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Gilford schools will be able to make do with default budget

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford School Board is proposing $26,019,631 for the 2017-18 school year.

To the dismay of the school people, the Budget Committee examined their proposal and calculated they should be able to "function" properly with $25,903,694. A difference of $115,937.

Someone (I don't know who) at the deliberative session got a motion passed to reinstate everything that the Bud Comm subtracted after many, many "man hours" of careful scrutiny. (This same disheartening thing happened last year.)

As a result of the impasse, we are now operating under a default budget for this year of $25,872,143. which is $147,488 (a little more than one half of 1 percent) less than the School Board proposal. However, those same school people, when confronted with the reality of the default budget, (considered to be a "bare-bones" budget), became very industrious and discovered an extra $118,000 for raises for the noncontractual employees, (after the voters had voted the raises down, as part of the School Board's proposed budget).

Therefore, I am relatively certain that these highly dedicated folks can and will find an extra $30,000 to meet any real need this year.

Based on the above and barring any new information, I will be voting "No" to Article 2 General Budget Funds.

I don't mean any disrespect when I say "school people," I just don't know who is running the show, the School Board or the school administration, or both.
Harry H. Bean
Gilford Budget Committee member

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Sign petition to remove Alton rumble strips when you vote

To The Daily Sun:
Since the installation of the NH Route 28 rumble strips in Alton last May, there has been an ongoing effort to get them removed. Back in a letter dated July 29, 2016, the NHDOT Commissioner acknowledged 'the concerns expressed by a significant number of Alton citizens who provided feedback including, constant noise from the rumble strips, loss of sleep, location of the strips on the edge line, the potential impact to vacation business and property values, and the lack of advance notice or the opportunity for public input in advance of the project. Given the level of negative feedback, the Department believes remedial action is warranted to address and rectify the situation.'
The following actions were taken: the rumble strips south of the Alton traffic circle were removed because they did not meet NHDOT guidelines and the edge line rumble stripes on the white line north of the circle were likewise removed.
In that same letter, the NHDOT commissioner stated that the center line rumble strips north of the traffic circle would remain. She then stated, "We recognize the concern about passing zones and will consider eliminating/striping out passing zones in areas of particular receptors and with the consensus from the community."
Our Board of Selectmen met with the NHDOT Commissioner on Sept. 19, 2016. The board stated, "We are not in favor of the rumble strips and ask that they be removed." In response, the NHDOT did a depth measurement study of the rumble strips and found them to just meet the specification criteria. They also did a brief study of passing zone maneuvers in passing zones because of the continued noise concern. Their data indicated to them that a very small percentage of the traffic was making passing maneuvers. The NHDOT Commissioner stated, "While we can appreciate that any disturbance is frustrating, it seems the noise associated with passing is relatively infrequent, especially overnight." Based on that information, it was stated that it is "the Department's intent to maintain the centerline rumble strips along NH 28 north of the circle."
Statistics presented by our chief of police, where 75 percent of the accidents along NH Route 28 north of the circle were caused by deer, do not support the need for these unwanted rumble strips. The petition that will be circulated beginning on March 14 at St. Katherine Drexel Church when you come to vote will ask the NHDOT Commissioner to live up to her initial promise to recognize the concern about passing zones and to re-consider removing the centerline rumble strips from these zones.
Please sign this petition in support of removing the centerline rumble strips in the passing zones. The noise from these rumble strips is much more frequent and disturbing than the NHDOT will acknowledge. We need to pursue the removal of these rumble strips before they result in any further damage to the quality of life, property values and the attractiveness of Alton as a preferred Lakes Region place to live and vacation.

Sylvia Leggett

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