is becoming less and less viable by the day. This country cannot handle this much influx this rapidly. Millions of Mexicans and those from Central America are risking life and limb to get to this country to escape racism, authoritarianism, corruption and economic misery, to live in a country that offers freedoms only dreamed of in their native countries. That fact is of course lost on "leftist ideology" that sees this country as oppressive and bullying and in need of its comeuppance.

I think Victor Davis Hanson is correct when he says, "many Americans are in favor of offering a path to legal residence to those undocumented immigrants who have long lived and worked in the U.S. and have crime free records — after they pay a fine for breaking federal law and then wait patiently in line while the legal process plays out — as long as the border is sealed to prevent future illegal immigrants."

Unfortunately, I don't see our politicians figuring out a way to do this unless a real honest-to-goodness conservative gets elected into the presidency next year. Our current president certainly does not want to solve this issue and Ms. Clinton will not do so either. To be fair, many establishment Republicans will avoid solving this issue as well.

The majority of illegals are Democrat voters in the making. All the better to make this a one-party government so that the "leftists" can finally rule over all areas of this country. Yeah, sorry Bob, lack of assimilation does not seem to be an issue for Professor Cracraft. And if his letter is an indication, he will obfuscate, attack, demean and put the rest of us in our place for daring to challenge professors. Because of course, "it does not follow that all ideas and opinions are created equal". Here's an idea Scott - try using the race card a little more judiciously, OK?

This information was gleaned from the writings of Bruce Thornton, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center and a Professor of Classics and Humanities at the California State University. Also from Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, an award-winning historian and past professor of classics and military history. I can only hope that using the superior minds of these two professors affords me enough backing to give an opinion on the topic of assimilation.

Russ Wiles


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