Many honored at St. Vincent de Paul volunteer appreciation dinner

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Conference of St. Vincent de Paul held its annual volunteer appreciation dinner on Monday, May 18. The affair was hosted and catered by Contigiani Catering Services at Peasant Ridge Country Club. The Contigiani's excellent cuisine and service were appreciated by all of the SVdP volunteers.

Approximately 110 volunteers who staff and manage the Conference's four programs — thrift store, food pantry, financial assistance program, and the Children's Foundation — attended the annual recognition of the volunteer service. As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, such dedication is essential to the effectiveness and efficiency of St. Vincent de Paul in providing needed assistance to some many in the region. In its 24 years of existence, St. Vincent de Paul has never paid any wages or salaries, so more of our donations of clothing, furniture, and cash go directly for community support.

Six individuals received service awards: Teresa Farrara, Sylvia Dion, Rachel Allen, and Sydny Dowd for 20 years of volunteer service, and Jack Holland and Martha Levesque for 10 years of service. Many Lakes Region vendors provided door prizes for a raffle. We wish to thank Fratello's, Local Eatery, Prescott Florist, the Common Man organization, Home Comfort in Center Harbor, Meredith Bay Coffee House, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Canoe Restaurant, Laconia Car Wash, China Garden, Ellacoya Barn & Grill, Winnipesaukee Bay Gulls, Laconia Village Bakery, and Hannaford's for their wonderful generosity.

On behalf of these many volunteers and the people we serve, I offer our sincere appreciation to all in the Lakes Region who have supported us. Many thanks.

Erika Johnson, President

St. Vincent de Paul Society


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Again I ask: What has Obama done for working Americans

To The Daily Sun,

A notable letter appeared here in Tuesday's edition of Letters to the Editor. Mr. Robert T. Joseph Jr. pointed out a much overlooked threat both to the nation and the people. Hackers from China, Russia and well all over the world are stealing people blind and threatening our national security. Already Obama's personal accounts have been reported hacked as have been those of the State Department and about a million government workers private information.

Mr. Joseph points out that the Internet is the most dangerous form of communication ever invented. He's right of course, and so he calls for our government to create a separate and secure system under which to conduct its business. I fully agree. But at the same time I'm not going to hold by breath, at least for as long as the current administration is running things.

Look, this president has his eye squarely on those things he thinks are important, like global warming and how to distribute America's wealth to Third World countries that hate us. He would rather give lip service to fighting terrorism then actually lead his 60 phantom-nation coalition against it. He's had two years to develop a strategy to defeat ISIS and on Sunday last he announced he doesn't have one yet. True to form he passed the blame onto the Defense Department. Are you kidding me? The Department of Defense has contingency plans for everything from defending an invasion from Canada to how to defeat ISIS.

It's Obama who can't even bring himself to utter the words "Islamic terrorists," who doesn't have either a plan or a desire to form any such plan. And the far left, those who support the Palestinian drive to destroy Israel and murder all Jews cheer him on.

Face it America, Obama doesn't want to lead. He sure doesn't want to anger terrorists who might not like him. He wants so much to be loved by every crazy around the world. Everyone wants to be liked, but no president will ever be liked by everyone. So, a good president does the job, protects his nation, all its people and fights those who would harm the nation and its interests. If any president will not, can not or chooses not to, that president should resign or be made to step down because he hurts all the people.

Once again I ask what has Obama done that helps working Americans? The Affordable Care Act has proven to be far from affordable. Working wages have been largely stagnant for seven years, businesses are still leaving the country, small-business starts are at an all-time low, race relations are worse then in the '60s, and the rising costs of everything is because of the rising costs of energy. All these things are because of Obama's policies.

He refuses to enforce laws he doesn't like and makes up ones he does all in contradiction to our Constitution. And things are only going to get worse because this president is unfit to govern and the next liberal in line, Hillary Clinton, is another Saul Alinsky disciple who we have already seen follows the same pattern of unethical and corrupt behaviors. Having seen the failures of progressive liberals I hope people will remember them in 2016 election and vote them out. Save yourselves, save your children and grandchildren.

Steve Earle


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Why can congressmen be jailed for disclosing what's in trade bill?

To The Daily Sun,

On the PoliticoMagazine website is an article by Michael Wessel, who's an adviser to two congressional committees. He read the entire Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Very few people have been allowed to read the entire bill, which is up to be voted on by Congress. Individual congressmen have to go to a secret room in the basement of the White House with no aides or anyone else with them to be allowed to read it. And then they can only read parts of it. And they cannot take notes.

But here is the real clincher. Michael Wessel cannot discuss what's in the bill because by law if he does he will be jailed. Any member of Congress who discusses publicly what's in this bill is subject to being jailed. President Obama wrote this bill and presented it to the Congress to vote on and made it a crime for them to discuss it.

But wait a minute. Doesn't Congress make laws in our country? Doesn't Congress hold open hearings on bills up for vote as part of regular procedure? Doesn't Congress represent the people and don't the people have the right to know what's in the bills being discussed? What's going on here?

I have heard commentary that this "trade agreement" is set up so that other countries doing business in our country will be able to dictate laws in our country that pertain to their business. This could cover anything — immigration, the use of energy, the conditions of workers, use of land, etc... and that ultimately the United Nations will be the one making the laws. And that our Congress will not be able to vote on these laws. That in effect, the TPP is the final step in Obama's transformation of America, basically his ending of America as we know it, and making it a protectorate of the New World Order.

Do I sound crazy? Really? Why would the president make it so that members of Congress can only read this bill in secret and be jailed if they disclose any of its provisions? If I'm crazy, answer me that.

I think it's time for our members of Congress to get some guts or this country will disappear under our eyes. What if this guy Wessel refused to obey that injunction and called a meeting of the entire Congress (in some private place so the police won't be called to stop them) and told them everything in this bill? And what if all those members of Congress went out the next day and held town meeting forums for their constituents telling them everything in the bill so that in a span of two or three days the whole country would know what's going on and Obama would be stopped from his dictatorial power grab? What if that happened?

We know it won't happen. But it could. The only thing stopping us from not letting them steal our country is us.

Hillarie Goldstein


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Join us in speaking out against tightening of language we can use

To The Daily Sun,

Nineteen years doing my radio show with this occasional caller who is extremely liberal, who likes to attack me or my guests. Interesting that she fears someone learning her identity and address. Yet, she tells me she has a right to be heard during my program. WEZS reaches a lot of N.H. And we live-stream to the world. Thank you, Al Gore.

She says to me on air: only a handful of people call in because they are not listening. If that were true, are we to believe that the 7 or 8 letter writers to The Daily Sun, is all there are for readers?

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and I are speaking out against the rope tightening for the language we can use. I am certain that most "offensive language" that comes to mind is not what the Politically Correct Loons are pushing to make it a crime to use! Join us as we discuss the The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

Niel Young


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For N.H. to grow & prosper we need to follow lead of Ohio & Wisconsin

To The Daily Sun,

The Wall Street Journal has published recent articles exposing the economic problems in states like Illinois, New York and Connecticut. It claims that one party rule by liberal Democrats has squeezed the middle class through increased spending and taxation, while giving those entrepreneurs and other residents possessing economic alternatives, the ability to relocate elsewhere to friendlier economic circumstances, resulting in low growth economies and tax proceeds for those states.

I grew up in Connecticut and spent 25 years of my career in suburban Chicago. Forty years ago Connecticut offered a tax haven to New York. It had no state income tax and the sales tax was around 5 to 6 percent. Property taxes were considered relatively high. 

Today the Legislature wants to raise the income tax to almost 7 percent, the sales tax rate of 6.35 percent may be expanded to most services and contain provisions for municipalities to add an additional portion. The state levies a "death tax" on estates over $2 million and imposes an occupational tax on many occupations including a $565 fee per year on the opportunity to practice law in the State of Connecticut. It is no wonder that at a recent reunion at the University of Connecticut School of Law, many of my classmates lamented that they were losing clients to lower-tax states like Florida.

Illinois is similar. Forty years ago, Illinois levied a 3 percent flat rate income tax rate and the sales tax was around 5 percent. Over the years, Illinois gave "home rule" taxing authority to various municipal levels of government, with the result that the current 6.25 percent state sales tax rate is over 10 percent in the city of Chicago and around 8.25 percent in surrounding counties, plus additional "sin" taxes on alcohol and gasoline. Meanwhile, the Democratic-controlled Legislature raised the income tax rate to 5 percent two years ago to close the budget deficit, without cutting spending and ran out of money the next year. All the while property taxes in Illinois were considerably higher than the national average and it also has a "death tax".

I'm proud of New Hampshire's motto of "Live Free or Die". It symbolizes and emphasizes individuality, self-reliance and the Golden Rule. I'm sick and tired of many on the left who think that ever-increasing spending on big-government social programs is a legislative imperative, regardless of accountability or effectiveness. They also seem to misunderstand simple economics that when you tax or regulate something, you get less of it.

They also seem to misunderstand the role of individual incentives. When the Democratic Legislature raised the cigarette tax five times in fours years by 350 percent, revenues increased only marginally. Now, Republican legislative proposals to cut business taxes to incentivize business and economic recruitment in New Hampshire in a effort to make the State more economically attractive, are met by complaints of favoritism and class warfare.

I want our state to grow and prosper and we need to follow the examples of John Kasich in Ohio and Scott Walker in Wisconsin, who each cut taxes, raised revenues and balanced budgets without tax increases. Let's take the shackles off small business and the job creators with a pro growth agenda. Otherwise we risk losing our "advantage" and wind up like Connecticut, New York and Illinois.

Richard R. Gerken


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