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Why should the state care what an individual township does?

To The Daily Sun,

This is the 12th of my reports to the voters of Hill and Franklin on what is happening in Concord. I did not write a report last week because it was very slow with hearings on a few Senate bills in the Criminal Law Committee. We heard SB-133 relative to body scanners in the State Prison. Last year the Legislature authorized the purchase with the assumption that 100 percent of the people would be scanned. Tuned out this was a bad assumption depending on the type of scanner used. It also now is apparent that some scanners won't do the job needed. The microwave scanners they use at the airport only pick up items that are secreted on the surface of the body. Only x-ray scanners will detect internal contraband. The problem is that limits you to 160 scans per year. That might be okay for visitors, but wouldn't work for daily scans of prison workers and inmates. They are now only going to scan prisoners leaving the visiting area and randomly in the yard. Workers will be scanned randomly also. This bill passed and will allow them to use the x-ray with a reasonable search rate and location schedule. We learn something every day.

I wonder sometimes if we are getting involved in areas that are an encroachment on individual and municipalities. Today we okayed sale of firecrackers and also kept the state out of setting the height of motorcycle handlebars. We failed to pass a bill that would have allowed towns to give a veteran a $1,000 property tax exemption . . . up from $500. Why should the state care what a town does? If you want firecrackers, legalize them. If you want to give a veteran a $1,000 or nothing off taxes, then do it. The state should stay out in cases like this. By the way. We did not change the need for a town to "perambulate" your borders. Sorry, you'll have to walk.

Despite dire predictions by many, the budget process is going on. The Senate is at least "unofficially" using the House budget and the governor's budget as they build their version. They will continue and, pass a budget back to the House for a vote and then sit down with the House in a committee of conference. The same small group will hammer out a budget and we'll pass it before the world ends. The biggest thing that has to happen is for the speaker to get over his temper tantrum, rebuild some bridges, and get on with legislating.

Legislation is moving. By the time, you read this report it may be too late for you to voice your opinion on a given bill, but you must be engaged to have your voice heard. You can view the House Calendar every Friday to see what bills will be presented at www.gencourt.state.nh.us. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 320-9524 if you have any questions.

Dave Testerman
N.H. State Representative
Franklin & Hill

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Very happy Matt Canfield stayed in Laconia & will be new chief

To The Daily Sun,

I was very happy to see Matt Canfield promoted as the next chief at Laconia PD. I have known Matt for many years, having retired from Laconia PD. I am damn happy he never went to LAPD in his early years and decided to stick with Laconia instead. The City of Laconia has a very very good chief in Matt Canfield!
Don Irvin

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