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We're going to catch the 'deplorable' person stealing our signs

To The Daily Sun,

Yes, Virginia, we have our very own basket of deplorables, right here in Meredith. This deplorable steals signs.

For the past couple of weeks, we have placed a small Clinton/Kaine political sign on the side of Meredith Neck Road, in the public right-of-way. As of today, this sign has been stolen and replaced six times, after first being knocked down and reset four times. The seventh sign is out there today, with a message on it, "It's a crime to steal this sign, Mr. Deplorable!" We'll see if Mr. Deplorable gets the message.

Perhaps our police chiefs can contact the leadership of our political parties, and remind them that this is deplorable behavior, and that they should all actively discourage this behavior among their constituents. Yes, Mr. Deplorable, we plan to catch you. We'll see indeed.

Maury Stauffer


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I'm voting for Hillary because I'm a thinking woman who can read

To The Daily Sun,

I haven't written in some time, but reading the same misguided lies from the basket of "conservative" letter writers who almost daily exhibit unrequited hatred for President Obama and Hilary Clinton, I just can't keep quiet. They prefer a president who advocates sexual assault on women, shutting down freedom of the press, and jailing his opponents. No I'm not talking about Vladimir Putin, but rather his political doppleganger, Donald Trump.

Don't Wiles, Earle, Meade and Ewing ever do any fact-checking? Not when the facts get in the way of their Trump tactic of stay on message of hate and doom to come if we elect the most prepared person of all time to be our president, Hillary Clinton.

Thy readily overlook Trump's indiscretions and many, many, lies. A women however, not so much. Let's be frank here folks, Wiles, Earle, Meade and Ewing have a problem with Obama being black and that Clinton is a woman. Trump supporters, after all, are predominantly white older men, probably just like the four letter writers.

They will never admit that of course. They prefer to call their fellow Americans names and blame everything from racism to Hurricane Mathew on the left.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton, because I am a thinking women who knows how to read and differentiate between facts and lies.

The economy is strong and getting stronger. Hillary Clinton is not "crooked," and despite the right's propensity for seeing everything though a negative lens, America has a bright future. America is great and is the greatest nation on earth.

Please join me in voting for Hillary Clinton for president, Maggie Hassan for Senate and Carol Shea-Porter for Congress. You go girls!

Carol Stappi

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