Susan Estrich - Here comes Caitlyn

If you're a student of public relations, you had to be impressed. The rollout of "Bruce" to "Caitlyn" has been handled with such mastery that you'd think we live in a country that long ago shed any deep hostility toward those who don't easily fit into boxes marked "male" or "female". From Diane Sawyer to Vanity Fair, it's been 5-star but tasteful, if you know what I mean, which is exactly what you'd expect from Alan Nierob, the longtime Hollywood pro who is reportedly running the show.

But this is just the beginning. By many painful accounts, it can get harder, and playing it out in public, while tempting at first, has been a source of anguish for some who chose that route. I'm thinking of the sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times, who ended up killing himself after a painful public journey.

Of course, Bruce Jenner is a Kardashian by marriage, which changes all the rules when it comes to what belongs in public. The miracle is how tasteful it all was. If he wants to play this out in public, he knows what he's getting into and how to navigate his way, and it is indeed likely to be a lot easier for him than almost anyone else.

Last month, I wrote about a little fourth-grader in Virginia, a transgender girl whose father pleaded unsuccessfully with the school board not to overturn the policy that allows her to use the girls' lavatory. How do you think this girl will be treated when she walks into the boys' room, past the urinals? It's not an experience Caitlyn is ever likely to be forced to endure, and I was glad to see that OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, just took the opposite view. But in many workplaces, I'll believe it when I see it.
You think it was hard for people to get their heads around the idea of homosexuality. This is harder. The websites are hard to look at. You wonder whether some of these folks — the plastic surgeons charging top dollar for surgical transformations backed up by pictures that aren't quite as tasteful as those in Vanity Fair — are taking advantage of confused and unhappy people whose confusion and unhappiness may or may not be cured by spending their life savings on a sex change. Are they insisting on adequate counseling, on a trial period, following the recommendations of reputable groups? Who is to know?

It is the essence of the right to privacy, the constitutional source of protection for individual sexual autonomy, that these are decisions individuals should be free to make by themselves — free, that is, of government intrusion. So the very notion of government regulation of sexual identity — indeed, of the most fundamental aspects of that identification — smacks of something even worse than the online ads for easy financing of your surgeries.

Of course the magazines will sell, and social media is breaking records, and Bruce is getting his own special. It is not easy to keep up with the Kardashians, which is not to say that they are worth following, or that their "brand" adds value to the effort to secure equality for people whose wiring most of us just don't understand.

I keep thinking of that little girl in Virginia, and I worry about the Caitlyn cover being waved in her face. It's not likely to be a friendly gesture; she's not likely the leader you'd pick.

(A member of the Providence Journal editorial board, Froma Harrop writes a nationally syndicated column from that city. She has written for such diverse publications as The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar and Institutional Investor.)

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We love our glorious ski mountain views; & ample lakeside hues

To The Daily Sun,

"Live free or die" is said with voice and heart;
Rock walls and calloused hands marked the start.
Most Granite Staters will not homeland depart,
Nor with loved neighbors readily part.

Our forests green supplied Boston swell;
Beantown bought the lumber we felled to sell,
Enabling the landmarks that would later tell
The history all Americans know so well.

Our land we treasure beyond patriot's dream;
Our principles and values, we passionately mean.
Our neighbors offer shoulders on which to lean,
And we return feelings of unspoken team.

We love our glorious ski mountain views
And ample, peaceful, lakeside hues.
Our surroundings unite to bind us like glues
To our dear New Hampshire trails and venues.

Our winters are hard, with plentiful snow;
But springs are refreshing, while icy streams flow.
Our summers are splendid, when soft breezes blow;
But autumns are best, with colors that glow.

Our air is clean, our many lakes pure;
Our mountains and valleys provide the cure
For whatever ails one; short, tall, rich or poor;
Neither hikers nor bikers could want for more.

We love our kin and want all to be free;
Our lifestyle is pleasant; it is plain to see.
We work and play hard, with spirit and glee,
And respect one another; it thus should be.

New Hampshire is a heaven where many grow old,
And family histories are lovingly told
To youth who treasure their ancestors bold
And cherish traditions that bloodlines mold.

Whether canoe or sailboat or bob-house lures,
Many marvel at the beauty of our outdoors.
Snow shoes and sneakers reside on our floors
Beside hiking and ski boots, and a case of Coors.

Fishing poles and antlers hang on our walls;
Horses munch hay and neigh in our stalls.
Ducks guard their young while the loon's mate calls,
While bears and moose share secret waterfalls.

Pine needles weave thick rugs on the ground,
Where Fisher cats scamper and flowers abound.
A hunter stalks a deer with his loyal hound,
Where solitude and contentment together are found.

Our highways and byways many farms reveal;
Surrounding tiny villages with charm and appeal.
Quaint inns and rail-car diners offer a meal
At prices most visitors would find a steal.

Many come to New Hampshire for vacation play;
Several return for their duration to stay.
Mountains and lakes sound callings many obey;

You can settle here for myriad forms of pay.

Come and vacation in our playgrounds and lakes;

Golf on our hillsides; sleigh ride in our flakes;

Hike on our trails; water ski in our wakes;

Ski on our mountains until your breath takes.

Whatever you do, you'll do with a smile;

When hiking our trails, you'll want one more mile;
You'll strive for more fun than bodies allow.
You'll seldom find a time better than now.

You will cherish your time in our state;
Enjoy our proud people, engage and relate.
Our attractions and joys, you will find first rate;
Share New Hampshire Pride; make your life great!

Tom Messmore

Alton Bay

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Scientist climate change deniers are in the pay of the industrialists

To The Daily Sun,

Don Ewing did not address my rebuttal of his claim that the warming trend we are in now is caused by the same warming trend that brought us out of the Little Ice Age. Instead, he side steps to another denier myth, that climatologists were projecting global cooling. His link shows us how the popular media printed issues about global cooling.

News magazines are not peer reviewed journals. They ambitiously sell a product with sensationalism. This cooling alarmism is a myth and a misrepresentation. It distorts the scientific position in the 1970s, when only a small number of papers were considering global cooling while the rest of climate scientists were predicting warming. Don is committing the fallacies of cherry picking and of magnifying minorities. The cause of the the lull in the warming trend after World War II was not the sun but the sulfate and nitrate aerosols of fossil fuel emissions.

Like the same aerosols of volcanoes, they block incoming solar radiation and have a cooling affect (Like Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, Tambura in 1812, Krakatoa in 1884). This is why there was a cooling period that began after heavy industrial pollution exploded on us after World War II. Rivers were flammable. But that lull ended when we put scrubbers on our plants due to dense smog, increased cardiac and respiratory diseases, and the destructive acid rains.

Free-market alarmists fought that change, too, like they did addressing the ozone. Same ole, same old free market fundamentalism at work. With scrubbers in place, the sooty period ended so more heat began to get through and become trapped once again by the increasing levels of CO2.

Climatologists were not predicting global cooling or an ice age. NASA projected that if we quadrupled sulfate aerosol pollution, we might trigger global cooling on a massive scale. All the research indicated oncoming global warming. We didn't increase aerosol pollution; we put scrubbers in which left CO2 in charge.

Of the many influences upon our planet, global climate has three main drivers; CO2, solar activity, and volcanoes. CO2 is a heat trapping gas, period. Yes, the heat that the CO2 is trapping may be reduced by sulfate aerosols, but CO2 traps heat that gets through, period. For a good refutation of the claim that CO2 isn't correlated with warming see this page.[1]

What Ewing is missing are the external and internal variability factors (forcing) such as solar activity, volcanoes, warming seas, loss of carbon sinks, and the La Niña - El Nino cycle. This is why graphs that cover periods like this one illustrating warming 1880-2009 shows that claim it hasn't warmed since 1998 is false.[2] No matter what the variability factors are, nothing changes the heat trapping nature of CO2.

The same cherry-picking has been done with the year 1934 in the USA. The year 1934 was a very hot year in the United States, but 2014, 2013, 2012, 2006, and 1998 were hotter. Year 1934 was not so hot over the rest of the planet, coming in at 51st hottest. After 2015, it may be 52nd. See Graph 1900-2010.[3]

Climate Change is measured globally and not just in the atmosphere. The cherry picking Ewing does completely ignores the two layers of ocean heat content down to 2,000 meters. The rise has been enormous.[4] The decade of 2001 to 2010 is the hottest decade on record and 13 of the 14 hottest years on record happened in the 21st century.[5] 1998? Very funny!

Ewing's claims of "wild predictions of climate doom: skyrocketing temperatures, droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, vanishing polar ice caps, etc. that politicians used to try to generate fear and that 'scientists' used to get more grant money."

Nonsense when it comes to most scientists. The deniers are the ones in the pay of the industrialists and their groups like the Petroleum Institute and hack groups with scientific sounding names like Singer's group. Take Wei-Hock Soon, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics who says its the sun, not CO2 that is causing climate change. Soon has banked more than $1.2 million from the fossil-fuel industry over the last decade while failing to disclose this glaring conflict of interest in most of his scientific papers. Like most of the deniers in the pay of the fossil fuel industry and right-wing economic think tanks, Soon is not a climatologist; he is a liar for hire.

The alarmist calls came from the press and the politicians, not the climate scientists doing the studies. Most reports by the IPCC err on the side of caution, underestimating impacts while pundits, politicians and activists manufacture alarm. The alarmism I see is coming from the free market fundamentalists who wail and gnash their teeth that our way of life and our freedoms are in jeopardy if one takes climate change seriously. It's ideology driven drivel. Don does it. Russ does it. Tony does it. It's drivel.

And what is this about doubling CO2? That is in the future. In the 1880s it was 273 ppm and now its closing in on 400 ppm so where is the doubling? No, Don, the debate on climate change is pretty much settled among climate scientists. Like evolution, it's now the details that are being explored, not the general consensus. What I am attempting to do is combat all the rubbish that free-market fundamentalist groups, fake scientists, and liars for hire have spread. All movement in the polls is away from climate change denial.

You have cited Dr. Philip Lloyd. One author who criticized the ICPP report? Now that carries a lot of weight! Like Fred Singer who was the lone dissenter on acid rain in a major study. Bjorn Lomborg, refuted daily, is another denier who is now at stage 3. These are the stages we see in deniers 1: Deny the problem exists. 2: Deny we're the cause; its natural. 3: Deny it's a problem; we can adapt. Stage 4: Deny we can solve it; it's too big and too costly and that attacks our freedoms. Stage 5: It's too late.






James Veverka


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People who ridicule Bible still claim to know what its purpose is

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Mr. Lemay's letter of Thursday, May 29, I am shocked at what seems like an otherwise fairly intelligent man saying such embarrassing things about God, the creator. Many of the things he said in response what others had said were total mischaracterizations of the correct and proper points they were making. He apparently doesn't know or doesn't care that over 80 percent of Americans have some belief in God.

Pat Buchanan correctly assigned some of the blame for the decline of Christianity in this country to the elite universities, and for your information, Mr. Lemay, those elite universities had their beginnings while this country was still very young, as purely Christian schools, started by Christians, and attended by students who were Christians, who went there at the urgings of their parents, who were also Christians.

And Mr. Lemay, much of that happened during the time of this great country's founding, during the foundational years leading up to the development of this country becoming the most powerful, but yet the most benevolent country in the history of man. Among other things, the "free" media ("books, movies, magazines") did take a drastic left turn during the 1960s, and did in fact begin "an assault on Christian beliefs and morality." The decline in moral and family values was because of the drug and sex culture, combined with the many young skulls full of mush believed what extreme, far-left college professors, and others who refuse to be held accountable for their behavior, were telling them.

Do you want an example of an extreme, far-left college professor's view? A man named Peter Singer, college professor at Princeton University believes in a woman's right to choose to kill her unborn child. He also believes that right not only extends right up till she gives birth, but he believes that her right to kill her child should extend until the child is two years old. Do you want your child to be taught anything by that man?

Want another example of extreme? When Barack Obama was a state senator in Illinois, he voted for a bill that would allow abortion doctors to end the life of a fetus, even if it survived the abortion. That means that if a woman had an abortion in the third trimester, and the fetus was perfectly formed and alive, and would survive on its own, the doctor can kill it after it has been delivered anyway, without facing consequences for his actions.

But there's more! The bill he voted for came up for a vote not once or twice, but four times. The bill didn't pass on the first three tries, but it finally did pass. That is a disgrace and an outrage, and in a civilized society, should be criminal. If that were your grandchild, how would you like it?

You see, Mr. Lemay, I lived through that tumultuous time. My wife and I raised children during that time. And the only people who blame "Christian beliefs and morality" for becoming agnostic (or even atheistic) because of it, or who vote for extreme far-left office seekers, are themselves "simple-minded". To blame your hatred of God on the behavior of other fallible and sinful human beings, who may or may not be Christians, but are only still trying to find ways to be "fit for the Master," is a cheap cop-out, and totally false!

I would like to now completely turn my attention away from Mr. Lemay's remarks, and others like him, and their warped view of what life is really all about, but who keep insisting that they have all the answers. I would now like to address, kindly and lovingly, those of you who are still searching for answers, like most of the rest of us.

People who insult and sarcastically make fun of the Bible still claim to know what its purpose is. But if you ask them to sum up, even briefly, God's message, they can't do it. And that's because they don't want to do it. They might just learn some things they don't like about themselves, and learn how simple it is for anyone to change their thinking, and become "fit for the Master" themselves. It's not too late for them to learn. It's never too late. But most won't even try.

And that is very sad...

Jim McCoole


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This is the idiocy Hillary has hitched her presidential wagon to

To The Daily Sun,

After several weeks of hiding from the media, Hillary finally came out making a pronouncement. She is now in full support of attacking, vilifying and painting all cops as corrupt racists. Eight years ago she was all for law and order, more cops on the beat but, hey, that's not the current hot button, leftist topic so she, of supposed solid values, jumps right in and panders to the mob mentality in the liberal media.

Folks, remember Fergerson where it all started? Remember "Hands up, don't shoot" and how the liberal media jumped all over that narrative, condemning a police officer on the word of a criminal coming straight from a robbery? I do, and I remember the bombardment by the self-righteous left never ever questioning this criminal's story. Then when it was proven by scientific and witness testimony beyond any reasonable doubt that it was all a lie, those same media sources were as silent as the grave — never an apology to the public for spreading the lie. And it's still going on. Apparently any thug, criminal or gangbanger who happens to be black should be regarded as beyond reproach by police.

Fast forward to Baltimore, where the liberal city government fell right in line with this liberal political correctness nonsense, arrested six cops, and the prosecutor, speaking as though she was part of the mob, virtually promised to send these cops to prison to appease the mobs not for justices sake mind you. And now the police are hanging back letting the liberal administration stew in their own pot and the murder rate is soaring. To bad and the city mayor still thinks it's because of slavery.

This is the idiocy Hillary has hitched her political wagon to. Like she doesn't already have an overflowing abundance of stupid decisions dragging behind her.
One other little matter I'd like to touch on. I read that New York City buses are sporting a new advertisement on their sides. Reportedly it reads: Killing Jews is a religious right that brings us closer to Allah. ( I'm paraphrasing here) Well now, isn't that sweet? So where is the moral outrage from the left? Where is the media and political indignation? Oh I forgot, they save that for Christians and conservatives. Well if that isn't proof of the lefts racist and religious bigotry nothing is. Just last week the left was demonizing the organizer of the draw a cartoon of Mohammed contest, calling it provocative, inciting violence and akin to the "N" word. So what's this crap on the buses except an invitation to commit murder and terrorism? Time I think for the revival of the Jewish Defense League, and why not, sense at no level of our government will they intend to curb the murderous intentions of Muslim extremists? Oh, and did you know that the City of New York refused to allow the advertisements for the draw Muhammad cartoons on their buses? It's only offensive if it comes from the right.
Voters, it will be your children and grandchildren who will become the victims of Muslim extremists aided by the pandering, and appeasing politicians trying to reduce our republic into a Marxist socialist state. (Read Hillary Clinton here.) So think about that as the 2016 elections approach.
Steve Earle


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