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Which side of the wall that divides USA do you want to live on?

To The Daily Sun,

The editorial cartoon on Aug. 27 suggested that a border wall that would really protect America would be built surrounding the NRA. As a life member, I could actually see some potential for that idea. The purpose of the wall would be to let people decide which kind of a country they would really like to live in.

One side still cherishes our God, our families, our jobs, our independence. One that still promotes self-reliance, integrity and personal responsibility. Where, as Dr. King asked, people are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Where all people had equal economic opportunities and the law applied equally to every individual. I seem to remember a place like that.

On the other side of the wall, anything goes. The law is really just a polite request to behave yourself. Depending on who you are, you might be able to get away with taxing and regulating your political opponents away, or controlling the people's very lives by controlling what kind of care they might receive when they get sick. Where you are constantly flooded with new unknown people bringing in equally unknown agendas, substances, diseases. Where you are not allowed to protect yourself from the criminals who want to take your stuff. Where your kids leave school without learning critical skills they will need to keep a job. That is, if they could find a job after the government has taxed and regulated many companies to death and the rest have been burned to the ground. And when you get robbed, raped or killed by one of your fellow citizens, they police might show up to help, or not.

But of course there are both kinds of places here in the United States already, existing side by side with ever increasing conflict. What if there was a great big wall to separate us from each other like the Berlin Wall in Germany. Which side would you want to live on?

Alan Moon

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'For you and I exist in the same space & time, separated only by chance'

To The Daily Sun,

The Universal Man

It is not my pain I feel, but yours
a spirit crushed by violence and death.

It is not my weariness I bear, but yours
hungry and wounded you stumble on.

It is not my soul that is troubled, but yours
reaching out for help; you grasp the empty air.

I am not abandoned, but you are, friendless
in a hostile land — your family scattered.

You are the universal man ... despised and
forsaken. However you came to be you came
thru me —

For you and I exist in the same space and time
separated only by chance!

Leon R. Albushies

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