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The movie wasn't about toplessness, it was about gender equality

To The Daily Sun,

This is a thank-you to Marie Ludwick for her letter of supporting comments, excuse the pun.

Well put and beautifully written and very true. This cause will do far more damage to women than good. And I agree, put your focus else where for a good cause, not this foolishness. How about helping victims of rape, bullying, and domestic abuse? Drug abuse? Homelessness? Why not any of those?!

If Ms. Lilley and her following really "read into" and understood what Lina Esco movie was about, it was not about toplessness, it is about gender equality. Her movie is listed as a drama/comedy. She even picked the name, Free the Nipple because it sounded "funny". She also said if she just made a movie about equality no one would care, so she added the topless breast part in to get attention.

I have contacted my state representative and hope many other men and women will do the same. This is not Europe and this is not your backyard. And no matter how you say it or show it is complete nonsense, a total lack of respect, common courtesy and sense.

Thank you Marie and the few others who have written in with their concerns. Keep up the good work. Because if you can't respect me and cause me distress with your "nudity," then I guess I will have to get my own lawyer.

Denise C. Burke

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This assault on our Meredith Library must end; we must take control

To The Daily Sun,

Breakfast in our eating house on Plymouth Street is exciting. The "boys" gather and pass the word. The Marine said, "Ah, the Gunny in the sky said, 'Another day to excel and conquer.'" The Library Trust is mounting a fierce assault on our library and wants to tax and spend $5 million of taxpayers' money."

The plumber chuckled, "The theft of our town library keeps coming up in The "Sun."
The political system is rigged, and so is this Library Trust. The Attorney General should step in on this one. There is the appearance of impropriety right here in Meredith. The library issue raises questions and concerns. No one can give them a clean bill of ethical health. There should be term limits on board members. What is the likely trajectory of our soon to be missing library?"

'"Removing that library is like performing a heart transplant, when all is needed is a tummy tuck," said the carpenter. We need regulatory scrutiny. I feel disenfranchised."

The lawyer sipped his coffee thoughtfully and said, "They politically miscalculate if they think we will sit back in our bucolic Meredith and accept this arbitrary 'theft.'" This will have long-range consequences with profound implications. Their thinking is flawed and they have no plans. They are far too confident and see a victory of immeasurable proportions. We must not waver in checking them. This shrewd theft of our library is not doable. They are not sensitive to our needs. This will cause a catastrophic hardship. This is nothing less than political corruption. We must organize and have moral courage and heart to stand up to them."

The Marine cut in, "Call in former CIA Director David Petraeus to investigate to determine if it was just a coincidence that the town's fire chief my have condemned the kiddy library room, causing the Library Trust Board to vote to move the library. Who is the power behind the throne? Who are the ones behind the scenes who control what will happen to our beloved historic library? This is a tantalizing example of mysterious motives at work. The library passes fire code for 40 years and suddenly fails."

The plumber swallowed a linked sausage. "Let's call in FBI Director James Comey to investigate who the Library Trustees are talking to and negotiating with outside the trustee circles for a honeymoon deal on choice real estate. I guarantee the trustees are not going to self-fund a new library. They will want taxpayer money to the tune of millions of dollars. I hear it will be $5-6 million of taxpayers' money. They think we are naïve, but have created some acrimony and intrigue."

"Yeah," interjected the electrician, "let them recommit to the public's desires. I suggest, to save face, they drop the entire idea. Tensions are mounting over this arbitrary decision. There is scant reason for moving. This is coercion. We are not being respected. We are shocked by this news. What is the broader goal of this move? This will cause the taxpayers dearly. We must curb their move before they phase our library out. I thought we were full equity partners in this town. This is destructive and will raise our tax rates. Yeah, we will pay the brunt of this move with higher taxes! Why are they tampering with our library? Right now I like the status quo. Let's strengthen our town balance sheets. There is scant reason to move. As soon as they start moving they will be crying for financial town help."

The legal beagle asked, "Yeah, what is the quid pro quo?"

I thought about this. The town was about to be punished by having their treasured library taken from it. Our rights were being further eroded by this mysterious decision to vacate the building. Incognito reports were generated by anonymous figures. There was a hostile environment at my table regarding this order to move and no "clear and convincing" arguments, gossip or preponderance of evidence as to why the building should be vacated. Was the building a threat to public safety? Has the official ruling taken place? What anonymous forces are circulating making this happen? Who is in charge of this moving campaign? Why has the library been targeted for removal? The library is deeply rooted in Meredith history and culture.

No one has demonstrated that the library should be vacated. Who are the supporters of this decision? How can the library arbitrarily pack up and leave? Who is the standard-bearer for this and who are his/her followers? For what reason is there an inexorable urge to shut the doors on our beloved historic library? What are their ambitions, their objectives?

Will we see a great bonfire similar to that of May 10, 1933, when university students in Berlin, urged on by Reich minister Joseph Goebbels, had burned some 20,000 books, including books by Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann, Jack London, H.G. Wells and Helen Keller. This is an act of ruthless terror. Will we also be deprived of our books? Who is soliciting the library board's favor and who are they beholden to? Why not remodel and expand the library? Do we need a sumptuous new facility on inaccessible borders of our beautiful town? What is the allure of an extravagant facility in a distant location?

The citizens have an indomitable will to retain control over the beauty of their town in a modern industrial world and reject corruption. This library move is a dream soiree cultivated by someone high on a Denver weed.

We watch and despair. Before this move gains momentum and decisions are imposed on us, citizens must take control and restore equality. The Meredith Library must endure. The followers at my favorite eating joint have spoken with enthusiasm , they want their library back. The assault on our library Shangri-La must end. The stakes are high. Will the town fathers vow to ignore us? Anti-move hysteria are being whipped up in town. We are not being respected and our library is threatened and must not be phased out.

Richard Gunnar Juve

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