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Bob Meade - Oh, say! Can you see . . .

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that our country is being destroyed from within

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that rather than complying with a court ruling that he had exceeded his authority when he put an embargo on off-shore drilling, the president chose to appeal the court's decision until vital off-shore drilling equipment was moved to other countries

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that the Internal Revenue Service has become an enforcement arm of this administration, stalling and delaying congressional requests for information, and punishing organizations it believed might be contrary to the interests of the president

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that cabinet departments have defied the separation of powers by refusing to comply with legitimate congressional requests for information, by destroying records, stonewalling, and lying outright to Congress.

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that we have the lowest percentage of citizens employed than we have had since 1978

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that this administration has pandered to far-left constituencies by stonewalling the Keystone Pipeline decision that every study has shown will create jobs and help us towards energy independence

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that this administration divided this country by manufacturing a "war on women", and abused the First Amendment by forcing religious institutions and others to provide "free" contraception and abortion services in conflict with the tenets of their faith

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that this administration demonized the health insurance industry, claiming they made excessive profits when, in fact, independent studies by the Associated Press and others showed those companies had an average profit margin of 2 percent

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that early requests for security were denied and desperate calls for security assistance were ignored or denied, resulting in the deaths of our ambassador and three other brave Americans . . . and then the families of those killed, and the citizens of this country, were blatantly lied to

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that four star General Carter Ham, U.S. commander of Africom, was fired because he wanted to disobey the order to "stand down"; he wanted to send support troops to Benghazi to rescue our Ambassador and those trying to protect him

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that the president knowingly lied to the citizens when he told them they could keep their insurance, their doctors, and their hospitals

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that, like the war on women, a "war on the police" has been manufactured in an effort to once again divide the citizens, and in both the Ferguson and New York cases, the Justice Department has intervened, stoking the flames of unrest and, by implication, has attacked the very structure of our state and local judiciaries

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that failures in leadership has led to police being targeted by mobs and murdered by deranged individuals

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that the president said early on that he wanted ". . . a national police force equal in strength to our military" and the current war on the police may be the first step in a design to have the federal government usurp local and state police functions

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that under the leadership of Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Democrats instituted the "nuclear option" which permitted cabinet level and judicial appointments (except for the Supreme Court) to be passed with only 51 votes, essentially eliminating the filibuster. The ability to filibuster had existed for over 200 years and was often cited as the tool that helped prevent the "tyranny of the majority".

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that in just five years, the president has removed almost two hundred senior military officers, diminishing the battle level experience in all of the services, causing morale within the military to diminish

Oh, say! Can you see . . . that our natural priorities and loyalties are to God, family, country, and job, in that order

O say, Can you see . . . by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there. O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

O say, Can you see?

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident.)

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Outcome of Feb.9 Turn Up The Heat fundraiser was overwhelming

To The Daily Sun,

When the reduction of federal funds for fuel assistance was announced in the fall of 2010, a small group of friends discussed how they might lend a helping hand to their neighbors. A fundraising committee was formed and included members from Meredith, Center Harbor, and Moultonborough. Thus, the Turn Up the Heat fuel fundraiser was created.

Raising $10,000.00 in 2011 was the goal set to be divided evenly among the towns of Meredith, Center Harbor, and Moultonborough for fuel assistance for neighbors in need. Through the generosity of local businesses, donations from individuals, and those who purchased tickets to the event that goal became a reality. The goal for the next two years was the same with even more support from the local community and beyond.

On Monday, Feb. 9, the fourth annual Turn Up the Heat February Fuel Raiser thank-you event was held at Church Landing. Musical entertainment was donated by Geoff Cunningham. The committee is most grateful for the generous support of major sponsors: Altrusa International of Meredith, Bank of New Hampshire, The Common Man, Bob and Sharon Cormier, the Courtney Family Trust, DAK Financial, Dion's Plant Place & Landscaping, Giuseppe's Pizzeria & Ristorante, Chip & Wendy Harris, Home Comfort, Mill Falls at the Lake, Laconia Harley-Davidson, Lavinia's Restaurant, Lovering Volvo, Melcher & Prescott, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Meredith Rotary Club, Miracle Farms Landscaping, Municipal Resources Inc., New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, The Shamrock Companies, and Stewart's Ambulance Service.

The outcome was overwhelming with more than $22,000 raised. All three towns have shared the positive impact that these funds have provided for our neighbors as the need is great and growing.

Thank you to all who generously supported the fourth annual Turn Up the Heat February Fuel Raiser from committee members: Martha Billings, Sandy Condojani, Jeanie Forrester, Carol Gerken, Julie Gnerre-Bourgeois, Tuffy Hamblet, Wendy Harris, Jodie Herbert, Bonnie Hunt, Terry Jutton, Diane Lane, Barbara Lauterbach, Renee Speltz, Jacki Taylor, and Cyndi Troop.

The committee is already working on next year's event and hopes to increase the goal for 2016.

Carol F. Gerken


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My goal is to ensure that we get best value for our tax dollars

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Leslie Suranyi, Jr. and I am running for a seat on the Gilford Budget Committee.

I settled in Gilford as a full-time resident in 2001 to practice as a neurologist and raise a family. I chose Gilford as it is a community that reflects my core values, including personal freedom.

My goal is to represent the Gilford community and ensure that we obtain the best value for our tax dollars. I seek your support and vote on March 10. See you on election day.

Les Suranyi, Jr., MD


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Punxsutawney Phil should go witeness protection in South Dakota

To The Daily Sun,

To the governor of Pennsylvania, I feel your plight!

It is reprehensible to think that the Merrimack Police Chief would issue an "arrest warrant" for a poor ground hog who is just doing his job. I share your fear that Dog The Bounty Hunter will soon be traipsing through your state, camera crew and all, to apprehend poor Punxsutawney Phil. Might I suggest you contact the federal marshals and see if you can't get him into some type of witness protection program.

I know you plan to contact our governor about the matter, but I'm just not sure that she has the ability to pardon groundhogs particularly with the amount of snow he has caused in our state. Going the federal marshal route is probably best. I would ask that you steer clear of Buffalo, N.Y., though as my understanding is they are a bit, shall we say, under the weather from all of their snow as well.

South Dakota is a nice anonymous place and he may even be able to get work in a different field. I hear they are looking for dental assistants out there.

Good luck with everything,

Hillary Seeger


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Can't blame people for not trusting government about health

To The Daily Sun,

Sixty years ago, my parents trusted our government enough to enroll me in Dr. Salk's tests of the new polio vaccine. I got badly sick from the shot, but I didn't get polio. Now, many young parents tell me they don't believe what the government says about health.

President Ford told us that if we didn't get vaccinated against flu, there would be a lot of deaths. Didn't happen.

Dr. Koop, President Reagan's Surgeon General, asserted that AIDS would break out into the heterosexual population. It didn't.

Dr. Enders, President Clinton's Surgeon General, lied about a defective batch of condoms because she didn't want to undermine the credibility of her condom distribution program. These incidents convinced us that what we're told about AIDS is more political than medical.

For decades, the government told us to eat less fat and more carbs. Come to find out, the data were cherry-picked and the recommended diet has led to obesity and an increase in diabetes.

Waiting lists are the VA went down once the government put in an incentive program. Turned out that the bureaucrats lied to get fraudulent performance bonuses, and many vets died while waiting for treatment.

Mr. Obama's multimillion-dollar consultant, the genius from MIT, said that Obamacare had to be filled with lies because of the stupidity of the American voters.

When we found Ebola in Texas, the CDC, which had said they had everything under control, had to upgrade their protection protocol when the first nurse got the disease. They had to upgrade again when the second nurse came down with Ebola.

I can't blame my friends for not trusting anything the government says about health.

Bill Taylor

New Hampton

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