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Students shouldn't vote in races in which they're not vested

To The Daily Sun,

My interest was piqued last week by a letter Steve Earle submitted on this subject and Friday there was another one questioning out-of-state college students voting. I agree with the overall premise that our voting rules need to be reviewed and these two letters have added a new dimension to my thoughts on this.

Every citizen who has the right to vote should be given that opportunity. Out-of-state college students most actively participate during presidential election years, however they should obtain absentee ballots or vote early if they can get home to states with early voting. There are many accommodations to make it easy for everyone to exercise their right to vote. When we have rules that allow for registration the day you vote or do not require proof of residency, college students are able to vote for state and local representatives they have no vested interest in. While it is interesting that Kelly Ayotte lost by so few votes and Maggie Hassan won the college populated counties, these same college students may have helped elect a Republican governor.

Regardless, it is time to review our election/voting rules and make changes that ensure everyone who has the right to vote can do so as easy as possible, that our methods for voting and counting votes cannot be tampered with and that only New Hampshire voters are electing New Hampshire representatives. I don't think this will be easy because some of the things required to accomplish this will have those on the very extreme left crying voter suppression. But I believe it can be accomplished if there is a will to do it.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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Santa Fund joined forces to do some incredible things for children

To The Daily Sun,

As a board member of The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region and a member of The Downtown Gym family I would like to thank some people that are amazing in giving back to our community.

This year Real Life Training, The Downtown Gym, and the Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region joined forces to do some incredible things for the kids of the Lakes Region.

Firstly, we formed a Pub Mania team in the spring, Real Downtown Santas and begun to participate in the weekly Pub Mania Shuffles at Patrick's Pub in Gilford. We continued this into the fall and did quite well with support from several gym members, Santa Fund members, friends and family. The culmination was participation in Pub Mania 2016 last week.

I would like to personally thank our co-captains Trish Tryon and Lisa Cornish and Pubmaniacs Lisa Green-Barber, Elizabeth Brothers, Tami Horan, Christine Ryan, Marie Monier, Alice Mowery, Jennifer Fielders, Tim Martin, Mike and Dawn Phelps, Kim and Scott Lacasse, Kathy Crane, Jenn Desjardins, Brandee Loughlin, Chris McCarthy, Dennis Phelps, Katie Pierson, Kate Fox, Janine Page and Eric Grennell for their amazing contributions of time and money raised. You guys rocked it! I would also like to thank all of our gym family members who supported us with their donations to team members and/or their purchase of ornaments. Team members are already looking forward to 2017.

A second event happened on Monday, Dec. 12. Again the Santa Fund and The Downtown Gym collaborated to ring the bell in downtown Laconia for the Salvation Army, complete with a pop up, snappy music and dancing to collect funds. Although the weather started out challenging I think it proved to be an entertaining and profitable day. Special thanks to Andrea Condodemetraky, Johanna and Mark St. Gelais, Trish Tryon, Janine Page, Cristen Casarano and her talented dancing daughter Victoria, Hilirey Makely, Chris McCarthy, Jamie Caldwell, Sue Noyes, Lisa Green-Barber, Katie Pierson and Kathy Crane for taking time to stand and ring the bell. You were all amazing and have helped to make it a brighter holiday for all.

Lastly, I would like to wish this community the best of health and happiness in the coming year. My hope is that our little city on the lakes thrives in 2017 and that we make it the best it can be. Cheers!

Janet Brough
Santa Fund Board Member

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