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Embrace Medicare For All - there’s no time like the present

To The Daily Sun,
We all wish better health care costing less.

The ACA (ObamaCare) patch, written by private health insurance and pharmaceutical industries but excluding consumer advocates, gave some benefits, but introduced more complexity to paying for health care. It protected and bolstered private insurance profits, through sale of mandated coverage and penalties for failure to buy. Federal taxpayer subsidies increased the number of the insured, but did not eliminate multi-tiered benefits based on ability to pay, or prevent policies with inadequate coverage.

Without cost-containment provisions, consumers are paying more, directly and through taxes, hindering access and needed medical services. Less expenditure of health care dollars means more profits for insurance and pharmaceutical industry CEOs and stockholders. Regardless, some insurers are leaving insurance exchanges due to insufficient profits.

To repeal and replace ACA, American Health Care Act (AHCA/TrumpCare) assures that some positive components of ACA will remain. But the devil's in the details of AHCA are even worse than ACA. A few disturbing features are Medicaid reductions, higher premiums for millions of older people not yet Medicare eligible, and those with pre-existing health conditions might be charged higher premiums or denied coverage. More tax benefits for the rich and more expenditure for vulnerable and most needy populations.

Discontinue ineffective life supports like ACA and AHCA to the terminal fragmented healthcare. Abandon politics, embrace the non-political, bipartisan solution - improved Medicare For All. No time like the present!

Marcosa J. Santiago, MD


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Steve Earle’s letters remind me of an angry child

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle's letters remind me of an angry child who throws rotten garbage and hopes something sticks.

Take for instance the letter by Alan Vervaeke expertly destroying Alan Moon's bizarre, ignorant letter. On Saturday, Mr. Earle claimed I wrote it and proceeds to go spastic. Steve is so unhinged his reading comprehension has vanished. I have shown Mr. Earle with scriptures how the Bible and the Quran are moral equivalents regarding violence, sexism, homophobia, and the treatment of believers. I don't disagree that the Quran is full of barbaric notions of justice but so is the Bible. Pointing that out makes Mr. Earle apoplectic, calling me a religion-hater. Steve thinks his religion is off-limits, but alas, I am an equal-opportunity manure detector whether political, religious, economic, or scientific.

Mr. Earle's argument rests on the laughably preposterous assumption that every Muslim reads a verse and mindlessly follows. Do all Christians read a verse and mindlessly follow? A sizable minority (fundamentalists) do, but the majority are "cafeteria Christians" to some degree who reject the barbaric and the absurd. Absurdities abound in the Bible and the Quran, so there is plenty to ridicule and reject.

Under the filth of the Breitbart rock with the poisonous worm Michelle Malkin, he has no idea that progressive Muslims are everywhere and growing. As I showed from a Pew poll of tens of thousands of Americans, American Muslims are more inclusive than Evangelicals and Mormons and indeed, most Protestants. These are the "cafeteria Muslims" that Mr. Earle wants you to think don't exist. I have shared the links to many progressive Muslim organizations. In fact, there are women-led Mosques now opening who are gay-friendly in both Europe and America.

What about Steve's Book of Mormon? Does he mindlessly believe in them? Probably. For instance, in Nephi 4:18-19, God delivers Laban to Nephi and commands him to kill him, so Nephi grabs him by the hair and chops his head off. Alma 3:6 speaks of the Lamanites (Native Americans) whose skins "were dark"; "a curse upon them because of their transgression." Nephi 3:8 says this was also done so God could preserve his chosen; so they didn't mix and believe wrongly. Inferior Kafir! There is plenty of bragging about slaughtering Lamanites in the thousands through the strength of the Lord.

Steve quotes a verse that demeans women ("the deficiency of a woman's mind") just as Bible verses do. But the verse is not from the Quran but the Hadith of the Bukhari 3:826. Steve wouldn't know the difference. Different sects of Islam recognize or reject the legitimacy of different Hadiths. But Steve's Book of Mormon is clear in 2 Nephi 13:12 when Steve's God lashes out at his people because they are ruled by women and women will "cause thee to err and destroy the way of thy paths." Steve says, "women have second-class rights under Sharia" but in Mormonism, women can't become ordained ministers to this day which is demeaning and makes them second-class citizens. Steve's Mormons clearly believe in "the deficiency of a woman's mind" or they would give women equal positions in the church.

James Veverka

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