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Council hasn't right to approve or reject any school or police contract

To The Daily Sun,

Where in any law or city charter does it provide or authorize the City Council to “approve” or “reject” any employment agreements regarding SCHOOL or POLICE Department employment contractual agreements?

The School Board and the Police Commission negotiate and sign all employment contractual agreements, not the City Council or city manager.

The reality is that the annual appropriations for salaries and associated benefits related line items are proposed by the city manager and ultimately are established by the City Council.

What that means is that in the event the City Council does not fund the line items requested associated with contractual agreement, comparable to any private business, in its annual budget or a supplemental budget, the number of employees embraced by a negotiated contract or services may be adjusted — a layoff. No municipal department in the City of Laconia, union or non-union is exempt. Greed can and does cause a reduction in productivity and services.

Property taxpayers’ cost of living is at the will of its elected representative.

Thomas A. Tardif

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There's consistency as to how lax our N.H.voter laws are

To The Daily Sun,

This is the 20th of my reports to the voters of Hill and Franklin on what is happening in the Statehouse in Concord. The regular sessions are over for the year. However, I will continue writing to you but on a series of topics that I believe will interest you. This week the topic is about something that really bothers me. That is when a politician looks you in the eye and lies sincerely because it is politically expedient.

I know that consistency in their argument has never been a requirement for the Democrats but they are at it again. The only consistency in their actions are to obstruct anybody who might show just how two faced they behave. For years I have followed a woodsman who lives in Weare. His line of work takes him outdoors and he is one of the best in his line of work, but it’s his sideline that most interests me. Ed Naile will help people establish taxpayers groups to watch what is happening financially in the local towns. In so doing he noticed a consistency in how lax our N.H. voter laws are. He started digging and what he found will disturb you. For instance several people registering to vote in November were claiming Bear Brook State Park as their residence. Fine, except that the park closes in October.

Ed has traced voters to their home state despite the fact that they are voting in N.H. He provides information that enables the home state prosecute these individuals because New Hampshire won’t press charges for voter fraud. Maybe the numbers of fraudulent voters are not large, but they are canceling my vote and I don’t like it. So when President Trump asked the secretaries of state to form a study group to look at voting irregularities I say it’s about time. I’m paraphrasing something I received from the Republicans but it makes the point that the Democrats are two faced.

Back in May, Rep. Shurtleff, the Democrat House minority leader, issued a letter asking Secretary of State Bill Gardner to not use state taxpayer money for his travel and/or time participating as a member of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. That’s a reasonable but unnecessary request.
The letter stated, in part, “I am hoping that you will provide the citizens of New Hampshire assurance that no state money is used for your travel or accommodations while you are working in Washington, D.C. on this commission. In addition, I would hope that your state time is not used in the pursuit of your work for the commission.”

In a stark contrast to his position just a couple of months ago, Shurtleff wrote all the legislators, myself included, a letter suggesting that thousands of taxpayer dollars be used to facilitate a special session of the Legislature in an effort to thwart efforts by the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity. A session day costs the state approximately $18,000. If the House adopts rules for the special session that require committee work and multiple session days, the costs would rise accordingly. This is well beyond any travel expenses the Secretary Gardner will incur.

Why did Shurtleff do this? He looked us all in the eye and fed us the lie his Washington DC leaders had scripted. I don’t think the request for a special session will go far but it has given them the air time the Democrats need since they are completely out of power except for what they generate in the media.

Please contact me by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 320-9524 with your comments or if you just want to talk.

Dave Testerman

N.H. State Representative
Franklin & Hill

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