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Appoint someone with budgetary experience to temporary seat

To The Daily Sun,

Perhaps we should be asking those who have previously served on the Sanbornton Select Board if they would consider the possibility of filling the temporary selectman vacancy position until March. Come March anyone interested in running for a full three-year term would have an opportunity to get their name on the ballot for that position.

Our town needs someone with the experience gained from having been a selectman as we go into budget development time and some major road projects on the agenda for this year. Let's do what's best for all the residents of Sanbornton.

Call your selectmen and express your views on this important decision that they will make next week.

Bill Whalen


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Bristol is a good place to live, let’s make it a good place to work

To the Daily Sun:

As one of the resident taxpayers at the Bristol Town Meeting last March, I, too, voted down another study of wages for the town of Bristol. We already had wage studies which found the town employees were underpaid and we were losing the better employees to other communities in the area which paid more. An additional wage study is unnecessary.

At the town meeting, Bristol residents voted to authorize the town to improve the compensation for our public servants in order to retain those most favorable and minimize the confusion resulting from constantly having to hire new employees. I am glad that this long overdue compensation is finally going to take place. The majority of those who conscientiously attended the town meeting in March believed that enough due diligence had been done; our employees have been very patient to wait so long for an action that was voted months ago.

I will continue to appreciate the professional, pleasant and cooperative work these people provide for us. Bristol is a good place to live; let's also make it a good place for our town employees to work.


Walter J. Waring


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