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Far more Americans die from car accidents & drug overdosess than from gun violence

To The Daily Sun,

To Bob Joseph Jr.:

Just where did you get your education on the U.S. Constitution and colonial history? If you are going to attempt to educate the masses via a mass media outlet I suggest that you start by educating yourself. You might want to try some courses on the U.S. from an accredited college that concentrates on the subject, such as Hillsdale College. Then, if you haven’t already, you might pick up a one year membership in the NRA and read through some of the materials, such as the Rifleman magazine. Not saying you have to believe everything that they publish, but it will give you grounds to project your socialist ideas if you can come up with correct information disclaiming the facts.

Let’s look at some of your claims in your letter published on Oct. 26. First, just where in the Second Amendment does it state anything pertaining to hunting? Let me give you a big hint . . . it doesn’t. I’m pretty sure that hunting was as far from the minds of our forefathers, as were automobiles and aircraft.

Second, there were a lot of other “arms” used in colonial times such as grenades, mortars, cannons and war ships. Now if you were to write an amendment that states that “the people” have the right to “bear arms” today and you had no idea what changes in “arms” would occur, would you try to list the arms or just state arms? Just how ignorant do you think that our forefathers were?

Third, If our forefathers were concerned about “public safety” when writing the amendments they would have written that into the amendments. There really is no double meaning to the Second Amendment. It was written to give the people (which are a group and individuals) the right to protect themselves. If you really studied history you will know that the country just became independent from a repressive government that taxed them without representation before that government, housed their solders in their homes without permission, dictated what they could say and not say (especially about the government and armies), and declared that they could not have “arms” or form a militia. “Arms” meant just that —stuff for war against a repressive government. What makes you think that a government, including this one, won’t go rogue on the people it is supposed to represent? And just what would be the first step a government would do when attempting to repress a population? That would be to take away “arms” that could be used to against it. And to make it easier to do this the government would start with a requirement to register your arms — for safety sake.

As for “safety” and guns, here is a list, from highest to lowest, of caused deaths in the U.S. The stats are from 2013 because the site will break down the gun deaths. However you will find the ratio the same for 2016 as well (http://www.oregonlive.com/data/2015/10/gun_deaths_other_causes.html):

1. Illness — 2,404,054 (heat disease being the majority of that as we are an overweight, out-of-shape society).
2. Other injuries — 65,866 (work, sports etc.)
3. Drug overdose - 35,663.
4. Vehicle accidents — 35,612
5. Guns — 33,636,  21,175 from suicide and 11,775 from homicide (take note...about 2/3 of the gun deaths are attributed to suicide). 502 from mass shootings (should we take away everyone’s right based on this very small, though unfortunate, crime?).
6. Non-gun violence — 24,936, 19,974 from suicide and 4,962 from homicide

Now, if you are really concerned about “safety,” maybe you should concentrate your efforts in creating more repressive legislation on such things as eliminating all food that contributes to obesity, dangerous jobs, sports and other activities, all access to drugs, all motor vehicles and anything that would cause someone to want to take their own life.

And finally on your comments about hunting: If your argument is that we don’t need to hunt for our food, neither do we need to individually fish, raise animals such a chickens, or plant gardens. We can get all that at the supermarket, right? One of the things that you would learn if you joined the NRA is that a good portion of your subscription money along with all hunters that get a license contribute the most to conservation of game and habitat in the United States.

Dave Nix

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Thank you for finding the courage to leave & seek help

To The Daily Sun,

To Juliana: Thank you for your letter of hope and inspiration. I am very sorry you had to suffer at the “hands” of another. No one, male or female deserves to ever be abused. I think your very brave and I admire your strength.

I hope your letter gave someone out there the courage to leave and seek help. I wish you nothing but the best life has to offer, and many congratulations on your up and coming graduation. I have a wonderful feeling you will go far.

Denise C Burke

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