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If Donald Trump wins the presidency it will be the end of our political process

To The Daily Sun,

There is a grave threat to our safety, welfare, and right to speak by Donald Trump and his supporters. Donald Trump and his followers are a clear and present danger to our county, a real threat to our existence. Trump may have the right to speak, he and his followers do not have the right to deny others right to speak, using violence. Trump must beheld accountable. Republicans must stop his divisive speech.

Trump and his followers do not represent the ideas promoted by our Founding Fathers. The violence associated with his rallies is unacceptable. Trump maligns Bernie Sanders and others. Trump, a billionaire, is one of the forces Sanders describes. Mr. Trump condones and accepts this violence by his silence.

Trump has a right to speak, but not to the point it becomes a catalyst for violence against those who disagree with him. His statement, "Perhaps we should have had him roughed up some more" is against constitutional law, under the First Amendment. This does not mean his comments on Washington are totally incorrect, they are not.

Promoting bigotry, prejudice and violence is unacceptable. This does not give either Trump or his followers the right to attack right of protest and free speech. It is frightening that Mr. Trump and his followers are on a path to destroy the very existence of our nation. Should Mr. Trump be elected as president, our economy will be profoundly affected. Trump's speeches are divisive. Many nations as well as our neighbors are horrified that we allow Mr. Trump get as far as he has. Mr. Trump is not a Republican, and presents as a dictator in waiting. His rallies are similar to Hitler's.

Mr. Romney correctly indicated, Mr. Trump's promises are about as worthless as a degree from Trump University, and will never be fulfilled. He is involved in several lawsuits. He has created turmoil in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This writer has seen some of these from his former birth place in Pennsylvania.

His business affairs demonstrate bigotry, taking homes away from elderly people to make parking lots and buildings. Promoting bigotry is to widen the gap, not close it. There are many more examples of his arrogance. He is a pathological liar. He is in it for Trump, not for our country, or even for his supporters.

This writer has been a Republican since voting age. Our country faces the most critical election in history. Mr. Trump is a bully, is not qualified, and is not the person to lead us in the years ahead. He blusters his thoughts, threatening not only our lives, but many countries outside our borders.

He affronts minorities, the disabled (this writer is disabled), and offends those who are different from him. He is ignorant. We can respect his right to speak, but he is required by constitutional law to respect all peoples regardless of their sexual orientation, race, color of their skin, creed and religion.

Our country is seriously divided. The 1 percent rich and wealthy vs. the declining middle class, and those without already suffer. There are peaceful ways to encourage citizen responsibility, but Mr. Trump does not do this. He foments bigotry as no one has since the Civil War. The Ku Klux Klan's endorsement of him is unacceptable, which Trump needed to refuse. There are things wrong in Washington, but not Mr. Trump's way. Mr. Trump is criticized by both Republicans and Democrats, and rightfully so.

Trump winning the nomination (hopefully not the presidency)? We must seek peaceful ways to prevent this recurring again. Education is one process. Civic classes are a rare existence that needs to be restored. Citizen responsibility includes voting and getting involved in the political process. Knowledge helps in being aware of topics. A Mr. Trump win will be the end of our political process. Trump reflects the power of a bigoted group of people reflecting his agenda.

The Republican Party must disavow his existence and remove him from the candidate list. Our country will suffer, should they not. This will force this writer, perhaps more people to consider peaceful, alternative ways. We must focus on what is good for the people, and by the people. We need to take our country back from the forces of Trump and his supporters, as well as the billionaires, large corporate companies, and Wall Street. The Republican Party needs to be responsible. Donald Trump must resign his candidacy to conserve our country.

Robert T Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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Why isn't governor making use of RSA 99-E, passed in 2005?

To The Daily Sun,

Is the governor ever going to make use of the following (state law) and provide some cost savings to the taxpayers of New Hampshire?

In 2005, the New Hampshire Legislature enacted a law (RSA 99-E) that established the Employee Suggestion and Extraordinary Service Award (SESA) to recognize state employees who perform a service in their jobs that goes above and beyond the call of duty or who make suggestions that raise revenue or save costs (excluding suggestions to initiate a new tax or raise an existing tax).

Bill Whalen

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