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Our low unemployment rate does not represent full employment

To The Daily Sun,

Trump's policies for economic growth will take time before they actually affect the economy. With that said, the Federal Reserve (Fed) people seem to have discounted the impact on the economy of things like a pro-growth environment, sound fiscal policy and tax reform. They also seem oblivious of how confidence that those things will happen does immediately create consumer confidence, which leads to better business prospects. With an economy dependent on consumers, consumer confidence is integral to results.

The Trump phenomenon is unleashing pent-up emotions and desires in our economy. There are huge amounts of money on the sidelines. To the extent the federal government moves in the correct direction, that money will be put to work. For the first time in a decade we could have sound fiscal policies coming from Capitol Hill. We might actually pass a budget. We may recognize that there is a reason to respect a debt ceiling. Cost-cutting efforts might even happen. We may even return to an era of accountability in spending. Time will tell of course but these are possible with the passing of the error.

Further, the Fed's leaders seem unwilling to come to grips with regulatory burden. The regulatory burden appears likely to become more rational. This will have an impact on the way corporate America does business. It will change business profitability, efficiency and effectiveness. Though the Fed may intellectually believe this is good for the economy, they are not embracing the notion that any of this will improve the economy prior to implementation of new rules, regulations and tax policies.

Our low unemployment rate is anything but full employment. We have way too many people who are employed part-time. We have way too few people participating in the labor pool. Government statisticians discount people once they are deemed out of the labor pool. This is tacit acknowledgment of the smoke and mirrors created by the departing administration's "new normal" that took us back 40 years in labor participation rate. They pretended this is unimportant. The unfortunate truth is that it is important. It just wasn't important to them.

Marc Abear

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You helped the Belknap County Conservation District make a difference in 2016

To The Daily Sun,

In 2016, the Belknap County Conservation District (BCCD) celebrated its 70th year helping landowners, communities and other organizations conserve soil and water resources. Whether you gave your time, purchased plants, attended a conservation workshop or donated ideas or funds, you helped us make a difference in Belknap County. BCCD's 2016 accomplishments include:
• 1,700 County residents received assistance from BCCD.
• 92 volunteers donated a total of 1382 hours, equal to $31,883.
• 202 acres improved through conservation measures.
• 5,800 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables gleaned from farms and gardens donated to people in need, (valued at $23,200).
• $719,414 benefit by connecting County land owners to Federal in-kind services and contracts and State Programs.
• $206,789 value of other BCCD projects and services
For every $1 in County funding, the Conservation District provides $12.50 in value.

2016 projects included work with;
• Laconia, Gilford and Meredith with Jewett, Durkee, and Gunstock brooks
• Schools, conservation workshops and aquifer information meetings for Alton, Belmont, and Tilton.
• Belknap County 's Seasonal High Tunnel and pollinator garden.
• Outreach to Belknap County communities to identify future projects.
• Partnering on the Opechee Hayfield with Small and Beginning Farmers of New Hampshire.
• BCCD received three grants totaling $63,533 for County conservation efforts at Gunstock Recreation Area, including renewing the Wetlands Board Walk, Special thanks to the New England Forest and River Fund, New Hampshire State Conservation Committee and the Penny Pitou Foundation. Work parties on the Wetlands Walk were assisted by an intrepid group of volunteers, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Belknap County Department of Corrections and several local officials, including County Commissioner Hunter Taylor, State Representative Ray Howard from Alton, and Ruth Larson, Gunstock Area Commissioner.

2017 BCCD initiatives include:

• Gunstock Area — Forest Plan revision focused on forest health and habitat needs, a Stream Restoration Strategy to improve fish habitat and stabilizing and repair of the Wetlands Walk. To get involved in Wetlands Walk volunteer efforts or our Buy a Board Campaign email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

• Plant Extra for Hunger, a benefit concert for Belknap County's Gleaning Program is set for Saturday, March 11, at the New Hampton School's McEvoy Theater from 7 to 10 p.m. Our Belknap County-NH Gleans program encourages farmers and home gardeners to plant a little extra to donate to local food pantries using volunteers to harvest and deliver the food. Peter O'Halloran & the Hired Men, the featured group plays a mix of Irish, Folk, Cowboy, Jugband, '50s, Funk and original songs. Tickets are available now for $15 and after March 6th or at the door for $20. For tickets email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact Lisa Morin at 603-527-5880.

• BCCD Spring Plant Sale is in April. Plant list and order forms will be available in late January.

To participate in our programs and to learn more about what we do. Our website is at

Belknap County Conservation District Board of Supervisors

Donna Hepp, Chair – Belmont

John Hodsdon - Meredith

Gary Maheu - Laconia - Assoc. Supervisor

Dean Anson – Laconia

Ken Kettenring – New Hampton

Earl Chase – Barnstead

Aaron Lichtenberg – Alton – Associate Supervisor


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