Thanks to all who helped with Elks 'Mickey' Bird benefit

To The Daily Sun,

Our local businesses were very gracious in donating gift certificates or items for a fundraiser held for "Mickey" Bird on Saturday, March 28. Those of us who live in the Lakes Region know very well how our community can rally together and help our fellow citizens when the need arises.

Special thanks to the following businesses: To Mayor Ed Engler, editor and president of The Laconia Daily Sun, for the donation of a fundraiser ad and a well-written article on March 25. A heartfelt thank you to all of the businesses that made this happen: Local Eatery, Kellerhaus, Laconia Pet Center, Soda Shoppe, Harts Turkey Farm Restaurant, Funspot, Uniformly Yours, T-Bones/Cactus Jacks, Café Déjà vu, Jon's Roast Beef & Deli, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Pitman's Freight Room, Our Place Family Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Faro's Italian Grille, The Eggshell, The Lakeside & The Circle Restaurants.

Also: Happy Jacks, Quicklane/Irwin Motors, Laconia Car Wash, Gilford Cinemas 8, The Studio, Sunday's Salon & Spa, Laconia Village Bakery, Prescott's Flower Shop, The Talon Salon, Sunflower's Natural Foods, The 405 Pub & Grill and Lakeside Famous Roast Beef, Whittemore's Flower Shop, The Brickfront Restaurant & Bar, Giuseppe's Showtime Pizzeria, Top Of The Town Restaurant, Art Escape, Jump n' Joy Bouncy House, Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Co., Hannaford, Shaw's & Vista Foods Supermarkets, Barbary's Barber Shop, Sherwin Williams, Shooter's Tavern & Pizzeria, Wine'ing Butcher, Water Street Café, Sal's Pizza, Fratellos & The Homestead Restaurants.

Also: Terry Murphy's Court Street Auto, Laconia House of Pizza, Alterations Plus, Trustworthy Hardware, Burrito Me, Auto Zone, Union Diner, Greenlaw's Music, Wild Bird Depot, Lakes Region Party n' Gifts (Blue Ribbon Basket Co.), Gilford Gift Outlet, Jr.'s Crush House, Hector's Restaurant (check donation) and Dairy Queen. (Also, a Mike's Quality Car Care certificate donated by Mike Chandronnait.)

Special thanks to the following: Margie and "Mickey" Bird for allowing us to assist them at this unexpected time of need and their grandson Shaun who revived him. Thanks to their daughter Sandra, Owner of L & R Cleaning Co. for gracious donation of company gift bags filled with green cleaning products and certificates for top-notch cleaning services, and to their family members for assisting in food preparation and again, Sandra for helping with the bingo game. Special thanks to Mickey's brother-in-law Louis and his wife Nikki for making hand-tied fishing flies to raffle. Mr. Peter Tibbetts and his wife Deirdre for their help and also the behind the scenes help in making this event happen. Claire Morel for assistance to Dianne in planning this event, gathering certificates and items, food preparation, donating a beautiful, framed scratch-tickets donation from her, Roger Morel and friend Mike Hardy, and also her donation of two $50 coach bus tickets to Foxwoods Casino. Mr. Alain Tinker- for his assistance and adding to a fun evening in his creation of the Business Logo board and offering some "extras" while calling the bingo and raffle items. Our bartenders of the evening: Erin and Brenda. To the helpers of the night, this could not have taken place without you: Claire Morel, Deb Auger, Richard & Mary Ingram, Tracy Richardson, Donnie & Marsha Lamontagne, Deirdre Tibbetts, Eddie Gaudet, Robbin Flegenheimer, Jim Culpon, Charlie, and Bob Cunningham for set-up help, ad and cake donation.

Thanks to all who donated food and made this night a fun and successful evening. Mickey also extends thanks to those of you that gave him cards and personal donations. Thanks also to Elks Secretary Sandra Gaumond and Mr. and Mrs. William Shene, Exalted Ruler at the time of the planning of this event and (Sandra) State President respectively.

In case I have forgotten someone, you know who you are and I thank you. Elks Care, Elks Share. Thanks 876!

Dianne Chandronnait

Laconia Lodge of Elks

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I hope you believe resurrection story; It's the on way to heaven

To The Daily Sun,

Easter Sunday: Jesus rose up from the grave. This was God's only son. He was crucified on Friday and put in the tomb but on Sunday he rose up, as God planned. God, who loves all of us, did this for my and your sins.

I hope you believe this because it is the only way to Heaven, the only way.

John Haven


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Here's a story that is really deserving of a 'God Bless America"

To The Daily Sun,

This is a story about an act of kindness.

My niece's husband, a native of the Netherlands, recently became a citizen of the United States. He, and we, and the rest of the family and friends are delighted. I thought it would be nice to get him a gift of an American flag lapel pin. Sounds easy enough, but not so.

I was in Staples getting some office supplies and asked if they carried the flag pins. They did not. I drove across to a jewelers in the Tanger outlet, but no luck there either. I stopped at a gift shop a short distance past the "Mosquito Bridge" but they didn't carry them either. Then on to another jewelers in the Belmont Mall . . . no luck. On over to JoAnn Fabrics and no luck again. Down the road to Walgreen's and they didn't carry them either.

I stopped at All My Life Jewelry store on Main Street and finally, found a store that had such a pin. I explained to the pleasant young woman that I wanted to buy it as a gift for my nephew-in-law who had just become a naturalized citizen, and that he would be coming up this weekend. She showed me the pin and it is actually much nicer than the one that I wear.

The woman then asked if I would like it gift-wrapped and I said yes. She then did a beautiful job of setting it in cotton in a gift box, wrapped it, and then made a handful of ribbon bows to adorn it.

And, when all was said and done, neither she nor Randy would accept any money ... they generously wanted to give a gift to a new citizen. Of course I thanked them for their kindness and will make sure I deal with them whenever I have a jewelry need.

Now, isn't that deserving of a God bless America?

Bob Meade


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Hopefully the ZBA will grant variance so 'Pecker' can live in peace

To The Daily Sun,

Kudos to the Laconia Daily Sun's March 28 issue for giving "There's a rooster in the house" priority in being the cover story.

I am very impressed with Bridgette Leroux's detailing life with "Pecker" the rooster. It sounds like a very strong loving family. I sincerely hope their life will not be decimated by a ruling of the city — founded on one man's antagonism.

I can appreciate the comfort and joy each member of this family gives to each other — so evident in the application submitted by Bridgette Laroux to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Hopefully the ZBA will grant the variance to this family and all this unhappiness can be averted.

Betty O'Donnell


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I have never endorsed censorship in any way, shape or form

To The Daily Sun,

Trust but verify, President Reagan once said. Especially before casting your vote. I would like to trust that the comments and promised made are what the candidate will be trying to do. I realize that times change along with the conditions we have to work with. However, when they say one thing and end up doing exactly the opposite then we have a problem.

Usually the word recall comes in handy but I've never heard it used lately. That's my basic bottom line to this drawn out conversation we've been having here. Am I the only one who thinks our politicians are getting away with talking out of both sides of their mouth? I don't care who you're voting for or against I think we should feel that the things they say they will be doing are what they will be doing, or at least close to it.

I try to base my writings on the words of new shows, online blogs, websites and/or opinions of those writers who penned them. Ted Cruz says he will do XYZ, so if elected that is what he should be doing and not the opposite. The term flip-flop was used quite a bit on John Kerry and seems to be the norm now.

I have never endorsed censorship in any way, shape or form and still don't. Political opinions are fine and some of us agree and some of us don't. I'm sure that will always be the way or life will be boring while most will have nothing to complain about. I'm sure many of my "facts" are questionable to some but accurate to others. And Dale, I do not believe in censorship. I do believe in free speech and do not believe in your accusations against me.

I enjoy reading others opinions and also like to see them backed with facts, especially around election time. Do you remember Lowell Weicker who was a politician in Connecticut years ago and he was running on a "No State Income Tax" platform. He was elected and first thing he did was institute a state income tax. I think he just crossed the Iowa border running west.

So Dale, one of the reason your Social Security payments are low, remember you were complaining about them in a recent letter, and the reason is that you have to work a certain number of quarters and hours to make more than you are making now. With all the travel you brag about I assume you didn't make the cut but I'm glad you're amused with my writings.

Jon Hoyt


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