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Thank you, Todd, for taking the time to write about my grandaughter

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter in regards to a nice letter written by Todd Welch of Tilton. He wrote about a 9-year-old girl on crutches who was in the Alton Old Home Day's 5k.

As I read the letter I realized he was talking about my granddaughter, Alyssa Ball of Alton Bay. My son, Michael, and daughter-in-law, Kimberly, and Alyssa's sister, Alex, where doing the 5k together with Alyssa that day. I called my son and daughter in law after reading it, and told them about the article. I was very happy to see people care enough to write and say nice things about disabled children, and feel for them.

Alyssa has cerebral palsy. She is a wonderful kid, and is a go-getter when she wants to be. She tries not to hold back on anything she wants. She was involved in Unified Basketball program this past year at school, and loved it. It's a great program for children with disabilities. I was amazed at watching the game as to even how the teachers, students, and families all support this program and cheer on everyone.

Alyssa has done dance at Broadway North and the people there were very accommodating to Alyssa's needs and modified some acts in a dance recital so Alyssa could do them. At times she struggles to do things, but in the long run she gets things done. Not too long ago Alyssa had another operation in Boston to correct some of her issues. The procedure went well.

She attends many physical therapy sessions, horseback riding, swim therapy for balance and a lot of other things to help her on her way to walking better. Most of all, she has the amazing love from mom and dad and sister Alex, and extended family.

Little Al, as my son calls Alex, keeps Alyssa on her toes as she loves to get into Alyssa's things. I believe God does give disabled children to people he knows can be the best for them.

Alyssa tries to do just about anything. Mom and dad help her a lot and have been at her side since she was born. It has been a long, hard road for the family, but they keep it together,  which I am very happy with.

Last year she got a 4-wheeler for her ninth birthday, and before you know it, she was off on her way, she just took off. It was a little hard to get use to braking and such, but she did it. I said, "Wow, your going fast on that," and her comment was, "I have the need for speed."  Everyone just laughed. She really wasn't interested in her party anymore.

Alyssa also a lot of support from Kimberly's parents, Arthur and Donna Russell, who also support her whatever she does, and attends functions that Alyssa partakes in. Alyssa loves the attention and loves getting cheered on by people.

She is an amazing kid. Her sister, Alex, cheers her on also and loves doing so.

Todd was correct in stating there aren't enough letters about nice things, and I thank him for taking the time to write the article. And also for his son to point out the girl with crutches at the 5k. As Alyssa calls them, "her sticks." Thanks again Todd.

Mary Ball

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I don't have luxury of expressing my pro-Sanders feelings in November

To The Daily Sun,
I admire Lynn Rudmin Chong, and largely share her political views, but I have to protest when she advises her readers, in her letter of Aug. 11 to consider writing in an alternative candidate to Hillary Clinton.

I, too, would have preferred a Sanders candidacy, but unless I had divine assurance that Trump would lose, I feel that I haven't the luxury of expressing my feelings at the polls. I have not forgotten or forgiven the Green Party for Ralph Nader's candidacy, which played a large part in dooming Al Gore from achieving the presidency, which the majority of American voters obviously desired.

I also would have to point out that the Clinton administration, despite not so dissimilar, i.e. personal, issues, was the best economic era I can remember. We need to accept that our candidates/representatives are only people, as we are, with feet of clay, and not lose sight of the horrific consequences of a Trump presidency.

Janet Learned

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