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My job will be to represent the interests & well-being of Laconia

To The Daily Sun,

There is much focus on the "top of the ballot" these days and rightly so. But voters should understand that the "down ballot" candidates running for state House of Representatives, county commissioners, county sheriff and other roles impact all of us a great deal more directly in our everyday lives than the positions higher up the ballot.

I am running for the state House of Representatives in Laconia. If elected, my job will be to promote the interests and well-being of Laconia and its citizens in Concord. Part of the role of state House Representatives is to evaluate bills on infrastructure, the environment, health care, economic development and and other matters. If elected, it would be my obligation as a representative to understand the key points in bills and the implications of them on our community if enacted.

Belknap County representatives vote on the county budget and oversee spending at the county level as well. Their votes on both the state and county budgets have important consequences, for they determine tax levels and service levels offered by our local, county and state governments. The budgets have a large impact on the services provided by many non-profits in our communities, such as Genesis Behavioral Health, LRGHealthcare, Community Action Program (providing, for example, Meals on Wheels) among many others.

My background in business and non-profits (primarily in the health care field), my volunteer work in the state, plus having served as a member of the N.H. House of Representatives before, will help me be effective in the job from day one. If elected, I will collaborate with City Council and the county government and work with other members of the House and Senate, regardless of party, to seek the right solutions for our community. I will also work to keep communications open with constituents in a variety of ways and make myself available for conversations with them regarding their issues and concerns.

Please vote for me on Nov. 8 and enable me to bring your voice to Concord.

Elizabeth "Liz" Merry

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Bob Giuda understands small business and the issues facing them

To The Daily Sun,

I am supporting Bob Giuda for state Senate on Nov. 8.

Bob has served our nation as a Marine Corps officer and pilot, and has a solid understanding of our military and National Guard operations and issues. He has been a selectman, school board member, and town moderator at the local level. He has served three terms in the state House, including two terms on the very important Ways and Means Committee dealing with New Hampshire taxes.

At the start of his second term, he was asked to serve as deputy majority leader of the House by then Speaker Gene Chandler because of his ability to bring people together to solve our problems.

He has owned several businesses, and understands the serious economic issues facing the small businesses that create most of our jobs.

Please join me in voting for Bob Giuda for state Senate on Nov. 8.

Joan Randlett

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