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Left-wing tactics only work on people in their dwindling choir

To The Daily Sun,

To E. Scott Cracraft, the ever-willing propagandist for the left: you may believe that you have a way with words but it is quite formulaic.

1. Start with the Saul Alinsky playbook. When you have nothing to offer in the way of a positive argument for your side, divert. And the very best way of diverting is to blame the other side of exactly what you are doing — The Big Lie, "You can keep you insurance plan and your doctor."

2. Add in a comparison of your foe to the perpetrator of one of the world's worst crimes against humanity — Hitler.

3. Then call them psychopaths with nary a fact of proof.

4. Label all difference of opinion as hate.

5. Then after specifically naming your enemy subtly move the discussion not of them but of others unnamed who have actually called for the killing of certain groups and by innuendo hang that call around the necks of your named enemy.

All very clever and soaked up by those who follow the Kool-Aid you disperse. But we on the right have learned how to understand your tactics and they no longer work on anyone but your dwindling choir. Better you should take a page from your former compatriot from the Conway area, Ms. Susan Bruce, who recently called for everyone to follow the Unitarian Universalist call for peace and the end of name-calling. Just maybe if you listened to the other side rather than hiding behind an ideology, you might learn that all the vast majority of people wish is to have the government leave them to their own devices and for others of differing opinion to go about their lives without demanding that all champion their beliefs to the detriment of all others.

Charles Wibel


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People from away don't understand need for Beans & Greens

To The Daily Sun,

It's really upsetting to see what's happening with Beans & Greens. The GIlford Zoning Board is the one to say, "Ah, yes, no, or maybe," not the Planning Board.

At first it was hard to understand why the whole issue was going back and forth again and again when it was given a go in the first place. Then, in speaking with different people in town who feel as I do, I find that the one real dissenter is from "away." It reminds me of the people who moved into the town of Meredith and wanted to stop the ringing of the church bells as they were "annoying" even though they've rung for years; and the couple who moved into The Weirs who wanted to put a stop to Bike Week cuz traffic kept them home. You moved there.

In this case, you live near a farm. A large farm, which is known for not only its wonderful food, love of animals but also their care for the community. They want to share more of the farm, eat local, eat healthy experience with their community and the community, well all but a few, is embracing it; too much of life is being lived at a fast pace these days, too many are not taking the time to appreciate the beauty of life, especially here in New Hampshire, that is all around them. It's hurry here, hurry there, text me when you get there. Stop, and smell the roses. Church weddings can be beautiful, but they have nothing on Mother Nature and her offerings, or the offerings from Andy and Martina Howe at Beans and Greens.

Please let the Zoning Board do its job. I can only think the value of your house at resale would either remain the same or go up when you decide to sell. All that beautiful land feeding many many families. Noise? Come on. At least you aren't in the middle of The Weirs during the summer.

Judi Leavitt

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